Why Dogs Like Soap

Human beings require certain nutrients to survive. For humans, it can be easy to neglect that, but with four-legged friends, it is always hard. The dog’s bodies determine what they require, and they can smell nutrients they’re not getting from the surroundings. For them, it doesn’t matter if those nutrients are from soap and even from something more poisonous.

Soaps usually contain specific nutrients that are prominent to your pooch’s meal plan. Soap often features oils and solid fats that dogs need in their food, but consuming it in high amounts is not necessary. If your pooch usually eats soaps, it is important to keep it away from them and ensure that you will re-evaluate its dietary requirements.

Some soaps are manufactured using toxic products that be can be hazardous to your dog. Depending on how old your dog is, eating soap may indicate something is wrong. If your pooch is just a puppy, it might be consuming soap because it is an object that your pup is choosing to teeth on.

Why Dogs Like Soap

Well, puppies will just chew on every object that can get and that they love to taste or smell. On the other hand, an elderly dog could potentially have a chewing behavior problem. The most common chewing behavior problem in dogs is pica. This is a condition in dogs where they tend to eat and swallow every object that is not food. If you suspect that your pup may have this kind of problem, you should re-evaluate the health of your pet with a certified veterinarian.

It is essential to understand that bar soaps contain harmful toxins that can harm you are pets depending on what detergent to use. While most soaps are not harmful to your pooch unless it consumes large amounts of it. It is therefore advised to be safe and ensure that you only allow you pooch to get the hold of objects that’s are necessary and healthy.

Is soap hazardous to your pooch?

While a quite number of soaps are not toxic to dogs, there are some exceptions that you should know. An average bar soap doesn’t have any ingredients that can lead to a severe problem to your dog’s health. However, there are certain types of bar soaps that use chemical elements and can cause your four-legged friend to develop some degree of illness. Some products that can be harmful to your pup include:

Sanitizers: sanitizers and disinfectants products can lead to a severe health issue in dogs when consumed. Still, they can burn your pops mouth and stomach lining.

Dish soaps:certain laundry detergents and dish soaps contain some chemical ingredients that can be harmful to your dog, including scarring and burning of your dog’s mouth and stomach.

Shampoo: Some shampoos are not harmful to dogs, but they can cause different types of irritation. While this type of soap is less toxic than the above two, they can still be hazardous to some extent.

Signs to look if your pup ate toxin soap

There were several signs and symptoms that you should be aware of if your pooch has just eaten soap. If you are pup experiences these symptoms, you should pay a visit to your wet right away.

Vomiting and diarrhea

If your pooch experiences vomiting and diarrhea after consuming a soap, you should get it to a certified veterinarian. Mostly these symptoms don’t indicate a serious issue, but it is better if you play it safe and have your four-legged friend checked out.


If your dog experiences any stomach bloating, this can be an indication of intestinal obstruction. This is very severe and usually requires instant medical attention. You should be keen to look out for this particular symptom mainly if your dog ate one of the sanitizers, dish soap or shampoo. While soap itself may not be dangerous to your pooch, the amount consumed can lead to severe health complications.


Another serious problem you should look out when your dog ate soap is an allergic reaction. While many dogs may not be allergic to soaps but you still have to pay attention. Some of the symptoms you should look for include breathing problems hives and swelling of the face.

What to do if your pooch ate soap

There are a few symbol steps that you should take if your dog has recently consumed any soap, and it seems to be causing some harm to it. These include:

Observe your dog

Just sit down and observe your dog. Most soaps are manufactured using non-toxic ingredients. However, this doesn’t mean that such detergents are safe and healthy to eat. Expect that your pooch is going to be pretty ill since you would too if you ate soap. Most probably your pop is going to expel it out through vomiting or pooping. Ideally, vomiting and diarrheaare regular after you are dog ate soap.

Call your vet

If diarrhea and vomiting persist for long, it can be an indication of a red flag. Ensure that you watch out some other warning symptoms such as bloating,vocalizing more than usual and change in your pup’s posture. Most probably, soap poisoning may have occurred. In these cases, ensure that you reach your vet as soon as possible to get some medical suggestions.

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Consider the type of soap.

It’s already discussed above subtypes are toxic to dogs than others. If your pooch ate any of the harmful types of soaps, you should get them to your vet right away. This will raise the chances that your dog will get treatment requirements before it’s too late.

Dogs usually love to play and get into objects from the time they are a puppy to the time when they are a full-grown adult. For the bar, soaps can look sweet and the sticky in their glossy containers reminding them of tasty treats that may regularly sneak them.

Your pooch may not be interested in viral video trends, but it may be interested in your laundry detergents. Ensure that any of the harmful treats are out of reach. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about your pooch accidentally poisoning itself.

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