Why Does My Dog Lay His Head on My Feet?

Imagine a scenario when you are relaxing on your balcony, watching the sunset, and your lovely pooch comes and rests their head on your feet.

It will surely feel good, but you will also wonder why your feet and not any other part of your body like the lap?

Indeed, your laps are more comfortable than your feet for laying their head, but the dog chose the legs. Pups usually exhibit perplexing behaviors. Their logic isn’t the same as ours.

Why Does My Dog Lay His Head on My Feet?

Why Does My Dog Lay His Head on My Feet

Why does your dog lay their head on your feet? Do they want to be close, show love and affection to us, or it’s a behavior they borrowed from their ancestors in the wild?

Whatever reason it is, most dog owners have witnessed such conduct. So, this article will show you why dogs behave so.

They Want a Meaningful Connection with You

Dogs have won themselves a part in human hearts because of their affection and loyalty, characters that make them want to feel connected to you.

Touching your feet offers them some of that connection they are looking for.

That desire motivates them not only to be close to you but also to touch you. In the wild, dogs lived in groups, which made them feel they belong.

Although it’s many years since the domestication of dogs, they still have the desire to belong, and this fuels their need to lay their head on your feet.

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To Protect you

It is not expected that a dog that is sleeping on your feet will offer you protection. However, pups sleep light and can quickly jump into action when needed to protect you.

By laying their head on your feet, they can notice unwelcome strangers. Most of the time, you will realize the dog faces the entrance when lying at your feet.

They are Nervous

Dogs can be nervous too. If your pup sticks their head on your feet with so much force, they don’t want you to move away. 

This is separation anxiety in other terms and can happen, especially when you usually leave the dog alone when going to work.

But even with anxiety, your pup is very understanding and knows you need your feet to go wherever you need to, so when you wake up, they will have to lift their head off your feet.

Mostly, when that happens, they will follow you where you go. Be keen to identify if your pup is whining when you leave, and if that is the case, you need to take action as prolonged anxiety can cause serious issues.

They want to Hug you

Dogs are very affectionate, and because of that, they can lay their head on your feet to hug you. This is amazing because affection is one of the significant reasons people own pups.

Imagine you have been away only to come home, sit on the couch, and your little pooch is there hugging your feet? By this, they communicate they love you and have been missing you.


Your feet may be the most convenient part they can lay their head on and not for any logical reason. 

If you have owned dogs for quite a while, you may have noticed your dog doesn’t only lay their head on your feet, but also your arms, laps, etc.

That means a dog may choose your legs because, at that instant, they are the most accessible.

Comfort – Why Does My Dog Lay His Head on My Feet

Unlike human beings who like sitting on plush surfaces, dogs are different. Maybe your pup loves to rub their head against your velvety socks.

Remember when you are sitting down, your arms, laps, and all other parts of your body are on a raised level than your feet, and probably your dog wants to sleep touching you. They will choose your feet.

They want to Release and Absorb Heat

Dogs release heat through their heads, which may make them want to release that heat to your cold feet. 

As they were used to keeping each other warm in the world, they will share that warmth with you because you are the only pack member they have.

On the contrary, they may also choose your feet because they are cold and want to get some warmth. This may mostly happen during the cold season.

Communication – Why Does My Dog Lay His Head on My Feet

Dogs may choose your feet to tell you something. For instance, your pup may be sick and is trying to tell you something is not right in their body.

If they struggle to get up when stimulated, they have a health problem, so you need to take action.

Moreover, your dog may be telling you there is danger. If, when slightly provoked, the dog jumps up and barks so loud, they may have perceived threat.

So, you must understand the personality of your dog to know when they are trying to tell you something.

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Your pup wants to Know you are Close

When a dog is sleeping, he is vulnerable. For that reason, they may want to sleep at your feet so you can watch over them. A dog feels exposed when they take themselves to bed. 

They do not want to be sorry if a wild predator finds them and will take precautionary measures by sleeping at your feet.

They will want to know when you move your feet because they don’t understand you have come home from work, and after resting on the couch for two minutes, you get up and walk away.

If you do walk away, they will patiently wait for you to return so they can try to catch up with their sleep from where they left.

Why Does My Dog Lay His Head on My Feet Summary

Many reasons can cause your dog to sleep on your feet, such as communication, need for companionship, need to protect and get protected, affection, warmth, comfort, convenience, and anxiety.

You also need to note that there is no one particular reason a dog will choose your feet over other parts of your body.

The reasons stated above will also cause dogs to lay their head on your laps.

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