Why Do Rabbits Dig at your Clothes

Why do rabbits dig at your clothes?

The question of why do rabbits dig at your clothes is common among rabbit owners. Rabbits are good at digging things, and sometimes on their owners.

Sometimes, this behavior of digging can be painful or confusing. Many owners end up asking why do rabbits dig at your clothes.

Why Do Rabbits Dig at your Clothes

While domestic rabbits cannot create tunnels and warrens for hiding, they can dig on people and objects.  This could be in the form of communication.

Why do rabbits dig at your clothes? If you asking this question, we have many answers for you in this article.

We have highlighted some of the reasons for this behavior.

Understanding the behaviors of rabbits is important. This could help you ease your mind and find ways to take care of such behavior.

While this behavior might be cute, it could damage your skin or clothes. To stop this behavior, you must learn more about what leads to it.

Do you know why do rabbits dig at your clothes?

Digging and burrowing are natural characters of rabbits. Whether in the wild or at home, they love digging.  In the wild, they can create long warrens or burrows for survival.

If you resist your rabbits, they can still dig at anything they can find.  The built-in instinct is a behavior that well-behaved rabbits may not fully lose.

This behavior can be confusing to some pet owners, but you should not worry. These animals are smart and curious.

When they scratch or dig at your clothes, you have two options;

  1. You can find out why the rabbit is carrying out this behavior.
  2. You can decide to stop the behavior immediately.

Some rabbits dig at you persistently, infrequently, or display other behaviors at the same time.   They may dig on you, your lap, clothes, skin, or shoes.

Why Do Rabbits Dig at your Clothes
a gray rabbit digging a hole

Guide: Why do rabbits dig at your clothes?

It is vital to know why rabbits dig. You should find the reason why they do this when they see you or at your items.

Here are some of the reasons why do rabbits dig at your clothes:

Rabbit Wants To Be Let Down

Some rabbits dig on the chests of their owners when they are held. They do not want to be carried but dropped on the ground.

The rabbit does not mean harm when it does this to you. It wants to be left alone on the ground.  If your rabbit is anxious, it can dig at you.

A stressed or angry rabbit can scratch at you. Let them down when they scratch at you during this state.

Rabbit Is Showing Territorial Behavior

The male rabbits can display territorial behavior like scratching on the ground, at you, chinning, defecating, or spraying.

While digging is not necessarily, how rabbits mask their territorials, they can dig if there is a female rabbit around you.

They can scratch and claw to cover up or search for a new scent, especially the scent of a female.

Rabbit Is Experiencing Boredom

When rabbits are bored or depressed, they can start digging at anything they find.  This could lead to destructive behaviors like scratching,

If the rabbit is alone, boredom could make scratching worse.  A bored rabbit that is alone can have a mental decline.

This can cause them to scratch at you or anything they find around them. An isolated rabbit can suffer more from this behavior too.

Rabbit Thinks You Smell

Rabbits have a great or acute sense of smell.  When owners come home from workouts or had a sweaty day, the rabbits may dig on your clothes.

The rabbits want you to fix the smell.  In the wild, rabbits depend on scent in identifying threats. When they perceive a new scent, they are threatened.

Your rabbit has the same instinct when it comes to scent too. The changes in your scent can cause your rabbit to scratch at you.

When you get a new washing detergent, perfume, soap, or deodorant can cause them to dig.

Rabbit Wants to Play

When rabbits dig on you, it might be an indication that they want to play with you.  Some dig on you because they want to play with you.

Why do rabbits dig at your clothes?  The younger rabbits may want to play with you and show this by scratching or digging on you.

They can perform this digging on your skin, ankle, or feet. When they dig at your clothes, they want to play with their blankets or you.

They tend to scratch on you if you wear oversized clothes.  Some may dig on you when you are curled under a blanket.

They may mistake your clothes for a rug, pillow, or cushion, or blanket.

Rabbit Is Feeling Anxious

We have mentioned that anxiety can force a rabbit to scratch or dig. Only trusting rabbits can allow you to pick them.

If you end up picking an anxious rabbit, it could scratch or bite.  Rabbits are nervous in nature. A loud noise or changes in the environment can force them to react.

Rabbits that are exposed persistently to stress can dig often.

Why Do Rabbits Dig at your Clothes

Rabbit Is Showing Dominance

Do you know why do rabbits dig at your clothes? They can show this behavior when they want to show dominance.

When a rabbit wants to prove that it is in charge, it can resort to digging or scratching. To get attention from you, it can do the same.

They are social and quite independent.  When they want time alone, a dominant rabbit can get aggressive when picked or pet.

When you experience this, you should stay away until it is ready for socializing.

Rabbit Is Showing Off

An unneutered male can dig when it is with the female rabbit. When this happens, it is a sign of courting.  The male shows off to entice the female.

However, this ends up as a more vigorous digging. This could be intense too if it is scratching on your skin, and can lead to injury.

Rabbit Wants Petting

When a rabbit wants petting or demands attention, it could resort to digging. You should learn more about your rabbit to understand when it wants attention.

A rabbit requesting for cuddle or petting may bump its head or nose into your hand. It can dig in any part of your body if it cannot get close to your hands.

You should not reject the rabbit when it comes to attention. A little verbal acknowledgment or scratching can take care of it if busy.

If you fail to reciprocate, it can stop coming to you for attention.

Something Is Wrong

When it comes to why do rabbits dig at your clothes, it could be a sign that something is wrong. It may be that it is feeling unwell.

The behavior may be that it wants to be left alone.  The behavior is unlikely to be GI stasis or impaction. However, it could be a sign of other things.

It could be a sign of respiratory infection, dental issues, mites, or an ear infection. You have to monitor the rabbit when it does this scratching for these signs.

Why do rabbits dig at your clothes: Solution

While digging can be annoying, it could be cute sometimes. It can be painful to your skin. If you are asking for the solutions, we have this for you.

It is easy to teach your rabbit or stop it from scratching. If you are asking why do rabbits dig at your clothes, you can do the following:

Provide An Outlet

It is not an easy feat to train your rabbit.  You have to make use of a straightforward approach to stop the habit.

You do not have to cure this habit; you should offer the rabbit an outlet. When you direct the rabbit’s attention away from scratching, it can stop it.

Rabbits require both physical and mental enrichment if you want them to be happy.

You can make use of toys and interactive stuff to help them.

You should help them stay away from boredom by offering them toys to keep busy.

When the rabbits are occupied, it becomes easy to avoid scratching or digging.

The solo rabbits require more toys to keep them busy. You can provide a log treat, blankets, or small obstacles to keep them busy.

Play With Your Rabbit More Often

Sometimes, rabbits may want your attention, even when they have a variety of toys. You should create time for your bunny friends.

When you play with them often, they become less dominant and aggressive. You should provide them with both physical and mental exercises.

This strengthens your relationship with your rabbits.   Anxiety can be curbed when you play with them more.

You should play with them on the ground, laying down, or crouching to reach their level.

It is important that you do not over-stimulate them with too much play. They can show tiredness or disinterest when they play more.

Build Trust

Why do rabbits dig at your clothes? You should build trust before you think of picking these rabbits.

Picking them when they are anxious can cause them stress.

Rabbits can dig at your arms or chest if they do not trust. If they do not wriggle or leap out, they can fight back.

You should build trust if you are the owner of a rabbit.  Building trust can take patience and time because they are delicate and curious.

When you finally build trust, you can help them with changing some natural habits.


Unneutered rabbits can exhibit a number of behaviors.  When you neuter them, it could solve a lot of behavioral issues, including scratching.

You should neuter the animal when you have both male and female. These animals can produce unwanted litters very quickly.

Why Do Rabbits Dig at your Clothes


You should train your rabbit. They are smart to understand what you want them to do. However, you need to be patient and consistent.

Create Dig-Safe Zones

To stop asking why do rabbits dig at your clothes, you should create digging areas for them.  This should be a safe place for them.

When they dig often, it can help them avoid scratching. They love digging at pet beds, pillows, or blankets.

You can provide them with rugs or grass matts.

If you use this method, it can take time. However, it has a long-term result when compared to others.

This method teaches the rabbit where to dig and not to dig.

When your rabbit tries to dig on you, pick it up gently and place it on its favorite objects. You should encourage it to use that for digging.

When they respond, you should praise them and reward them with treats. You should discourage them from digging on you too.

You have to show your disapproval when they dig at you through verbal discipline. Do not be too loud to avoid the rabbits getting frightened.

You should make use of firm ‘No or Stop’ when you called the rabbit’s name.  Sometimes, clap your hands to get the attention of the rabbit.

Provide Hay

You can help the rabbit by offering it hay. This will keep it busy and stop it from scratching or digging on you.

Ignore the Rabbit’s Digging

When you ignore the rabbit’s digging by placing it down and turning your back to it, it would stop. If you are holding the rabbit when it does that, drop it.

Rabbits are social animals, read body, and verbal communication. If you ignore them, they tend to read meaning into that.

They understand when they misbehaved.  The rabbit will learn fast when you make it understand that its behavior is not accepted.

This would take time for it to learn. When it learns the lesson, it becomes a healthier relationship for you both.

You should treat the rabbit whenever it deserves praise.

Conclusion: Why do rabbits dig at your clothes?

Rabbit Digs On You To Communicate

You should know that why do rabbits dig at your clothes can be many things. It could be that they want to do the following:

  • Play
  • Release energy
  • Show signs of anxiety
  • Being jealous
  • Ask for cuddles
  • Reject touch

You should learn to differentiate each feeling. Digging is a natural habit for rabbits. However, you can stop them from digging on people.

It would take time and patience. You should not give up. Sometimes, you can tell the rabbit to see a vet if you are not sure of why it still digs after these tips.


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