When Your Dog is Blind and You Move the Couch?

Pets can lose vision and dogs are not an exception. When that happens, it is a tough time of adjustment for the dog and members of their family. Dogs are different, and while dog A may take several weeks to be comfortable moving around again, dog B will proceed almost unaffectedly, particularly if the process of blindness has been slowly ongoing.

Owners of the dog find this situation difficult because human beings try to imagine how it would feel like to lose sight suddenly. This tendency is common, but people quickly get used to seeing their dog learn again how to do things. So, what happens when you move the couch, and your dog has lost sight?

It is a difficult time for the dog who has lost sight when you move the couch because they usually have created a mental road map of every part of your house which can help them when they go blind.

When Your Dog is Blind and You Move the Couch

That means if the couch isn’t where they know it’s located, they can jump only to hit themselves on a wall. To avoid that you need to help them adjust, we think the following tips will help you.

1. Talk to them

Sometimes you will go out for a walk with our dog, continuously talk to them so they can learn to follow your voice. Teach them verbal cues like ‘stop’ and ‘move’. Dogs can learn vocabularies and therefore don’t hesitate to talk to them.

They will listen. In the same manner, when you have moved your couch, please speak to your dog and redirect them. After some time, they will adapt.

2. Safety Gates

Even after your blind dog has learned to navigate without your help, sometimes they will still make mistakes, and therefore you must gate your house’s steep stairwells. This will keep them in place when moving upstairs or downstairs.

3. Pet Trainers and Behavior Specialists

Professional veterinarians can assist you in training your dog to adjust if you feel they are taking too long to cope with blindness. Also, these trainers can help make the dog adjust faster.

4. Getting him a Companion

You can get another pet to help your dog adjust. Attaching a bell to these pet guides will help the blind dog to locate where their companion is and move there. Extra tags on the guide dog are also helpful as their jiggling can give direction.

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5. Spread the Word

Let your family members and visitors know that your dog is blind. Even if it where you, a sudden grabbing when you can’t see can make you startled and probably snap. Instead, they can be approved slowly and with a calm voice.


Pet losing sight can be a distressing moment not only for them but also for their family members because you can’t imagine finding yourself suddenly in a dark world. It even becomes more difficult when the couch is moved.

However, you can help them adjust using the tips discussed in this article, and they will soon learn to navigate on their own.

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