100 Unique Female Dog Names

The funniest and hardest thing to do when you get a new puppy is to give them a name. You have a million ideas on what name you would want to give to your female puppy. You don’t want to walk in a park only to hear someone call their dog the name you have chosen for your puppy. You want one of its kind names.

To get a unique name for your baby girl puppy, you have to take your time. There are many unique female dog names available, and only one is the perfect choice for your puppy. Take into consideration her personality and looks. For instance, if your baby girl puppy has a fantastic shaggy coat like that of the Bernese mountain dog puppy, maybe it would be best to give her a name that corresponds to their best feature?

100 Unique Female Dog Names

If your female puppy has a fluffy white coat, you should never call them Ebony. Hopefully, you have an idea. To help you in choosing a unique name for your puppy, this article gives you a list of a hundred unique names and their meanings.

Unique Female Dog Names

The final decision on what name to call your baby girl puppy is yours. However, consider that you will use that name for the rest of the dog’s life. And that can mean the next ten years or more.

It is better to choose a shorter name because you don’t want to confuse her when calling a long name during training. Moreover, longer names are more mouthful, and you want to spell out something easily to your dog.

The following list gives you several unique baby girl puppy names and meanings you can choose for your puppy.

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  1. Ada – Serine and Noble
  2. Artemis – With its origin in Greece, it means God of the moon, wild animals, and hunting.
  3. Alexa – This names originated from Greece, and it means defender of man.
  4. Aslan – the name Aslan originated from Turkey, and it means a lion. It is a perfect name for guard dogs.
  5. Arya – This name means noble goodness
  6. Azure – this is a Spanish name meaning sky blue. Is the sky blue your favorite color? If so, you can name your puppy Azure.


  1. Bella-with origin in Italy, Bella means beautiful
  2. Bailey-it means tiny, sweet girl. It is a perfect name for small breed dog puppies such as Chihuahuas and corgis.
  3. Bree-this name means upbeat
  4. Buffy-instead of calling your baby girl puppy Elizabeth, you can call her the nickname buffy.


  1. Candy-meaning sweetness. It is a perfect name for your lovely little pooches.
  2. Carly- meaning pleasant and free
  3. Cassie-this name means strong-willed. It’s perfect for a Corgis because they love doing things their way. They impose their own rules. So maybe you could prefer this.
  4. Chloe-this name means a green new shoot, and it is an excellent choice for a young puppy, newborn.


  1. Dee- meaning dark. If your pup is dark-haired, maybe this name can be the right choice.
  2. Diem- this name has a Latin origin and means a day
  3. Dixie- with its origin in America, this word is used to refer to anything south.
  4. Dot- it means a God’s gift to us. If you see your baby girl poochie as a gift, then you can name her Dot.
  5. Duchess- meaning the second in leadership hierarchy after the Queen. If you love royalty, this is a perfect name for your poochie.


  1. Elexis- meaning a humankind defender. If you want to grow your dog to be a watchdog, this name could be the best choice for them.
  2. Elke- this name originated from Germany, and it means ‘of noble births.
  3. Ellie- it means my light is God
  4. Elsie- this name has its origins in Scotland, and it means God of plenty
  5. Eva- this name means the living one


  1. Farrah- it means happy
  2. Fera-it implies a beast and has its originates from Portugal.
  3. Freida- this name originated from Germany, and it is used to mean a peaceful ruler.
  4. Flora- a name that originated from Latin, and it means a flower. If your puppy has a floral fur pattern or you love flowers, this is probably the best name to use because at least you can identify with it.


  1. Gelta- this name has its origins in Iceland, and it means ‘bark’. It could be ideal for a husky because these dogs are known to bark a lot, especially when left alone. However, note that huskies don’t necessarily bark, they howl.
  2. Glitter- Are you a lover of sparkling and shining stuff? Then this could be the best name for your baby puppy. It means sparkle and glitter.
  3. Godiva- it means God’s gift. Do you view your puppy as a gift from God? Then Godiva is a beautiful name.
  4. Gwin- with origins in Wales, this name means wine.


  1. Hadara-means adorned with beauty
  2. Harley- It means meadow of a Hare
  3. Hera- this name originates from Greece. It was commonly used in Greek mythology to indicate Queen of the God’s.
  4. Helga- If you view your puppy dog as a blessing this name is an ideal choice. It means blessed.


  1. Indigo- it means a color between blue and purple.
  2. India-this is a British name extracted from the Indus River
  3. Izzy-this is a short form of Elizabeth


  1. Jasmine meaning the gift of God
  2. Jaylin- meaning Jaybird
  3. Jemma- with its origins in Britain, this name means a dove. If your puppy is a cool type, then this name can be a great choice.
  4. Joli- originating from France, this name means pretty and is a perfect choice for a baby girl puppy.
  5. Juliet- meaning youthful. Perfect for a puppy since they are young.


  1. Kaia-originating from Hawaii this name means sea
  2. Karma- implying all that goes around will come around.
  3. Katja- this name originated from Germany, and it means pure. It is a perfect choice for a pure breed puppy.
  4. Kova- with its origins in Finland, this name means tough.


  1. Lady-meaning noble.
  2. Lexi- meaning man’s defender. This is a perfect name for guard dogs and watchdogs as they serve to offer you protection. So if you desire to grow your puppy to be either a watchdog or guard dog, this name is a great choice.
  3. Lila- it is a Latin word for lily
  4. Linda- Originating from Spain, it means beautiful


  1. Maggie- meaning, a child of light
  2. Marina- meaning it comes from the sea
  3. Maliha- originating from the Arab world, this name means strong, elegant, and beautiful.
  4. Millie-meaning a gentle strength


  1. Nikita- implying unconquerable. If you believe in conquering, this name could be a perfect choice for your female puppy.
  2. Nia- With its origin in East Africa, this is a Swahili name meaning lustrous
  3. Nomble-originating from South Africa, this name means beauty
  4. Nora- originating from Latin, the name implies honor


  1. Ophelia- meaning assistance
  2. Ora-meaning pray in Latin. Calling your baby girl puppy, Ora, can be a reminder for you to pray.
  3. Orly- meaning light in Hebrew
  4. Oribel- this is a Latin word meaning beautiful God’s child
  5. Olive-it implies a symbol of peace. Have you been looking for peace? If yes, the birth of a female puppy could symbolize that peace. Hence this name is ideal.


  1. Paris-the capital city of France. If you are a France die hard, you can name your female puppy Paris.
  2. Petra- with its origins in Greece, this name means rock or stone
  3. Piper- this name is a nickname for a player of flute


  1. Quinn- this name means wise in Celtic


  1. Rishima- meaning moonbeam
  2. Ruby- this is a Latin word meaning red. So if your baby girl puppy has a red coat, this name will be a perfect choice.
  3. Rupa- originating from India, this name means beauty and silver
  4. Rosaleen- this name means a beautiful little rose, an excellent choice for baby girl puppies. 


  1. Sadie- meaning princess
  2. Sauda- originating from East Africa, this is a Swahili name for dark beauty. Does your puppy have beautiful dark fur, this could be a perfect name for her.
  3. Stella-meaning star
  4. Swara- meaning self-shining


  1. Tazanna- meaning beautiful princess
  2. Tiffany- this name implies God’s incarnate
  3. Tori- this name means a bird and its origin is Japan
  4. Tove- meaning thunder


  1. Urit-originating from Hebrew, this name means light
  2. Ursa-originating from Latin this name means bear
  3. Una- with its origin in Latin, it means one


  1. Vance-with its roots in Latin, this name means brave (it’s a proper name for both baby girl and boy puppies).
  2. Vanya- originating from Greece, this name means butterfly
  3. Vera-originating from Italy, this is the name of a place.
  4. Venita- this name originates from Latin, and it means love’s goddess


  1. Willa- with its origins in Germany, this name means protection
  2. Wilfreda- originating from Britain, this name means desiring peace. If you have been having a hard time and your dog has given birth to a puppy, you can name that puppy Wilfreda as a sign you want peace.
  3. Wren-songbird who is small and brown.


  1. Xandi- implying humankind defender
  2. Xara- meaning princess in Hebrew
  3. Xela- originating from France, this name means ‘from home in a mountain’.


  1. Yana-with origins in Hebrew this name means God is gracious
  2. Yashashree- meaning success goddess
  3. Yuki- originating in Japan, this name means snow


  1. Zara – This is an Arabic name for radiance
  2. Zelie – With origins in France, this name means solemn.

Selecting the Perfect Female Dog Name

Still not sure which name to select for your baby girl puppy? Don’t feel like you are in a lonely world. Most people do. Dog owner A may know the name they are going to give their puppy before they are born, and Dog owner B requires time to try different options before they can settle on one title.

If you are having difficulties choosing a name, remember that you can get inspiration from different sources such as the history of dog breed, your heritage, celebrities, books, and favorite foods and drinks. For instance, Chloe can be a perfect choice for a French bulldog puppy because the name originated from France.

Professionals advise you to select a name ending with a vowel or sing-song sound and has two syllables. The title should make you happy.

Final Words

Unique female dog names are many, and remember that the final choice is yours. While one person may consider their feeling when naming their baby girl puppy, another will recognize their favorite events or places; another will account for the time of birth. But irrespective of what prompts you too give your puppy a particular name; you need the take into account their personality.

Choosing a name for your female dog can be challenging. Irrespective of if it’s a creative standout, a spunky name, or a girly name, it has to be unique in its way. However, with the help of the above list, Ada to Zelie, and all the names in between, you have a wide range of names. There is a perfect name for each dog.

Also, take into account dog training when choosing because you don’t want a name that will confuse your pup when you teach them commands like come, sit, and stay. To be precise, ensure you choose a name that isn’t pronounced almost the same as the usual dog training cue. For example, if you call your puppy ‘Bit’, when you tell them ‘sit,’ they may not understand whether you are calling them or telling them to do something.

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