5 Best Toys for Bloodhounds 2021 [Buyer’s Guide]

You probably got yourself a Bloodhound because of their sensitive nose.

Originally, their nose was for trailing game meat, but it is nowadays used on rescue and search teams.

This nose controls almost all aspects of their personality and activities. So, why is this important? As you probably know by now, dogs need to exercise for their general well-being.

Toys are one of the best ways you can use to ensure that your Bloodhound releases all their pent up energy.

Our Top Pick

If you want to know how to pick the best toys for Bloodhounds, keep it here to find out how.

Best Toys for Bloodhounds Reviewed

Affordable Bloodhound Toys: Comparison Table

Known for the enhanced senses, bloodhounds deserve the best pooch toys in the world.

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the top-rated ones we’ve come across so far.

Best Toys for Bloodhounds Product Name Material Size
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5,288 Reviews

Top Pick

Otterly Rope Pets Puppy Dog 100% Natural cotton Small ,Medium
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93 Reviews
Kruuse Buster Starter ActivityMat
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14,154 Reviews
Chuckit Indoor Ball Toy for Dogs Textured chenille fabric One
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68 Reviews
Pro Ball Slingshot-Action Go-Frrr Dog Fetch Rubber Medium
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1,955 Reviews
KONG Wubba Assorted Dog Toy Plush Large

The 5 Best Toys for Bloodhounds

1. Otterly Rope Pets Puppy Dog Toy

Top on our list is the Otterly Rope Pets Puppy Dog Toy.

This toy is designed to keep your furry friend engaged and to reduce boredom and anxiety. Let’s do a brief review to give a better understanding of the dog toy.

Product Description

The first notable feature is that the package comes with four sturdy and durable rope toys that offer your bloodhound a great playing session.

On top of that, this toy is ideal for toss and chew, tug, and chew games.

Besides that, the rope toy helps in cleaning and cleaning your pet’s teeth and also eliminates tartar and plaque.

What’s more, this item can help in promoting proper chewing habits while satisfying your dog’s natural craving to chew.

Other Features and Benefits

You can easily wash the Otterly Rope Pets Puppy Dog Toy since it is made of cotton fibers that help to eliminate any build hence preventing gum disease.

Besides that, it has vibrant and beautiful colors and is ideal for medium and small puppies. More importantly, the toys come is a reusable bag for easy storage and carrying.


  • Promotes dental hygiene
  • Easy to clean
  • Has beautiful colors
  • Come in a reusable bag


  • Not ideal for large dogs

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2. Kruuse Buster Starter ActivityMat

If you are looking for a toy that can offer you a fun play activity with your bloodhound and stimulate him mentally, consider checking out the Kruuse Buster Starter ActivityMat. This cute little toy is designed to keep your pet company for hours.

Product Description

One of the best features of this mat is that you can keep giving your pooch new challenges with different levels of difficulty. It is made of sturdy and durable material that is super easy to clean.

Another notable feature is that this toy is fitted with a rubber bottom that prevents it from sliding on a smooth surface no matter how your dog plays with it.

Other Features and Benefits

The water lily, envelope, and cone cloth have varying configurations with different difficulty, which keeps your pup guessing. In addition, it comes with a durable travel bag for keeping the Activity mat when for easy storage.

You can use the Kruuse Buster Starter ActivityMat when outdoor or even on rainy days. Although it has a tough construction, this toy is also lightweight, which makes it easy for dogs to pick it up and play with it.


  • Stimulates your dog mentally
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Has a non-slip design
  • Keeps dogs engaged


  • One size option

3. Chuckit Indoor Ball Toy for Dogs

Next up is Chuckit Indoor Ball Toy for Dogs. This toy is specially designed for Puppies and Small Dogs.

It is an excellent indoor toy for you four-legged canine since it has a lightweight and soft construction that protects your house surface while your bloodhound is playing.

Product Description

For durable use of this indoor dog toy, it has a multi-layer design that makes it tough enough to withstand chews from the most aggressive chewers. Besides that, this fetch toy gives a great bonding time with your pet.

The bouncy design makes this item fun to play with. It also helps to keep your pup engaged and entertained when you are not around.

This might be a great option for dogs that love pursuit and retrieval games.

Other Features and Benefits

The Chuckit Indoor Ball Toy for Dogs has a circular design that makes it easy to roll it across tiles and hardwood floors.

It is made with a soft fabric that is pretty easy to pick up. On top of that, the item has bright orange and blue colors that are quite easy for pets to spot.


  • Bright colors for high visibility
  • Rolls easily on floors
  • Ideal for interactive play
  • Enhances between dos and humans


  • Not ideal for large dogs

4. Pro Ball Slingshot-Action Go-Frrr Dog Fetch Toy

The next item to earn a spot on this list is the Pro Ball Slingshot-Action Go-Frrr Dog Fetch Toy.

It comes in multiple colors, which allow you to choose the right suit for your bloodhound. To know more about the toy, check out the review below.

Product Description

The first notable feature is that this toy effortlessly floats on the water, making it ideal for use on both land and water.

On top of that, the toy has a bright red and blue color that makes it easy to identify on water or on tall grass when playing outdoors.

Other Features and Benefits

This USA made item helps to keep your fluffy friend happy and engaged. It is a great toy for keeping your dog healthy through exercise.

What’s more, the Pro Ball Slingshot-Action Go-Frrr Dog Fetch Toy is made of non-toxic material, making it a safe option for your dog.

You can also use it as a training object or give your canine a great work-out.


  • Non-toxic material
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps your dog engaged and entertained
  • Floats easily


  • Cheap cord

5. KONG Wubba Assorted Dog Toy

The last item on this list of the leading toys is the KONG Wubba Assorted Dog Toy.

This toy has a realistic design that makes it ideal for keeping in your pooch company and also helps to reduce boredom and anxiety.

Product Description

To start with, this item is covered with plush and soft material, so it cannot hurt your pet’s teeth and gums no matter how hard he chews it.

On top of that, this toy from KONG has squeak for extra enjoyment when your pooch is playing with it.

Other Features and Benefits

The KONG Wubba, Assorted Dog Toy, is available in three different colors, which make it easy to find the right fit for your dog. Its floppy tail makes it easy to pick up and throw.


  • Come with a satisfaction guarantee
  • Easy to pick up
  • Soft and plush design
  • Comes in multiple sizes


  • Not ideal for aggressive chewers

Buying Guide for Good Toys for Bloodhounds

Shopping for the perfect toy for your Bloodhound is not going to be an easy task. This is because you need to consider several crucial factors before settling.

Here are some of those factors.

The Right Size Best Toys for Bloodhounds

You want to buy toys based on your dog’s size or rather how wide their jaw can open. If a toy is too small for your pooch, there is the risk of chocking.

If it is too large, your dog will not enjoy playing with it.

Durability of Toy

The last thing you want is for your dog toy to fall apart within a week of buying. This is irrespective of whether it was cheap or costly.

You want to consider your dog’s character and the material used to fabricate your toy of choice.

Safety of Toy

If your pooch is susceptible to allergies, you want to always consider the material used to make the toys you intend to get for them.

Besides that, you want to stay away from toys that your pooch can bite off because the pose a serious risk for your dog’s digestive health.

Toy Functionality

While it is true that toys are mostly for entertainment purposes, you may want to get one that serves several purposes.

For instance, you want to get a toy that can be used to train your dog while playing with it.

Best Toys for Bloodhounds FAQ

Here are a few commonly asked questions that may be of help.

Why do dogs like to rip stuffing out of toys?

Sometimes it is the instinct in a dog that leads them to do it. Other times, they do it because of boredom or simply because they are teething.

Why do dogs go crazy over squeaky toys?

Most people believe that dogs like squeaky toys because they provoke their wild instinct to catch and kill small targets.

You will realize that your dog quickly loses interest in a toy once the squeaker dies.

Best Choice

The Otterly Rope Pets Puppy Dog Toy is not only our top pick but is also the best choice in our opinion.

It helps in promoting healthy dental hygiene and also has a sturdy and durable construction. More importantly, this toy comes packed in a reusable bag.

Best Toys for Bloodhounds Final Thoughts

Your Bloodhound has basic needs and that includes sleeping and eating. However, play is also important for their well-being.

Undeniably, playing satisfies your pooch’s social needs. As dogs play with each other or with their owners, the bond between them is strengthened.

Of course, for this to happen, you need to get the right toys. Now picking the perfect toy for your Bloodhound may not be as easy as it sounds.

Not to worry though; this guide should guide you to make the right choice.

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