The Best Electric Dog Fences

The Best 7 Electric Dog Fences

The Best 7 Electric Dog Fences

Does your dog constantly run away over the fence?

Already several times it happened that your four-legged friend almost fell under the wheels of a car and you thought with horror that everything could have turned out differently?

Is your pet incorrigible and constantly running away without permission?

Then it’s time to buy an electronic fence. 

What is an electric Dog Fence?

Electric dog fencing is a safe tool for dog training and education.

Invisible fences are a tool to help keep your dog safe. The electric fence works reliably and teaches your dog to stay within a confined area.

The Best Electric Dog Fences

An electric dog fence can be used for small, medium and large dog breeds.

Invisible fences work on the basis of signals that warn the dog that he is approaching a restricted area and for his own safety must be stopped.

If the warning signal does not act on the dog, the warning will be given in the form of an electrostatic pulse.

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The strength of the impulse must be adjusted in such a way that the dog reacts to it and at the same time that this impulse is safe for him.

Are electric fences safe?

This is not animal cruelty. Electric collars, fences have strict controls and are very different from their predecessors.

They are safe, their purpose is to train the dog, not to tyrannize. Electric fence helps keep your dog alive by preventing it from running away and running along roads or railways.

But back to the question. It is important to note that the intensity of electrostatic impulse can be set at several levels.

This way, you can choose a level that suits your dog, which will not be too strong for your dog (i.e. the dog should not whine when getting an impulse).

How does an electric fence work?

Everything is very simple. The dog wears a collar on which the receiver is installed.

The receiver is connected to the radio. An important part of an electric fence is an insulated wire that is placed around a vegetable garden or a yard (it can be placed in the ground, stretched along the fence, etc.)

Because this wire is virtually invisible – especially when buried in the ground – electric fences are often called invisible fences.

The wire only conducts signal, not electricity, so it is really safe for you and the animal.

By pulling on the wire, you define the area of the territory beyond which the dog is prohibited from leaving.

Of course, the dog needs to be told where it can run and where it can’t.

Through the walkie-talkie, you can adjust the perimeter of the zone where the dog can move freely. This zone mainly ranges from 30 cm to 10 meters.

In practice, this works in such a way that when a dog approaches a prohibited zone (i.e., a border beyond which it is forbidden to go out), it receives the first warning signal.

If the movement continues, the dog will gain momentum. The dog will quickly understand the connection between audible warning and electrostatic impulse.

Thus, after a while, it will be possible to use only a sound signal, upon hearing, the dog will stop.

The Best Electric Dog Fences

How to choose an electric fence?

Invisible dog guards are a popular and safe tool used by professional dog handlers and dog breeders around the world.

The choice of an electric fence should be based on the size and sensitivity of the dog, specific terrain parameters and functions.

Electric fences may differ in technical parameters, equipment and accessories. The most popular are fencing from Petsafe and Pet at School…

The power supply of the fence is a very important factor when choosing a model, which definitely should not be neglected.

Cheaper models of fences are usually powered by a conventional 3V, 6V or 9V battery.

Some fences use atypical batteries that are difficult to find or are only sold by the manufacturer or dealer of the fence.

For this reason, we recommend buying fences that have a built-in battery that can be easily recharged using a USB cable or a main socket.

The more functions the fence offers, the more control the dog has. The most important, as well as the main functions that a fence should have, is the ability to adjust the range and strength of the impulse.

Some fences have the ability to adjust the zone and pulse strength individually, or disable the pulse on the collar, etc.

Invisible fences: The best and easiest way to define space for your dog. Just surround the area or part of the area with a wire.

The dog wears a receiver around his neck, which will react when the dog approaches the restricted area.

Electric fences: Electric fences are devices that create a fence, not physically, but through electrical impulses.

The fence will keep the animal in a certain area by using an electrical discharge that does not hurt the animal.

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Wireless fence: The base sends a signal at a distance of 27.5 meters and the dog cannot leave this area.

When using several bases, the area can be expanded indefinitely. For example, you can place the base in front and behind the house, thus covering the entire area.

Spray fence: This is a kind of corrective signal when a spray is used as a correction, which is sprayed on the dog’s nose when it goes outside the designated area.

This is the second most effective and painless correction method on the market.

Home fences and rugs: Home fences work on a discharge basis, where you can adjust the distance from the generator that the dog can approach.

Electric rugs are a very effective tool when you want to stop your dog from going to prohibited places (sofa, chair, bed, etc.)

Electric Dog Fence – FAQs

When to start using an electric fence?

Electric fences are recommended to be used from 6 months. Choose a suitable heart rate (the dog should respond to the impulse, but on the other hand it should not be too painful for the dog – for example, dog sobbing, etc.)

Fences usually offer different levels of warning (sound, vibration, impulse). The dog very quickly begins to understand the sequence of signals, so soon you can already start using only sound, or vibration.

Is the electric dog fence easy to install?

There is nothing difficult about installing a fence, but it will definitely take some time.

First of all, it depends on whether the wire is buried in the ground (from an aesthetic point of view), or you install it on a fence or just leave it lying on the ground. If you bury the wire, the installation of a fence up to 400 meters long will take about 1 day.

The activation of the fence is very simple. Connect the generator to the network and extend a wire from it to limit the area. Then just turn on the generator, adjust the distance, and put the collar on your dog.

Electric Dog Fence – Final Words

Before putting the collar on your dog, we recommend that you go through the entire garden and check the correct functionality.

If you do not have free time, then you can order a professional installation…

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