Should Dogs Eat Potatoes or Potato Chips?

Dogs will eat just about anything, and mostly, they don’t bother waiting for your permission when there is delicious food left unattended in their environment. Therefore, as a responsible dog owner, you may have probably found your dog eating potato chips, and you don’t know whether it’s suitable for the dogs to each chip. Every pet parents usually ask themselves whether dogs should eat chips or not. The answer is simply that dogs should not eat chips as humans do.

Dogs may be okay after eating a few chips, but they do not offer any nutritional value. Besides, they have packed with a lot of processed ingredients that can cause health issues to your dog.

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Should Dogs Eat Potato Chips

Reasons why Potato Chips are not Good for the Dogs

One of the reasons why a dog should not eat chips is because of the salt content. Dogs usually need a little salt in their food to maintain good health. Most chips are loaded with a lot of salt, which enhances their delicious and addictive such that you can’t stop eating them. But too much salt could bring a severe problem to your dog when eats it. Consuming too much salt can lead to health complications such as seizures, vomiting, and even death in the most severe cases.

Also, potato chips have high carbohydrates, which might give your dog a boost of energy. At the same time, high content carbohydrates can also make your dog gain unwanted weight.

Besides, potato chips contain an unhealthy and toxic amount of additives and flavors, making them appealing to humans. Humans may like these additives and flavors but they may be harmful or unhealthy for the dogs to consume. Some of the ingredients and herbs such as chives, garlic, and onions in potato chips can be poisonous for your pup.

Another reason why potato chips are not the best snack for your dog is that chips are typically dried using hydrogenated vegetable oils, which is not at all healthy for your dog. Dogs will require healthy fats to thrive, but not they don’t process fats fount in fried chips. Consuming too much fat can cause diabetes, obesity, and other related health issues for your dog.

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Health alternatives

Instead of feeding your pup with sweet human chips, you may consider a substitution dog-safe chips instead. These chips are quite simple to prepare. Ensure you use sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin c, vitamin A and Vitamin B6. They are also a great source of dietary and antioxidants. And since they are natural sweets, your pup will like them.

All you need is to slice the sweet potatoes into equal slices and place them on a baking sheet. Ensure you cook them for at least four hours, especially if you want them to be extra crispy.

If your dog has consumed potato chips, you should not worry that much. But keep an eye for any signs of vomiting, distress, upset belly, and nausea for a while afterward. If your dog experienced any of these signs, contact a local vet for guidance.

Most dogs can handle the situation without experiencing any side effects. It is always recommended to keep your potato chips away from your dog and, instead, give them something else appropriate and tasty to snack.

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