Rabbits Owners Buyers Guide

The rabbits owners buyers guide to use

We have different rabbits owners buyers guide online you can use to pick the right breed for your home or kids.

With the number of rabbits kept in most homes around the world, many authors have given us their version of the rabbits owners buyers guide.

Rabbits Owners Buyers Guide

Rabbits are highly inquisitive and intelligent animals, making them great pets to keep. Rabbits come in different sizes, shapes, and breeds.

When read more about the rabbits owners buyers guide, it becomes easier for you to buy your first rabbit.

Rabbits owners buyers guide and factfile

Before you start keeping rabbits, you should know a number of things about them. It is not enough to read rabbits owners buyers guide.

You should have a piece of comprehensive knowledge of the type of rabbit you want to buy. Owners should know what to do with their bunny friends at every point in time.

Rabbits are extremely social. They can be territorial pets that form complex social structures.

They have an unusual digestive system, making food pass through their gut. This makes them pass special droppings, called caecotrophs.

They eat these caecotrophs, and re-ingest the food. This ensures that they maintain their digestive system by providing a healthy diet.

These animals continuously grow teeth. This means that you have to ensure that they eat the right food that can take care of their teeth.

Rabbits Owners Buyers Guide

Choosing Your New Rabbit rabbits owners buyers guide

When you have read more of the rabbits owners buyers guide, it becomes easier for you to know the breed you need at home.

Rabbits come with different personalities, shapes, and sizes. Over 62 different breeds have been registered with the British Rabbit Council alone.

You do not pick a rabbit because you want a pet. You have to get the pet that can fit best into your life. The rabbits owners buyers guide has made it easier for everyone.


The personality of a rabbit is important. Each rabbit has its unique characteristics. Some can be calm and tolerate, others can be wild and adventurous.

You can get Dutch rabbit for your home because they fit everywhere.  However, you should have time for time.

Social Animals

Rabbits are incredibly social animals. Many pet owners are not aware of this.  It can be due to hormones.

You should rabbits in pair to help them avoid depression and aggression. Consider buying a pair when you want to buy these bunny friends.

The rabbits owners buyers guide helps you with lots of support and advice. Get two rabbits from the same litter to help them get along easily.

Rabbits can fight aggressively against each other if they are not neutered. They should undergo neutering if you do not want to bread them.

When you neuter them, they become calmer and suffer less from some health challenges like cancers. Do not pair a rabbit and a guinea pig.

If you are considering adult rabbits, you should consider the following:

When getting an adult rabbit home, expect the unknowns, especially those without a history. You may have to struggle to keep them in some situations.

You should know what you could offer a rabbit. If you do not have the resources to handle a rabbit, make sure that you do not get one.

If you want to keep more than one rabbit at home because of your family members, be prepared to handle them.

Rabbits Owners Buyers Guide

Online rehoming/breeders?

Before you buy a rabbit, make sure that you have read rabbits owners buyers guide. This can help you take very good care of them.

You can go for good rabbit breeders when you want to keep a rabbit. These people can help you with well behaved rabbits.

You should ask questions before you pick that rabbit. Try as much as you can to learn more about the rabbit.

Buying from online sellers can be a challenge. The reason for this is that you have no good information. However, we have great breeders online.

Before you buy a pedigree rabbit, make sure that the rabbit is real. Do not jump to buy because you are told the rabbit is from good stock.

Some of the rabbits sold online may not be great breed. It could be difficult to differentiate the right bred from the fake bred online.

Red flags

You need the rabbits owners buyers guide to help you get the best from your rabbit. Today, people go the extra miles to deceive you with the coating of a rabbit.

You should consider the following before you buy a rabbit

Rabbits should not buy in a neutral location, such as a petrol station or car park.

When a  breeder offers you more than one breed of rabbit. This means that the bred may not be pure. This could be because of having more than enough rabbits at hand.

If a breeder makes excuse or refuses to show you the mother of the rabbits, that is a red flag. All breeders should be able to let you meet the mother.

Rabbits Owners Buyers Guide

When a breeder cannot answer your questions, that is also a red flag.  You should not buy from such breeder. A good breeder knows everything about his or her rabbits.

A breeder who is not interested in where a rabbit is going should be avoided. The breeder is always after the welfare of a rabbit.

You can get good breeders by asking your vet for referrals,  or via breed clubs. This could be through online presence.

You can get the right breeder when you attend a rabbit show.

Pedigree vs mixed breed

The reason many people read many rabbits owners buyers guide is to know which breed to buy or adopt.

Do you want to buy a mixed breed or a pedigree? How can you call a rabbit a pedigree? If a rabbit must be called a pedigree, it should from a three generations of pure breed.

However, do not worry yourself about pedigree if you have no plan of showing or breeding your rabbits. Go for healthy rabbits that can help you save more.

Finding a rescue centre

With the rabbits owners buyers guide, you can find the right rescue center for rabbit adoption.  Some local areas have these centers.

These centers have become the easiest way of getting a rabbit. Before you pick a rabbit from any of these centers, you should ensure the pets are in good condition.

These rabbits should have a sizeable exercise area, clean shelter, pens, and access to hay and water.  A good rescue center has some procedures before they handle a rabbit over to you.

Some may want to see your home. Staff from a rehoming facility may visit. They want the best for a rabbit and may fail your home.

However, this failure is not something to take to heart. Many homes experience failed rehoming for their adopted rabbits.

You should be patient until you get the right rabbit for your home.  With the rabbits owners buyers guide, you can learn how to prepare for a rabbit’s rehoming.

Most good rescue centers vaccinate, microchip, and neuter their rabbits. This saves pet owners money, but they have to pay a fee for rehoming.

The money you paid is less than what it might have caused to vaccinate and neuter your rabbit.

Finding a reputable pet shop

The rabbits owners buyers guide can help you find a reputable pet shop.  Do you know what to look for in such a shop?

Sometimes, you may not find the right rabbit in rescue centers. This means that you have to visit a pet shop.

You should know that not all pet shops are the same. You should find a reputable one that can help you pick the right rabbit.

You do not want to pick a sick rabbit or a rabbit that has not been vaccinated.  The following are ways to identify a reputable pet shop.

The rabbit you want to buy must have received regular medical checks. The rabbits should be daily checked and isolated when they are unwell.

You should check the rabbit for dirty bottoms or runny noses.

The shop has plenty of information. When you visit a good pet shop, their data are impressive.  They help you with caring for your rabbits.

They provide you with information on what to do at every point in time.  Some give you leaflets that teach you many things.

They ask questions and help you with their customized rabbit’s owners buyers guide. They tell you about the long-term health and welfare benefits.

If you cannot take care of the rabbit, they can refuse you a pet. You should consider the following when picking a rabbit:


Enrichment is offering challenges and exciting furniture in the rabbit’s house to them stimulated. We have different types of this fun furniture.


Your pet requires space to move around.  If these pets do not have enough space, they may get bored or sink.

You should offer them the right to great space. They need to explore and socialize while in their enclosure.

Regular handling

You should learn how to handle your rabbit. Rabbits are curious and careful animals that have flight insight.

This means that you should socialize well with them before trying to pick them up. The rabbits owners buyers guide helps you in doing this.


You should know that rabbits are clean animals. However, they have to consume a lot of fibre to stay healthy.

The amounts of food these animals eat make them produce huge waste. The pet shop you are buying from should practice hygienic.


The place you bought your rabbit should have some people who can train rabbits. This criterion is great if you can find such center or shop with this feature.

You should learn how to train your rabbit. If you have no idea, you should consider making use of the rabbits owners buyers guide.

Food and water

You should provide rabbits with clean water and hay at all times. You should also provide greens and pelleted food.

How to check a potential baby rabbit’s health

When you read more of the rabbits owners buyers guide, it becomes easier to check a baby rabbit’s health.

While all baby rabbits need a vet check-up, you should check the following too before sending them to a vet.

Handle the rabbit yourself.

You have to handle the rabbit yourself. If you pick a rabbit that has been regularly handled, it acts quite calm and tame.

However, they can be nervous about new people.  You should ask how to handle this rabbit without injuring them or you.


Rabbits come with a glossy coat, and no dirty patches or matted areas. They do not have scabs or sores. You have to check their bottom- it must be neat and clean.

Check the front legs bottom for diarrhea or matted fur on their front legs.


The ears have to be cleaned with no dirt, redness, or scratches.


The eyes should be bright, with no overflowing tears or build-up of discharge in the corners.


The nose should be clean and dry. If you notice a runny nose, it can indicate snuffles which is a bacterial infection and can be difficult to manage.


The front teeth should meet in a scissor-like movement, with the top teeth just over the bottom. Poor dental health can lead to a range of other health problems, including flystrike.

Rabbits paperwork

Here is some of the paperwork you should check:

Vet check certification: Before you get a rabbit, demand for its vet check certification.

Vaccination certificate: This shows proof of vaccination.

Microchip information: Rabbits can be microchipped to provide identification for them.

Insurance: Rabbits may come with a short-term insurance policy, usually for about four weeks.

A receipt: The documentation of the money you have paid, signed by both you and the breeder.

An agreement:  It should be documented, and signed.


Before you pick a rabbit, you should consider reading more of the rabbits owners buyers guide. This can help you avoid some challenges.



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