Pitbull Pregnancy Signs and Calendar

Do you think your dog may be pregnant? What are the expectations once you Pitbull get pregnant? These are two important questions relating to the stages of your pet’s pregnancy, otherwise known as the gestation period. Pregnancy in dogs will last between 60 to 63 days (roughly nine weeks), though the heat cycles vary from breed to breed, for any breed the gestation period lies within the same range.

Pitbull Pregnancy Signs and Calendar

How do you know when a pitbull is pregnant?

You may have noticed some changes in the behavior of your Pitbull. Sometimes you do not have to look for the signs of pregnancy in a Pitbull because they rarely drop any signs. If you know what to look for, watch its behavior and monitor the body to determine whether she is expecting a litter or not.

Here we have a guideline that you can follow and know what to expect in the next nine weeks if indeed your Pitbull had a successful conception. Check out the following signs of pregnancy expected in a Pitbull.

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Increase in Appetite

As with humans, one of the most remarkable signs of pregnancy in a dog the change in appetite. Pitbull’s tend to eat more, noticing this in a typical Pitbull is not easy bearing in mind that they are ferocious eaters. This breed is athletic and tough dogs that need more calories to maintain their energy levels.

Therefore, if your Pitbull’s appetite has increased dramatically within a short time, do not get into that confusion, better still consult a veterinarian to be sure.

Abdominal Enlargement

Her belly swells as the puppies start to grow inside, and it may take a few more days to start noticing this due to their stocky and muscular. If you are not quite conversant with Pitbull’s, their natural build will give you a false sign of pregnancy. The best time to study her belly is to look out if there is any movement of puppies inside her belly.

Behavioral Changes

The outgoing, social, and active lifestyle of a Pitbull may turn out to be the opposite. When pregnant they tend to be shy, less active, and timid. The behavioral changes also depend on the dog’s temper. The pregnancy bug may lead her into caring for dolls, shoes, clothes, etc. as she prepares into the nurturing stage.

Nipples Start to Enlarge

Nipple growth in Pitbull’s starts to show in the early stages of pregnancy as they prepare to make more room for milk. The little hair on the dog’s belly should make it easier for you to spot this growth with ease. The nipples turn out wider and longer as the from part start to swell outwards.

Pitbull Pregnancy – Week-By-Week Pregnancy Calendar

All your research has led you to the breed of your choice – the Pitbull. Now that you already know what signs to look for in a pregnant Pitbull, set up your mind and the environment to prepare your bitch to conceive. The following calendar should be helpful in guiding the dog through conception to up until the birth of her pups.

If you love your pet, prepare for fun times ahead.

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From Conception to Day 7 (Week one)

After ovulation, which if followed by mating means fertilization will take, place. You only need to remember that your bitch needs to mate more than once for successful fertilization. Getting the exact number of days after fertilization may not be easy without having to test the dog’s body temperature on a daily basis.

You should see signs of morning sickness the same way you will notice that happening to people. Look for signs of infection that could have been passed during the mating season. A pinkish discharge from the vagina should not be a cause of alarm because it may appear or not appear in some dogs.

Keep the dog on its regular daily routine as you consider the addition of nutritional supplements to support the pregnancy and its changing needs. Only through the authorization of your vet is when you can use flea treatments or wormers at this stage of pregnancy

Day 7 to Day 14 (Week Two)

The second week of pregnancy sees the change of cells into puppies that start to grow and separate. The embryos get into the uterus to stay there until they gestation period is over. Make sure the dog gets enough exercise and feeds properly

Day 14 to Day 21 (Week Three)

The embryos will start to implant into the uterus and start receiving vital nutrients and life support from their mother. At this stage, the fetus is below one centimeter long. Normal feeding and exercise regimen should continue.

In the third week, the Pitbull appetite increases and you need to adjust its feeding schedule accordingly.

Day 21 to Day 28 (Week Four)

As we head to the end of the fourth week, you should be able to feel the presence of developing puppies by gently touching the abdomen. At this stage, the eyes and spine begin to take shape as the fetuses reach about 1.5 centimeters long.

You will start noticing a clear liquid discharge from the vagina. The fourth week is one of the most definitive stages in Pitbull’s pregnancy because the fetuses are becoming vulnerable and can form defects. Start regulating the dogs exercise to less strenuous ones and possibly consult with a veterinarian on the nutritional supplements required during this period.

Day 28 to Day 35 (Week Five)

On the 32nd day of gestation, amniotic fluid will start to increase to offer more protection; therefore, this makes it harder to notice the presence of puppies when playing with the abdomen. The susceptibility of the fetuses to development effects is no longer a major threat. Toes and claws begin to form as whiskers start to grow. The male and female sex organs begin to form at around week five.

The Pitbull’s weigh start to increase which should correspond with a matching increase in food rations. It may be a bad idea to start introducing puppy food into the mother’s plate. An ultrasound scan done during the fifth week is encouraged to determine number of puppies and identify any potential problems.

Days 35 to Days 42 (Week Six)

Anybody can see that the tummy size is growing on a daily basis. The nipples become darkened. Puppies will start developing markings to identify them, and skin pigmentation will determine their color and looks.

As you increase the food ration, add more puppy food mix in her diet. It is time you started preparing the whelping area by making it more comfortable by padding it. Make sure the location of the whelping areas is favorable and start training the bitch to sleep there.

Day 42 to Day 49 (Week Seven)

The bitch is on the final stages of preparing to birth. You will start noticing a normal shedding of hair under her belly. The puppies inside her are almost completely fully developed as the seventh week comes to a close stop feeding the mother puppy, feed and continue with its nutrition. Stopping the puppy feed will trigger an automatic reaction in the body to start storing calcium she has been feeding on. Calcium is an essential mineral for the Pitbull in the latter stages of pregnancy.

Day 57 to Day 65 (Week Nine)

The moment the Pitbull’s pregnancy clocks day 49 to day 57, you puppies could be coming out any time… get ready! You should not introduce the dog to early labor because the pups will need an extra week or so in the womb. Nesting begins at this stage, and a movement of puppies in the tummy is visible when lying down.

The end of week eight, colostrum rich milk will start forming and only feed the bitch whenever it needs to.

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Day 57 to Day 65 (Week Nine)

Make sure you are ready by making sure your bitch is well accustomed in her whelping bed and nesting by now. The Pitbull will be more of an introvert as she prepares for birth. The dog’s appetite may also go down as whelping nears. You can get the accurate onset of labor by taking the Pitbull’s temperature after day 60 every few hours during the day and night.

The range of temperature determines when the puppies are ready to come out. A drop from the normal range of 99-101 to a temperature of 97-98 indicates labor and birth within 12 to 24 hours.


The world is a host of different breeds of dogs. Whether domestic or wild dogs, they share the same reproduction process. Female dogs or bitches as rarely call them with experience heat twice in a year and it is at this time that the dogs get pregnant. However, the fertility period in dogs may differ in length during the heat, but for a female Pitbull, the heat cycle lasts 21 days. An average Pitbull experiences the first heat when they are 6 months old.

You should not discount your vet’s input in playing a part in throughout the gestation period. The veterinarian will give accurate results in the early stages of pregnancy by checking the levels of relaxin – a hormone only present in pregnant dogs.

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  1. My question is my friend has a pit bull and we know she pregnant. But he started counting from the day she got with the other dog. What I won’t to know is that right or do you have to give it a week or two before you start counting?

    • If she is indeed pregnant, there are several signs to look for, especially if she is 52 days in. You should definitely be able to feel the pups moving around, for one. Two, her nipples should have dramatically changed colors, size, and all general appearance. She should have already been started her “nesting” by now. Those are things like, staying around in one spot(generally where she is going to deliver), being tired/getting tired easily, and consuming vast amounts of food and water. I hope this helps friend.

  2. I breed my dog at March 15 and 17 I did the day when she gives birth to the puppies but I’m worried that I have it wrong and I’m looking for help to see if I got it right

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