The 5 Best Indestructible Dog Toys

The 5 Best Indestructible Dog Toys

Each dog is different in the choice of what he likes to play with. Some dogs love toys and treat them like small children, tucking them into bed  and licking them from time to time.

Other dogs like to chew on toys while playing. With strong jaws and being “destroyers”, they take great pleasure in chewing on the toy they have.

The soft toy is unlikely to be of interest to these dogs. These dogs are very energetic, intelligent and often very mobile. Solid and durable toys are the best option with which the owner can easily interest and entertain his pet.

Often advertisements for various toys tell us that the toy is very strong and durable, but when it comes to playing with a pet, literally, after five minutes, nothing remains of the toy.

They are so fragile. As a result, you, as the owner, will experience the frustration of wasted money, but more and more often the fact that your dog can chew on part of the toy, swallow or inhale it, which will lead to an injury or suffocation.

Indestructible Dog Toys

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The 5 Best Indestructible Dog Toys

It is important to understand – No Toy Can Be Indestructible and Durable.

Sometimes you see a toy that claims to be unbreakable on the label, and this has been proven empirically.

In fact, no toy can be truly “eternal” and will last a long time. If a dog has very powerful jaws, it actively and for a long time gnaws toys, then most of them will eventually quickly deteriorate.

No matter how durable your pet’s toy is, there is always an element of risk.

The dog may end up chewing on the piece or, depending on the size of the toy, there is a risk of part of the toy getting stuck in the dog’s mouth, also causing a potential choking hazard.

While some very durable toys with a treat inside may be suitable for leaving your dog unattended for a while, we always recommend keeping an eye on your dog while playing.

Before giving a toy to a pet, you need to assess whether it is strong and safe enough.

If the dog is a “destroyer” and tries to chew on less safe objects around the house or garden while walking, then leaving it with a safer tough toy is a wiser choice.

Some hard toys can be harmful to the teeth

Some toys can actually pose a risk to your dog’s teeth. They can chip, break a tooth, or eventually grind off their teeth if the dog chews on the toy diligently.

You may not immediately notice that your dog has damaged a tooth, but this damage often causes them pain, leading to gum disease or infection.

It is important to keep a close eye on your teeth and have your teeth checked regularly if you decide to give your dog such a toy.

Hard toys may be necessary for training

The 5 Best Indestructible Dog Toys

If your dog is very active, highly intelligent, but needs training, along with plenty of appropriate exercise and training, interactive toys can be extremely helpful in helping to prevent boredom and potential behavior problems.

If your dog doesn’t have a suitable toy, he may turn to your slippers, pillows, blankets or table leg, for example. A bored dog may also begin to draw attention to itself through behavioral changes.

It is important to remember that if you have a mobile dog, and overlay it with a bunch of toys and assume that this will be enough, then this is not entirely the right decision.

This can help, but you need to consider some other regular exercise and workout that you can suggest to your pet.

Perhaps you and your dog could take part in dog competitions, perhaps you can run together, perhaps you need to incorporate a few 5 or 10 minute workouts into your dog’s daily routine.

Buy many different toys, change them periodically and hide old ones so that the dog is always passionate and interested.

Some dogs enjoy chewing more toys than others.

Some breeds have a stronger urge to chew, some have stronger jaws than others so they can destroy toys more easily, and there are some dogs whose temperament is such that they will chew on a toy until they break it.

Terriers, for example, are often fond of “rag” stuffed toys.

This is because they have a developed instinct to hunt rodents, and as soon as they catch them, they tirelessly begin to shake them until they stop moving.

Sometimes, for this reason, terriers quickly lose interest in toys and have to be interested in something else. And sometimes, if they do not have a rag toy, then the tough one will hardly be of interest to them. 

There are breeds that have extremely powerful jaws, so when they bite a toy it can do much more damage than a similar bite in other breeds.

Some dogs are very intelligent, and they quickly figure out where the weak points of each particular toy are.

They quickly find a not very strong seam and remove all the contents from the soft toy. Breeds such as the Australian or Belgian Shepherd are known for their “destructive” abilities.

Retriever breeds that like to hold something in their mouth often also like to chew on something, so it’s important to give breeds like Labradors and Golden Retrievers plenty of suitable toys to suit any need.

Sometimes they play with them like a child, without aggression, but sometimes they can start chewing them.

You have to teach your dog how to behave correctly in a given situation, but if they have no alternatives, they may turn to your slippers, pillows or table legs!

The 5 Best Indestructible Dog Toys

Each dog is different, and through trial and error (through a few broken toys), you will understand what your dog loves to play with and how much of a “destroyer” she is.

Some breeds or individual dogs are more likely to chew, while others may simply love toys to fold and protect.

If your dog breaks toys due to anxiety or behavior problems, toys will not save you.

Dogs that suffer from anxiety can also be disrupters, especially when left alone in the house.

As a rule, giving them a toy to chew is not enough to solve the problem. You may need to work on a behavioral program to make your dog feel more relaxed and calm when he is alone with him.

Below are some of the best hard toys on the market, along with some information on their pros and cons

1.Black Extreme Kong Toys

KONG brand dog toys are renowned for their quality and durability.

The KONG Classic, which is red in color, is an extremely versatile and very durable toy. It is usually strong enough to handle the stress of an average dog.

For real “destroyers” there is an even tougher version of Black Extreme KONG. Crafted from an even denser material, this black version of the classic KONG is one of the toughest toys on the market.

Make sure you select the correct size for your dog’s weight and do not leave them unattended until you see how the toy meets the dog’s needs for chewing.

KONG can be filled with food, it can be frozen, and it is very versatile. We recommend that you always have at least one KONG in your dog toy arsenal.

2.Tuffy Dog Toys

If your dog loves stuffed animals, but has managed to chew on everything you’ve ever bought him, then the Tuffy Dog Toys line is for you.

In terms of stuffed toys, they are among the most trusted on the market. Toys are classified according to their durability, from softest at number 5 to hardest at number 10.

They are made of several layers of very tough materials and have extra stitching and protection over that stitching to minimize the chances of the dog biting through and loosening the material.

Remember that this is a cuddly toy, so if you have a real chew lover, it is unlikely to be durable.

3.Orbee Tuff Toys

Planet Dog is an amazingly philanthropic, ethical company that also makes fantastic, durable and high quality dog products.

Their flagship range of Orbee Tuff toys is hugely popular. They are made from safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly rubber made in the USA, and they have a reputation for being very durable.

They all have a unique scent that can encourage your dog to show more interest, and their rubber is very malleable.

Orbee Tuff comes in three different sizes and styles (globe, snowball, charcoal, etc.). They’re more expensive than the average dog ball, but read the reviews and you will see that this is probably a very good buy.

They are not completely indestructible, but they can survive the strong chewing loads of your pet.

4.Jolly Pets Romp-N-Roll Ball

These Romp-N-Roll Balls from Jolly Pets are a soccer ball-sized toy made of tough hollow plastic with an attached rope that makes it easier for the owner to throw and allows the dog to bring the ball back behind that rope.

The toy is not ideal for unattended play and is too large for small breed dogs. This brand is even sometimes used for feline games (at zoos), giving you an idea of how durable they are!

5.Nylabone Dura Chew

The Dura Chew Nylabone line of toys is exceptionally strong and durable. It includes toys of various shapes and different textures, which increases the pet’s interest, helps to maintain dental hygiene.

They are made from durable nylon and usually have an attractive scent. For dogs that do not chew toys, they are often not interesting, but for those who like to chew, they may be the best option.

The dog will gradually gnaw at the edges of the Nylabone, and small pieces the size of a grain of rice may break off, but they are small enough to pose no risk.

The biggest disadvantage of this product is that because it is tough, there is little risk of damage or decay to the dog’s tooth due to the pressure that will be exerted when the dog bites it.

The line also comes in various sizes. It is important to choose the most suitable size to avoid the risk of asphyxiation.

Indestructible Dog Toys Final Words

Pay Attention to your dog, and remember that each dog is different in the choice of what he likes to play with.

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