How to Teach a Dog to Sit up and beg?

For both the trainer and the pet, teaching your dog some of these simple tricks is both fun and entertaining. Successful training of dogs encourages them to behave as they are told to do to spur a desired behavioral response.

Every dog has a reward that it prefers. The same way humans have a choice on what they consider rewarding to them, dogs may also choose food, praises, or some dogs will do whatever their owners to earn themselves more playtime. The best way to learn or train your dog is to identify what matters to him or the source of motivation. Work with the dog by introducing fun making sure you end on a high note by rewarding the dog for a good job.

How to Teach a Dog to Sit up and beg

Teach Your Dog How to Beg or Sit

Training a dog to sit and beg should start from a sitting position. First, command the dog to sit and do not be in a hurry to offer treats. Once he is seated, pause for a few minutes, and hold the treat above his nose. Let him look at up to study your hand and what you are holding

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Instruct the Dog to Beg

The moment the dog starts looking up at the treat, use the word “beg,” or any word you would use to entice the dog to reach.  When carrying out such this act, look out for these two reactions:

The dog will attempt to stand up or jump to catch the treat if this happens do not reward him. Ask him to get back to its original position and sit.

Many dogs who are still in seating position will attempt to raise their front paws off the ground mimicking a gesture of towards the treat. This second scenario is what you are looking for

Reward Your Dog the Moment He Balances on His Haunches

Training a dog to sit on its haunches means showing him how to bring the front paws in the air but in front of him while sitting on the back feet and legs. When the dog can reach this position, give him a treat and praises.

As you wait to offer him the reward make sure the dog balances on hind legs because when he fails to balance or fails to stay upwards and gets the treat, the pet may not learn to associate the treat with good behavior.

Help the Dog Understand Use of Words

If your dog is not getting the right, position and may be having trouble balancing, try to help him. Teach him to balance by standing behind it until he finds his balance. The moment hos paws hits the air, help him by lifting the paws off the ground as a sign of what you want him to learn.

Keep Practicing

For the dog to be good at what you are teaching it, practice the trick repeatedly until your dog can connect the world beg with the act of begging. Let the dog know the relevance of “begging” by giving him both praise and affection.

The idea behind this training is to train the dog to understand what to do when you use the word “beg” or whatever word you used. Let the dog also understand that the trick can be played without necessarily holding a treat in front of him.

Exploit Dogs New Tricks

Let the people know what your pet is sociable by letting the dogs learn how to respond to praise attention. Make sure that those who are around when the dogs know when he or she does a good job and what level of praise.

Training Your Dog to Sit

To make this training successful bring the treats and the dog where the dog is likely to concentrate. Teaching a dog to sit is one of the easiest, and it is something quite useful if the dog can have it on its report.

The training starts by you standing in front of the dog holding a treat next to his nose.  Once the dog responds, lift the treat higher and play a simple game of moving it upwards so that the dog can follow it through with its head.

The point in this exercise is to have your dog move his head upwards while moving the bum downwards and force a sitting position.

Issue the Sit Command

Once the dog has its bum on the ground, say the word “sit” while holding the treat and you only give it when he obeys the command. Do not forget to heap many praises for getting it right.

The bottom line is to teach the dog on how to associate the sit command with the action of sitting which comes with a reward

Repeat the Above Steps for Consistency

Go over the steps repeatedly even when the dog seems to get the command right. Keep the training sessions to last for 15 minutes to keep your dog in focus.

Try Using the Sit Command without a Treat

Once the dog has mastered the art of sitting by relating the command and the treat, try doing the same but this time without the offer a treat. Eliminating the treat makes the dog obey the sit command when he hears it. When there are no treats, do not forget to heap praises for a job well done.

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Keep the Practice as Part of Everyday Routine

Let the dog know that the command can be used and on a regular basis for example when feeding or putting a leash on him etc.  Training a dog to sit and beg does not end the moment your dog acquires the command and makes it part of its behavior.

Remember there are no shortcuts even when the dog does exactly what it is supposed to do. A treat should be given only when the dog does the right thing, do not empathies, and give it a treat if he does not follow the given command. During the command session, make sure the dog does not wander into something different.

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