How Long Does Trifexis Last in a Dog’s System

Dogs who have been invested by heartworm, fleas and other types of worms are treated using Trifexis. This medicine is also used to prevent infestation. Note that it is vital always to ensure you get the prescription from a veterinarian before you go ahead and buy the medicine. This article aims at showing you information on how long the medication lasts in your dog’s system.

How Long Does Trifexis Last in a Dog’s System

How Long the Medicine Lasts in a Dog’s System

According to the manufacturer, after the dog ingests the Trifexis, the medicine starts killing worms and fleas after thirty minutes and gets rid of them in four hours. Moreover, the drug will effectively prevent fleas and heartworm, hookworm, round work, whipworm infestation for thirty days. It will also protect the dog from intestinal parasites.

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If you give your dog less than three monthly doses post-exposure to mosquitoes, they may not be prevented entirely from heartworm. However, this is not included in the manufacturer’s guide. The best way to use the medicine is to give it to your dog every month although the drug can stay in the dog’s system for three months, after the first month has elapsed, its effectiveness reduces.

Side Effects

Your dog will rarely experience any side effects if the medicine is used as prescribed. Skin irritation and gastrointestinal distress symptoms may be evident. Some dog owners have reported skin reddening, itching, and loss of appetite, lethargy, and diarrhea and vomiting. If your dog is less than three and a half months old, they are likely to vomit. Coma, cold limbs, pale gums, seizures, shock, vomiting, sudden diarrhea, scratching, hives and facial swelling symptoms show that your pup is allergic to the medicine and the dying of fleas and worms. If your pup experiences those symptoms, call a vet immediately.

Food and Drug Interactions

Before you give your dog Trifexis, inform your vet if the pup is on another medication, is taking supplements or vitamins. Although there is no report of any food interaction yet, some dog owners have reported severe reactions when Trifexis is used with other ivermectin and spinosad medications concurrently.


Ensure your dog is tested for any existing worn infection before you administer the medicine. If you want to give the drug to a breeding female or to a dog who has current epilepsy, be cautious. To ensure the medication does its job, be keen on your dog after administration for an hour. In case they vomit before one hour elapses, you have to administer the medicine again. Always ensure you read the label thoroughly.


Heartworm disease is prevented using Trifexis. The medication treats and prevents whipworm, roundworm, hookworm and kills and prevents fleas in dogs from two months old and five pounds. It would be best to have the dog tested by a qualified veterinarian before you go ahead and give them Trifexis. Moreover, ensure you administer the medication monthly for best results even though it lasts for three months in the dog’s system.

If you have been looking for a medicine that can control intestinal parasites, prevents heartworms and kill fleas, Trifexis is that medicine.

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