How Long Can a Cat Survive Without Food or water?

Food and water are two things that any living animal cannot do without.

An animal can die within three days if there is no source of water. On the other hand, if there is enough water but no access to food, the cat may last longer, but it all depends on cat’s health and the environmental condition.

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Cats are survival specialists because of their self-sufficiency and resiliency, but when it comes to water or food, there is a limit.

The cat’s body is composed of about 75% water, what this means is that you should not let the cat suffer dehydration. As a pet owner makes sure that, there is enough water and food available at all times.

Show love to your cat by making sure you have easy access to water in adverse situations.

How Long Can a Cat Survive Without Food or water

How Long Can a Cat Survive Without Food or water – FAQ

How Cats Consumer Water From Food?

Most cats get a large amount of water from the food they consume. Most domestic carts that feed on wet food or the wild cats feeding on prey animals.

Much of what your cat eats has enough water that is sufficient for the cat. This kind of feeding gives the assumption that cats do not drink water.

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All this survival antic is supported by the low thirst drive making the cat have less desire to seek a separate source of water.

Cats can be so meticulous when it comes to the water source, and most cats cannot drink tap water.

wild cat survive without water or food

The ideal source of water is running water; few animals in the wild also avoid stagnant water, which they consider poisonous.

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How Long Can Your Cats With go Without Food?

A homeless cat will inevitably face occasional periods where food is scarce. The pets you have may not get enough food. Cats can get lost when they are looking for food.

The most affected cats are the domestic breed that may not have the prerequisite skills to find food. A cat can stay hungry when the person you have assigned to pet sit the pet does not give it food at the expected time.

cat survive

Now that there is a possibility of getting food, the questions of how long can a cat survive without food varies on the availability of water and the individual cat.

How Long Can A Healthy Cat Live Without Food?

A cat that has access to water can survive for at least fourteen days without food. In this situation, your cat suffers dehydration, which forces the cat to use fat stores as energy.  

In as much like you and me, when we are facing starvation our bodies use energy to keep the body organs functional, the cats also use this survival mechanism but at a cost:

Hepatic Lipidosis: is a condition that forces the liver to package the fat proteins and supply it to the bloodstream for energy. Hepatic Lipidosis takes place when there is a lack of food to give your cat the much-needed proteins.

Hepatic Lipidosis can be dangerous when fats accumulate in the liver and disrupt normal liver activities. When this happens, it is a dangerous phenomenon causing irreversible damage.  

Where More Fat in the Body Do Not Guarantee Survival?

It is easy to assume that an obese cat has a better rate of survival without food while in actual sense they develop serious problems with the liver sooner than expected.

Therefore, obese cats may suffer hepatic Lipidosis, which could lead to fatalities between 2-10 days.

In this state the question of how long cats can live without food, the answer should be dependent on the cats’ hydration level and the previous state of wealth.

How Long Can Cats Live Without Water?

Cats lose water quickly, and the net effect on their wellbeing and health remains devastating.

Water is essential for the operation of many bodily organs and functions such as toxin remove, metabolic processes, and elimination of waste from the body, and maintaining good blood circulation.

Lack of water in the cat’s body means all normal body functions are compromised, and organ shutdown may be imminent.

Comparison between Wild and Domestic Cats

Wild cats get plenty of water from the type of food they eat. They are restricted carnivores, which mean they hunt and eat meat. Feral cats are never dehydrated and therefore do not need much water from an alternative source.

Domestic cats get most of their water intake from food. Such a cat cannot be dehydrated quickly when there is no water from a different source.

The two cats living in a different environment when fed on dry food they will become dehydrated quickly because their source of water has been reduced.

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When no source of water is available, the cats cannot replace the lost fluids. A typical cat will survive for 2-4 days when there is no source of water and this could happen when they cannot find prey or wet food.

Implications of Dehydration on Healthy Cats

Sick cats and older cats are more prone to dehydration much faster than the younger and healthy cats. Here are some of the reasons why a sick cat can turn into a worse patient when there is no water:

  • Not taking water due to sickness or when already dehydrated
  • When they vomit too much
  • When they suffer from diarrhea

It has taken you to read different scenarios to help you figure out how long a cat can live without food. However, when you consider that lack of water seems to be a much bigger concern because of the effects of dehydration.

When you are dealing with a meticulous cat, make sure that you have ready access to running water or make the source that you have appealing.

If you will be away for some time, ensure that you have enough sources of water.

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What Determines the Cat’s Survival In the Face of Hunger and Dehydration?

So How Long Can a Cat Survive Without Food or water?

The survival of your pet depends on its pre-existing conditions, age, and health.

The original question of how long can a cat survive without food or water depends on these factors:

  • Health
  • Age
  • Accessibility to water
  • Current weight

How Long Can a Cat Survive Without Food or water Final Words

To sum it up, an Healthy cat could survive between 10-14 days without food, however without water or food a healthy cat would not live longer than 3-4 days.

Your cat will likely become very sick after only 2 days of not getting any food or water.

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