How do You Befriend a Wild Rabbit

How do you befriend a wild rabbit guide?

When it comes to how do you befriend a wild rabbit, we have many rules to follow. Everyone has their strategy to taming wild rabbits.

It is a dream that comes true when you tame a wild animal and make it a pet.  How do you befriend a wild rabbit?

How do You Befriend a Wild Rabbit

We often see wild rabbits around us and want to make them our friends.  It may not be as simple as you think if you have no experience handling rabbits.

If someone asks you, how do you befriend a wild rabbit, you should have something to tell the person after reading this article.

It is not going to be an easy ride when taming a wild rabbit.  This could be illegal in some places, especially if it is cottontails.

This means that you need a special license to tame such rabbits.  You should learn how to abide by the laws guiding wild rabbits.

How do you befriend a wild rabbit?

The following steps on befriending a wild rabbit:

We have two ways you can befriend this type of rabbit. The first way is to catch them with a trap or the other is to wait for them to come to you.

Do not chase the rabbit!

You should not chase the wild rabbit. You have to be patient with these rabbits.

When you show them any threatening behavior or chase them, they would run away.

Instead of alarming them, you should lure them with food. When you do this, allow them to come to you.

We can tell you that rabbits are curious and intelligent animals.

Provide some food.

When you provide food for wild rabbits, it naturally fastens the process of bringing them close to you and helps them befriend you.

Some of the common foods you can use in bribing these rabbits are vegetables and hay. You can add sweet fruits to their food.

However, you should limit the number of fruits you add to their food to avoid them suffering from digestive distress.

Wait for the rabbit to come to you.

How do you befriend a wild rabbit? You have to wait for the rabbit to come to you without pressure.  When you feed them regularly, they can trust you.

You should start showing yourself to the rabbit until it starts coming to you. This should be a slow and patient process.

How do You Befriend a Wild Rabbit

Try to slowly touch it.

If you want to befriend a rabbit, you should try to slowly touch it when they start coming close to you.  You should be close to the rabbit for this to happen.

If it did not run from you, it is a cue for you to touch it.  If it runs away, you should be patient and keep on trying until it gains your trust.

Be patient.

Rabbits are one of the prey animals, making them careful of their environment.  It would take some time before a wild rabbit can trust you.

When a rabbit trusts you, you should think of it as an achievement.

How do you befriend a wild rabbit: challenges befriending a wild rabbit?

We have said that befriending a wild rabbit can take time. You need both time and patient.  Since these rabbits are always in danger, they hardly trust.

Here is what to know:

  • When you offer them shelter and food, it does not guarantee that they would trust you.
  • You might not be able to tame or gain the trust of a wild rabbit.
  • Every wild rabbit has a different personality. This means that some can trust you, while others would not trust you.
  • Sometimes, no matter what you try to do for these animals, taming them may never happen.
  • You should not become optimistic when it comes to wild rabbits. You might luck out and find a more trusting wild rabbit.

Wild rabbits might display aggression towards you.

  • A wild rabbit has an instinct to fight or flight. You should be careful to avoid pushing them to run from you.
  • If you lift up or hold the wild rabbit, it could trigger them to respond, scratch, or bite you. You can only try to lift a rabbit if you have its trust.
  • How do you befriend a wild rabbit when you have the opportunity?
  • Wild rabbits can become pets if you can befriend them. This process requires attention and time. You should know that they are social creatures.
  • When they trust you, they would want your affection and attention.

How do you befriend a wild rabbit when it comes to diseases?

People who have other pets at home should not try to tame a wild rabbit. The reason is wild rabbits can carry transmissible diseases.

It is a known fact that wild rabbits can carry fleas and ticks, which they can transfer to other pets.

How do You Befriend a Wild Rabbit

Wild rabbits are harder to care for.

People who have rabbits at home understand how easily scared and anxious they are. Imagine seeing double of such from wild rabbits.

Wild rabbits have a harder time trying to adjust and exhibit wild behaviors. They are scared and not trusting.

Wild rabbits are aggressive.

How do you befriend a wild rabbit? They are aggressive because of their natural environments.  They are more aggressive than the house rabbits.

You can neuter the wild rabbit to lessen its aggressive behavior.  It would control its hormones.

Wild rabbits are not as affectionate as house rabbits.

If you want an affectionate animal, go for the house rabbits. The wild rabbits have a little love tendency around humans.

They see us as threats and feel unease around us.

What Kinds of Wild Rabbits Are Good to Tame?

We do not have a particular breed of wild rabbit that can be tamed without difficulty. Most of the common rabbits seen around are cottontails in the United States.

We have different species of cottontail. This breed is almost impossible to befriend. They are very skittish. It would take your time and attention to tame.

Many cottontails would never trust a human completely, whether tamed or in the wild. In Europe, the European rabbits are the most common wild rabbits.

They are less timid and more sociable compared to cottontails. However, if you must tame this rabbit, it would take more work from you.

What to Expect When Taming a Rabbit

How do you befriend a wild rabbit? Wild rabbits are skittish and timid.  Do not expect them to come to you because they do consider humans as predators.

You can feed them, sit with them, pet them, or do anything to get close to them.  This can help them gain your trust to stay with you.

However, do not expect tamed wild rabbits to become fully domesticated.  They are not going to as comfortable as the house rabbits.

You should be prepared to have a rabbit that is easily irritated and may not be afraid of you. If you befriend a wild rabbit, there things you may not be able to do.

You may not be able to neuter or spay them, or litters train them.  They can mark their territories in different parts of your house.

How to Prepare for Taming a Rabbit

How do you befriend a wild rabbit? You should prepare to take this task.  You need everything available before you can catch this rabbit.

They do not want to live with humans. You can set up an enclosure or a cage before you catch such a rabbit. You should ensure that everywhere is secure.

Make ready plenty of leafy greens and hay in the enclosure. This would help them fit in and the environment should be comfortable for them.

How to Catch a Wild Rabbit

Do you know how to catch a wild rabbit? You need a trap that must keep the rabbit alive. You should buy the right trap on the market for this task.

However, if you trap a rabbit, it might not trust its environment or you. This means that you have extra work to do.

Trapping a wild rabbit may not be a great way to tame a rabbit. How do you befriend a wild rabbit? You can think of the humane method.

You can consider making use of food and making your presence known often. If you can achieve a level of trust in this manner, you can get them home.

Whether you tamed or trapped the rabbit, you should know that handling them could be scary to them. You have to gently handle the rabbit to avoid killing it due to shock.

How do You Befriend a Wild Rabbit

If it is a wild female rabbit, you should look out for its litter.  You should go for the male rabbits to avoid taking a female without her litter.

Where to Keep the Rabbit?

Do you have a plan for their house of the rabbit? You need a large cage or enclosure that can be at least 12 square feet.

You should keep at least a side of the cage against the wall to give it a sense of security.  You can provide a hutch that allows the rabbit to hide.

A hutch can help the wild rabbit to escape away from seeing a human or predator when threatened. The wild rabbit should have a quiet home that is comfortable.

What to Feed the Rabbit

Do you know what to feed your rabbit? If you feed these animals the wrong food, they may die or suffer from digestive issues.

The babies need milk replacement or cat formula and hay.  The adults can consume pellets or hay. However, if you have a wild rabbit you should consider a similar approach.

They need enough greens because that is what they consume in the wild. It could be in the form of dark lettuces, tops of root vegetables, or grass clippings.

To improve your relationship with your rabbit, you should offer fruits and wait for them to come slowly to you.

The sweet treats should be offered in moderation.

How to Make the Rabbit Feel Comfortable

How do you befriend a wild rabbit? You should make the wild rabbit comfortable. The space you are offering the rabbit should be comfortable and roomy.

You have to prove to the rabbit that you are not a predator.  This requires time and patience. You should make yourself appear smaller by lying down or sitting.

Do not hover over a wild rabbit when you are close to it or hold your hand over its head.  You should find creative ways to make the rabbit comfortable.

The presence of dogs or cats in the house would leave the wild rabbit in constant fear and hiding.

How to Make a Tamed Rabbit Trust You

How do you build a relationship with a rabbit? This might take some time before a rabbit can fully trust you.

You require calmness and quietness whenever you are around the animal. You should not scare the rabbits.

There should be a source of water and food for the rabbit. You should be the primary person feeding the rabbit.

The rabbit should be familiar with you without being threatened. This could help it see you as its source of survival.

How to Keep a Tamed Rabbit Healthy

How do you befriend a wild rabbit?  You should keep these animals in a clean area. They carry a number of diseases and bacteria.

They have ticks or fleas as well. You should make use of flea or bug treatment on them regularly.  Look out for pests around them.

Make sure that you clean their enclosure with the right products to get rid of diseases, bacteria, bugs, and other pests.

This practice should not stop. It must happen all through the lifetime of the rabbit.  This type of rabbit may hardly fall sick because of the immune system.

However, they could develop a buildup of contaminants and get sick with other diseases. Make sure that they have enough room to play around.

You can add toys to keep them entertained and mentally healthy. There are actions that can make these rabbits not trust you.

You should not make yourself appear menacing or big when you loom over them or try reaching out over their heads.

You can lie down or sit to allow the rabbit to come to you.  Try not to pick the animal up.

If you pick up a wild rabbit, it might cause shock or death,

The rabbit may not trust you and think of you as a predator, trying to catch it.


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