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How to Teach a Dog to Sit up and beg?

How to Teach a Dog to Sit up and beg?For both the trainer and the pet, teaching your dog some of these simple tricks is both fun and entertaining. Successful training of dogs encourages them to behave as they are told to do to spur a desired behavioral response. Every dog has a reward that it […]

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My Dog is on Keppra – A Comprehensive Guide

My Dog is on Keppra – A Comprehensive GuideFor a dog owner, a terrifying moment for any dog owner is to witness their beloved pet and companion goes through a seizure. The shortest convulsion may seem like an eternity; no pet owner would want to experience such an experience and will look for anything or […]

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Pain Medications for Dogs

Pain Medications for DogsWe love our dogs, and the last thing we want to see in them is a sign of them being in pain. There is nothing worse than seeing your dog suffering from pain. He could be injured, sick, or something that you are not able to identify is bothering him. Instinctively, you […]

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Pitbull Pregnancy Signs and Calendar

Pitbull Pregnancy Signs and CalendarDo you think your dog may be pregnant? What are the expectations once you Pitbull get pregnant? These are two important questions relating to the stages of your pet’s pregnancy, otherwise known as the gestation period. Pregnancy in dogs will last between 60 to 63 days (roughly nine weeks), though the […]

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Seizure Medications for Cats and Dogs

Seizure Medications for Cats and DogsJust like people, your favorite pets can have convulsions. Pet lover go through excruciating pain seeing their beloved pets going through seizures. Seizures in pets can be due to many reasons or conditions. This article will explain to you some of these causes of seizures, and you can do to […]

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Why Does My Dog Jump On Me? – What to Do?

Why Does My Dog Jump On Me? – What to Do?When your dog jumps on you may not be isolated but a common problem and one that owners struggle to stop. However, most pet owners get annoyed not knowing this simple behavioral problem can change. What you need to understand is the motivation and what […]

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