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Bile Acid Tests for Your Dog

Bile Acid Tests for Your DogOne way that you can use to examine a dog’s liver is the bile acid test. The other method is through static enzyme level reading. If you want to get the degree of inflammation, you use the static enzyme level reading. The bile acid test measures the functionality of the […]

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Can You Put Baby Powder On Dogs?

Can You Put Baby Powder On Dogs?Flea bites can be annoying, itchy and in extreme cases cause anemia and hair loss to your dog. Fleas are tapeworm carriers, and their bites can cause some allergic reactions to your pets. The effects of flea bites can be transmitted from animals to humans. Removing fleas from your […]

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Can a Dog and a Cat Have a Baby?

Can a Dog and a Cat Have a Baby?The war between dogs and cats may as well be over. With an increasing number of crossbreeds between a dog and a cat breaking the headlines, scientists are still not sure what name to call the new friend. The new crossbreed walks in both worlds carrying the […]

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Diazepam (Valium) Use in Dogs and Cats

Diazepam (Valium) Use in Dogs and CatsDiazepam, also known as Valium is a form of ant-covascular and muscle relaxing prescription with many hypnotic characteristics. Vets give its prescription to control seizures, bring back the loss of appetite in cats and dogs, and other disorders. During surgery, the prescription of valium is for sedating your pet […]

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How Long Can a Dog Live Without Food?

How Long Can a Dog Live Without Food?Any dog that can go for two or more days without eating and with no temptation to eat means that there is something wrong and only a veterinary officer can help by identifying the problem. Generally, depending on the breed and environment a dog can go without food […]

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How to Stop Dog From Eating Cat Food?

How to Stop Dog From Eating Cat Food?Pet lovers and owners who share the same space with their dogs and cats, the chances are that you will have a dog eating cat food. Dogs love cat food because they think it smells better due to high protein and fat content. Allowing a dog to keep eating […]

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