Easiest Small Dogs to Train

Dogs are great family friends. Doing research on which small dog to buy, which is probably why you are here, is a great idea. One of the questions most people want to get an answer for is how easy it is to train a specific small dog, which will be tackled in this article. Note that some small dogs are easy to train than others, and this depends on several factors like age and breed. Below are some of the easiest small dogs to train.


1. Papillion

The Papillion has a calm demeanor that can fool you. However, she is highly talented in agility competitions and performance, making them one of the easiest small dogs to train. Papillion learns tricks very quickly, and perhaps that is why they were traditionally used to kill rats. The American Kennel Club describes Papillion as trainable and thrives best in outdoor environments where they can play, jump, and run. Moreover, these dogs are also used as therapy alert dogs.

2. Toy Poodle

Toy poodles, also known as miniature, are believed to score very high in terms of intelligence. They can learn pretty anything very fast. Initially, these fury toys were used in hunting. However, the poodles were mostly used to perform tricks by the gypsies because of their ability to learn fast.

3. Rat Terrier

In the early 20th Century, the rat terrier was used in farms because they can hunt underground and above. Currently, these beautiful small dogs are great family companions, and they score high in obedience and agility tests. According to American Kennel Club, the dog is very energetic and has a compact body that she is very aware of, is loyal, and can learn to obey commands with ease. Amid strangers, the rat terriers are very reserved, which means socializing with them at an early age is critical.

4. Fox Terriers

In terms of intelligence, the fox terriers score very high. Herbert Hoover, US former president, had one which became the first pooch to sit as an executive. The dogs were traditionally used in eliminating pests such as foxes and rats from farms because of their natural resolve and motivation. Today, the fox terriers still exhibit those characteristics, which makes them the best trainees for agility contests. The AKC describes this dog as ideal for homes with children because she is nonaggressive and sturdy. However, the dog tends to dig, and so you will have to tame her. Their eyesight is sharp and is very sensitive to smell, making them excellent watchdogs too.

5. Chihuahua

Besides being one of the smallest dogs around, Chihuahuas are very smart. Their smartness has granted these cute pooches a welcome to television shows and commercials. Their palm size makes them ideal family pets.

6. Boston Terrier

A smart dog whose ancestor Sergeant Stubby served for one and half years in the First World War, caught a spy who was a German national and witnessed seventeen battles. That alone shows that these pups are brilliant. They are also intelligent and gentle.

7. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

If the royals choose a particular dog breed, then it’s a smart one. Queen Elizabeth cherished this dog. Even Elizabeth II keeps several because of their high intelligence, loyalty, and affectionate character. The AKC terms the corgi as a great competitor in herding and obedience tests. Wales is where they originated from, and for centuries, the corgis have been used as farm dogs. Today, many farmers and ranch owners still use them. When using positive training techniques, these dogs respond well because they are very affectionate. Belly rubbing and praises are some of the best ways of training them.

8. Pomeranian

These dogs are smarter than our thoughts, although they appear like stuffed creatures. In therapy, obedience, agility, fly ball, and tracking contests, they can win trophies. Therefore, training them not to jump on your furnishings shouldn’t be hard.

9. Parson Russell Terrier

Also referred to as Jack Russell’s, these pups are famous in the US thanks to their obedience, agility, energy and screen-ready looks. Understand that these pups require a lot of attention and exercise; otherwise, as lovely as they are, they can turn your home into a mess trying to entertain themselves in flower beds and furniture. According to the American Kennel Club, the parsons are confident workers who have incredible endurance and strength.

10. Italian Greyhound

Muscular and sleek speed gadgets are the perfect definition of greyhounds. However, the Italian type is smaller than their cousin Greyhound, and as a result, they are easy to train. They also have a calm personality and are loyal. They are swift and can run up to forty kilometers per hour. They also are ideal if you live in an apartment provided you ensure they exercise regularly. According to the Italian Greyhound of America, these dogs are not good with house training. However, with a regular timetable and consistency, they can even learn to use a box.

11. Silky Terrier

The dog is self-assured, spirited, intelligent, and friendly. Originally they were used in hunting, and as a result, they enjoy running after small animals. When involved in a fight, they do not back down easily. Besides being small in size, they are excellent watchdogs because they are quick to alarm and sound.

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12. Tibetan Spaniel

Small, highly alert, and active spaniels come from mountainous Tibet, where they worked as watchdogs and family companions. They are famous for their desire to ensure their family is secure, easy-care coat, and intelligence.


The number of small dogs that are easily trainable is exceedingly high, and to discover more, you can research further. This article gives you some of them. If you choose to buy one of these small breeds, it is essential you consider age because older dogs may be hard to teach new things because of what they have been accustomed to while younger dogs may take a lot of time to learn. Some dog breeds are also easier to train than others.

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