4 Best Dog Tear Stain Removers For A Super-Clean Coat

Best Dog Tear Stain Removers For A Clean Coat

The dog’s eyes are watery: What to do, How to treat and possible causes, What dog tear stain removers are allowed?

Tears are a natural defensive reaction to various stimuli, and therefore, dogs, like humans, often have watery eyes, because this is the only way to moisturize their surface and get rid of any negative external factors.

However, excessive watery eyes can be a common sign of medical problems, and if you don’t know why your dog’s eyes are watery, in this article we will look at the most common causes of this symptom and how to fix the problem.

Dog Tear Stain Removers

However, to begin with, it is worth noting that there are two main types of discharge from the eyes of an animal – mucous and purulent.

To define a disease, it is important to distinguish between them.

Purulent discharge has a thicker consistency and a rather saturated greenish or yellowish tint.

Oxidized tears, in turn, are slightly brown or slightly reddish in color. Sometimes a dog’s eyes watery and fester at the same time, and we will also tell you what to do in this case.

Best Dog Tear Stain Removers For A Super-Clean Coat

The main causes of excessive tearing from the eyes of a dog.

There is a whole list of possible reasons why a dog’s eyes are flowing, what to do in each specific case directly depends on the source of the problem, which should be determined as soon as possible so as not to cause unnecessary discomfort to the animal.

Increased lacrimation can occur due to:

  • Injuries. A branch, a piece of glass, a small stone, or any other object that gets into the eye can damage the cornea and provoke increased tears.
    Usually, in such situations, the dog has only one red eye, which is watery, squints and may even fester.
  • Irritation. Exposure to corrosive volatile household chemicals, deodorants, and the like may cause irritation
  • Allergies. Often due to allergic reactions to food, dust, pollen of plants and other components, the dog’s eyes are very watery, which in this case can only be cured by an experienced specialist, since in order to eliminate the problem, you must first carry out appropriate tests and identify a specific allergen.
  • Anatomical features. Some dog breeds, such as Pomeranian, Toy Terriers, Poodles, Schnauzers, Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terriers, often suffer from profuse lacrimation, as their eyelashes and fur often grow incorrectly in the eye area, causing constant discomfort and irritation.
  • Diet change. The correct diet is the key to the health of any animal and rash changes can lead to even such consequences as increased production of tears.

How to get rid of dog tears?

First of all, it is worth showing your pet to the veterinarian. The specialist will determine the true nature of the problem and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Best Dog Tear Stain Removers For A Super-Clean Coat

However, during therapy, the lacrimal pathways must be removed. A humid environment is a favorable place for the formation of pathogenic bacteria, which can easily cause the development of more serious ailments.

How to remove tears pathways in dogs?

Today, in any pet store or veterinary pharmacy, it is quite easy to find a variety of remedies for lacrimal pathways in dogs.

These include various lotions, and cleansers, and wet tampons, and even concealing powder.

The veterinarian will help you make the choice – he will recommend the most suitable product specifically for your pet, taking into account its type of coat.

What it is definitely not recommended to do is to traditional medicine to remove the lacrimal pathways.

You can often find advice such as rubbing the traces with lemon juice or boric alcohol. Such methods can seriously injure the animal if the substance gets on the mucous membrane.

 BEST Dog Tear Strain Removers



An emollient cleanser and eye rinse made from aloe, a natural eye cleanser for dogs and cats.


• Sterile solution
• Relieves irritation
• Cools and soothes
• Safe for puppies and kittens

Aloe eye wash solution relieves irritation.
It washes away impurities from the eyes, eliminates burning and itching, relieves inflammation, reduces tearing.

It is a sterile solution that cools and soothes sensitive eyes and prevents further irritation.


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Carefully, without irritating, cleans the coat from tear stains and saliva. Restores the shine of the coat.


  • Remove tear and saliva stains
  • Mild hypoallergenic formula
  • For hygiene of the sensitive area around the eyes
  • Helps to prevent staining of the coat from tears and saliva.


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Balm for cleaning the eyes of dogs, cats and other pets.

Cleans the eyes and hair around them, prevents irritation from dust and dirt, stimulates the self-cleaning mechanism, and prevents the appearance of dark tear spots under the eyes.
Contains a pipette for easy handling.


  • for dogs, cats and other small animals
  • gentle care and cleaning
  • gently removes dust, dirt and dirt



Facial Cleanser is a mild, concentrated, lightly foaming agent for removing blemishes around the eyes. Provides light exfoliation and soothes.

The refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberries effectively removes dirt and tear stains without irritating the eyes.

Great for all skin types and animals of all ages.


  • Without tears
  • Oatmeal / Blueberry
  • Removing stains
  • Enriched with oatmeal
  • No soap
  • Soft Blueberry
  • Removes under-eye spots in folds and beards
  • A gentle scrub for the skin of the animal’s muzzle

With constant use, the Spa Scrub will help solve the problem of contamination of the fur on the animal’s face and eliminate smudges around the eyes. Eliminates up to 85% of stubborn dirt.

Prevention of the formation of lacrimal paths

Sometimes lacrimal pathways can be prevented. To do this, you just need to follow a number of simple recommendations:

Best Dog Tear Stain Removers For A Super-Clean Coat

  • Periodically inspect your pet’s eyes for redness, inflammation, swelling;
  • Regularly clean them from accumulated dirt and dust using special napkins. You can use gauze. Experts do not recommend replacing it with cotton wool, as it can leave villi;
  • Moisturizing ophthalmic solutions are suitable for washing – in extreme cases, you can use a decoction of chamomile. A weak tea is sometimes also recommended, but it is not suitable for white dogs and animals with light coats, as it can leave dark marks;
  • Do not let the shampoo or conditioner get into your dog’s eyes, always rinse the hair on your pet’s head gently. If cosmetic product gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with water

Dog Tear Stain Removers Final Words

Remember that it is impossible to make a diagnosis on your own and to engage in treatment, since any disease requires the intervention of a specialist, a thorough examination, an accurate diagnosis and the appointment of appropriate treatment.

And the sooner it is started, the more chances to keep the dog not only eyesight, but also health.


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