Do Dogs Know When They Fart?

Is it your first time to smell your dog farts, and you wonder if these creatures somehow behave like human beings? Farting is caused by a gaseous build up in both the large and small intestine, which is normal. When a dog eats foods and swallows air or eats very fast, gases build up in their intestines, and as a result, they fart.

Usually, if you are in a room with several people and the dog, in case there is any lousy smell, the dog will carry the blame. But the dog on their side remains calm, not knowing you are offended and goes on dozing. To them, nothing has taken place. The dog could be the culprit, or it could be a human being who is using the dog as a scapegoat. That aside, is it possible that dogs don’t know when they fart?

As deep as this question is, it does not appear so. Dogs have very sensitive snouts, and for that reason, they smell farts even if it’s coming from a human being. The difference with humans comes in when it comes to self-awareness. Do they realize they are the ones farting or not?

Do Dogs Know When They Fart

Do Dogs Smell Farts and How?

Because they are highly sensitive to smell, dogs can even walk away from repulsive gaseous emissions. This is an indication that they can smell bad odors. Have you ever seen a dog sniffing the air? Were its nostrils flared? Did the dog do that while walking away? A dog does that when it smells its fart.

Dogs have an organ called vomeronasal, which contains chemoreceptors that are sensitive to odor. The vomeronasal organ gets the smell particles when the dog flehmens and helps the dog to identify whether the smell is fresh or not and its origin. If the flatulence is strong (which may be caused by the kind of diet the dog takes e.g., a lot of soy and cereals, it can either take off by running while others will slowly walk away. If the dog takes off as if someone chases it, this brings the question on whether they realize they are the ones farting or not.

When a dog turns their head backward, sniffs profoundly, raise the upper lip, or continues sleeping, it’s a sign that it smells farting. These signs may be present and may not. In case you are want to find out whether your dog smells fart, watch out for any of these signs.

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History of Dogs Knowing When They Fart.

The reason dogs can stay with humans peacefully is that they adapt quickly. Naturally, they are protective because of their great smell; they can track down intruders and pinpoint prey very fast.

Compared to humans’ sense of smell, that of dogs is a million times. Because of that, it is right to say that for years dog smells their fart. However, some dog breeds are more sensitive to smell than others. The importance of this is a wonder for human beings. But because of living with human beings and their tobacco smoke, air fresheners, and perfumes, their least concern should be a smelly fart.

Science of Dogs Knowing When They Fart

You can tell when a dog smells their fart by observing the language of their body. In case you see the dog sniffing the air and quietly withdrawing as long as it is not you or your friend who is farting, you can tell that it smells fart.

But you may be wondering if the dog knows the fart is its own or something that came into the air from elsewhere. Do dogs have a self-perception? According to most behavioral scientists, dogs do not know a fart is their own. The conclusion came about after carrying out several experiments to understand whether animals generally are self-conscious.

For example, if you put a mirror in front of a dog, it acts as if the reflection is another dog and not themselves. They may start barking at the reflection and do not exhibit self-examination acts like human beings when in front of a mirror. In summary, most dogs do not realize their reflection.

Further, when you paint a colored spot in the forehead of animals, dolphins and primates try to rub or touch their heads to confirm they see something. This indicates that some animals, to some extent, are aware of themselves.

If it were a dog with the red mark, it would act as if there is nothing on its forehead. That is why behavioral scientists summarize that dogs are not self-aware. Therefore, it would be right to state that even though dogs can smell their fart, they do not realize it has come from them.

Do Dogs Know When They Fart

Training a Dog to Know When it Farts

It is possible to train a dog to smell their fart on purpose to ensure they know when they fart. Training involves making the dog look up abruptly, stand, and slowly move away as if they are running from a bad odor. If you include several human theatrics like pinching the dog nose or fanning the air, it will seem the dog released some fart and is running away from the smell.

To get this effect, you need to apply reward-based training techniques. The first step is to ensure the dog looks up straight. To achieve this, you can make a frightening noise suddenly. Immediately the dog looks up, respond by saying ‘yes’ excitingly, and then calm the dog. Repeat the process several times until the dog gets used to it. Then add ‘fart’ as a signal. Redo the process again, including the ‘fart’ signal when the dog suddenly looks up. Once the dog gets used to looking up suddenly and the word ‘fart,’ you will have succeeded in training.

The only remaining part is to train the dog to walk away. Repeat the previous steps, and when the dog is up, make it walk several steps by holding a treat. Once the dog does that, say yes and allow it to have the gift.

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