Do Australian Shepherds Stink?

Known for their playful ways and good looks, Australian shepherds, commonly known as Aussie, are increasingly popular. They aren’t for everyone despite their many wonderful qualities. These remarkable pets require families that can keep up with high energy levels.

Despite the Aussie having a moderate coat that tangle easily, they still need regular brushing regularly with particular attention to the ears and the britches. As a general rule, the Aussie is a clean dog with dirty debris or any mud falling out as the coat dries. They will require baths when they begin to stink.

Do Australian Shepherds Stink?

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Reasons why Australian shepherd stinks and what you can do

As a responsible Australian shepherd owner, ensure you bath your dog routinely. Keep up on tick and flea medication, fell them a healthy, well-rounded diet. There a plenty of reasons why your dog may be smelly despite keeping regular hygiene. Here are few things you should look for if you may find your pup stinking even after washing it.

Ear Infections

Your Aussie can be prone to ear infections despite routine cleaning. These ear infections can lead to stinking bacteria build up. The infections are unpleasant to your nose, but they can cause pain to your dog and cause hearing issues if left untreated.

To do away with ear infections, ensure you clean your dog’s ears regularly. Be sure to do it carefully to avoid going too deep, which can accidentally injure your dog’s ears. Use dog ear rinse when cleaning and use a wet cotton ball to wipe the ear’s outer parts. If your dog already has ear infections, you should take it to a professional veterinary to begin treatment.

Skin problems

If you don’t clean your dog’s skins regularly,it may lead to skin dermatitis, which is smelly. To avoid this, use baby wipes or skin fold cloths to regularly clean the dog’s skin to avoid infections and odorous smells.

Anal Sacs

Anal sacs are found on each side of the dog anus. They are also called anal glands. These glands usually fill up with a smelling substance, which is sometimes released when the dog poops. Sometimes, the glands can become infected or impacted, causing the smelly substance to leak hence putting the dog in extreme discomfort.

Visit the vet as soon as you notice these symptoms to have the glands expressed manually. Like the ear infections, the infected anal sacs are familiar with allergic dogs. Ensure you keeps as many allergens out of your dog to avoid anal glands irritation.

Do Australian Shepherds Stink?

Dirty beds

After having allergens at bay and your dog still stinks, maybe the beddings are the culprit. A clean dog who sleeps and rolls in an odorous bed will become smelly. After being cleaned, the dog may even roll on a dirty bed surface to gain back their signature doggy smell. To avoid your dog being smelly after cleaning it, ensure that you wash your dog’s beddings and wash the dog on the same day.

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Intestinal problems can lead to doggy fart so powerful it can clear a whole room. Sometimes, that stink gas can stick with the offender long after the gas has been released. If your dog has been having to release stink fart off late, be sure to talk to a vet about the medical treatment or the possible dietary changes to relieve those symptoms.

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