Choking Hazards for Dogs

Choking Hazards for Dogs

 What are Choking Symptoms ?

If your dog is choking, he will touch his mouth with his paws, gag, cough, and may even vomit.

Your pet may start running around the room, looking scared, drooling and trying to catch its breath.

This usually happens when the dog is eating or drinking, playing or chewing something.

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Choking and a fit of coughing sounds similar, but if the pet is actually gasping for breath, it will not be able to breathe and will only draw air for coughing.

First Aid of Choking Hazards


In this case, you must immediately take the following steps to rescue the animal.

First, look your dog in the mouth to see if something is stuck in its airway.

If this is the case and the blocking object can be removed, try to do it immediately, if not, then take the pet to the veterinary hospital as soon as possible.

Most often, choking occurs in dogs for the following reasons:

  • Bones Golf or tennis balls
  • Children’s plastic toys
  • Sticks
  • Throat swelling
  • Tracheal constriction
  • Swelling of the throat

Choking Hazards for Dogs – The Basics

Choking is a deadly condition that requires immediate action. Your goal is to remove the object that obstructs breathing.

To improve visibility, ask an assistant to shine a flashlight into the animal’s mouth and carefully examine the mucous membranes, paying attention to any foreign objects in the throat, for example, bones or pieces of sticks.

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If you notice a foreign object, try to get it with tweezers or fingers. Be extremely careful not to push it deeper. Dry food entering the windpipe is another common cause of death in dogs.

Choking Hazards for Dogs

If your dog chokes on dry granules, lift it up by its hind legs and shake it sharply so that the foreign objects fly out on its own.

After removing the stuck object, make sure that the condition of the pet returns to normal. To do this, it is advisable to check the pulse and breathing of the animal.

In no case do not try to push the bone (or other object) further into the esophagus – this can damage the mucous membrane of the organ and lead to disability and even death of the pet.

If the pet loses consciousness, you should use the Heimlich technique and restore the animal’s breathing.

Even if you managed to get rid of a foreign object, it is a good idea to show your pet to a veterinarian so that he can check the dog for possible complications or injuries.

It is worth carrying out all independent resuscitation measures only if the animal is suffocating and you do not have time to get to the nearest clinic.

If the dog can breathe, even if it is difficult, try to get the animal to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

To remove the object, most likely, you will need surgery and subsequent rehabilitation.

Dogs of Choking Hazards


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Dogs should not be given any bones because pieces of them can get stuck in the throat, damage soft tissue with sharp edges, and fall into the windpipe, obstructing breathing.


Do not let your pet play with balls that it can swallow. In addition, balls with an air hole create a suction hazard and can also cause choking.

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The only balls that are suitable for dogs are those made specifically for animals. They are sold in major veterinary stores and clinics and are matched to the size of your pet’s mouth.


Although they are safe for children, toys are dangerous for pets. They are especially harmful for animals that like to chew, which, in principle, is typical for most dogs.

No matter how good and durable the toy may seem to you, the dog can easily chew on it, therefore, when choosing play items for your pet, give preference to special toys for dogs.

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Sticks can also be a problem, especially when the dog is left unattended on the street for a long time.

While sticks seem to be safe enough, they can also lead to suffocation by getting swollen chips stuck in the throat or esophagus of the animal…


Many factors such as injury, ingestion of caustic matter and allergies can cause throat swelling.

If your dog has an allergic reaction, its throat is swollen and breathing becomes difficult, take it to the veterinarian immediately, because these symptoms indicate possible anaphylactic shock, the consequences of which are choking and death.

Choking Hazards for Dogs


This problem is common in small brachycephalic breeds with small snouts such as Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Pug and Chihuahua.

This pathology is very dangerous and can lead to death if not cured on time.

Symptoms of this anomaly are wheezing, trouble breathing, fainting, and a bluish skin tone. If you notice these signs of illness in your dog, do not hesitate to show it to your veterinarian.


Neoplasia, an abnormal overgrowth of cells and tissues that occurs in the throat, tonsils, or esophagus, can cause the dog to choke, gag and be unable to swallow food

Preventing Choking Hazards

To prevent choking, always keep an eye on any small toys, balls, or other objects that could obstruct breathing in your house where the dog is allowed to play.

When outside, check your surroundings for sticks, stones and other threats and get rid of them. Give your dog safer cheese-making treats instead of bones.

If your pet is a brachycephalic dog, always look for symptoms such as a goose-like cough, drooling, and decreased stamina.

It is also important to pay attention to how your dog eats and drinks, especially if he gags a lot.

If any of these signs show up in your pet, you should take him to the vet with suspected tracheal problems.

The cost of saving Dog from Choking Hazards

 As with any problem, the cost of treatment will depend on the underlying cause.

In any case, you should be prepared to pay for many examinations such as X-rays, computed tomography and ultrasound scans.

Choking Hazards for Dogs Conclusion

In conclusion, The best solution to the problem is to prevent it. The owner must adhere to simple rules that will be a good prevention of that.

You need to start with the nutrition of a four-legged friend. For example, do not take too long breaks between meals – then the dog will not pounce on it and swallow in large chunks.

Choking Hazards for Dogs – Other recommendations:

For hasty individuals, fill dry food with liquid (warm water, broth) or cut large pieces of natural products into small ones.

Choking Hazards for Dogs

Do not allow sharp bones or rotten branches to gnaw.

Unaccustomed to eating food picked up on the street.

Choking Hazards for Dogs Final Words

Match toys to the size of your pet. You should not give a large individual small things that have buttons or other objects.

Remove your shoes and other personal items from the naughty’s access zone so that he cannot tear them apart.

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