Cat Throwing up Foam and Clear Liquid- What to Do

Vomiting is kind of normal activity for cats it may not worry you much how many times the cat has vomited.

However, you should show concern about the type of vomit.

When cats start vomiting clear liquid, it could be a sign of different medical issues.

The fun of keeping a cat as a pet help us see life through different lenses, but that does not mean we ignore the subtle behaviors our cats sending as signals.

If you study the behavior of your cat, it is easy to it is suffering an injury or has been taken ill. For example, when a cat passes a white foamy or clear liquid as vomit, what would you want to know?

Cats are natural survivors because of their wild nature; they are likely not going to show you any symptoms.

Hiding symptoms may be a defense mechanism when they are in the wilderness; little do they know that veterinarian experts are still trying to study why cats give subtle hints.

Cat Throwing up Foam and Clear Liquid

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Why Throw up Clear Liquid?

The reasons are numerous making it even more challenging to find the exact cause without the help of an animal specialist.

The known reasons range from hardballs, indigestion, overfeeding, hunger, cancer, and thyroid related problems.

If the vomit contains undigested food pellets, you can tell that is not the kind of vomit to look for.

When the vomiting becomes persistent be observant, pay attention, and note the timing of the vomiting, its frequency, the current cat’s behavior compared to other regular cat moments etc. let’s briefly describe how the vomit looks like before we get into the details cause and what to do.

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Cat Vomit Appearance

Clear cat vomit is as clear as the name suggests, it may come out as a clear liquid or as a white foam. You do not expect to see any solid food particle in this type of vomit.

The clear liquids always come from the cat’s digestive tract, which in many cases are stomach juices. Some of the common reasons why a cat would emit the foam or clear liquid include:


The presence of hairballs in the cat is an indication that the cat wants to get the hairball out of the stomach. Before the hairball comes out, a gastric liquid will precede its removal.

The best way to avoid this from occurring in the future is to groom your cat by removing excess fur as you increase its fiber intake. If the problem persists with no hairball coming out, kindly visit the nearest veterinary clinic.


When a cat foams through its mouth due to the following reasons:

  • Eating too quickly or too much, to resolve this, introduce the cat to a slow feeder that will keep him from eating too fast and try and space his meals to avoid giving so much at once.
  • Change of diet can also lead to an upset. Introduce gradual changes when adding or removing something to the cat’s diet
  • When the cat is hungry, too much acid in the stomach may rise and come through the mouth. Lack of food in the stomach irritates because of the excess acid and thus causing vomiting
  • Gastroenteritis and irritable bowel syndrome are some of the severe stomach conditions that may also produce white foamy liquid.
    Your veterinarian may offer the best prescriptions to cure these two stomach-related illnesses. There are specific diets that the vet can suggest to manage the effects gastroenteritis and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Nauseas or loss of appetite due to cancer, diabetes, and kidney diseases can also force the cat to vomit foam or clear liquid.

Poison or Foreign Elements

When your cat ingests toxins, or things are not edible may force a clear liquid through the mouth.

Handling such cased demand that you know what your cat has eaten if you know its severity take the cat to a veterinarian for further assistance.

An antidote may be prescribed if you know the kind of poison the cat took ate.

If the poison has no known or does not have an immediate antidote, the vet may get the cat to vomit or use a pump to clear his stomach and later give him activated charcoal put him on IV fluids.

Objects that may require surgical removal can also lead to foaming and vomiting as the animal tries to breathe.

Your veterinarian may perform some X-rays to get an exact diagnosis by locating where the object and give you treatment options.


Clear vomit and foamy liquid can also indicate hyperthyroidism, which tends to affect older cats but may be present in younger cats.

Alongside the vomiting, there may be symptoms such as weight loss accompanied by loss of hair, hyperactivity, and diarrhea. Your cat may receive radioactive iodine therapy, antithyroid pills, or surgery.

When is the Right Time to Call a Veterinarian?

When your cat vomits and according to nothing seems out of the ordinary, the chances are that there is nothing to worry about. Be vigilant and observe any other strange behavior afterwards.

If not study the following symptoms and know when to rush your pet to the clinic

  • Within the day the cat vomits several times
  • Blood spots are visible on vomits. Fresh blood is red in color while digested blood looks like coffee grinds
  • Look for any other objects such as worms in the vomit
  • Observe if the cat is depressed or is acting out of the ordinary
  • If you are certain that, the cat was near a poisonous source rush to the vet’s clinic
  • Watch out for persistent diarrhea, and sudden weight loss, dehydration, and constipation

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Cat Throwing up Foam and Clear Liquid Conclusion

Worrying about the health of your pets is a normal human activity; you have to give your cat all the care possible by making sure you know all of its whereabouts.

When your pet throws up, it signals something serious if not the usual stomach upsets.

Like our children, cats do not come with their user manual; we hope that these tips will offer some level of comfort because you already know why your cat is throwing up foam and clear liquid.

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  1. Hi there! I have a precious 3 month old kitten, and as of yesterday Feb 25, until today he’s hardly eating. He ate more yesterday. He’s sleeping alot, not playful anymore, he drinks but not his usual amount. He even looks sad. He vomited clear liquid twice , but I also noted green vomit yesterday. All of these activities occured after he spent sometime playing outside of the house with his mother. I already lost his sister today whom was in a worst condition than him. But unfortunately the vet wasn’t open due to it being a national holiday in my country. What is your advice? Thank you!

  2. I bathed my cat with dawn dish soap yesterday and had to scrub around her mouth for acne. ..soap got into her mouth…not sure how much she swallowed. She has been throwing up this foam which I thought it was soap. She has been throwing it up. Should it have stopped by now? It’s been 12 hours since her shower

  3. It makes sense to talk to a specialist if you really want to learn what the issue with your cat is because they have the proper training. My brother just adopted a cat that is having some health issues and is throwing up. I’ll try to share your article with him so that he can find a vet nearby that can help.


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