Can Havanese Be Aggressive?

Havanese dogs resemble an adorable miniature old English sheepdog. But since they are small in size, they are better suited for smaller homes than their larger resemblances. Due to their long life spans, you can, therefore, be sure to make a lot of good memories if you purchase one of these dogs.

Havanese dogs are sweets cheerful dogs who make their owners happy and when they get along well with kids and other dog breeds. Although, Havanese dogs are considered to be quiet dogs, they a well-known to bark when guest approach their homes.

Besides, they are also good attention-seekers since they enjoy performing tricks to their owners.

Can Havanese Be Aggressive

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Training Havanese dogs

Havanese dogs are not typically aggressive, but sometimes they can be very naughty. If they are not correctly trained in their early life, they will try to get away with everything they can, such as chewing up items around the house or nipping at people’s hands.

These dogs usually require a lot of companionships to be happy. Without it, the dogs can experience separation anxiety and therefore may become destructive. They are also known to be susceptible dogs since they do their best with the positive reinforcement training methods.

Another critical component of training Havanese dogs is socialization. Getting these dogs to interact with the other dog breeds and the people in their early life will ensure a well-behaved companion that gets along well with others.

Is Havanese aggressive?

The simple and a straight forward answer to this question is “NO”. This dog breed has a unique breed of history and development. Not only does the Havanese breed developed to keep company with royalty, but this breed continues to be the national pooch of Cuba up to present. Suffice to say that these dogs would not have attained this level of human adoration if they were aggressive.

Do Havanese dogs get aggressive?

Typically, any dog breed can potentially become aggressive in the face of the right type of provocation. When a dog feels afraid, attacked, threatened, insecure, injured, starved or otherwise compromised, it may exhibit some form of aggression that would never appear otherwise. Below are the most common causes of aggression in Havanese dogs.

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Loneliness and boredom

Just like any other breed, Havanese that is left alone for a long time at a stretch is likely to get bored. Boredom in dogs has a predictable result such as destruction of home furnishings, barking, inappropriate elimination, and sometimes aggression.

When Havanese dog is left alone consistently, it will become very lonely. Havanese does not do well on their own. Over time, your dog could potentially become aggressive Havanese.

Injury or illness

Injury can change your dog’s behaviour, especially if there is medication involved. Your pooch doesn’t understand the physical or mental changes that usually occur with certain medications, including the anesthesia for surgical procedure.

Anxiety and fear

Fearfulness anxiety and insecurity can bring out the worst in humans leave alone dogs. This means if someone is consistently sad, angry, depressed, anxious, stressed or upset the Havanese dog may start to act out these emotions and aggression can be one potential result. The more one can do to resolve his difficulties and challenges, the less likely his pooch’s empathy and attunement to the owner are to turn aggressive.

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Inadequate training

Just like any other dog breed, Havanese dogs usually receive initial training during the weaning stage. When the Havanese dog is removed from the litter too soon, it will miss out some of the early relevant socialization training.

Consequently, this will increase your burden to train your Havanese to display well-socialized behaviors. Because Havanese dogs are brilliant and extremely people-oriented, only positive reward-based training method should be used.

Can Havanese Be Aggressive

Abuse and neglect

When fear already exists, your dog’s personality is unlikely to alleviate the anxiety. This is common when they fear the memory of past trauma involving dogs. Some people who are afraid of dogs may perpetuate abuse or neglect, which in turn sets up a vicious cycle even after the pooch is rescued from the terrible situation.

The above discussion was to find the answer to the question, are Havanese dogs aggressive? The ultimate solution to this question is “NO”. However, now you understand to take a circumstance that can lead to aggression in avenues dogs.

With better training, careful supervision and good thoughts for getting lots of love, you can ensure that your small four-legged friend never feels to display aggression.

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