Can Dogs Have Tater Tots?

When you eat a delicious sweet-smelling meal, and your pup looks at you begging for some, you know how hard it is to deny them. But, most of the foods we eat aren’t suitable for dogs even though small pieces may not hurt the pup if they are given occasionally. So, if you want to know if dogs can have tater tots, hang on.

Tater tots are snacks prepared using grated potato. In case you have ever fed your pooch with some tater tots and didn’t see any weird reaction, you probably think it is okay. However, that is not true. It could have been terrible; it just didn’t. Tater tots should not be given to dogs because of their high-calorie content owing to how they are prepared, salt, preservatives, and bad fats.

What Makes Tater Tots Bad for Dogs

The ingredients

Usually, tater tots are made using riced or grated potatoes, seasonings, salt, and most of the time, they are bound using oil and eggs. As earlier stated, a few pieces won’t affect your pup much if given once in a while. However, if you are preparing tater tots at home, ensure raw pieces do not drop on the floor as they can be very dangerous for the dog if taken in large quantities. The solanine in them can make your dog very ill, and this will force you to go to the hospital.

In simple terms, unless the dog eats a lot of raw potato in tater tots, it won’t be an issue if eaten in isolation. But, remember tater tots contain onions, and these are toxic to dogs. Sodium poisoning is also possible because of high salt content, and most frozen tater tots are highly seasoned.

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Cooking Method

The way tater tots are prepared also makes then unhealthy for your pup. Most tater tots are fried in vegetable oil, which contains saturated fats and Trans fats, all of which are harmful to your dog’s health. If the tater tots are baked in an oven, they’re healthier, but that does not imply your pup can have a lot of them.

Carbs and Calories

Tater tots contain high amounts of carbohydrates. Although dogs also need carbs for energy, excess carbohydrates are bad because they can cause obesity and diabetes. Dog food contains enough calories for the energy they need, so it is unnecessary to give them tater tots as a source of carbohydrates. Be aware of the calorie content too. Mainly frozen tater tots are notoriously rich in preservatives, fats, and salt. You should keep off these tater tots even if you want to treat your pup.


A few pieces of home-baked tater tots can be fed to your dog for treats occasionally. However, frozen and deep-fried tater tots should be avoided by all means. Even as dog treats, they shouldn’t be fed to your pup; otherwise, you may need to call a vet. Remember that the typical dog food contains enough carbs for your dog’s need and so you don’t have to feed them on tater tots.

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