Can Dogs Eat Tomato Sauce

Dogs can eat a large variety of foods. However, not every snack that your four-legged friends want to eat; it’s actually healthy for them. Most dog owners usually prefer on the meals they feed their dogs and for good reason tomatoes may not be harmful to the dogs but it’s not advised that you feed your dog tomato sauce.

The reason behind this is that tomato sauce generally is prepared using a long list of other ingredients including onions and garlic. While these ingredients are delicious to human beings, they can be poisonous to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes are great for your dog, right?

The answer is yes. And no. Let’s break down the components of tomato. Green tomatoes can be hazardous to your dog. The green parts of tomato are concentrated with tomatine. Tomatine is a chemical compound found in green tomatoes that is dangerous, especially for dogs. A dog can suffer from muscle weakness, tremors, coordination loss, seizures and gastrointestinal effects.

The leaves and stem of a tomato plant contain another dangerous compound known as solanine which when consumed in excessive amounts it can be hazardous to your dog.

On the other hand, ripe tomatoes a delicious snack for your dog. They have negligible amounts of toxin, which may have no effects on your pet. However, many researchers suggest that you should give tomatoes to your dog in moderation.

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What about tomato sauce? Is it terrible for your dog?

As discussed above, tomato is not bad for your dog in moderation. But what about tomato sauce? Can your pooch consume tomato sauce without complications? Let us find out… 

Tomato sauce ingredients include;


Due to garlic effects on dogs, it is believed to be five times more hazardous to your dog than chives and onions. Generally, pooches are most sensitive to garlic. However, some dog breeds are more susceptible to garlic, especially Japanese breeds like Akita and Shiba.

While garlic is associated with gastrointestinal upset, your dog stands the risk of suffering from anemia due to damage in red blood cells. Also, there is a chance that your pooch will suffer from kidney problems. However, researches agreed that small quantities of garlic could be beneficial to your dog. When mixed with tomato sauce in small amounts, they may not have health effects to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Tomato Sauce


As a responsible pooch owner, you should keep you are dog away from onions. Unlike other fruits such as berries which can be harmful to the dog even in small contents due to their highly toxic substances, onions are dangerous too but when consumed in large quantities.


Chives, onions and garlic belong to the same family. Just like its siblings, chives are dangerous to dogs. Usually, chives are absorbed into the body of your dog through gastrointestinal tubules. Here they start to break down into highly reactive oxidants. These organosulfides generally dissolve into the bloodstream whether chives are raw or cooked. The organosulfides a poisonous chemical compound that serves as protection for chives plants against insects and their pets.

Okay, as discussed above, tomato sauce is considered dangerous to your dog because of its ingredients. When served plain, it might not have the same effects as when served with ingredients. Therefore, as a responsible dog owner, it is best to avoid commercial tomato sauces no matter how your dog may seem comfortable when consuming them. You should purchase plain tomato sauce that is strictly made from tomatoes. It would be safe for your pup to consume.

Still, you can opt to make a homemade tomato sauce, and you know all the ingredients used. Therefore, don’t make a mistake of including garlic, onions and they still it should be safe if you give your pooch small amounts of tomato sauce. Always remember that dogs prone to seizures appear to be sensitive to Rosemary, which is sometimes used in tomato sauce.

Dogs are friendly and cute creatures. They deserve to be appropriately taken care of, just like we will be careful our own child. Unlike humans, dogs have the most sensitive stomach, and they are susceptible to toxins that may not be dangerous to humans. It is therefore vital to be careful the way you give edibles to your pooch to avoid your dog from getting itself into problems.

Since you cannot monitor your dog, it is crucial to have an experienced veterinary to attend your pooch immediately is it experience any detrimental symptoms. So can dogs eat tomato sauce safely? Yes, tomato sauce is good to eat for your dog; however, when given in large amounts, it can be a toxin.

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