Can Dogs Eat McDonalds?

Are you a fan of fast foods and feel guilty when you are eating a big MacDonald burger, and your lovely dog next to you is salivating? Perhaps that is why you are looking for answers on whether you can feed your dog with a MacDonald burger, fries, harsh browns, chicken nuggets etc.

It is important to understand that fast foods are unhealthy not just to human beings but also to dogs. This is to say that it is not good to give your dog a MacDonald. Even if you are not a veterinary officer, you do not have to be told this. It is crystal clear, and you know that. A dog needs to eat nutritious food, just like you. MacDonald fast foods are nowhere near nutritious food.

But, there are situations when you find it hard to resist the temptation of giving the dog a MacDonald e.g., when you are have traveled on a long journey, and you have no access to other options. In such a case, you end up giving the dog a bite.

Can Dogs Eat MacDonalds

However, this does not imply you can give the dog fast foods whenever you have no alternative. It is always good to prepare your dog the way you prepare yourself. If you can buy McDonalds to eat when traveling, why not buy dog food you carry for your dog instead of finding yourself in a situation when you have no choice but to feed them a MacDonald?

Can Dogs Feed on McDonalds?

It is not fatal to feed dogs with MacDonald’s fast foods. But the reason you shouldn’t feed them with these foods is that they are unhealthy. McDonalds also contain ingredients which, when eaten by dogs in large quantities, are toxic. Examples of these are onions. McDonalds also contains sauces and high salt content that is not good for your dog.

In summary, you can give your dog that burger, fries, chicken nuggets etc. But this should only happen when you have no option. Ensure you take off some of the ingredients before you feed it to the dog. This article will show you which components you need to take off.

There are a wrong way and a right way of feeding McDonalds to dogs. In this guide, you will learn how to feed the dog with McDonalds as balanced and healthy food.

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Ingredients a Dog Can Eat in a MacDonald.

As earlier stated, some parts of a MacDonald are bad for the dog like the onions. The following is a description of what can be termed as dog-friendly in a MacDonald, the nutritional values, and possible dangers.

The description also gives you the number of calories each ingredient contains and calculated figures based on:

  • Out of the food you give to your dog daily, 90% should be dog food. Only 10% can be special treats.
  • Each day, a dog should only consume 25 calories per pound of their weight.

The two points will help you choose what a dog can eat in a MacDonald in case you feel you want to do it. Below are two famous dog breeds that will help you know what amount of MacDonald you can buy without exceeding the exact daily calorie needs.

French Bull Dogs

These dogs weigh 25 pounds on average. Their daily calorie intake should not exceed 625 calories.

Labrador Dogs

These dogs weigh 70 pounds on average, and their daily calorie intake should not exceed 1750 calories.

Note that this guide does not recommend you feed your dog with McDonalds because of the reasons stated earlier. Keep this in mind. The information given below is only meant to inform you in case you want to go that way.

Burgers from McDonalds

You can feed your dog a MacDonald burger, but it should only be the meat part, not the entire burger. However, note that the meat part does not give your dog any nutrients because it is processed meat made using peppers and salt as ingredients.

Be very careful if you choose to give a MacDonald to your dog irrespective of how much they may salivate for it. In case you have decided to get a MacDonald burger for your dog, then purchase one that does not contain any ingredients that can upset the dog’s stomach like processed sauces, pickles, onions, and cheese.

If you buy a Mac burger with all the ingredients, remove the harmful ones before you feed it to the dog. However, remember that there might be traces of that stuff. Although ingredient traces except those of onions may not hurt the dog, they are not healthy and, in one way or another, when combined with the processed meat, may cause stomach upsets. That is why you should just give the dog the meat part in case you decide to buy them a MacDonald. This will fill the dog and won’t make its stomach upset.

In both the Labrador and the French Bulldog, below is how much each counts for.


A hamburger from McDonalds contains 250 calories. If you are feeding a Labrador, it counts for 14 % of its daily intake and 40% of daily intake for the French Bulldog.


Cheeseburgers from McDonalds contain 303 calories. This counts for 17% of the Labrador breed’s daily intake and 48% for the French Bulldog breed.

Big Macs

These Macs contain 563 calories, counting for 32% of the Labrador’s daily intake and 90% for the French Bulldog.

MacDonald Fries

One or two fries from McDonald’s will not hurt the dog. Ideally, small amounts of fries will not be an issue. But remember the number of calories potatoes have and the fact that its fast food has salt as an ingredient is not suitable for the dog. The best thing would be to avoid the fries altogether.

Other than salt, how McDonalds make the fries is an issue. These fries are cooked in oils that contain a lot of saturated and trans fats, which are bad for your dog. High-fat quantities can make the dog’s stomach upset, and continued intake can cause pancreatitis, obesity, and diabetes.

Large Fries

Large fries from McDonald’s contain 498 calories, which count for the Labrador’s 28% daily intake and 80% for the French Bulldog.

Medium Fries

These contain 378 calories and counts for 22% daily intake for the Labrador and 60% for the French Bulldog.

Chicken Nuggets

You want your dog to be filled fast, so you decide to buy chicken nuggets from the nearby McDonalds. Indeed, the dog will be filled quickly, like in the case of the meat part in burgers. But these nuggets won’t give your dog any nutrients. The meat is processed.

If you think you can just go ahead and feed the dog with chicken nuggets, pause for a moment and ask yourself these questions: what coats these nuggets? What are they cooked in? Once you answer those questions, you will realize it is not good to buy them for the dog in the first place.

The coating is made using breadcrumbs, and then the nuggets are dipped in a fryer. Honestly speaking, is this what you would want to give to your dog? If you ask a veterinary doctor, they will tell you that the nugget coating does not help the dog. It only makes it hard for the dog to digest and chew food, raise their cholesterol, and block their arteries things you would not want to happen to your dog.

In case you have no option but to feed the dog with chicken nuggets, take off the coating. Six pieces of nuggets contain 287 calories, counting 16% of daily intake for the Labrador and 46% for the French Bulldog.

These are just but a few MacDonald products. As you already know, there are many others. Anything listed on the McDonalds menu is not suitable for the dog much as it is also not healthy for you.

Can Dogs Eat MacDonalds

Has Your Dog Already Eaten a MacDonald?

In case you are reading this article and have already fed your dog with a MacDonald and their stomach is upset, that is what these fast foods do. You can contact a veterinary doctor to help the dog overcome it. But in case you can’t avoid giving the dog a MacDonald, make sure you take off all the stomach upsetting ingredients. However, remember just because you can take off the bad parts does not imply you should.


It is not a good decision to feed your dog with foods from McDonald’s. The reason dogs have their diet is because they should not just eat anything. Their food is appropriately formulated to give the dog all the ingredients they require. If you feed the dog with McDonald’s, you are not giving it the necessary nutrients, and that is not fair to the dog.

However, when you are caught unawares with no dog food near, you can remove the harmful ingredients from the MacDonald foods before feeding the dog. This should, however, be the last resort.

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