10 Best Bark Collar for Yorkie 2021 – Compared and Reviewed

Anti-barking collars are essential tools that help you train and wean your dog against irritating barking. It restores peace in your home as its effect is almost immediate.

If you are an owner of a pet with a barking problem, you need a lasting solution that gives you results but not at the expense of harming your dog.

The question that is gnawing at your mind is, how do you get your hands on this device? The truth is, there are millions of collars, and all of them purport to serve the same function.

How do you filter through the noise to finally make the right decision? Whether you want a device for indoor or outdoor use, picking the best bark collar for Yorkie should be your top priority.

Best Bark Collar for Yorkie

Best Bark Dog Collar for Yorkie in 2021: A Comparison Chart 

With the many sophisticated and modern anti-barking collars available on the market, it might be overwhelming for you to make the right decision.

Our Top Pick

That will no longer be the case with this comprehensive comparison chart.

We have highlighted the top features. Remember to check the products on Amazon.

Best Bark Collar for Yorkie

Product Name Brand Weight

Top Pick

Pet Resolve – Remote Dog Training Collar TBI Pro 6.72 Ounces
417uuELSYVL. SL160
362 Reviews
Garmin PT10 Dog Collar Garmin 3.36 ounces
41XB6d48luL. SL160
25 Reviews
ZENNO Humane and Safe Anti ZENNO
41y9Up9hObL. SL160
696 Reviews
SportsDOG No Bark Collar SportDOG
3,549 Reviews
NPS No Shock Collar NPS 3.2 Ounces
51G8CgQiXzL. SL160
442 Reviews
Brison Bark Collar
51wT3e5OCOL. SL160
29,469 Reviews
DogRook Bark Collar DogRook 3.2 Ounces
51mAZTB iSL. SL160
234 Reviews
BOBOO Bark Collar BOBOO 3.99 Ounces
126 Reviews
ANKACE Bark Collar Ankace 7.83 Ounces
51PhQ u8eyL. SL160
257 Reviews
AHJDL Dog Bark Collar AHJDL 3.21 Ounces

Top 10 Best Bark Collars for Yorkie

1.PetResolve Remote Dog Training Collar

There are many reasons why this gadget is worth your investment. PetResolve features an intelligent chip that prevents injury.

The device is also made to avoid false triggering on other distractive sounds like the barking of other dogs or human voices.

PetResolve collar masters the barking of your dog and is only triggered when the dog starts barking, thus helping to wean the dog from such unwanted behavior.

It is also waterproof, giving it the ability to withstand the impact of rain and other elements.

PetResolve is also made of lightweight material, and so does not give your pet the burden of carrying it around. The powerful battery lasts for over 14 days on a single charge.

It’s the perfect fit if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t have a lot of time to train your dog manually. After seven sensitivity levels, the device automatically shuts down by which time your dog will have stopped barking.

With this piece, you get variable vibration and shock levels that you can adjust to suit your dog’s temperament.

The battery recharges fully in under 2 hours. Plus, if you’re a light user you’ll be just fine recharging it once every 10 days. Regular users, however, need to recharge it once every three days.

However, what we found most appealing is that you can use this collar to train up to 3 dogs at once.

No harm will befall your precious pet.


  • Three adjustable training modes
  • Fits many sizes starting from 15-120 lbs
  • Waterproof thus resistant against all elements
  • Lightweight thus very comfortable
  • Classy and stylish look
  • Long battery life; over 14 days of continuous use


  • No color variety
  • The device can cause some behavioral change if the dog overexposed

2. Garmin PT10 Dog Collar

Garmin PT10 collar comes with both short and long contact points for a firm hold and reliable performance.

It has two stainless steel lengths that ensure the extended comfort of your dog. There’s also the inbuilt BackLimiter comprising of sophisticated corrective mechanism for problematic barking problems.

For effective remote control, the device has a range of 1 mile with a radio frequency of 27MHz both for pro 550 and PRO.

Garmin PT10 has other accessories, including AC adapter, contact point set, and charging clip.

The battery lasts for over 60 hours, which eliminates the need to recharge it now and then. The collar is compatible with many types of dogs, whether small, big, or medium.

Pros Best Bark Collar for Yorkie

  • Long battery life- over 60 hours
  • Utilizes advanced correction technology
  • Humane and friendly way of training your dog
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Manual control of the device using a remote makes it inconveniencing at times.

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3.  ZENNO Humane and Safe Anti Bark Collar for Dogs

Zenno No bark Collar is an intuitive tool designed to deliver quick results. It is triggered only by the barking of your dog and uses beeping sounds and vibrations to solve your dog’s problematic barking.

The dog works by training your dog that it can avoid the vibrations by not barking unnecessarily.

ZENNO is a perfect fit for dogs of all sizes, as it is easy to adjust to desired circumferences. Any pet ranging from 11 lbs to 150 lbs is adequately covered by this coveted device, which offers you value for money.

It is effortless to adjust and light to the extent that your furry friend won’t even realize its presence on its neck.

There’s an intelligent chip that makes it possible to apply the emerging technology in 2021 and beyond to the device.

It’s so accurate so that it cannot be falsely triggered by the barking of other dogs or other noises in the surroundings.


  • The device is resistant to water and other elements
  • Intelligent chip for future updates
  • Fits pets of all sizes
  • Lightweight and comfortable around the pet’s neck
  • Humane and harmless way of solving your dog’s problematic barking; no shocks
  • 30 days’ return guarantee
  • Not affected by the barking of other dogs


  • Relatively costly
  • Overexposure may lead to behavioral change

4. SportsDOG No Bark Collar

The collar is best suited for dogs weighing 8 pounds and above. The neck sizes range from 6 inches to 22 inches. SportsDog has ten static stimulation levels and three modes responsible for its functioning.

The bark control collar doesn’t have a shock mode; thus, your dog is treated in a humane and pain-free manner. Instead, it works by utilizing sound and vibration sensors that pick out the barking of your dog even from a multitude of other dogs.

The corrective mechanism is only triggered when your dog barks making it very useful. 

SportDog also is waterproof and also submersible to a depth of 25 feet. This means that your dog can play in the rain or even swim while wearing the device.

It’s fresh and stylish, and so your precious fluffy friend will be in a class of its own.


  • No shock, no pain
  • Accommodates all the three sizes; small, medium and large
  • Cool and stylish design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Waterproof and submersible to a depth of 25 feet


  • No variety of colors

5. NPS No Shock Collar

NPS No Shock is a hands-free collar with a smart chip microprocessor that detects the barking of your dog with increasing intensity.

The device then automatically makes the dog stop barking. You don’t need to be there to monitor and train your dog manually.

The best part is that NPS doesn’t utilize shocks, and thus your dog will not suffer from any pain. The device uses a combination of sound and vibration in increasing intensity to correct your pet’s barking problem.

By cycling through seven sensitivity levels, the device effectively delivers a trauma-free corrective mechanism within a single minute.

NPS is perfect for dogs in the 6-120 LBS size bracket, which covers dogs from 3 months old pets going up. The device measures 1. 5″ x 1. 5″ x 2. 5″ and comes with a nylon clinch collar for safe handling and can be adjusted for smaller dogs.

Just in case you’re wondering, the device also does not have any kind of false triggers. Scratching, growling, shaking, and the barking of other dogs will not trigger the collar.

The will only be triggered by the barking of your dog even when it’s in the midst of others.

NPS No Shock collar is also very light; thus, your pet will have no problems carrying it around comfortably. It’s so bright that your dog will not even get to feel its weight.


  • Available in small, medium and large sizes
  • Hands-free thus no need for manual control
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • No false triggers


  • Only available in one color; black
  • Relatively costly

6. Brison Bark Collar with 3 Modes Beep Vibration and No Shock

Brison Bark Collar has three easy-to-use modes to give you firm control over the barking problem of your pet. The device is waterproof and also rechargeable, making it a cool, practical, and stylish barking control collar of the modern era. 

Materials used in the making of Brison are high quality, soft and durable hence guaranteeing you value for every dime that you spent on it.

It controls your dog’s behavior in the most humane and pet-friendly manner imaginable under the sun.


  • Made with the best technology thus efficient
  • Rechargeable for prolonged service
  • Waterproof therefore resistant to elements
  • Three modes and seven sensitivity levels for efficient handling
  • Pet-friendly way of training your dog


  • No color preference

7. DogRook Bark Collar

DogRook utilizes sound beeps and seven vibration modes for practical silent and safe performance. It’s a convenient and humane way of training and weaning your dog from undesirable barking.

The device is tested and certified as a harm-free way of training your dog. The safety standards are so high that you can walk in noisy places with other dogs barking and growling around, and the device will remain inactive.

You don’t need a remote to control this device, made to give you lasting peace of mind. It automatically detects the barking of your dog and activates itself into the correction mode.

Other dog accessories that come with the device are two color covers, two plastic bags, and two plastic prongs. Another benefit is that DogRook gives you the flexibility of customizing your collar; however, you prefer.

There’s also no need to worry as it caters f a wide range of sizes from small to medium to large. The high-quality material from which it is made guarantees the durability of the collar.


  • Automatic activation of the collar
  • Friendly and harm-free way of training your dog
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • No shocks hence no pain
  • Durable


  • Limited color preference

8. BOBOO Bark Collar 

The cool and stylish BOBOO bark collar features a superhuman microprocessor that intelligently detects sound waves originating from your dog’s barking to trigger it into action.

The device is comfortable around the neck, convenient since no manual handling is required and safe for your precious pet.

It’s not sensitive to false-triggering agents like human voices and the barking of other dogs. It’s only activated when your dog barks and is available in a range of sizes from small to large.

The collar is also adjustable just in case the size of your dog’s neck does not fit perfectly with the existing size of the collar.


  • Covers all sizes from 6-120lbs
  • Anti-false triggering thus ensuring your pet’s safety
  • Light thus comfortable
  • Automatic hence no need for manual handling
  • Safety guaranteed; no shocks


  • Limited color schemes
  • Relatively expensive

9. ANKACE Bark Collar

Versatility is an important feature that comes with Ankace Bark Control collar. The device comprises of digital display designs, and is made to look cool and feel comfortable on your pet’s neck.

It’s small, and so you don’t have to worry about your precious dog carry a large mass of unnecessary weight. The collar is also available in all three sizes. 

Ankace Bark Control collar is designed to give you results. It gives you an easy time when training your dog as the results will be seen right from the first day.

The three modes and seven levels of sensitivity make it every efficient and effective. The three modes are Beep, and Vibration, which ascends and transitions into the next, give you the results that you badly want to see. 


  • Specific trigger sensor to eliminate false triggering
  • Two transition modes as well as five sensitive levels for the ultimate performance
  • Comes with an intelligent protection mode to safeguard the dog from danger
  • Waterproof thus durable
  • Rechargeable


  • Only available in one color

10. AHJDL Dog Bark Collar 

The manufacturers of AHJDL Dog Bark collar made use of the best available technology to ensure that it is slim, lightweight, and waterproof, making it tough and resistant to elements.

Every part of the device, including the LED screen, is perfectly thought-out so much that the method works perfectly in lowlight vision.

AHJDL won’t be affected by water thanks to the waterproof technology used in its design. Your dog can thus comfortably have fun in rainwater or even snow.

What’s more, you get 30 days return guarantee in case it develops technical problems within that period.


  • The receiver has an inbuilt digital display
  • Rechargeable and waterproof
  • Automatic protection system
  • Intelligent identification chip for barking detection


  • Only available in black

Best Bark Collar for Yorkie The Ultimate Buying Guide

Let’s face it; landing the perfect barking control collar is not a walk in the park. Here are a few factors for your consideration for a smooth buying experience.

Frequency and Range 

Different collars are meant to function up to specific ranges.

For instance, there’s a device whose functioning is limited up to 20 feet. Pick the gadget that is appropriate according to the needs of your home.

Audibility – Best Bark Collar for Yorkie

The audibility of your device depends on the frequency and range of the collar. However, there are sound emitters that make noises, which may, at times, prove to be irritating.

Ensure you go for the device that emits an ultrasonic sound which is smooth and can’t be heard by human ears.


What’s the best anti-barking collar to buy? If that’s your question, then there’s no sure answer to that. It all depends on your needs and the features you desire to see.

For instance, there are those devices that give you the flexibility to adjust their range and frequency. Others come with the ability to be used as pest control. As you can see, it’s about your preferences.


The best way to go before buying an anti-barking collar is to conduct in-depth research. Read product reviews and buying guides so that you get proper insights.

Read what other previous users have to say about their experience with the product.

Cost of Best Bark Collar for Yorkie

There is a myriad of factors that determines the prices that anti-barking collars fetch. For example, different models have different prices.

Also, the more sophisticated the features of a device, the more it will cost.

What not to do

The worst move you can ever make when buying an anti-barking device is to place an order for the first that comes your way.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is of inferior quality or something like that. It could be that you have the right collar serving a wrong purpose from that which it was manufactured.

Therefore, take your time, do some digging, and when you buy, you’ll be glad that you took the time.

Best Bark Collar for Yorkie Wrap up

According to some experts, anti-barking devices are associated with some drawbacks.

These devices may not be beneficial with larger breeds of dogs. It is thus advisable to first check the compatibility of the devices before purchasing one. After all, you want to control your dog without hurting it.

Additionally, overexposure to the devices may lead to a change in the normal behavior of the dogs. To avoid, ensure you take off the gadgets after say 3-4 hours to give your pet some time off.

Best Bark Collar for Yorkie Final Words

All said everything boils down to you. Buying the best bark collar for Yorkie is right choice for you as it gives you peace of mind.

The most important thing is for you to ensure that you follow the tips given above and get the device that will meet the needs you have.

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