5 Best Toys for Australian Cattle Dog 2021 [Helpful Reviews]

If you have a Blue Heeler, also known as an Australian Cattle Dog, at home, then you ought to know the importance of keeping him busy.

This is a highly intelligent and energetic dog breed that needs physical and mental stimulation to ensure that he never gets bored. Therefore, it is vital that you have the toys for Australian Cattle Dog close-by.

An ideal dog toy would also help in diverting the canine’s attention from your shoes and furniture.

Are you confused about how to go about the selection process?

Well, you have come to the right place as this article aims to make things easier for you.

Our Top Pick

We shall guide you on the important factors that you need to pay attention to as you shop for the best product.

Best Toys for Australian Cattle Dog

Awesome Australian Cattle Dog Toys: Comparison Table

But first, check out the following dog toys that we have analyzed and we hope you find the best one for your Blue Heeler on this table.

Best Toys for Australian Cattle Dog Name Dimension Weight
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39,326 Reviews

Top Pick

KONG – Extreme Dog Toy 3.5 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches 2.4 ounces
51IlE1lGfEL. SL160
372 Reviews
Douglas Sinclair Australian Shepherd Plush Stuffed Animal 15.8 x 11.8 x 7.9 inches 9.6 ounces
41Q2DS21bJS. SL160
996 Reviews
Douglas Clanger Australian Cattle Dog 7.8 x 6.7 x 2.4 inches 2.4 ounces
31co91R9FwL. SL160
4,747 Reviews
Goughnuts Original Medium Dog Chew Toy 4.5 x 1.8 x 4.5 inches 14.4 ounces
41ilnNs5t6L. SL160
13,273 Reviews
KONG – Extreme Ball – Durable Rubber Dog Toy 3 x 3 x 3 inches 8.8 ounces

The Best Toys for Australian Cattle Dog

1. Kong Extreme Dog Toy 

The Kong extreme cattle dog toy is one of the preferred toys for Australian dogs due to its unique and interactive shape.

This dog toy can keep your dog happy and playful all the time. What’s more, the fact that the toy is interactive ensures that your dog is kept busy and away from negative distractions.

Product Description 

This dog toy is mainly for larger dogs as it is chewable and free to nibble around with it in the field, in the house, and cannot be damaged easily.

Furthermore, the dog toy is durable and still does not hurt your dog because it is made from a soft but sturdy material.

It is also used to bounce and collect games with the dogs because it is well visible and can be well handled by your dog.

KONG - Extreme Dog Toy - Toughest Natural Rubber,...

Additionally, the Kong extreme has a superb rubber shape that bounces once thrown for fetching and sparks from far for your dog to see.

Key Features 

The Kong extreme can be used at all times because it is water-resistant and cannot sink in water. Therefore, making it the best will training your puppy to swim.

This dog toy is likely to make your pet have fun to its fullest because it does not smell even after it is chewed for a long time.

Additionally, this dog toy is multifunctional and is also a proven fit for other pets in the house; thus, you do not go around buying extra toys.

Nevertheless, Kong extreme is easily washable, especially by a machine, and can be used with peanut butter when you want to intrigue your pet to play.


  • Stimulates and improves mental development
  • Durable and tough
  • High-quality construction
  • Do not hurt your dog’s teeth


  • Not for bigger dogs

2. Douglas Sinclair Australian Dog Toy 

The Sinclair dog toy is uniquely made to entice your pets at home and make them want to play more in the house or outside.

Additionally, this dog toy is made with a puppy’s representation and soft fur and coat to make sure that your puppy plays with its look alike.

Product Description 

The Douglas toy is made up of a soft and pepper grey fur with rust and white finishing that will attract your dog and would want to play more.

Besides, Sinclair is described as the best for cuddling and holding all the time and for more comfortable puppy play all the time because of the soft texture.

It is made up of high-quality plush material with a soft polyester fill up to make it smooth and tender to hold and play with without damaging it.

It has an engaging design that is poseable to make the best noticeable toy for your puppy and high play value.

Key Features 

The toy’s height is remarkable when it comes to visibility, which helps your puppy recognize it from far and make it healthy all through.

It is also described as safe for all ages of your pet without having to add a toy whenever your pet becomes more significant with time.

Furthermore, this plush dog toy is durable and tough to last for a longer time without the fur coming off or coat tarnishing.

Also, the dog toy is very lightweight, enabling your dog to carry it anywhere it goes and for easier playing monotony in or out of the house.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Tough and beautiful to look at
  • Well conspicuous and superb ergonomic style
  • High-quality High-quality plush materials


  • Cannot be left outside
  • Not waterproof

3. Douglas Clanger Australian Cattle Dog 

The Douglas Clanger Australian dog is a recommended dog toy that every homeowner requires for cuddling and also for his puppy.

They are made in such a way to imitate the real Australian dogs that love to work a lot, and thus, people love it for cuddling.

Products Description 

This Australian dog toy is made from a plush fabric that makes the dog toy looks beautiful and pleasant to have at your home for cuddling.

The dog toy is comfortable due to the material that has made it and because of the energetic breed that shows its spirit in your home.

With a well modified and beautiful mottled blue merle coat with tan patches over his face to make it more real and outstanding.

Besides, this dog toy has bright and amber-colored eyes that match his cost color, which will make a dog lover love their pets for life. 

Key Features 

The Clanger features a handmade plush, and the inside is made from a polyester fill and will hold up to many hours of play and fun.

It measures around 8 inches or 20cm, which makes it ideal for the dog lovers, whereas good for the puppies as they can play with exactly like their partner. 

Likewise, the Douglas Clanger Australian Cattle Dog is safe for all ages of human and pet dogs for playing in a long time without damage and distortion.

Furthermore, the puppy toy is remarkable in its ergonomic structure because of the energetic real Australian Clanger for more fun.


  • Handsome and well build dog toy
  • Mottled blue merle construction
  • Features intelligent, hardworking dogs
  • It has lifelike appearances


  • Can be damaged by water
  • Not sturdy enough for large dogs

4. Goughnuts Dog Chew Ring 

One way to keep your dog pre-occupied when you are so busy with other house chores or farm work in the field, and it will not hustle you at all.

Introduced in an excellent time to meet the consumer demands, this dog chewing ring is improved to fit your dog for fun and all-day play best.

Product Description 

Designed with high quality and sturdy materials that cannot be destroyed by pets, especially the dogs, when they drag and chew it.

It has no weak points in its construction to ensure that it does not form points of cracking or tearing whenever your dog chews it.

Goughnuts Original Medium Dog Chew Toy Ring for...

Additionally, this Australian dog toy shows red parts when they are chewed, which indicates any damaged areas in case of prolonged chewing. 

The Goughnuts has two layers, the outer tough chewable part that usually can yield to hard and overtime chewing and the inner red part that shows you the damages. 

Key Features 

This dog toy is made from a buoyant material and can float on water, which makes it a better tool for fetching during games.

Furthermore, they are said to be the best toys for teething puppies when they come of age while you do not have anything to remove their teeth with.

This chewable ring can be chewed in any part, thus forming a large surface area for the dog to eat for a longer time before it is completely damaged.

Additionally, the Goughnuts dog chewing ring has a lightweight construction so that your puppy cannot strain when fetching the toy.


  • High quality and durable materials
  • With a color indicator for the damaged parts
  • Floats on water
  • Best for teething of puppies
  • Standard softness and toughness


  • Not suitable for bigger breeds
  • Not too indestructible

5. KONG Extreme Ball Toy For Dogs

There is a day that you are tired and do not feel like playing with your dog, and all you need is to give it the extreme ball toy to keep it busy as you rest.

This ball is best for all ages of dogs to play with due to its shape and toughness that allows your puppy to chew it without damage.

Product Description 

This dog ball toy is said to have the ability to offer mental and physical stimulation to your dog, especially if it is not active.

With the swift and well-structured nature, the Kong play toy for dog plays a significant role I weight and physical therapy of your dog when you throw it for fetching.

KONG - Extreme Ball - Durable Rubber Dog Toy for...

Besides, this dog ball toy plays a significant role in killing the boredom in your dog and also helps in teething of your puppies.

Additionally, when your dog is reluctant to fetch and play with the ball toy, you can add some of the dog’s favorite flavors, and your dog will chew it to lick the food substances.

Key Features 

This ball toy for dogs is made from a pure rubber formula to ensure the durability and toughness of the ball and can last for a lifetime, depending on the size of the dog.

It has very interactive features for a playful dog and makes it want to play all the time as it is accommodating and efficient for all types of dogs.

As opposed to other plastic dog toys, the extreme dog ball toy is the safest play tool for your favorite dog because it cannot be punctured or damaged easily.

Furthermore, it is sturdy enough to be able to handle the healthy teeth of your medium or large dog in your home, which needs to get rid of boredom and improve on its health.


  • High-quality rubber construction 
  • You can smear the dog’s favorite meal
  • Sturdy and tight for your big dog
  • Beautiful shape and can roll


  • Not recommended for small dogs

The Buying Guide

There are several things that you should keep in mind as you shop for the ideal toy for your Australian Cattle Dog. We have discussed them below.

The Construction

The best toy is one that is crafted from high-quality materials capable of withstanding constant heavy chewing. The gadget will eventually wear out, but the material determines how long the toy lasts.

Different toys

Having different types of toys will ensure that your pooch has a wider pool to choose from. This would provide more entertainment and ensure that the canine never gets bored.


A toy that floats is especially handy if your pooch plays a lot in the swimming pool or other water bodies. On top of that, such a toy would keep the pet busy during bath-time and makes things easier for you.


Due to the dog’s high sensitivity to smell, an ideal toy is one that is not too strongly scented, such as to make the canine uncomfortable.

Best Toys for Australian Cattle Dog FAQs

Check out the following queries which we faced during our research on the best toys for Australian Cattle dogs.

How do I wash my Blue Heeler’s toy?

It depends on how the toy was designed. Some are designed to be safe in the washing machine while others have to be washed by the hands to keep them clean.

Do the labels on the toy give accurate information?

Unfortunately, not always. For instance, a label may suggest that the toy is meant for the aggressive chewers, but in reality, this is not so. Therefore, you need to do more independent research rather than only rely on the manufacturer for information.

Best Toys for Australian Cattle Dog – Best Choice

According to our deep analysis and fact based compilation we pick ‘Kong Extreme Dog Toy’ as the best of our choice.

We recommend this Australian cattle dog toy as the best due to its sturdy, remarkable and unique features it exhibits when it comes to your play toy for your dog.

Best Toys for Australian Cattle Dog Conclusion

We hope that this article has given you all you need to know about the appropriate toys for the Australian Cattle Dog. This puts you in a better position to make an informed choice.

Always remember to supervise your canine as he plays with the toy since sooner or later, it is going to break apart.

You wouldn’t want the break-away parts causing life-threatening complications, would you?

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