12 Best Service Dog Vests and Harnesses 2021 – A Reviews from the Pet Gurus

The wonders that service dogs can do are beyond most people’s imagination. From helping the blind and alerting for help, these dogs can actually save lives.

That said, these dogs require the best tools to optimize their functionality. Among these tools are the best service vests and harnesses. If you are interested in knowing more about these tools this guide will be of help to you.

Leading Service Dog Vests & Harnesses 2021 : Comparison List

Without cutting corners and without further ado – forgive the cliché – we’d now like to share a list with you. This is the list of the vests and harnesses we believe are best made for your service pooch.

The Best Service Dog Vests and Harnesses

1. Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest

This dog service vest comes with removable patches. You can take them off when necessary.

Alternatively, you can use the patches to warn against petting. This is handy when taking walks as it keeps away strangers who would want to pat your dog.

The harness has a reflective strap that ensures your dog is visible at night. In addition, it has a handle mounted on it and a D-ring. The handle is strong and useful for controlling your dog whereas the ring is for attaching your leash for other activities.

Key Features

One unique attribute of this vest is that it is made from nylon and comes complete with double-stitching for enhanced durability. This not only provides you with good value for money but also reduces the chances of your dog breaking free and escaping (if they are that aggressive).

And on top of that, a double-stitched seam assures you of better value for money. You’ll not have to worry about torn or frayed seams.

This generally seems like a comfortable best. It has a breathable mesh which would surely be of great help during those swelteringly hot summer days. That said, we doubt this design would be ideal for walks in marshy areas


  • This vest can be used for all purposes
  • It is strong and durable
  • The mounted handle is efficient for dog control
  • It has a place for your backpack
  • The vest has reflective features for visibility


  • This vest’s size is not of reliable accuracy

2. Doggie Stylz Service Dog Harness Purple

This dog harness comes with two reflective patches that are removable. Additionally, there is a strip and lettering that are reflective. These features make sure your dog is visible at night and therefore safe.

The harness is made of nylon and neoprene thus strong and long-lasting. Neoprene has been used on the underside of the vest for reinforcement purposes and to prevent abrasion. You have no escape issues to deal with when you use this harness.

Key Features

You can comfortably carry your stuff or whatever your dog would use with the saddlebags on both sides of the harness. Apart from being removable, these bags have identification panels that are interchangeable.

This harness comes with two straps that are adjustable besides having a variety of sizes to pick from. This will ensure it fits right on your dog.

Consider taking your dog’s measurements to be sure of the right size before you make a purchase. Also, contemplate its potential increase in size in the future as your canine could grow fast depending on the breed.


  • This is a multipurpose harness
  • It has two saddlebags that are removable
  • The harness has reflective features to make your dog visible at night
  • It is strong and abrasion-free
  • The straps on the harness are adjustable


  • The sizes do not fit some dog breeds

3. Barkoutfitters Service Dog Vest Harness

This vest harness has straps that you can adjust to fit your dog. After getting the correct measurements of your dog, check out which size is right. The straps ensure it is neither too tight nor too loose, so no escapes and no injury on your dog’s body.

The edges of the vest are trimmed. You will have no tearing or frays to worry about. Additionally, it is fitted with a reflective band to make your dog visible at night thus ensuring safety.

Key Features

The harness has a padded handle at the top to help you to control your dog whenever the need arises. This can be during training or in case of emergency situations. It also has a metallic D-ring where you can attach your leash for walks or regular activities.

It is lined with a mesh on the inside for comfort and sweat absorption. The fabric used on this vest harness is also strong. This means you will use it for all related purposes and for a long time with no breakages or escapes.


  • It has adjustable straps for a perfect fit
  • This vest harness has a reflective band on its edges
  • It is comfortable and durable
  • The rubber patches make cleaning it easy
  • It dries very fast after contact with water


  • The sizes do not fit some dog species

4. One Tigris Tactical Service Dog Vest

This dog vest is suitable for all the occasions as it is made of quality nylon. Its strength is excellent. Whereas the V-ring on its front part allows for leash attachment, the four buckles ensure ease when putting it on and taking it off.

It has a Molle system. On both sides of the vest, there are Molle straps together with a panel for hoop and loop strips. Here you can attach your Molle pouches and your identification panels.

Key Features

Besides having a handle for controlling your dog, it has adjustable straps. These straps assist you to fit the harness well to prevent injury or escape. Then the X-bungee cords hold your umbrella or water bottle.

In as much as it is padded and light for comfort, it is water-resistant. This means you can conveniently have water training with your dog and have no trouble at all. There is no risk of it soaking and getting heavy.


  • This harness is water-resistant
  • It has loop panels for morale patches
  • It has adjustable straps
  • The vest is comfortable and long-lasting
  • You can carry your water bottle or umbrella on it


  • It has only three sizes to choose from

5. ALBCORP Service Dog Vest Harness

This vest harness is made of woven nylon and polyester thus strong and long-lasting. Furthermore, it has replaceable patches. You can use it for all purposes in relation to your dog’s activities.

For assured pet comfort, this is the harness to go for. It is light and made with breathable material that is padded and contoured. As a result, the vest molds into the shape of your dog’s chest keeping it safe and absorbing sweat leaving your dog feeling utmost coziness.

Key Features

Your dog is visible in low-light environment and therefore safe. This is because of the wide fluorescent tape used on the harness. Additionally, all stitches on the vest have been made with reflective thread. The two patches on the sides can reflect light as well.

The handle on the vest is lined with rubber for better grip and the D-ring ensures leash attachment is possible. These two features make controlling your dog easy and efficient as they are strong. The handle poses no risk of snapping or your dog escaping.


  • This harness has reflective features
  • It is strong and long-lasting
  • The buckles on the vest are shatter-proof and easy to use
  • It is an all-purpose vest harness
  • The straps on it are adjustable


  • It is recommended for specific dog breeds

6. Chai’s Choice Service Dog Vest Harness

This service vest harness has a mesh lining on the inner part that is padded with a highly elastic sponge. In fact, it is very light in weight. This guarantees comfort to your dog and has no extra weight to carry.

Besides having adjustable straps to ensure it fits right, this vest harness is innovatively designed. You can put it on your dog and take it off without a struggle. Be sure to take your dog’s measurements before purchasing the harness.

Key Features

You can use this harness in many ways, for instance, hikes and training. This is because it has a D-ring made from Zinc alloy for attaching your leash. In addition, it has a built-in handle made of nylon for easy dog control.

Apart from the 3M webbed material that reflects light, this vest harness has two reflective Velcro patches on both of its sides that are removable. This ensures night visibility is enhanced and safety assured.


  • This vest harness is scratch-resistant
  • It has reflective material on it
  • The vest is durable and stylish
  • It has six sizes you can choose from


  • Some of its parts can be challenging to use

7. Dexil Limited-Service Vest Dog Harness

The vest harness is available in varying ranges and sizes. All you need to do is take measurements of your dog and make a purchase. You easily make adjustments to it accordingly with the use of straps fitted with buckles.

It has two D-rings, one on its front side and the other on the backside. The rings offer you a no-pull option. They are metallic in nature therefore strong and will not break.

Key Features

It is waterproof. This is a good characteristic as you can have water training sessions without it soaking. Also, there is no risk of your dog straining to swim or, in the worst case, drowning due to extra weight.

This harness uses a color coding system with embroidered letters. Each color and words communicate different messages about your dog. You are able to warn the public in advance about your dog’s nature hence preventing uncomfortable situations.


  • This vest harness is waterproof
  • Its bright coloring enhances visibility
  • The vest harness offers a variety of sizes to choose from
  • It uses a color coding system for communication
  • The harness made to last for long


  • It has no built-in handle to aid in dog control

8. YogaDog Heavy Duty Dog Harness

It comes with a D-ring and an elastic handle that is connected to the chest strap on the front side. This is efficient for dog control as it discourages pulling. The D-ring on it enables you to attach a leash for regular activities.

In addition to the adjustable straps, the front side of the harness is padded for comfort while the backside has breathable material. This keeps your dog’s skin well ventilated and unharmed.

Key Features

The harness is available in three sizes that you can pick from to fit your dog breed. Take time to measure your dog while paying attention to the widest chest parts. This will enable you to pick the right one before making a purchase.

Together with the reflective stitches on the harness, the weather-proof webbed nylon material enhances visibility in all situations. The webbing enhances strength and prevents breaking or your dog escaping.


  • This harness has reflective stitching to enhance visibility
  • It is comfortable and lasts for long
  • The harness offers you a variety of leash matching options
  • It is made of weather-proof nylon
  • You have a built-in handle for dog control


  • It only has three sizes to choose from

9. Petjoy-Wiredog Service Dog Vest

This vest is made with adjustable girth and chest straps with easy-to-use buckles. You will have a stress-free task when getting it onto and off your dog. The straps ensure it fits well, preventing escape and injury.

It has two service patches sewn on each side and a clear pocket on the front part. These patches are visible and easy to read. You could insert a card into the clear pocket with the dog’s name and an address or a telephone number.

Key Features

It offers you different sizes and three colors to choose from. This vest can fit even the little eight-pound dogs or the big 115 pound canines. You need to take the right measurements to be sure of what you want.

This vest is long-lasting because of the material used on it. The high-quality denier is poly-fabric and it is rugged for durability. It is, therefore, tear-free and will serve you well for a long time.


  • This vest is easy to put on and remove
  • It has a clear pocket for your information cards
  • The vest straps are adjustable
  • It is strong and has a long lifespan
  • You have a variety of sizes to choose from


  • It has no built-in handle for dog control

10. Fairwin Service Vest Dog Harness

This vest is made from nylon fabric that is of high quality. For this reason, durability and strength are guaranteed. Pulling by your dog will not cause the vest to tear or allow the canine to escape.

It has adjustable straps on the chest and neck parts. You customize them to fit your dog’s size. The sliding buckles on the straps make adjustment effective and safety assured.

Key Features

It has padded straps lined with breathable mesh for your dog’s comfort. The padding prevents injury as it cushions your dog. The mesh, on the other hand, absorbs sweat and ensures your dog is kept cool.

The harness has a strong rugged handle. This means you have a good grip and can control your dog whenever necessary. You can also attach your leash on the D-ring for other dog activities.


  • The vest harness has a handle for dog control
  • This dog harness has removable patches
  • It ensures your dog is safe and comfortable
  • The vest is strong and durable
  • It can be adjusted to fit well


  • The size measurements are sometimes inaccurate

11. Doggie Stylz Service Dog Harness Vest Red

The entire harness has reflective features for enhanced visibility. The chest straps and vest edges can reflect light, the same applies to the removable patches on each side of the vest. Your pet is safe at night.

The neoprene material is used on the underside of the vest to make it abrasion-free and aids in reinforcement. Furthermore, it has a nylon fabric. This means it is strong and can hold your dog securely for various purposes.

Key Features

There is a stainless steel D-ring that is strong and rust-free for your leash attachment. Moreover, the nylon-made handle enables you to control the dog in different situations. There is no chance of escape.

The adjustable straps assist you to get the correct fit for your dog. This way you are assured of your dog’s. A very tight strap can cut the dog’s skin whereas a loose one can let it free.


  • The harness is strong and durable
  • This harness has reflective strips for visibility
  • It comes with a handle for dog control
  • The materials used guarantee durability
  • It is adjustable to ensure comfort


  • The available sizes do not fit some dog breeds

12. Fayagoo Dog Vest Harness

This harness is made from quality materials. The inner side is padded and lined with a breathable mesh. This keeps your dog feeling comfortable and at the same time safe.

The removable patches allow you to change the service messages accordingly. Thus, you will be able to communicate conveniently with the public. This way you can avert uncomfortable situations in relation to your dog’s nature.

Key Features

The harness has a standing handle mounted on the upper part of the vest. This is efficient for dog control during emergency situations and training. Additionally, it has a D-ring made of stainless steel for an identification tag and for attaching your leash.

Besides having a reflective strip, this harness is bright red. The wording on the patches and stitching on the vest glow at night. These characteristics will make sure your dog is visible in a poorly lit environment and at night.


  • This harness is specially designed to fit puppies of small breeds
  • It has removable service patches
  • The mounted handle ensures effective dog control
  • It is strong and comfortable
  • The reflective features on it assure night visibility


  • The plastic buckles on this harness easily break

Buying Guide for Best Service Dog Vests and Harnesses

Having a service dog is a little bit different from having a regular dog. Aside from training, and diet, you also have to think about the wardrobe of your dog. In your search for the best service dog vests and harnesses there are a few factors you need to consider before buying such as:

The Fit

You want to get the right size of vest or harness for your dog. It should not be too loose that it slips off all the time or too tight that it hinders simple tasks such as laying down, trotting, or sitting.

Get the measurements of your dog and check them against sizing charts that you will find at your local store.


We are talking about service dogs, which means that they spend long hours working. As such, you want their vests and harnesses to have breathable linings and padded straps.

Such features will guarantee that your dog stays comfortable while on the job.

Easy to Wear and Remove

With a service dog, you will be putting on and removing the harness and vest frequently. Therefore, you want to ensure that doing so is easy for you. Get a vest and harness that is easy to wear and take off at any time.

Easy Attachment

Perhaps your service dog assists you in walking, or it pulls your wheelchair. You will need a particular kind of handle for that or you can get a D-ring that will simplify the process of attaching a leash. Just ensure that your dog is secured when you are out there.

How to Care for your Service Dog Vests and Harnesses

You want to take good care of your service dog vests and harnesses so that they last long. Here is what you can do to achieve that.

Clean Them

You want your service dog to be well groomed all the time. As such, you cannot have it bathed but use dirty harnesses on it.

Wash these items frequently with mild detergent and water.

Keep Away from Sunlight

At no point should you ever expose your dog vests and harnesses to direct sunlight. This is because the sun emits UV rays that can damage them.

Store in a Cool Dry Place

Once you clean your vests and harnesses ensure that they are completely dry before storing them. Your storage place should be dry and cool to avoid the growth of mold and mildew.

Benefits of Service Dog Vests and Harnesses

Since we have already established that service dogs are not the same as regular dogs, you can tell that they come with many benefits but so do their vests and harnesses.

It will be Easier to Get into Places

The laws that govern service dogs are quite intricate but overall, you will realize that businesses will be more willing to allow uniformed dogs into their premises whether the law requires them to do so or not.

On the other hand, they will be reluctant to do the same for regular dogs.

It Discourages People from Distracting your Dog While They are at Work

Not all service dogs will be working in crucial situations. Nevertheless, even those that only offer affection will perform better when they are given a chance to concentrate on the tasks.

With a service dog vest you can achieve that and most of them allow for adding tailored patches with instructions for bystanders to read and adhere to.

For instance, military or police dogs at the airport have signs that warn bystanders on what not to do with them. You can use these on your private service dog as well.

It Helps People Relax When In the Presence of your Dog

Dog lovers sometimes forget that there are some people who get nervous when in the presence of dogs.

It is necessary to frequently bring service dogs into premises where they are not expected so you might want to take all the measures you can to reduce any discomfort your dog may cause to others.

You can use service dog vests and similar types of attire to help in this regard. You will find that they put most people at ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We expect questions when it comes to this topic and we have all the answers. Scan through the ones answered below to see if you have one or two of yours answered.

Is there an authorized service dog vest?

The law does not require you to have a vest for your dog but it is advisable to provide your service dog with a vest or some other form of identification to show that it is at work.  

What color should a service dog vest be?

The most common colors include green, blue, orange, and red. For instance, the Service Animal Association recommends that service dogs wear blue vests. That said, the vest color that your dog wears will rely on what color the authorizing society gives you or your personal preference.

Is it unlawful to have a service dog vest on a non-service dog?

Certain laws safeguard Service dogs and unfortunately, people break these laws knowingly or unknowingly. It is illegal to have a regular dog in a vest.

Can any dog be a service dog?

Yes, that is the good news. There is no particular dog breed that can be a service dog. The only qualifications that a dog needs to have in order to be a service dog is to be individually trained to carry out one or more tasks that alleviate disability.

Which One Is The Best Overall?

The Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest has all the features it takes to keep your pooch comfortable and always under control. Most importantly, it comes with 50 free ADA cards. That’s good value for money. Highly recommended.

Final Thoughts

Clearly if you own a service dog, it is important to get them a vest and harness that will make them easily identifiable. 

With this guide, you will be able to pick the correct color and right harness for your service dog.

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