Top 7 Best Muzzles for Shih Tzus 2021 [with Buyer’s Guide]

Find anyone who has ever owned a Shi Tzu and ask them about that dog breed. Chances are the person would tell you how curious and loveable the pooch is.

Well, this is because it is true. Shi Tzus are naturally friendly to anyone around them. However, their personality at times gets the better of them, and this often leads to the canine developing biting issues.

Such issues would translate to the dog becoming a threat to kids, neighbors and other dogs as well. To be on the safe side, it is wise that you invest in an appropriate muzzle.

So which are the best muzzles for Shih Tzus? If this question gives you a hard time, you are in the right place as this article is going to guide you through all you need to know about dog muzzles.

Best Muzzles for Shih Tzus Reviewed

To Kick us off

We are going to guide you on the factors that you have to consider as you shop for the ideal muzzle, and they include:

  • The size
  • Material
  • Type of muzzle
  • Budget, and so on

Before we get to these factors, we are going to review some brands of muzzles which we believe are the best you may ever come across.

Our Top Pick

Shih Tzu Muzzles: Comparison Table

Without further ado, here’s a brief run-down of the leading muzzles for this dog species.

Please note that each one of the masks appearing on this table have been reviewed in detail in successive paragraphs.

Best Muzzles for Shih Tzus Product Name Size Color
41ovIkc8aHL. SL160
5,696 Reviews

Top Pick

CooZero 7 PCS Anti-Biting Mouth Cover Dog 7 Black
515UUiLXYEL. SL160
676 Reviews
Canine Friendly Dog Short Snout Medium Charcoal
41R0VN6XLRL. SL160
14,865 Reviews
The Company of Animals Ultra Baskerville 1 Black
51l148hARZL. SL160
8,779 Reviews
GoodBoy Guard Muzzle Medium Pink
51LbmzNIyTL. SL160
3,124 Reviews
JYHY Short Snout Adjustable Dog Muzzle S Grey(Eyehole)
511uFIV0DUL. SL160
1,506 Reviews
Collar Direct Leather Basket Dog Muzzle L Grey
41qqSKEJzwL. SL160
279 Reviews
Lepark Hook & Loop Dog Muzzle L Blue

The Best Muzzle For Shih Tzu – Reviews

1. CooZero 7 PCS Anti-Biting Mouth Cover Dog Muzzles Suit

The secret to minimizing costs for a multiple-dog owner is to purchase muzzles as a dozen or half of it.

You will love the idea that this CooZero muzzle suit comes as a 7-in-1 pack to ensure you get a perfect fit for each dog.

The various functions of each muzzle are to prevent your dog from eating off dirty foods, helps stop biting or barking and licking of wounds.

Product Description

The package weighs 5.5 ounces and contains 7 different-sized muzzles made from high-quality yet eco-friendly water-resistant oxford cloth.

Furthermore, this material is breathable, comfortable, and light, so it doesn’t hurt or weigh down your dog.

Also, the dirt-poof nature and easy clean-up capability of the fabric allows you to re-use the muzzle quickly.

Other Features and Benefits

As if that is not enough, every muzzle is equipped with a neck strap that is fully adjustable through the ergonomically designed buckle for easy fitting.

The fact is, these highly durable CooZero mouth covers are probably the best muzzles for Shih Tzus you will ever find.


  • Adjustable and re-usable
  • Ideal for dogs of ages
  • Strongly made
  • Waterproof


  • Not offered as a single piece
  • Has only one strap

2. Canine Friendly Dog Short Snout Muzzle

Since short-snouted canines can’t fit in the traditional muzzle, finding a specified muzzle for them is quite important.

But worry not as Canine Friendly got you covered with this muzzle made ideally for short-snouted dogs. The muzzle has a soft bumper on its top to prevent the meshed part from rubbing your dog’s eyes.

Product Description

This 22.7 grams medium-sized muzzle fits a dog with an 11-17 inches head circumference and is great for Bulldogs, Shih Tzu, Boxers, or Boston Terriers.

The muzzle is made from durable nylon material that cleans easily and features a meshed front part for easy breathability.

Other Features and Benefits

Good news, the muzzle has 2 straps for ease of use, namely an adjustable overhead slider and an easy-to-use side adjustable strap. The straps make the muzzling process quick and more convenient for the dog.

Point to note; you should never leave a muzzled up dog unsupervised or leave your pet to wear it for long hours.


  • Has 2 straps for ease of use
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Available in different sizes
  • Great for dogs with sort snouts


  • Makes it difficult for easy panting hence not ideal for long walks
  • Quite expensive

3. The Company of Animals Ultra Baskerville Muzzle

Muzzles come in handy when you’d like to minimize your dog’s aggressive behavior, when visiting the vet, cleaning with Shih Tzus dog brush or for traveling.

Notably, the muzzle doesn’t limit your dog’s ability to drink, eat, play, or even pant as some others do.

Product Description

At a weight of 2.08 ounces, this size 1 muzzle is lightweight enough, thus ideal for extended use. For increased versatility, the muzzle is also obtainable in different sizes.

The included overhead, and neck straps are adjustable for easy fitting as well as comfort. These 2 straps completely secure the muzzle to the dog to prevent unwanted removal.

Other Features and Benefits

Though not adjustable, the 3 bottom side straps add more support to the basket. The lower strap has a loop that attaches to the dog’s collar.

Lastly, the basket part has wide holes for extra convenience in breathing and feeding.


  • Doesn’t interfere with the dog’s daily needs
  • Easily affordable
  • Breathable design
  • Great for highly aggressive dogs
  • Multipurpose use


  • The strips of the basket have slightly rough edges which may cause chaffing of the nose

4. GoodBoy Guard Muzzle for Dogs

GoodBoy helps correct your dog’s naughtiest behaviors and helps it assimilate into any social setting.

All of this is made possible by the muzzle’s ability to restrict the dog from biting or barking at people and eating unwanted street food. Of course, the muzzle doesn’t limit your dog’s ability to breathe, pant, or drink.

Product Description

The muzzle features a hook and loop fastener to help you secure any loose ends plus to adjust it for a better fit. Additionally, the included straps have quick-release buckles for easy adjustability.

But there’s one small catch, the bonus collar has a D-ring for connecting to the dog’s collar and secures the muzzle in place.

Other Features and Benefits

GoodBoy has incorporated neoprene padding on this muzzle to ensure your dog is comfortable the whole time it is worn to prevent chafing of the snout.

The online size chart will help you get the best fit for your dog by measuring its snout length and neck circumference.

To complete the set is a training guide with simple steps on how to safely use the muzzle on the dog for a more playful experience.


  • Offered in multiple sizes
  • Padded for increased comfortability
  • Adjustable straps
  • Helps inhibit bad dog manners in a humane way


  • Has no overhead strap thus easy for the dog to remove by pawing at it
  • Not great for short-snouted dogs

5. JYHY Short Snout Adjustable Dog Muzzles

Getting your short-snouted dog a perfect muzzle isn’t easy, but JYHY makes this simpler by offering a variety of muzzles for dogs with short noses.

What’s more, the 3 holes leaves open the dog’s eyes and mouth for a cooler or smarter look. Furthermore, the holes allow your pet to see clearly and enable it to eat, breathe, or drink while preventing it from biting at the same time.

Product Description

This small-sized JYHY muzzle fits a dog with a head girth of 9-12 inches, although there are other Medium, Large and Extra-large versions for more versatility.

Durability isn’t an issue as the muzzle is made from strong nylon material that won’t wear out easily and feature a breathable mesh for enhanced comfort.

Other Features and Benefits

The adjustable nylon straps with an accompanying durable quick-release buckle allow you to put the muzzle on the dog easily.

Importantly, the particular strap that runs over the dog’s head safely secures the muzzle.

To sum up, the whole muzzle has a soft texture, thus friendly to your dog’s skin and is very easy to clean.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Made of soft yet durable nylon
  • Different sizes and colors to choose from
  • Offers full-range mouth protection
  • Very comfortable


  • Get the right size or the eye and mouth holes will keep shifting

6. Collar Direct Leather Basket Dog Muzzle

This handcrafted leather basket muzzle is suitable for German Shepherds, Shih Tzu’s, Pitbulls, and many others with the same snouts.

The plenty of ventilation on the muzzle ensures enough air for your furry friend, thus great for exercising and training.

Product Description

The muzzle is available in 2 sizes; Medium equivalent to a snout circumference of 11 inches and Large for dogs with a snout girth of 12 3/5 inches.

Alternatively, you can also get the right size by measuring the length of the snout, 3 ½ inches for medium dogs, and 4 1/3 inches for the large dogs.

Other Features and Benefits

The 2 adjustable straps together with the bonus overhead strap are for proper fitting and comfort. Metal rivets are used to fasten the straps together tightly and won’t detach even when the muzzle is used over a long period.

Your dog won’t experience any chafing since the muzzle is made from softened genuine leather to take care of its delicate skin.

To conclude, the muzzle is obtainable as black, Chestnut brown, Grey, and pink so that you can be able to pick the one that matches your preferences.


  • Various sizes and colors offered
  • Comprises heavy duty metal buckles
  • Has adjustable straps
  • Offers value for money


  • Doesn’t allow your dog to eat
  • May be difficult to put on at first

7. Lepark Hook & Loop Dog Muzzle

It can be quite hard at first for a dog that has never used a muzzle to get accustomed to one. To make it easier for the dog, don’t put on the muzzle for long or start by introducing treats through it.

Unlike the other sophisticated muzzles that are difficult to put on the dog, this Lepark mouth cloth is easy with just 3 simple steps.

Firstly, put the meshed part under your dog’s mouth, then buckle the straps at the back of the head, and lastly, stick the basket’s Velcro together.

Product Description

The breathable mesh makes your dog feel at ease even in hot weather, while the upper material with Velcro is soft so as not chaff the dog’s nose.

To get the appropriate size, measure the dog’s snout circumference, and neck girth then compare the results with the provided size chart.

Other Features and Benefits

The soft, durable nylon construction allows regular washing with no visible residue marks when left to dry.

On top of that, the soft fabric allows the muzzle to fold up easily for convenient storage while the included buckles are for easy strap adjustment.


  • Affordable
  • Equipped with breathable mesh fabric
  • Adjustable strap
  • Made with comfortable soft nylon material


  • Improperly sized
  • Naughty dogs will remove the muzzle easily

Best Muzzles for Shih Tzus The Buying Guide

If you want to avoid dashing back to the shops within days of purchasing a muzzle for your Shi Tzu, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind.

Let’s check these factors in detail.

The Size

This is a section that you would not want to go wrong. An ideal muzzle is one that fits your canine well and is comfortable in it.

It should not interfere with the breathing, nor should it cause overheating. Further, your pet should be able to feed and drink with the muzzle on.


When it comes to the material used in construction, ensure that you get a muzzle which your pooch would be comfortable in whichever season it is.

It should not get too hot during summer plus should allow your pet to breathe freely.

What’s more, is that the material should render the muzzle easy to clean by preferably being machine-washable.

Additionally, check for materials with anti-microbial or anti-mold properties.

Straps and Clasps

Most muzzles rely on snaps and clasps for fastening. Ensure that these pieces do not hurt the pet by digging into the skin.

Also, check for durability, and in this case, we recommend that you go for metal clasps, bearing in mind that they tend to cost more.

Another thing is that the straps should be sturdy enough to ensure the canine does not easily chew through it.

Budget Best Muzzles for Shih Tzus

The price of muzzles varies with its size and materials. Your ideal product should lie within a price range which would not dent your pockets too much.

You should also note that to get a high-quality product, you may have to fork out more money.

Types of Muzzles for Shi Tzus

Let’s take a look at the different types of muzzles that are available out there for Shi Tzus.

Basket Muzzle

This is the most popular type of muzzle and is ideal for short-nosed dogs. They are designed such that your dog would not be able to bite but would still breathe and pant properly.

On top of that, your dog would still drink water with the muzzle on.

Face Mask Muzzles

This style covers the entire face but still allows your dog to breathe and pant effortlessly. Although they are the most effective in protecting against biting, it may be a while before your dog gets used to the mask.

Slip Muzzles

The slip muzzle is relatively tight and is suitable for use for short periods only. It is usually made to last for ages and features a hole at one end to ensure the nostrils breathe freely.

Soft Muzzles

Although they don’t offer full bite-protection, soft muzzles are handy as training tools and are usually a perfect fit for Shi Tzus.

Since they interfere with breathing and drinking water, soft muzzles are best when used for short durations. Also, they are not suited for jumpy and energetic dogs.

Best Muzzles for Shih Tzus FAQ

In our research on muzzles for Shi Tzus, we faced the following questions, and we have included their answers next to them.

When would my Shi Tzu need a muzzle?

There are several instances that require a dog muzzle. First, they would help in keeping the groomer safe during a grooming session.

Then, muzzles would also be handy when administering treatment on the dog in case it gets hurt in an accident.

Lastly, whenever you introduce your pet to situations that normally cause anxiety to him, a muzzle would be of great use in keeping him from getting aggressive.

Do puppies need muzzles?

You may not need the muzzle for your puppy since they have a habit of outgrowing the biting and nipping habits.

Ideally, you may choose to wait until the canine is older before introducing him to a muzzle.

What would make my Shi Tzu more aggressive with a muzzle on?

An increase in your dog’s aggression with the muzzle on is normally due to discomfort. Therefore, you need to get the perfect fit plus a lot of training is also required.

Best Overall Choice

After conducting detailed research on all these muzzles, we’ve concluded that the CooZero dog muzzle is the best. Why?

This is because it is easy to put on, comes as a 7-piece pack to fit different dogs, and helps correct your dog’s barking or biting behavior for safe walking or traveling.

Best Muzzles for Shih Tzus Wrapping It Up

We hope our article has touched on everything you need to know about muzzles for Shi Tzus.

By now should be better placed to know what to focus on if you want to end up with a long-lasting product.

You may also check the FAQs sections and see if you can relate to some of the issues addressed there.

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