What’s the Best Muzzle for Dachshund? 7 Product Reviews & Guide

There is no denying that Dachshunds are a small dog breed. They are great with kids and make loyal pets.

The fact that they are small does not mean that they are any different from other dogs in terms of behavior.They will bravely attack dogs larger they are and exhibit other signs of aggression.

It can be difficult to train these dogs hence the need for the best muzzle for dachshund. An ideal muzzle should be able to control your Dachshund’s barking and aggressive behavior.

Our Top Pick

You want to guarantee your safety and that of those around your pooch.

If you are interested in getting your hands on the perfect muzzle for your pooch, this guide should be able to help you.

Best Muzzle for Dachshund

Dachshund Muzzles 2021: Comparison Table

To help you get straight to the point, we have compiled the following table for you.

It contains the quick details you need to keep in mind so you can make an informed choice on-the-go.

Best Muzzle for Dachshund Product Name Size Color
51RbK8Ec7ZL. SL160
8,776 Reviews

Top Pick

Goodboy Gentle Muzzle Small Blue
61lHYqnr96L. SL160
1,885 Reviews
CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle Large Black
41R0VN6XLRL. SL160
14,878 Reviews
Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle 5 – Labrador Black
51kLhFiMjfL. SL160
1,305 Reviews
Mayerzon Basket Breathable Silicone Dog Size1 Black
51og7lOjOmL. SL160
8,799 Reviews
Gentle Muzzle Guard Medium Grey
51IXqbIc98L. SL160
745 Reviews
Mayerzon Breathable Basket XS Black
13 Reviews
Bestia “EROS Leather Dog Muzzle XL Brown & Orange

The Best Muzzle for a Dachshund in 2021

1. Goodboy Gentle Muzzle for Dogs

Did you know your Dachshund can drink water, eat treats and pant normally, all with a muzzle on? This is what your dog gets with the bite-restricting dachshund Muzzle from Goodboy.

The collar and connection straps hold this muzzle in place as they extend behind the dog’s head. As such, your dog is unlikely to take it off even when using their paws.

Key Features

You can attach a leash to this muzzle when out for walks with your Dachshund. This enables you to control your dog better with minimal chances of hurting their head or neck even when they pull on the leash.

For comfort, the inner side of the muzzle is padded with neoprene which helps prevent chafing. In addition, the muzzle’s construction is unlikely to harm your dog’s fur and skin.

Some customers have reported that they like the fact that the muzzle occupies a small part of the dog’s face. This means your pet is unlikely to feel weighed down or their vision blocked by the muzzle.

Extra Details

The manufacturer includes a training guide to help you in case it is the first time your dog is using the muzzle. This is also useful for first-time pet owners as it offers bonding tips.

There are three different sizes for you to pick from for a comfortable fit. Furthermore, the straps are adjustable with a fastener and hook to prevent the loose strap ends from posing a danger in case your pet pulls on them.

This muzzle is easy to put on and remove as it uses buckles. These durable buckles also make adjusting the muzzle size a simple quick task.


  • Neoprene padding
  • Adjustable straps
  • Safely secured
  • Available in three sizes


  • Dog can bite with front teeth

2. CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle

Does your Dachshund bite and cause harm to other dogs? Well, CollarDirect Pitbull dog muzzle may be the solution since it completely restricts the use of your dog’s teeth.

The muzzle construction is likely to be durable as the material used is genuine leather. This leather is stated to retain its shape for long hence a prolonged lifespan.

Key Features

There are two adjustable straps to help fit the muzzle right. But you first have to take your dog’s snout measurements as this muzzle only comes in one size and it may turn out to be bigger or smaller than expected.

The muzzle remains on your dog’s head because it has a strap that extends to the neck from the front side and has a loop for collar attachment.

This seems like a good solution to dogs that dislike muzzles and try to remove them.

Putting on and removing the muzzle is simple due to the buckle design which makes it easy to use. As such, when the need arises, you can fix it on your dog within a short time.

Extra Details

This muzzle has minimal weight to prevent it from feeling heavy on your dog’s snout. Besides that, the leather is gentle on the snout area and on the head too.

The muzzle is breathable, which ensures your pet gets sufficient fresh air. This is important, especially during outdoor activities on a sunny day, since sweat is unlikely to accumulate underneath the muzzle.

This seems like a good muzzle but some customers have complained about the metal studs rusting. You need to clean the metal studs and oil them frequently so that they can retain their shine.


  • Easy to use
  • Remains secured
  • Adjustable strap
  • Total restriction


  • Metal studs rust

3. Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

Does your Dachshund disturb you when you want to put a muzzle on them? Why not try out the Baskerville Ultra dog muzzle with a buckle design to ensure that it is easy to put on and off your dog’s snout?

The inside of the muzzle has a neoprene lining. This inside layer is for comfort and to prevent the formation of hot spots or chafing on the pet’s snout.

Key Features

There are six varied sizes of this muzzle that you can pick from depending on your dog’s snout measurements. Moreover, the muzzle can be heat-shaped for a perfect fit.

The buckle design makes using the muzzle simple. You can put this muzzle that is easy to remove on your dog within a short time, especially during the aggressive situations.

Rubber is the material used on this muzzle. Apart from being durable, it is easy to clean and gentle on your dog’s skin.

Extra Details

The overhead security strap can be removed when you do not need to use it. You can also attach a leash to the muzzle when walking your dog or during training for control.

This muzzle is light in weight. As such, your dog may not feel weighed down, which can cause it to lower its head in an uncomfortable position.

Some customers were disappointed with this muzzle as it restricts the dog partially. According to them, their dogs could still bite yet they expected them not to be able to use their teeth at all.


  • Available in six sizes
  • Neoprene lining
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Partial restriction

4. Mayerzon Basket Breathable Silicone Dog Muzzle

Have you been searching for a muzzle made of soft material yet durable? Well, Mayerzon Basket Breathable Silicone Dog Muzzle seems to fit the description with a soft rubber construction.

The rubber material used to make this muzzle may be the reason for the lightweight. As such, there is no extra weight to burden your Dachshund and cause it to lower its head.

Key Features

This seems like an ideal muzzle for restricting your furry friend from biting. The basket design allows your dog to pant and even chew treats but cannot open the mouth wide to bite.

The straps are padded with neoprene. This is to prevent chafing or hot spots resulting from the muzzle rubbing on the dog’s skin and fur.

There is a collar attachment loop for on the muzzle. The loop helps to prevent the muzzle from coming off even when your Dachshund tries to remove it.

Extra Details

The buckle latch makes removing and putting the muzzle on your dog a simple task. This latch can also be used to adjust the muzzle.

You can use the overhead security strap when necessary as it is removable. The muzzle can also be attached to a leash as you walk or train your pet.

The muzzle comes in six different sizes and we expect it to fit your pet correctly. Unfortunately, some customers have reported that the sizes are incorrect and when adjusting, the straps do not help.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Durable and soft
  • Six different sizes


  • Sizing challenge

5. Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs Grey

Does your Dachshund have a sensitive skin that gets easily chaffed? The Gentle Muzzle Guard is neoprene-padded to prevent chaffing and ensure your dog is comfortable even with the muzzle on.

The side release buckles come in handy for adjusting the muzzle. You can also use these buckles to put on and remove the muzzle with ease.

Key Features

The connection strap ensures the muzzle does not come off as you can attach it to your pet’s collar. You use the D-ring for leash attachment to help with dog control.

This muzzle has a loop and hook fastener to help keep the extra strap length in the right position. The hanging straps can be hazardous in case your dog pulls on them as they can get too tight.

You have two sizes of this muzzle to pick from depending on your pet’s snout measurements. Besides that, the muzzle can be adjusted for the right fit using the straps.

Extra Details

The manufacturer has included a training manual to guide you on how to introduce the muzzle on your pet. In the guide, the owner is also advised on how to facilitate bonding for better relationships.

Having a heavy muzzle can be stressful, especially when your Dachshund is not used to having something around its snout. This muzzle is of minimal weight to ensure your pet is comfortable.

This muzzle is non-restrictive and allows your dog to use their mouth. However, this freedom is disadvantageous when you are trying to prevent biting or trying to stop your dog from eating dirt.


  • Soft padding
  • Hook and loop fastener
  • Two sizes
  • Buckle design


  • Non-restrictive

6. Mayerzon Breathable Basket Dog Muzzle

Rubber is easy to clean and it is durable. This means the Mayerzon Breathable Basket Dog Muzzle is likely to be used for a long time and you can always clean it as many times as possible with minimal risk of damage.

The basket design of this muzzle allows your Dachshund the freedom to drink, eat and pant. But it prevents your pet from biting others, especially if it has the habit of attacking other dogs or people.

Key Features

The muzzle is soft to prevent it from causing chaffing to the snout. Besides that, the rubber used is of minimal weight to avoid straining your dog and making the use of the muzzle stressful.

You have five varied sizes of this muzzle. Once you have the correct measurements you can purchase while referring to the sizing chart provided.

Use the over-head and neck strap to adjust the muzzle to fit well. The ergonomic design helps keep the muzzle securely in the right position for the required duration.

Extra Details

A guide is included for use on how to introduce your dog to muzzles in case it is its first time. Besides that, the muzzle is easy to put on and off the snout which comes in handy when dealing with aggressive pets.

This muzzle has large holes for air circulation. When your dog can breathe freely, the chances of suffocation and the rubber getting heated up to the extent of causing burns on your pet’s snout are reduced.

Some customers have reported that the straps are loose. Even when they tightened it, their pets still managed to remove the muzzle.


  • Non-toxic rubber
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety strapping
  • Durable construction


  • Loose straps

7. Bestia “EROS Leather Dog Muzzle

Bestia has used genuine leather on their muzzle that is likely to retain its original shape for long. The rivets used to join the muzzle parts are nickel-plated to keep out rust and corrosion effects for a longer life span.

The metallic buckles used are strong and unlikely to open up when in use. In addition, the buckles allow you to adjust the muzzle to fit your Dachshund properly.

Key Features

There is soft padding on the inside of the muzzle where it rests on your pet’s snout. The padding, apart from enhancing comfort, is a protective cushioning against chaffing or hot spot formation due to the muzzle.

Using the muzzle is simple since it has buckles. This seems ideal for dogs new to muzzles as you use less time to put it on and also when getting it off.

The muzzle is partially restrictive and can be useful for aggressive Dachshunds that bite other dogs or destroy items. Your dog can drink water, eat and pant without difficulty but using the back teeth is not possible.

Extra Details Best Muzzle for Dachshund

According to Bestia, their muzzle is light to prevent extra weight on your Dachshund’s snout that can be uncomfortable. In addition, leather is gentle on your pet’s fur as the straps extend to the neck and the head.

You have three sizes of this muzzle to pick from. It is important to carefully take snout measurements to avoid getting a muzzle that is too big or very tight on your four-legged friend.

The unfortunate thing we found with this muzzle is that it lacks a collar attachment plus a D-ring for leash attachment. This means your dog can easily pull it over their head and you need an additional collar to be able to use a leash.


  • Genuine leather
  • Soft padding
  • Buckle design
  • Easy to adjust


  • No collar attachment

Muzzles For Dachshund: Buying Guide

You do not want to pick a muzzle for your Dachshund based on the price or availability because then, you are likely to make a wrong choice.

In respect to that, you want to consider several crucial factors prior to purchasing a dog muzzle. Some of these factors include:

Size and Fit

True, Dachshunds are small dogs but that does not mean that any muzzle will fit them. An ill-fitting muzzle is useless to say the least.

Look at it this way-if the muzzle is too big, it will not restrict your pooch from biting or barking. If it is too small, it may injure and impede your dog’s breathing.

As such, you want to measure the area around your dog’s snout to get correct measurements that you will use against a manufacturer-sizing chart.

Muzzle Adjustability

You want to pick a muzzle with adjustable straps to modify the fit whenever you want to. This will ensure that the muzzle is always secure and comfortable on your pooch’s face.

Weight of Muzzle

Nothing can be as distracting and uncomfortable for your pooch as a weighty muzzle.

In that regard, you want to go for a muzzle that is fabricated from lightweight material to ensure that it does not weigh your pooch down.

Muzzle Durability

It is important to choose a resilient muzzle and this boils down to the material it is made from.

You want to consider materials such as leather and nylon because they are good at withstanding harsh conditions.

How to get your Dachshund Acclimated to a Muzzle

The following tips will help you transition your pooch easily into wearing a muzzle.

  • Start by acquainting your dog with the muzzle by sniffing it. You want to do this a few times before progressing to the next step.
  • Have a few training sessions that involve allowing your dog to touch the muzzle with their nose. Offer them a treat each time they do that. 
  • This will help reinforce a relationship between your pooch and the muzzle.
  • The next step involves training your pooch to put their snout in the muzzle to get their treat. The best way to do this is by holding the muzzle in front of your pooch with one hand and using the other hand to hold the treat behind the muzzle.
  • You are now ready to put the muzzle on your dog but do not fasten it. You want to put it on and take it off frequently while offering treats.
  • As you progress in the training increase the time to two to three minutes before taking off the muzzle. Increase the time as you go and hold your dog’s collar all through.
  • Treats play an important role so do not forget to give some at each stage of the training.

Best Muzzle for Dachshund FAQ

If you have any questions in respect to what we are discussing, the ones we have answered below can give you a clearer idea.

Why should I muzzle my Dachshund?

There are many reasons why you should do that.It could be anything from preventing your pooch from overeating, barking, or biting those around them.

Some dogs also exhibit erratic behavior simply because they are in a new environment or when Dachshund are being groomed with clippers.

A functional, sturdy muzzle will help keep you and those around your pooch safe.

Is it cruel to have my dog muzzled?

Not at all. What is cruel is allowing your pooch to attack and injure those around them. Sometimes, they can even injure themselves.

Best Overall Choice

Our best recommended muzzle is the Goodboy Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs which is easy to put on and off your dog’s snout. It’s available in blue and pink colors. As you know, blue is for males and pink for females (you might want to look at it from that perspective too).

As far as durability is concerned, this muzzle is made up of neoprene padding. This is a strong material that prevents chafing and also ensures your dog is comfortable in the long run.

The Goodboy muzzle is reasonably priced although its straps don’t look the part. But in our view, this is one unit that provides a good combination of functionality, safety, and durability.

Best Muzzle for Dachshund Final Thoughts

As you can see, purchasing a muzzle is not just about safeguarding others. It is also about keeping them safe as well.

In case your dachshund is the aggressive type, you want to get a quality muzzle to avoid any unfortunate incidents and curb their animalistic tendencies.

A muzzle can also be used temporarily if you have a problem with your dog wearing it all the time. This will control their eating, chewing habits, and reopening any wounds they may have.

With this guide at your disposal, we believe you now have all the knowledge you need to pick the right muzzle for the money.

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