The Best Life Jacket for Pugs – Read Our Top 5 Reviews

Regardless of whether you are boating, rafting, or swimming in a pool, your Pug would still want to be there with you; it is only that they cannot voice it out.

Nevertheless, as a loving and caring dog parent, you want to get the best life jacket for pugs so that they can enjoy water sports.

As expected, dogs can have good days in water when they swim like pros and bad days when unanticipated things like falling into the water happen.

With a few precautions on your part, you can be able to have your pooch safely swimming atany time.

Best Life Jacket for Pugs

Best-Rated Pug Life Jackets in 2021: Comparison Table

Your pug can become an even better swimmer if you provide them with the right gear.

Our Top Pick

With that said, here’s our run-down of the most popular jackets for the money.

Best Life Jacket for Pugs Product Name Neck Style Size
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1,018 Reviews

Top Pick

EzyDog Floatation Device Dog Life Vest Jacket Small
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1,276 Reviews
RUFFWEAR Adjustable and Reflective Life Jacket Boat Neck Small
27,178 Reviews
Outward Hound Splash Dog Life jacket Round Neck Small
518Pt HTqiL. SL160
309 Reviews
Swim Ways Sea Squirts Dog Life Jacket Round Neck Medium
41So+R2T9wS. SL160
1,197 Reviews
Snik-S Dog Life Jacket Round Neck Medium

The Best Life Jacket for Pugs

1. EzyDog Floatation Device Dog Life Vest Jacket

Any dog that belongs to the so-called “bully breed” is suited to have this floatation jacket from EzyDog.

Besides, the lifejacket might be more favorable for dogs that a shorter length and deeper chest because it fits them so well.

The doggie jacket has been made to be shorter on the side and wider across the chest, making it good for dogs that have big bodies.

Moreover, it has more floatation material that can add up to 50%, which makes it very unique more than other life jackets.

The jacket also has some negative points, one of them being about the straps that are relatively large and are outside the vest.

This might be a problem in case they get caught on something like a branch. However, they have an easy release whenever you need to loosen them.

Key Features

The doggie vest/jacket is available in two colors, which are bright red and bright yellow colors.

For those who like to go hunting, they also come in an attractive camo pattern that fits very well with these hunting dogs in the woods.

Additionally, the life jacket comes in different sizes. These sizes give room for many types of dogs that are of different sizes and mixed breeds.

They include extra-large, large, medium, small, and extra-small.

The jacket has an adjustable design that can help your dog fit well in it even when it seems to be a bit bigger.

However, many dog owners have come out to claim that this vest can bring the rear of the dog higher in the water.

 In return, leads to your pooch’s head getting pushed inside the water automatically, which sounds very risky. This should be observed, especially when your pooch is a learner.


  • Has durable material
  • Good for avid swimmers
  • Ergonomic design


  • Relatively large straps

2. RUFFWEAR Adjustable and Reflective Life Jacket for Dogs

The second product on review is the Ruffwear life jacket, which is made to ensure maximum visibility of your dog while in water.

This life jacket is believed to offer one of the best comfortability for your dog while in water. Chances will be that your dog might enjoy staying in water for long.

Besides, it has been made using abrasion-resistant materials and extremely durable materials.

In addition, it has a top handle that assists you in getting your dog out of water whenever necessary.

However, this dog might be gorgeous, but the prices barely impress many people. The prices are at a higher point when compared to other life jackets, and this factor contributes to its downside.

To put it in a better place, though, for many to see, it comes in several designs and colors.

The colors are vital in making your dog feel comfortable, and this might be a reason for many dogs loving this life jacket.

Key Features

Starting with designs and color, the life jacket has been made using several colors that seem fun to many pooches. They include dark red, blue with pink highlights, orange, yellow, and bright red.

Moreover, the life jacket has been installed with some strips that not only make it beautiful but also assist in visibility while in water.

You can be sure always to locate your dog in water easily, even when the head is placed below the water surface.

Nevertheless, the jacket has closed-cell foam panels that are strategically placed to ensure your dog stays in his natural swimming position.

The adjustable telescoping neck closure also plays a part in making the life jacket an awesome gift for your dog, allowing its comfortable and natural movements.

Also, to ensure the safety of your dog is at maximum, the jacket has a floatation beneath the dog’s belly to make sure that it stays afloat.


  • Durable material
  • Extra-floatation underneath the dog’s belly
  • No exposed straps


  • Relatively expensive

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3. Outward Hound Splash Dog Life jacket

The Outward Hound vest for dogs is made of a durable material that makes it serve your dog for quite some time.

When you need a good life jacket for your dog, considering factors such as buoyancy, adjustability, visibility, and convenience might get you there.

Outward hound vest has all of them incorporated in it to give your dog a good time.

The life jacket is claimed to be durable and of a high quality due to its adjustable straps and neoprene material.

Besides, the quick-release buckles mean that this life jacket is easy to take on and off your pooch.

On the flip side, though, many buyers have done returns due to the indicated sizes not fitting their pooches. This is due to the different types of breeds having different sizes.

However, the many good features, including the warming insulation that ensures warmth and regulated temperatures, give it an upper hand.

Key Features

The jacket comes in many colors that include orange, pink, and clownfish-patterned. These colors are vital in ensuring maximum visibility in the water and also beauty.

Additionally, the jacket comes in five different sizes that can fit different dog breeds. These sizes include extra-large, large, medium, small, and extra-small.

There are also quick-release buckles that make the dog easy to pull out of the water whenever necessary.

This s because sometimes your dog might be drowning, and this helps in taking the necessary precautions whenever it reaches to this point.

Moreover, the jacket is made unique by a neck float that is placed in front. This ensures that your dog’s head always stays on top of the water.


  • Affordable prices
  • Visibility guaranteed
  • Warming insulation


  • Their sizes don’t fit some dogs

4. Swim Ways Sea Squirts Dog Life Jacket with Fin

This life jacket is beautiful and fun at the same time, featuring a big blue dorsal fin that is incorporated at its back.

This gives a good impression of your dog as it swims around a pool or even a lake.

If you need a life jacket that will make your dog comfortable, then this one might be what you are looking for.

Besides, it is easy to put on and off, making it ideal. Also, it has a handle on the back that makes it easy to control or lift it out of the water.

This handle usually lies perpendicularly to your dog’s body, making this vest/jacket unique compared to the others.

Moreover, it has a metal D-ring that is very helpful in clipping the leash for your dog.

There are also two belly and chest straps that keep the vest snug on your pooch. All of them have quick-release buckles.

The vest has some negative reviews from some dog owners who own large breed dogs.

They claim that they tend to be smaller to their dogs, therefore making them unfavorable for some dog breeds.

Key Features

The vest is available in small sizes for dogs with chest sizes of 17-23 inches and a neck size of 12-15 inches.

Also, medium sizes are available, and they fit dogs that have a chest size of 21-30 inches and a neck size of 16-24 inches.

This means that large sizes are not available, and many people with large breeds cannot benefit from this life jacket.

Moreover, it has been made with a gorgeous shark fin at the back that makes your dog look good while swimming in water.

This fin will probably make your pooch the center of the attention and his will boost its confidence.


  • Metal D-ring
  • Gorgeous fin at the back
  • Affordable


  • Not available for larger dogs

5. Snik-S Dog Life Jacket With Adjustable Belt

This is yet another type of dog life jacket that comes with a shark-fin at the back to spice things up for your dog as it swims in the pool. This fin makes it the center of all the attention.

Besides, it mixes both safety and beauty in one jacket because of the handle that is placed just before the fin to enable lifting your dog.

This might be important in instances where your dog is a starter in swimming, and by bad chance, it starts to drown. You can also use the handle any time you want to remove your dog from the water.

Additionally, the jacket will offer you a choice for your dog according to its size because it comes in five sizes to accommodate all the types of dog sizes.

Different breeds here can also benefit because the sizes to choose from are several.

Key Features

The jacket is available in five sizes that are extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. These sizes are useful to many dogs of different sizes.

The material used here is high-grade polyester Oxford and Nylon Fabric. This ensures that your dog stays safe while in water. Additionally, it has a D-ring that is perfect for your dog leash.

Moreover, the front float is vital in ensuring that your dog’s head always stays above the water. This helps to avoid cases of drowning.


  • D-ring for leash
  • Front float keeps head above water
  • Many sizes


  • Relatively expensive

Buying Guide for Life Jackets for Pugs

Regardless of whether your Pug is a good swimmer or not, you should invest in a life jacket for them. This will come in handy especially when accidents occur while swimming.

A good life vest will also help when your pooch is too tired to swim, as it will keep them afloat.In that regard, you want to look for some crucial qualities in a life vest before buying it.

Here are some of those features.

Bright Coloring Best Life Jacket for Pugs

We can never emphasize enough how crucial it is to get a life jacket that will easily be spotted. If your dog needs to be pulled out of the water, you need to be able to see them clearly and faster.

As such, you want to get them a life jacket in bright colors such as neon green, yellow, or orange. You may also want to get a jacket in reflective material for those times when you might be swimming in the dark.

Proper Positioning of Handles

If there is ever a time when you will need to unexpectedly pull your pooch out of water, you will appreciate handles that are conveniently positioned on their life jacket.

Ideally, one handle should be next to your dog’s legs, and the other one on their shoulders for effective lifting.

Avoid any vest with only one handle in the middle. Keep in mind that most dogs tend to be heavier on the top parts of their bodies, and their heads may bow into the water when you attempt to lift them from the middle.

Your pooch is likely to panic if their head submerges into the water as you are lifting them and this will make pulling them out much harder.

Handle and Strap Length

The length of the handles and straps on your dog’s life vest should not be too long or overexposed. This will aid in preventing any accidental snagging of the vest on rocks and other obstacles in the water.

Incomparable Buoyancy

The purpose of a life jacket is to keep your Pug afloat. This means that it needs to have floatation material in all the right places.

You want a jacket with additional floatation material under your dog’s head and under their belly to help them stay afloat.

Jacket Durability

Your life jacket of choice should be made of strong material that is well stitched and rip-resistant.It has to be something that is made with floatation material that is known to work well in waterso water resistance is compulsory.

A good personal floatation device should be able to keep your pooch as safe as possible. You can invest in a costly jacket if it has been proven to be the best at protecting dogs while they are out in the water.

Best Life Jacket for Pugs FAQ

The following questions can be of help if you are curious about this topic.

Is a life jacket good for my dog?

Yes it is. A good life jacket is designed to be buoyant to keep your pooch afloat any time they are in water.

Without a life vest, you can never be assured of your dog’s safety and they could easily drown.

Do I need to wear a life jacket while surfing?

A life jacket will restrict your movements while surfing and for this reason, most surfers do not wear it. However, a life vest can safeguard you, and even save you from drowning when you are far out in the water.

To be on the safe side, you need to learn how to surf while having a jacket on.

Is it possible to drown with a life jacket on?

There have been drowning reports even with life jackets albeit a few. This usually happens if water currents and waves are too strong and the person who drowned probably had their head submerged. Some people drown because they were face down and unconscious in the water.

Best Overall Choice

What defines a good life jacket especially for pugs? The first thing is safety. You want the jacket to be safe for use and highly visible.

Of course, it’s important this gear is buoyant. After all, its major role is to keep your pup afloat on water.

Other than that, it’s imperative that whatever jacket you choose is easy to fit. Remember, dogs come in different sizes. So, your best bet is a jacket that’s adjustable in order to provide a comfortable fit.

And based on our research, the EzyDog Floatation Device Dog Life Vest Jacket is the one that comes closest to that description. It’s quite well-made, durable and safe. Plus, we think it’s quite competitively priced.

Best Life Jacket for Pugs Final Thoughts

A good life vest is that one that provides the highest buoyancy and is highly visible. This will help keep your pooch afloat irrespective of the conditions.

We have done our part and this guide is now at your disposal. You have all the knowledge you need to land the best life jacket for pugs.

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