The 10 Best LED Dog Harnesses of 2021

With a busy schedule to keep up with, chances are that your best time to walk your pooch is during dawn or dusk.

If anything, the temperature is cooler at that time and your beloved pet won’t hurt his paws as he walks on the pavement.

But there’s a catch – during those hours of the day, visibility is quite poor and your dog’s safety at risk.

But thanks to technological development we can now reveal to you some of the top-rated LED dog harnesses.

Best LED Dog Harnesses – Our Top Pick

Yup, you read that right. These are harnesses that illuminate in the dark making your dog easier to spot from a distance.

Best LED Dog Harnesses

The 10 Top-Rated Best LED Harness for Dogs: Comparison List

Check out some of the leading harnesses that can be seen from thousands of feet away.

These make your baby safer from passers-by, motorized traffic and so forth.

Best LED Dog Harnesses

Name Size Color

Top Pick

Illumiseen LED Dog Vest | Orange Safety Jacket X-Large Orange

No products found.

noxgear LightHound – Multicolor LED Illuminated Large Magenta
Domi LED Dog Harness Small Blue
Pet Industries] Reflective LED Dog Harness X-Small Atomic Green
Pet Lovers Stuff Medium Dog Harness X-large Green
BSEEN Reflecitve LED Dog Harness Small  Green
Wiyifada LED Dog Harness Large Yellow Light
41q 9JaJ9EL. SL160
9 Reviews
Ocean Place Ltd-LED Dog Harness Medium
1,385 Reviews
Blazin’ Bison LED Dog Harness
Clio Illuminated LED Rechargeable Dog Harness Large Blue

The Best LED Dog Harnesses in 2021

1. Illumiseen-LED Dog Vest Safety Jacket

This is a nearly-perfect LED dog harness that is designed like a safety jacket. Its LED diodes are placed strategically to improve the visibility of your pooch no matter the weather.

What’s more, it is made from soft materials for your dog’s comfort. Plus the materials are breathable and sweat absorbent.

Yet another thing that really makes this vest unique is that it provides you with a combination of LED lights and reflective strips. This can be of great help should the LED system fail.

Segue, this jacket is designed in such a manner that it is extremely easy for your pet to wear and remove. So, you won’t need to spend the better part of the morning playing a game of tug-of-war with your pooch before heading out.

Its quick-release buckles particularly make it highly user-friendly. And to complete the equation, it provides you with an adjustable belt which ensures that you provide your pooch with a snug-fitting harness.

The icing on the cake is that this LED dog harness recharges quite fast. In fact, it takes an average of 30 minutes to 60 minutes to fully recharge.

On a full charge, it can run you for many hours since LED diodes are known to be efficient power users.


  • It combines LED lights and reflective strips
  • It is a rechargeable LED dog harness
  • Charging takes a short time
  • Adjustable
  • Various sizes available


  • Not infallible, fails after a few years of use

2. NoxgearLightHound-LED Dog Harness

The NoxgearLightHound-LED Dog Harness helps you to monitor your dog’s movement in the dark while warning motorists, and other road users of your dog’s presence.

Just by touching it, you can feel that it is built to last. Everything from its design to stitching is clearly done by a company that’s determined to provide pet parents with good value for money.

And that’s not all! This vest is available in 8 different LED light color varieties. We’re talking about yellow, red, blue, magenta, cyan, green, purple and pink.

Ordinarily, the LED diodes should be enough but this company has gone a step further and provided you with 3M Scotchlite reflectors which reflect light when illuminated.

The light from these reflector can be seen from as far as half a mile away.

No products found.

One challenge as far as harnesses go is that it’s not always easy to find one that perfectly fits your dog. With that in mind, the guys who made this harness provide 4 different size models.

So, you can always go for a size that best suits your dog and that is by taking your dog’s measurements and using them as you make a choice.

Lastly, this jacket is machine-washable and, therefore, easy to maintain. On the flip side, though, it’s quite pricey compared to other brands in the market.


  • Different sizes available
  • Adjustable for a custom fit
  • 360 degrees illumination
  • Durably constructed
  • Weatherproof
  • Machine washable


  • Not a budget-friendly LED harness jacket

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3. Domi LED-Dog Harness, No Pull USB Rechargeable Pet Vest

You can use this LED dog harness when engaging in different activities with your dog including training, hiking, running, walking or jogging. The Domi LED-Dog Harness helps you circumvent any potential dangers in the dark.

The harness has two flashing modes, namely steady glowing or blinking mode.Powered by a rechargeable battery, the battery takes 2 hours to recharge. Besides, the battery lasts for 3 hours when in the steady glow mode or 8 hours in the blink mode.

The jacket is designed with a breathable and comfortable material. It is also padded.

It has a leash attachment point at the shoulders in case you need to control your dog’s movements. It is a no-pull design jacket that distributes pressure across your dog’s body while avoiding the area around the throat area.

Thanks to the adjustable belts at the neck and chest area, the harness is easily adjustable. This makes wearing or removing the harness fast and easy. The adjustments also gives your dog a custom fit.

There are various sizes available to suit the size of your dog. Additionally, there are various color options to suit different preferences.To clean it, simply remove the LED battery and wash the soft mesh material.


  • Padded and breathable
  • The harness has a no-pull design
  • Adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Easy to clean
  • It has a leash attachment point.


  • Should not be submerged in water

4. Pet Industries- Reflective LED Dog Harness -USB Rechargeable

This budget-priced LED dog harness comes with three different light settings. To switch from one light setting to another is easy using the provided click button.

This leash combines LED lights visibility and a reflective stitched rim to give you, motorists and other road users visibility of your pooch.It is designed with bright reflective strips that give you visibility from all angles.

 Included is a heavy-duty electroplated steel leash attachment point to help you control your dog if need be. Moreover, the D-ring is corrosion resistant.The harness comes with a nametape patch for your dog’s safety. 

You can use the harness in all weather, thanks to the heat-welded insulation wiring. Besides that, the durably constructed LED dog harness has an abrasion and waterproof outer shell for longevity.

It is USB rechargeable and a fully recharged battery can run for up to 7 hours. The battery has a smart charge technology with a signal to show when the battery is fully charged. More so, there are various sizes to suit different ages and breeds of dogs. Also, you have a choice of two colors.


  • It combines reflective trims and LED light technology
  • Visibility from all angles
  • Budget Friendly
  • It has a leash attachment point
  • Rechargeable battery
  • The battery has 7hours running time

Cons for Best LED Dog Harnesses

  • Reflective strips are quite small in size

5. Pet Lovers Stuff-Over the Head LED Pet Dog Harness

This is a LED reflective harness combining both LED lights and reflective strips to give motorists and other road users’ visibility of your dog in the dark.You can use this LED dog harness for different breeds and sizes of dogs.

It is a no-pull harness and therefore safe because the pressure exerted on the leash is away from the dog’s throat and distributed over a large body area.

The LED strip is across the dog’s chest. However, unlike other harnesses which have the LED light covering a large area, this is only limited to the neck area. Noteworthy, this should not be a problem if your dog is on a leash.

The harness is made from premium materials and then stitched well for durability. It also features a sturdy metal D-ring leash attachment point.Fully padded, the harness is also light in weight and has no hard edges for comfort and to minimize chafing of your dog’s fur and skin.

Adjustable straps make putting it on and removing it from the dog easy.There are three sizes available, for dogs that are in between sizes, take the larger size.Besides that, it is competitively priced and therefore affordable.

Pros for Best LED Dog Harnesses

  • Combines reflective strips and LED strips for enhanced visibility
  • Competitively priced
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to put on and remove it
  • Padded
  • Sturdy D-ring leash attachment point


  • The LED strip is over a small neck area
  • Only three sizes available

6. Bseen-LED Dog Harness USB Rechargeable

You can enjoy an evening walk with your furry friend without worrying if your walk will be extended into the night. Thanks to the Bseen-LED Dog Harness that has a glowing LED light that illuminates your dog.

The LED harness comes at a bargain price, on top of that, it is covered by the manufacturer’s one-year satisfaction warranty.

The harness is made from a soft, durable and non-toxic polyester and meshing for your dog’s comfort and safety. It is well-fitting and comfortable and doesn’t affect your dog’s pooch’s natural movements.

There are eight sizes to choose from, additionally, each harness has an adjustable belt for a custom fit for your dog. The quick-release buckle makes putting it on and removing it easy. There are also different color models to suit different color preferences.

Besides, it is USB rechargeable for your convenience. It has a 2 hours charging time with a charge lasting about 8 hours if used in the blink mode and 3 hours if it is in the steady glow mode.

Moreover, it has a leash attachment point which allows you to control your dog.

Pros for Best LED Dog Harnesses

  • Budget-friendly
  • One-year satisfaction warranty
  • USB rechargeable
  • Eight different sizes available
  • Adjustable
  • Made from a soft non-toxic material
  • Easy to put it or remove it from your dog
  • Leash attachment point


  • Leash attachment may come off if pulled by a powerful dog

7. Wiyifada Reflective LED Dog Harness

A reflective LED dog harness can turn your night adventures with your pooch into fun and safe activities. Constructed with a breathable fabric, this harness is comfortable. The harness is a no-pull harness with a sturdy D-ring for attaching a leash.

It is a safe harness that lies on your dog’s chest and away from the throat and therefore it has no choking risk. The harness has three control modes, namely fully on, fast flash and slow flash. Switching it off is also a breeze.The harness has a double locker design to keep the harness secure on your dog.

For sizing, there are four different sizes available to fit different breeds and ages of dogs. The sizes are based on a dog’s bust and neck size. It also is adjustable to give your dog a custom fit and it makes putting it or removing it from the dog fast and easy.

Wiyifada LED Dog Harness Adjustable Vest Large...

It is competitively priced, what’s more, it is covered by the manufacturer’s one year warranty.There are four different color options to choose from.


  • It is affordable
  • Backed by manufacturer’s one year warranty
  • It has a leash attachment point
  • Four different sizes
  • Four color options
  • It is a no-pull harness
  • Breathable fabric
  • Double lock


  • Not strong enough for strong pulling dogs
  • The recharging cord is too short

8. Ocean Place Ltd-LED Dog Harness

The Ocean Place Ltd-LED Dog Harness has a simple design yet it is functional and affordable.The LED light is visible from a distance for your dog’s safety.

The flashing is powered by a button cell. Although it is not a rechargeable battery, the good thing is that the button cell has 80 hours of life, giving you up to three months of service.

A LED light has an advantage over reflective strips. While reflective strips require an outside source of light to illuminate light LED lights don’t.

In comparison to other LED harnesses in this review however, this harness has only the LED light with no reinforced visibility from reflective strips.

Constructed from a nylon material, it is sturdy and therefore durable.Its simple design makes it easy to put on your dog or remove it. It is adjustable for a perfect fit.With a weight of only 6.2 ounces, it is light in weight and as such, easy on your dog.

A control button makes operating the LED light easy, for switching on, off or putting it on flash mode.

There are three color options available.

Pros for Best LED Dog Harnesses

  • Budget-friendly
  • It is a cheap LED dog harness
  • Leash attachment point
  • Light in weight
  • Durably constructed


  • It has no reflectors
  • Non-rechargeable

9. Blazin’ Bison LED Dog Harness Safety Rechargeable

A reflective LED dog harness makes it safe to take your dog on camping trips, walks, and evening hikes.

This LED dog harness is designed uniquely with eight colors and six flashing modes, additionally, it is operated simply with a button.The LED light visibility distance is up to 300 yards.

In addition to that, the harnessing is reinforced with a reflective fabric that has an 800 yards distance visibility.The harness covers a sizeable part of the dog’s chest for 360 degrees visibility.

With a weight of only 6.9 ounces, it is light in weight and easy on your dog’s body. It is also waterproof and as such there are no concerns when it is raining.

There are three size models based on a dog’s chest and neck measurements.Velcro straps make it easy to adjust the size of the harness to suit your dog’s size. It is equally easy to put it or remove it from your dog.

It has a rechargeable battery that has a 15 hour running time for your convenience. The harness also has a leash attachment point, in case you need to control your dog.

On the downside, it is quite expensive in comparison with other harnesses in this review and in the market. The good thing is that although it is expensive, it comes with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.


  • Easy to operate
  • It is USB rechargeable
  • Leash attachment point
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
  • Waterproof
  • 15-hour battery running time


  • Its price is on the higher side
  • Only three sizes available

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10. Clio Illuminated LED Dog Harness Rechargeable

The Clio Illuminated LED Dog Harness is a safety harness designed to alert motorists and other road users of your dog’s presence. It also helps you to monitor your dog’s movements in the dark where natural visibility is limited.

It features a harness designed in different neon lights and as such, they are quite illuminated. It is USB rechargeable and a spare battery is provided.

The harness illuminates light at all dark times because it is a LED light and not a reflective light.

As such, it doesn’t require an outside source of light to reflect. However, when compared to other brands in this review and in the market, this harness has no reflective fabric or strips for enhanced visibility.

There are four sizes, suiting different ages and breeds of dogs. The harness sizing is based on your dog’s neck and chest measurements. In addition to that, it is adjustable for a custom fit.

Clio Illuminated LED Rechargeable Dog Harness...

A leash attachment point is provided, in case you need to control your pooch.In comparison to other LED dog harnesses, it is moderately priced.


  • Different neon color options
  • Four different sizes available
  • Leash attachment point
  • Adjustable
  • USB rechargeable
  • Spare battery provided

Cons of Best LED Dog Harnesses

  • There are cheaper models in the market
  • It has no reflectors

Benefits of Light Emitting Diode Harnesses

There are numerous reasons to invest in these fancy-looking harnesses. The first reason is that they are highly safe to use and also make your pet easier to spot.

What’s more?

Compared to LED collars, LED harnesses produce even more illumination as they occupy a larger surface area of your pooch’s body. And the best part is that there are always different kinds of light options to choose from:

  • Slow flashing
  • Steady light
  • Fast flashing mode

Of course, not all harnesses come with all those features. But if you can get one that offers such kind of flexibility, you’d probably enjoy more flexibility – if you need it that is. Other benefits include:

Best LED Dog Harnesses as No Choke

Unlike collars which apply pressure around the throat, these ones are applied around the chest area. They are, therefore, much more comfortable to use especially if your dog likes pulling.

Best LED Dog Harnesses User-Friendly

Not all – but a majority of the LED dog harnesses we’ve come across are quite easy to use. As such, there isn’t much tug-of-war involved as is typically the case with traditional harnesses.

Rechargeable – Best LED Dog Harnesses

There are two types of power sources for LED harnesses namely battery-powered and USB rechargeable. The USB rechargeable ones are slightly lighter than battery-powered ones, though.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Harnesses

Even though there are many options available, there are also certain factors that you need to pay attention to. Fortunately, that’s precisely what we’ll talk about in the section right below.

Best LED Dog Harnesses Think Durability

This is probably the most important factor to consider when shopping for an LED harness. After all, it is important that the unit lasts long.

If the harness is too cheap to be true, chances are that it comes with cheap electrical components. Those ones might be prone to failure and might only last you a few walks.

Best LED Dog Harnesses Got Style?

There are two options when it comes to style. You can either have the lighting all around the dog or in some sections. If you’d like to have a 360-degree lighting option, you want to go for the option with lighting all around.

However, harnesses with lighting in certain sections can still make sense to use. That is unless you’re really looking to take no chances with your pooch’s visibility.

Waterproof Features

Unfortunately, there’s no way to control the weather. Even a short walk around the block might leave you all soaked up in rainwater within no time. And with LED harnesses comprising electrical components, it makes sense to insist on quality-waterproof features.

And as far as that goes, we’d recommend going for something with an IPX7 rating. That means even if the harness is submerged for 30 minutes in under 1 meter of water, it still would function.

Best LED Dog Harnesses Overall

For a 360-degree view of the dog, we’d recommend the Fiber Optics USB Rechargeable harness from NoxGear. It is available in 8 different colors to choose from.

Most importantly it is light in weight and comfortable for your dog to wear all day long.

Best LED Dog Harnesses Final Thoughts

Whether you’re in it just for the looks or are looking for something that can take your dog’s security a notch higher, an LED harness is an important piece of item to own.

And with the tips and tidbits provided above, we’re confident that you’re well on your way to making an accurate choice.

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