3 Best Heiniger Dog Clippers 2021 [Buying Guide]

Everyone wants the best for their dogs, right?

Therefore, finding them the best safe and efficient clippers for grooming their furs should be your priority.

Fortunately, we’ve listed for you some of the best Heiniger dog clippers that will offer you an unmatched grooming experience.

Best Heiniger Dog Clippers

Heiniger is a leading manufacturer of some of the best animal clippers whose products are loved worldwide thanks to their excellent quality and power efficiency.

How to Choose the Best Heiniger Dog Clippers

This buying guide will give you a detailed review of the significant points to look out for in a professional dog clipper.

Corded Vs. Cordless Dog Clippers

All dog clippers are good, but what matters is your preference. Cordless clippers are more convenient to use as they are portable and flexible. However, they require frequent battery charging.

On the contrary, corded clippers provide limitless use as they operated plugged in but are limited by power outages.

For increased versatility, some clippers are now made to have both the corded and cordless options.

Blades for Best Heiniger Dog Clippers

No matter the material used to make a clipper’s blade, it should be durable, retain its sharpness for long, and be break-proof.

The best blades are those ones that can be easily interchanged with others and don’t get heated up faster.

Weight and size of clipper

Heavier clippers are presumed to be more stable and provide a much accurate cut. Nonetheless, they should have an ergonomic body for easy handling.

Alternatively, lighter clippers are more compact, allows easy maneuverability and are great for the grooming of many pets.

However, if they are lighter, working with the highest speed means more vibrations for you and the dog.

Our Top Pick

Heiniger Dog Clippers: Comparison Table

Before we can proceed any further, here’s a comparison table for your perusal. It brings the 3 Heiniger clippers compared head to head.

Best Heiniger Dog Clippers in Review

1. Heiniger Pink Paws Saphir Clipper

This Switzerland-made pink paw designed Heiniger clipper has been ranked among the best sellers in the animal grooming field.

This is thanks to its cordless power and shear quality.

The clipper features a slim grip surface for balanced holding, which allows you to handle long grooming sessions without getting fatigued.

What’s more, the clipper weighs only 440 grams (15.5 ounces) hence offering lightweight operation.

What We Like About It

There are 2 included batteries to ensure you finish grooming your dog without interruptions; each recharges for 45 minutes and powers the clipper for 50-60 minutes.

The clipper is equipped with a heavy-duty motor that’s ideal for all types of coats, no matter the conditions the clipper is used in.

This explains why the clipper is a darling of most professional groomers for their ever-busy pet salons.

Other Features and Benefits

The clipper measures 204 by 50 by 41mm and comes with a UK plug, although it includes a US clip for easy switching.

Even though the clipper comes with its famous Heiniger blade, it’s compatible with other snap-on A5 blades.

Additionally, the blade produces double strokes of 2650 per minute for fast hair clipping.


  • Includes a charger
  • 12-month warranty
  • Easy-grip hand-piece
  • Beautiful pink design
  • Durable construction


  • Doesn’t include comb attachments
  • No storage container

2. Heiniger Blue USA plug Saphir Clipper

Compared to other cordless clipper models, this Blue Heiniger clipper has more shaving power and stays cooler even with extended grooming sessions.

The clipper has 2 batteries for easy replacement when one runs out while the charger comes in handy for all-day grooming.

Just like the pink version, this blue-colored clipper has the same measurements, recharges each battery in 45 minutes, and operates cordless for 50-60 minutes.

What We Like About It

Though there’s no included blade, this 440 grams (15.5 ounces) clipper fits all easy to put on A5 blades.

Good news is that apart from the charging station, which includes a US adaptor, the clipper also comes with a storage bag/carrying case.

Other Features and Benefits

The slim ergonomically designed hand-piece allows easy holding allowing you to clip as many dogs as possible without feeling fatigued.

Heiniger stands behind this clipper with a full 12-month warranty, this assures you of its quality as well as efficiency.



  • Doesn’t come with the blade
  • No adjustable speed

3. GrowiCorded Heiniger Saphir Style Clipper

This innovative, beautifully designed Heiniger Saphir clipper is equipped with technical properties that make grooming of small-sized animals a breeze.

But that isn’t all, the clipper has a 1.8mm removable Heiniger #10 head that’s compatible with others from Wahl, Oster, Andis, and Moser.

What We Like About It – Best Heiniger Dog Clippers

The clipper comes as a complete grooming set with oil, an operating guide, and a cleaning brush. These items help you to lubricate and clean the clipper for increased shaving efficiency.

Only top quality materials are used in the whole body of the clipper to enhance durability. Equally, the casing is slip-proof to grant a better grip.

Other Features and Benefits

The clipper features a 35-watt silent-running motor so as not to scare away your cats, dogs, or cattle. This enables you to finish up the grooming without interruptions.

Still on that, the powerful motor delivers up to 3,200 double SPM for quick and efficient cutting.

Summing up, the clipper measures 204 by 50 by 41mm, weighs 330g (11.6 ounces), and comes with a 3m charging cable.


  • Includes grooming accessories
  • Top quality constructions
  • Doesn’t require batteries
  • Excellent design
  • Cool-running motor


  • Corded

Best Heiniger Dog Clippers FAQ

It’s now time to respond to some of the burning questions about these clippers. Here we go!

Do clipper blades require maintenance?

Despite the blade brands, they all require regular sharpening, oiling, and cleaning to retain their effectiveness.

How much should a clipper cost?

There’s no clear answer to this question since a clipper is priced based on many factors like brand, construction, mode of use, durability, and so on.

Corded or cordless clippers, which one is the best?

All these clippers are good for grooming. The difference majorly lies in how they are powered.

How often do I have to groom my dog?

Some dogs like Shih Tzu’s hair grow quickly and need to be shaved at least twice a month. Similarly, others with thick coats like Shepherds may just need once-a-month shaving.

Which One Is The Best?

Though all these Heiniger clippers are great for dog fur shaving, we recommend the Heiniger Pink Paws Saphir Clipper to be our best pick.

This is because it’s cordless, thus easily portable, and features a heavy-duty motor that delivers double blade strokes for efficient dog coat shaving.

Best Heiniger Dog Clippers Conclusion

A dog’s coat should be clipped regularly to prevent it from getting long or heavy to make the dog comfortable and also boost its morale.

Professional clippers like the 3 we’ve listed above from Heiniger are some of the best dog clippers you can invest in for efficient pet grooming.

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