The Best Harnesses for Italian Greyhounds [Buyer’s Guide]

You must have heard that exercise is an important part of your dog’s wellbeing, but even more if you own an Italian Greyhound.

If you fail to take your pooch out to release all that pent up energy, they are likely to use it to mess up your house and your life in general.

It is, therefore, important for us to discuss the best harness for Italian greyhounds. That’s because even as you allow them to spend time outside, you need to ensure that they remain safe and under your custody.

The harness you pick should be:

Best Harnesses for Italian Greyhounds
  • Well-fitting
  • Durable
  • Lightweight

The Best Harnesses for Italian Greyhounds

1. RuffWear Everyday No Pull Dog Harness

The Ruffwear Everyday No Pull Dog harness is what you might need when taking your pooch for a day long stroll.

This harness is made for any outdoor adventures that include refreshing stream dips or even trails to romps around the fields.

Besides, if you have a dog that tends to pull on the leash, then such a front-clip harness is what might do for you.

With this harness, you can comfortably clip the leash to the front of it, which will help in giving you better control over your pooch's direction. This harness will also help to reduce the pulling.

The Ruffwear Front Range All-Day harness is made from high-quality materials to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

Additionally, the harness is padded to give your pooch comfort and ensure that it will not get bored of wearing it every day.

On the downside, though, the harness tends to be very cumbersome for very small dogs or smaller dog breeds.

Key Features

The harness has been made from sturdy material and has four-point adjustability.

This is vital in your dog's all-day comfortability. When making the necessary adjustments, you will not restrict motion any more than necessary.

Moreover, many people owning dogs have bought and used it and many of the, have described it as well-made, attractive, with heavy-duty hardware and double stitching all over.

Many have different reviews though, claiming that the front ring is relatively small and it could become a weak point when there are frequent heavy pulls.

However, the Ruffwear Front Range All-Day harness has been made to look attractive with heavy-duty materials to ensure that your dog will not get the better of it.


  • Reflective materials
  • Designed for extended wear
  • Extra-padding
  • Comes with five sizes


  • Front clip durability is questioned

2. Ruffwear Webmaster Multi-Use Support Dog Harness

This is yet another Harness made by Ruffwear to help in clipping your dog all day. The Webmaster multi-use harness can be used by all breeds and almost all dog sizes.

Additionally, with the design, it allows you to have your dog for hikes, going for short walks and hill-climbing while you have lots of fun.

It comes in different sizes that will have different breeds. For instance, small sizes will favour Chihuahuas and poodles, while large sizes will favour Great Danes and Golden Retrievers.

As a matter of fact, most avalanche rescue dog teams of the United States use this specific harness model.

Moreover, the harness boasts two leash attachment points to ensure that training is a little bit easier. The harness is made to give your dog the required safety and comfort.

However, many dog owners end up complaining of this harness having plastic lips and also the sizes coming up small.

Key Features

The harness comes in five sizes that include extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large to fit all types of dog sizes and breeds.

The rescue dogs use the extra-large harnesses while the smaller breeds such as Chihuahuas use small and extra-small harnesses.

Additionally, the harness has padded handles that come in handy in cases where you will require to lift your pooch.

The straps that make it are also padded to reduce the amount of tug you get to the leash and most of all, ensure that your dog has the required comfort.

Also, for extra safety, the harness has incorporated reflective trim to assist visibility whenever there are low light conditions.

Nevertheless, there is a built-in loop that allows you to attach a light for safer evening and early morning walks.

Unlike the previous harness that had four points of adjustment, the webmaster secure harness has five points of adjustment. This will help you to fit the harness to the shape of your liking.

Just to understand what you will get, here are some pros and cons;


  • Multi-purpose harness
  • Comfortable
  • Favorable for dogs that pull
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Not great for water activities/climbing

3. Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

Tired of leaving your dog out whenever you are going for an adventure? Then worry no more because Chai's Choice harness has been made for adventure.

The dog harness can be used for any outdoor activities with your dog because it has been made with sturdy material.

Besides, any harness that needs to survive in the wilderness should have the necessary agility and should outdo other harnesses in this aspect of toughness. This one by Chai’s Choice might stand out among the best.

Moreover, many dog owners who use it have come out to say how comfortable the extra padding makes their dogs.

The sponge padding is made to be extra-soft, especially in the belly and chest.

The Chai's Choice is quite affordable, and many people like it because unlike other harnesses, it has highly functional features.

However, many owners claim that the front buckle is a bit flimsy and the front adjustment piece is also kind of bulky for some dogs. Straps also tend to loosen as time passes by.

Key Features

Pulling of your dog will be minimized, all thanks to the two leash attachments. Also, at the back, you will find a D-ring and also an O-ring in the front of the harness.

The two rings operate differently and mostly many dog owners like using the D-ring whenever they are training their dogs to walk politely.

In addition, the lightweight mesh lining makes it possible for the material to breath.

The harness also comes with sponge padding in the belly and chest to offer comfortability for your dog.

When it comes to security, the harness has reflective material which makes dogs more visible when there are low light conditions.

Many people also use the back handle as seatbelt whenever driving to ensure their dogs are firmly buckled on their seats in the car.

Just to give you a clear picture of what we are talking about this harness, here are some major pros and cons;


  • Two leash attachments
  • Back handle for security
  • Reflective material
  • Affordability


  • Straps loosen over time

4. Comfort Flex Reflective Sport Dog Harness

If your dog likes playing and is adventurers, then there is just one harness that will fit him very well.

The comfortflex sport harness has been designed for fun activities such as hiking because it has a great range of motion.

The harness's highlight is the lovely colors and reflective stripes that come with it. They make it look colorful and also helps your dog to be easily visible

Besides, if your dog does not like things going over his head, then that problem has also been addressed by having the harness have a large head opening.

On top of that, the straps have been made to be extra soft to offer comfort to your dog. This makes the harness lovable by many dogs, and most of them might like having it on most of the time.

On the downside, though, the harness might be too expensive to some people. Also, it may not be that helpful to heavy pullers.

Key Features

The highlight of this harness is its ergonomic design for an unrestricted full range of motion. This is due to the positions of the quick grab handles and leash connection.

They are made to stay along the spine to avoid pressure the throat.

Additionally, there is ease of taking it on and off because you will only need to harness it over the dog's head and close the Velcro girth strap.

The harness comes in 11 different colors and 10 different sizes that give you quite a variety to choose from. For those dogs that are conscious about color, this is just what they would like.


  • Comfortable soft straps
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Reflective Stripes
  • Great for hiking and running


  • Not that cheap

5. Dex Dog Dog Harness

The DexDog is such a simple harness that your dog can put it on and off without any mess.

The harness is unique due to its lightweight and the comfort it offers your pooch.

This is because the materials used to make it are specially made to be extra soft, and this makes it also highly absorbent to sweat.

Additionally, the harness mostly focuses on color coordination than functionality. This might not auger so well with some dog owners who might be after functionality.

Key Features

The harness is available in several colors that include pink, green, blue, turquoise and black.

On top of that, the sizes range from extra-extra-small to extra-large, which satisfies many dg owners.

Besides, it offers ease in putting on and off because it is an over-the-head type of harness.

The straps are also very flexible and have been made using extra-soft material that provides the needed comfort for your dog.

Moreover, the straps are adjustable, and this might be the right harness to practice on no pull techniques, and for young puppies, it might be the right play thing!


  • Easy to put on and off
  • Light and comfortable
  • Reflective materials


  • Easily chew able

Buying Guide for Italian Greyhounds Harnesses

Perhaps you are not aware of this but the Italian Greyhound poses a distinct problem especially when it comes to selecting the right gear for them.

This is because their neck and head perimeter is the same and this makes it easy for them to slide off collars just by moving their heads.

In that regard, you need to consider the following factors before purchasing a harness.

The Clip Style

Most dog owners avoid retractable leashes because of the dangers they pose. Sometimes a dog can hit full speed and the sudden jerk of the leash can easily cause their death.

You want to get a harness that can restrict your pooch without harming or injuring them. Harnesses with front clips are perfect for larger and calmer dogs while back clip harnesses work well for more active and smaller dogs.

Fit of the Harness

Aside from purchasing a harness that fits your Italian Greyhound well, it is also important to know how to put it on them.

Since Italian Greyhounds have a slender build that does not safeguard vital organs, you want to ensure that that the strapsof the harness do not glide in between the ribcage.

Take the dimensions of your dog’s legs and torsoand use them against a sizing chart to get the correct fit.

Get a size larger if you are unable to find the exact size harness.

Comfort Ability of Harness

Usually, padded harnesses are used for training purposes but since you want your pooch to be comfortable anytime they have their harness on, get one with extra padding to prevent the harness from eating into your dog’s skin.

Purpose of Harness

There are various kinds of harnesses and there is no particular one that can perform all the different functions.

While it is possible to pick a more generalized harness, it is advisable to get a harness specifically designed for your dog’s specific needs.

Harness Durability

Italian Greyhounds are jumpy, and there is no telling if they will chew on their harness or not.In respect to that, you want to get a harness that is made from durable material to withstand chewing and harsh weather conditions.

Safety of Harness

Perhaps your dog has sensitive skin or they are allergic to certain material. We recommend leather harnesses because the material is good for dogs with sensitive skin and it will rarely cause an allergic reaction.

Price of Harness

You want to establish how much you are willing to spend on a harness. This way, you will be able to narrow down your choices and pick a good harness within your price range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions in respect to dog harnesses, the ones we have answered below can be of some help.

What is the best harness for a Italian greyhound?

Typically, front-clips harnesses work well with Italian greyhounds. This is because these dogs are known to pull and a harness with a front attachment is better placed to help in controlling your pooch.

Nevertheless, if your Italian greyhound is more laid-back, you can use a back-clip harness.

How can I tell if a harness is too tight or too loose?

Most harnesses come with adjustable straps, which is great, but the challenge lies in properly adjusting them.

If your dog keeps escaping, it is obvious that the harness is loose. If you want to know whether the harness is too tight, slide two of your fingers under it and if they cannot fit, then it is too tight.

If you can slide more than two fingers, the harness is too loose.

How do I fit my Italian greyhound puppy for a harness?

It is trickier to fit a harness for a puppy because they are still growing. Measure their chest and neck and use the dimensions to get the right sized harness.

You want to consider getting an adjustable one to leave room for growth.

Best Overall Pick

Now, it’s that time of the day when we choose the ultimate winner. We have reviewed 5 different harnesses and observed that each one of them has its fair share of merits and demerits.

Faced with such options, it’s easy to get confused on which one to settle for. And that’s where we come in.

Having conducted an in-depth analysis, we decided to settle for the RuffWear Everyday No Pull Dog Harness. The reason we like it so much is that it is ideal for dogs that like to pull hard.

Besides that, it has a good design that ensures your pooch is comfortable all day long. Lastly, it’s highly durable.

Final Thoughts

In the end, whatever brand of harness you pick for your Italian greyhound must be first-rate! The breed’s character and level of activity demands it.

So, be keen not to compromise on that.

We believe you cannot go wrong with this guide at hand so take control of your dog today. All the best!

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