Best Harness for Bloodhounds

Best Harness for Bloodhounds in 2022: Latest, Unbiased Reviews

Dogs need exercise to release all their pent-up energy and one of the best ways to exercise them is by walking them.

Now, if you are a dog parent to a Bloodhound, you know that these dogs are naturally curious and playful so keeping them under control can be stressful.

Regardless, they still need that walk so what can you do about their behavior?

Well, our solution for you is the best harness for Bloodhounds that will help keep your pooch as well as other animals and people safe during walk sessions.

Best Harness for Bloodhounds

Top-Rated Bloodhound Harnesses: Comparison Table

Your search for a well-made harness just got easier all thanks to this table.

Best Harness for Bloodhounds Our Top Pick

We’ve compiled it based on our in-depth reviews and is meant to give you a quick overview of the options available for you.

Best Harness for Bloodhounds

Product Name Size Color
41CRn9yGPJL. SL160
114,838 Reviews

Top Pick

Rabbitgoo Adjustable Outdoor X-Large Classic Black
51TOo1t sPL. SL160
372 Reviews
Ruff Wear Everyday No Pull Large/X-Large Orange Poppy
318AUrIBSGL. SL160
10,979 Reviews
Copatchy Reflective and Adjustable XX-Small Black
51bWyj+G2SL. SL160
2,985 Reviews
Industrial Puppy Dog Vest Harness Medium Bright Red
5,640 Reviews
Puppia Dog Harness Medium Camo

The Best Harness for Bloodhounds

1. Rabbitgoo Adjustable Outdoor Dog Harness

Rabbtgoo has been made from heavy-duty materials that are ideal for any dog that enjoys staying outdoors for long.

Besides that, the harness has been made with soft padding that makes sure that your dog is comfortable.

Most importantly, the material used is breathable and ensures your pooch remains dry whenever wearing the harness.

This harness has been specially designed for all-purpose use, that is training and at the same time used for adventures.

Additionally, the harness is easy to put on and off, and this makes it appealing for people with wiggly puppies or those stubborn dogs that can’t stand something put over their neck.

On the downside though, many people complain that the material gets twisted after some time. We’ve also come across infrequent complaints that the Rabbitgoo straps aren’t always flexible.

Those are some of the negative factors that you need to pay attention to before you spend your hard-earned money on this, otherwise, well-made harness.

Key Features

The dual metal leash rings minimize pulling and choking, and this makes this harness an excellent choice for pooches that have sensitive necks.

Moreover, it has five adjustment points, with three around the neck and two around the stomach and chest.

These adjustments allow you to fit the harness around the dog well that it will not escape.

Additionally, the harness has a well-made buckle that prevents it from being removed by your dog until you release them yourself.

Apart from the soft padding, the harness has been made with durable and sturdy nylon material that can withstand any adventurous conditions.

Indeed, you will find many owners getting impressed by the top handle that provides extra control.

This applies mainly when you want to separate your dog from the rest when they come together in a group or to use it as a seat belt whenever you are driving.


  • Back handle
  • Metal leash attachments
  • Soft padding
  • Two chest straps


  • Material gets twisted over time

2. Ruff Wear Everyday No Pull Dog Harness

This is yet another harness that is designed for outdoor adventures such as hiking and other field drills.

The harness allows you to clip the leash comfortably where the clip is placed on the front of it.

This clip being placed in front of the harness is vital to enable you to have better control of your pooch and also reduces instances of pulling.

Additionally, the material used to make the harness is durable and robust, causing it to be long-lasting.

Also, it has been made using soft padding that provides comfort and ensures your dog always stays active during all your outdoor adventures.

However, many dog owners have issues whenever it comes to how it fits on their dogs. There have been many claims that it might be cumbersome for smaller breeds or even puppies to use.

But nothing is perfect in this world. Plus, adult bloodhounds are pretty huge and, therefore, would fit perfectly within this no-pull harness.

Key Features

The highlight of this harness is the four-point adjustability which is vital for the comfort of your dog.

Motion is not restricted more than necessary whenever you are making the adjustments for this harness.

The materials used to make the Ruffwear Front Range All-Day harness is made with heavy-duty and sturdy material that ensures comfort.

Besides, it has been foam-padded across your dog’s chest and belly that also provides equal load distribution that makes it run with no difficulties.

Additionally, many people who have left reviews about it have described it as well made, and attractive with right colors.

It is also easy to be visible at night due to the bright colors and even the reflective strips that are well placed in different points of the harness.


  • Has extra-padding
  • Has reflective strips
  • Available in a variety of sizes


  • Durability of the front clip is questionable

3. Copatchy Reflective and Adjustable Dog Harness

With several advanced features, the Copatchy reflective and adjustable dog harness might be a good product for any dog owner.

The uniqueness comes in its ability to adjust and on top of that, it is straightforward to manage. It is easy to put on and off without necessarily making your dog uncomfortable.

Besides, you can rest assured that your dog will not experience any choking because the harness ensures the pressure is well spread out

Additionally, its visibility aspect has also been addressed due to the bright colors used to make it that are also incorporated with bright strips. This ensures that your dog will be visible even in low light conditions.

The materials that are used to construct it are very durable and breathable. Also, there is a soft padding that ensures the straps will not hurt your dog.

On the flip side, the dog harness has, on some occasions, disappointed dog owners who own small breed dogs. This is because their sizes might not be compatible with their small sizes.

Key Features

The harness is available in six different sizes. They include extra-extra-small, extra-small, Small, medium, large, and extra-large.

The small sizes can fit dogs of 9 to 12 inches chest size, neck size of 8 to 10 inch and 2 to 8 pounds.

Besides, the harness is also fitted with a comfortable sponge that makes your dog very comfortable.

You can rest assured that whenever you pull your dog, you will not be chocking it because the sponge makes the harness luxurious.

 In addition, some clips are both on your pet’s neck and chest that allow you to put a harness to enable pulling and controlling your pooch.

Pros for Best Harness for Bloodhounds

  • Durable and breathable materials
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Ideal for a variety of activities


  • Not favorable for small breeds

4. Industrial Puppy Dog Vest Harness with Reflective Straps

This dog vest harness is believed to be ideal for it comes with removable patches which allows you to take them on or off where necessary.

Alternatively, the patches can be used to warn against petting. For many strangers who like tapping dogs whenever you are taking them for a walk will be kept off.

On the issue of visibility, the harness has addressed the case by incorporating reflective strips and clear colors. The strips ensure your dog is visible even where there are low light conditions.

Additionally, a handle is mounted on its D-ring that is placed just on top of the harness. The handle is useful in several ways as it helps in controlling your dog.

For instance, when your dog gets mixed up with other dogs, you can use it to remove it from the group. The handle is made to be very strong and comfortable for you to hold it.

Key Features

The highlight of this vest is the nylon material that makes it. The nylon comes with double stitching that enhances its durability.

This feature not only gives you value for your money but also ensures that the chances of your dog breaking free and running away are very minimal.

In addition, a double-stitched seam is also vital in ensuring that you will not have worries about any frayed or torn seams from your harness.

The harness is available in eight different sizes that extend from extra-extra-extra small to extra-extra-large. This ensures that even larger breeds can fit very well in this harness.

Nevertheless, the harness is also made with comfortable padded mesh that offers your dog the required comfortability, especially on the chest.


  • Strong and durable
  • Usable for all purposes
  • Mounted handle for efficient control

Cons for Best Harness for Bloodhounds

  • The size not of reliable accuracy

5. Puppia Dog Harness With Adjustable Neck

The Puppia Dog harness not only provides a sense of security but also makes your dog very comfortable. This is by fitting snugly like a jacket around your pooch’s body.

Additionally, it has been made using a polyester air mesh that helps to avoid any harsh rubbing on your dog’s skin and fur. On top of that, the mesh material breathes easily and keeps your pet cool.

Most importantly, it is effortless to put it on your dog because you only get your dog to step into it and after that, you fasten both the Velcro and quick-release buckle.

At the back, you will attach your pooch’s leash that will assist you to control it while walking, and by any chance, the leash rarely tug the dog’s neck,

On the downside, though, the harness is disadvantageous as it only allows for minimal adjustments at the Velcro. This makes it hard sometimes to determine which size is the best for your pet.

Best Harness for Bloodhounds Key Features

The harness is available in three different sizes that are small, medium, large, and extra-large. These sizes are suitable for some larger dog breeds.

Besides, it has neck adjustability that helps in helping those dogs that are in-between sizes to fit properly in the harnesses.

However, the Velcro has the minimal capability of adjustments, and this might not be very friendly for some dogs.

The harness also comes with a great adjustable chest belt that is made with soft padding to avoid hurting your pooch.


  • Soft padding
  • Adjustability at the neck
  • Flexible chest belt


  • Minimum adjustability at the neck

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Best Harness for Bloodhounds Buying Guide

Irrespective of whether you are keeping your Bloodhound as a house pet or using them for hunting, you want to use a harness to discourage and train them not to pull.

So, what makes a good harness? Here are some factors to consider.

Size of Dog

It is crucial to find the right size of harness for your Bloodhound. One that is too small will limit their breathing and movement while a bigger one will allow them to escape.

True, Bloodhounds are large dogs but they do vary in size. You also want to consider if you are getting the harness for a puppy.

Ultimately, you want to measure your pooch and use the measurements to purchase the right size harness.

Harness Adjustability 

You want to get a harness that comes with adjustable straps, as it will help you get a more appropriate and secure fit for your pooch.

Harness Durability 

Since Bloodhounds are large dogs, it makes sense that they are strong as well. Your harness of choice should be made from durable material to withstand this.

Dogs can also chew on their harnesses and yours should be able to survive that.

Control Handle 

The purpose of harness is to discourage your dog from pulling. Therefore, if your Bloodhound tends to pull on their harness, you want it to have a control handle on top for better restriction of your dog when they begin to pull.

Convenience of Harness

What we are referring to here is how easy it is for you to put on and remove the harness on your dog. Most dogs do not enjoy the experience especially if it takes a long time.

You want to get a harness that is easy to wear and remove for a seamless experience and time saving.

Harness Visibility 

You want to get a harness in visible, bright colors for faster identification. You should also consider getting one with reflective material to increase visibility in darker conditions.

Best Harness for Bloodhounds FAQ

Here are a few answered questions to help you understand the topic better.

Are harnesses good for puppies?

Yes, they are especially for puppies that are learning to walk on a leash. Harnesses offer greater control to help train your puppy.

Is it better to walk a dog with a collar or harness?

Collars increase the risk of neck injuries for dogs that pull excessively. A harness is a better option since it restricts your pooch without choking them.

Best Harness for Bloodhounds Best Choice

As far as bloodhounds go, we think that a good harness is one that’s adjustable and easy to fit. It should have a flexible design for optimal comfort.

One such option is the Rabbit goo Adjustable Outdoor Dog Harness. It’s breathable and clearly built to last. And that’s why we think it’s worth recommending.

Best Harness for Bloodhounds Final Thoughts

Bloodhounds make for great family dogs mostly because of their friendliness and loyalty. However, that does not mean that they will suppress the urge to wander off while on their walk.

This guide will help you pick the best harness for that problem.

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