7 Best Glucose Meter for Cats Reviewed & Ranked

Just as glucose is an essential source of energy to our bodies, so is it to animals!

Therefore, a reduction or drastic increase of glucose levels on your cats or dogs should worry you as it’s a major cause of pet diabetes.

That’s why you need to monitor your pet’s glucose intake to guide you through feeding it a well-balanced diet for a healthier body.

How do you do it?

No worries, we’ve analyzed for you some of the primary factors to consider when choosing a glucose monitor.

Our Top Pick

As if that isn’t enough, we’ve also reviewed for you the best glucose meter for cats.

Best Glucose Meter for Cats

Best-Selling Glucose Meter for Cats in 2021: Comparison List

Don’t have the time read our extensive article?

Here’s a brief comparison list for your perusal.

Best Glucose Meter for Cats
Name Size Weight
4182CpWBdfL. SL160
762 Reviews

Top Pick

AlphaTRAK 2 Pet Blood Glucose test strips Dogs Cats Test Strips (50ct) 0.8 ounces
5130MYUNhBL. SL160
149 Reviews
Cera-Pet Blood Glucose Monitor for Cats small 12.6 ounces
51tPFj4BFrL. SL160
363 Reviews
iPet PRO Blood Glucose Monitoring System 12.5 ounces
51npOM qIsL. SL160
128 Reviews
VetMate Dogs/Cats Diabetes Management Starter KIT 9.3 ounces
51qldigHCcS. SL160
494 Reviews
Advocate Pet Test Blood Glucose Monitoring System for Dogs (0.3mcL) 9.8 ounces
4144G8D40pL. SL160
87 Reviews
EverPaw Gluco HT111 Blood Glucose Diabetes Monitoring System for Cats 1.6 ounces
417eTFWDa L. SL160
3,142 Reviews
AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit  0.64 Ounces

How to Choose a High-Quality Glucose Meter for Your Cat

Before settling on a specific glucose meter, ask yourself, does it meet the below mentioned vital components?

If yes, you can go ahead and place your order.


Nobody wants to deal with a monitor that provides fake results. Therefore a glucose meter’s efficiency is a major determinant on whether you should increase or reduce its intake in your pet.


Not all testing strips are compatible with all meters. So be sure to odder test strips that are compatible with your glucose monitors to prevent unwanted inaccurate results.

For example, the AlphaTRAK monitor works only with AlphaTRAK testing strips.

Amount of blood required

Glucose meters should be chosen based on your cat’s ability to stay still, and on the amount of blood each strip requires.

If your pet is fussy, then go for the option requiring minimum blood to be able to get accurate results.

Meter’s lancing device

Extraction of blood can be a traumatic experience for your cat or dog; hence the monitor’s lancet should painlessly draw the blood.


Since regular glucose tests are needed, visits to the veterinary (consultation and transport costs) are expensive. Fortunately, doing this at home makes the whole process more affordable.

Some meters like the AlphaTRAK are quite pricey while others like Advocate and Ulticare are more affordable.

Therefore, choosing a meter kit that is within your budget limit but is still efficient is important.

It’s now time to take a look at our preferred meters for measuring blood sugar levels in cats in detail. Hopefully, this will help you make an even more informed decision.

Best Glucose Meter for Cats – Review

1. AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Test strips

Are you looking for the ideal glucose meter to help monitor your pet’s diabetic needs? Then this pet glucometer with calibrations for either dogs or cats is here for you.

The meter is easily portable and is ergonomically designed to provide precise results through the three-step easy-to-use procedure.

What We Like About It

Many pet owners prefer this glucometer as it requires just a little amount of blood of 0.3 Microliter.

But that is just a tip of the iceberg, the kit is capable of using only the capillary blood sample. This prevents painful venous punctures hence increasing the pet’s comfortability during the blood extraction process.

Other Features and Benefits

Also, the meter features an automatic on/off switch for efficient use and better management of the pet’s health.

For a quick start-of, the kit comprises a lancing device, a bunch of test strips, a dozen needles, and a pouch.

What Could Have Been Better?

While both the strips and glucose meter are highly effective, they are quite costly. Maybe a reduction in the overall price could mean more access by many users.

The buyer is not also possible to purchase much less costly strips for the monitor since it’s only compatible with AlphaTRAK testing strips.


  • Strips have both cat and dog calibrations
  • Simple usage instructions
  • Offers maximum pet comfort
  • Little blood sample required


  • Very expensive
  • The testing strips are only compatible AlphaTRAK meters

2. Cera-Pet Dogs & Cats Blood Glucose Monitor

Do you intend to tag your furry friends to all your outdoor ventures and are wondering how to monitor their blood glucose levels? Worry not as this Monitor by Cera-Pet will have you sorted.

This is all thanks to the meter’s small size of only 54 by 94 by 14mm, a weight of 39g (1.37 ounces), and the storage pouch for easy portability.

What’s more, the poach has various compartments for easy separation of items.

What We Like About It

The package includes 25 test strips, 25 lancets, 1 lancing device, and 2 calibration code keys.

That’s not all, the kit also comes with the monitor that’s capable of storing up to 1000 blood glucose test results and a 3V battery.

The monitor is enabled to display the results in either mg/dL or mmol/L just in 5 seconds. Importantly the units of measurements can be interchanged easily.

Other Features and Benefits

The meter comes with detailed usage instructions on how to draw the blood from the paw pad, ear, or lip (for dogs only) and how to test it.

What Could Have Been Better?

We wish the meter could include a control solution for consistent results.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact carrying case
  • Well-laid out usage instructions
  • Quick reading of results


  • Doesn’t include a control solution

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3. UltiCareiPet PRO VetRx Blood Glucose Meter Kit

By exceeding the minimum levels of accuracy as per the 15197:2013 ISO certification, this Ipet PRO kit gives correct readings in only 5 seconds.

To further increase the glucose accuracy, kindly take the blood samples when the pet is in a relaxed mood.

What We Like About It

This starter kit contains the control solution, a meter, gauge lancets, and a lancing device. As a bonus, there’s a high-quality storage case where you can store all the accessories.

The 25 test strips are efficient for testing glucose levels from blood samples taken from veins or capillaries.

Similarly, the included 28-gauge lancets work efficiently and are also compatible with other universal lancing devices.

Other Features and Benefits

The meter is designed explicitly for measuring glucose levels of dogs and cats for easier management of diabetes.

This helps you minimize blood sugar-related diseases hence cutting down on the costs incurred by regular veterinary visits.

Finally, the kit includes a user logbook and manual for detailed operating instructions.

What Could Have Been Better?

The thin needles should be widened a bit for faster blood sample extraction to prevent making the pet uncomfortable.


  • Offers easy pet homecare
  • Accurate readings
  • Complete blood glucose testing kit
  • Records about 500 tests


  • The needles are too thin making blood extraction difficult

4. VetMate Cats/Dogs Starter Kit for Diabetes Management 

This VetMate glucose testing kit has distinct calibrations for dogs and cats and requires no manual calculations.

The GDH-FAD testing strips accept both venous and capillary blood samples thus regarded to be some of the most efficient to use for accurate results.

What We Like About It

Start testing instantly with this kit that includes; 1 lancing device, a testing monitor, 10 lancets, and 10 test strips.

The meter doesn’t need a coding strip to be installed but only requires 0.4 microliters of blood. Besides, you will only wait for 5 seconds to get the results as displayed on the negative LCD screen.

VetMate Dogs/Cats Diabetes Monitoring Starter KIT...

Other Features and Benefits

With this meter, you won’t have to struggle to remove the strips as it’s equipped with an ejector for convenient discarding.

The best part is that both professionals and beginner users can use the kit as it has simple to follow usage instructions.

What Could Have Been Better?

At such a high price point, the kit should somehow include more testing strips and lancets.


  • Includes a storage poach
  • Comes ready to test
  • Records 500 readings
  • Has a strip ejector
  • Can operate with/without a control solution


  • Comes with less testing accessories

5. Advocate Blood Glucose Pet Test Monitoring System

This Pet Test glucose monitor from Advocate is a handy aid in the treatment of diabetes in dogs and cats.

Unlike the AlphaTRAK 2 meter that requires coding for each new strip, this one doesn’t. What you need to do is to set up the machine to default for either dog or cat glucose measuring.

What We Like About It

This one-button operated meter allows easy interchanging between dogs and cats for easy calculation of weekly or monthly averages.

The package comes with the carrying case, 25 twist top lancets, 25 PetTest strips and a control solution. Moreover, you will also get 2 AA batteries, a DVD,and a quick reference user guide.

Other Features and Benefits

PetTest Red Dot Blood Glucose Monitoring System...

The meter accepts the smallest sample size of only 0.3mL and can record up to 400 tests.

For increased accuracy, the monitor conveys test results in 5 seconds. Despite all these essential features, you will be surprised that this testing kit is available at a pocket-friendly price.

What Could Have Been Better?

The meter should be enhanced to beep silently and to wait for the correct quantity of blood to be applied before beeping to avoid false results.


  • One-button switch
  • Easy to use
  • Relays results quickly
  • Great for both cats and dogs

Cons Best Glucose Meter for Cats

  • Might seem tricky for starters to apply the required amount of blood on the testing strips
  • Beeping sound seems to upset some pets

6. EverPaw HT111 Blood Glucose Monitoring System for Cats, Dogs & Horses

Different from all the cat/dog glucose monitors in this list, this EverPaw meter also caters for horses.

The test kit is ideal for both professional and home use. It also uses high-quality GD enzyme test strips packed in a temperature-regulated vial for more consistent results.

What We Like About It

To use, just extract 0.7 microlitres of blood and place it on the testing strip. After the process is over, push on the strip ejector button for safe removal.

The monitor is powered by 2 easily replaceable AAA batteries that offer uninterrupted use.

Other Features and Benefits

The meter is easy to set up and operate as it includes a start-up code key. Furthermore, the 4 alarm reminders enable you to take pre/post meal samples.

The quality of this EverPaw glucose meter is assured as it’s backed by a 3-year warranty.

EverPaw Gluco HT111 Blood Glucose Diabetes...

What Could Have Been Better?

The testing strips could be enhanced to be used with other meter models for increased versatility.


  • Provides accurate test results
  • Simple to use
  • Equipped with a strip ejector
  • 3-year product warranty


  • Testing strips aren’t compatible with other monitors

7. Zoetis Blood Glucose AlphaTRAK 2 Monitoring Kit

Caring for a diabetic pet isn’t an easy task as you are required to put in some effort and time for a full human to animal attention.

The vet professionals can’t do all these; this is why you will need to get yourself a home glucose measuring kit for regular pet check-ups. This helps you know whether to increase or reduce the number of insulin injections for the pet.

What We Like About It

This AlphaTRAK 2 gadget measures 5.5 by 3 by 6 inches and is just 0.64 ounces, thus lightweight for easy use or carrying.

The monitor has unique calibrations for calculation of blood glucose for both cats and dogs. Good news is that this hand-held meter only needs a little drop of the pet’s blood to display accurate results.

Other Features and Benefits

AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit

The kit comprises everything as shown on the packet; glucometer, daily record keeper, test strips, guide book, and carrying case.

To conclude, the included strips are compatible with all AlphaTrak lancing devices and have 3 easy-to-follow steps hence suitable for the novice users.

What Could Have Been Better?

Both the straps and monitors are highly-priced hence the outcry for a cost reduction.


  • Expensively priced

Best Glucose Meter for Cats FAQ

It’s now time to respond to some of the commonly asked questions these meters. Here we go.

Why should I use cat glucose meters?

The glucose meters help you to test your cat’s sugar levels and the changes you can make to their diet.

Can pet glucose meters be used at home?

Yes, they can, as long as they are up to the veterinary recommended standard accuracy levels.

Can human glucose meters be used on cats?             

No, this is because human glucose meters do not have the same calibrations as that of cat blood sugar monitors.

Which one is the best?

In the above buyer’s guide and product review, we’ve simplified for you some of the best glucose meters for cats. However, the AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Test strips stand out.

This is thanks to its ability to use pain-free capillary blood samples, requires only 0.3 Microliters of blood, and gives precise results in seconds.

Best Glucose Meter for Cats Conclusion

Cats and dogs add fun to most people’s homes. For that reason, you must take care of them also.

The rate of diabetes sickness in cats and dogs is increasing every passing day as a result of improper feeding habits.

Most veterinarians recommend the management of low or high levels of blood glucose at home. This is why the above guide is helpful in the selection of the best monitoring kits for pets.

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