5 Best e Collar for American Bulldog Reviewed (2021 Updated List)

Does your American Bulldog need an innovative collar to help you in obedience training and vet visiting? Or are you tired of using ordinary prong collars?

If the answer is yes, an E-collar might just be what you need. This type of collar consists of a wireless remote, which makes it convenient and easy to use. The best part is that they feature:

  • Long-range
  • Waterproof construction
  • Multiple stimulation modes

Now, you’re probably wondering, with the different products available on the market, which is the best e Collar for American Bulldog? Well, we’ve put together a list of the most high-quality products that are worth your money and time. Check them out.

Best e Collar for American Bulldog

Best-Rated E-Collar for American Bulldog – Comparison Table

The dog E-collar market is surprisingly crowded. This might make it difficult for anyone to narrow down their choices. So, below is a quick overview of the features of the top collars.

1Pet Resolve Remote Dog Training CollarBlueAll Size
2Educator EZ-900 Easy 1/2 Mile E-Collar Remote Dog Training CollarBlackLarge
3Bundle of 2 Items – E-CollarYellow
4E-Collar – ME-300 – Waterproof Remote Trainer Micro EducatorBlackSmall
5Mini Educator E-Collar ET-300 / ET-302 Dog Training CollarRed

E-Collar for American Bulldog 2021

1. Pet Resolve Remote Dog Training Collar

This product is one of the most popular E-collars on the market, thanks to its many premium features. For instance, it boasts up to a 3/4-mile range, which is super long. This, therefore, makes it perfect for outdoor training.

Most low-grade collars use cheap plastics that easily break on slight impact. Plus, most of those are meant for yards and other small spaces.

This one from PetResolve is, however, quite different. A ¾-mile range is equivalent to 1312 yards meaning it can work perfectly even for hunting dogs.

As you know, historically, American bulldogs are resilient hunters. So, indeed, this is the kind of training collar you need to get for them.

More importantly, it is equipped with variable shock and vibration levels for efficient training. You can choose up to 10 shock levels for a range of commands.

Why is this important? When training your doggie, you’ll want to start with the lowest shock level possible and slowly build up when necessary.

Indeed, the 10 shock levels provided by this e Collar go a long way in making it extremely easy to develop a customized training routine for your pet.

And to top it all up, this pet accessory can be used for up to three dogs (simultaneously). All you’ll need to do is purchase two extra collars.

Note that, this product comes with just one collar.

Last but not least, this unit is waterproof. That makes it perfect for unlimited outdoor training experiences.


  • Ideal for small to large dogs
  • 100% waterproof
  • Long-lasting Li-ion battery
  • Can be used to train up to 3 dogs


  • Not suitable for dogs under 15lb

2.Educator EZ-900 1/2 Mile E-Collar

Next up, we’ve got this Easy Educator e-Collar that is also loaded with unique features. To start with, the device comes with 256 stimulation levels. The best part is that these levels can be adjusted from 0-100 to allow customization.

What’s more? You will be pleased to know that the collar is waterproof. Therefore, it won’t get damaged if fully submerged in water. As such, your pooch can swim in it all year round.


  • Works up to a 1/2-mile range
  • 7 vibration modes and 4 tone settings
  • Ideal for dogs weighing over 5 pounds
  • LCD display for precise control


  • A little difficult to program
  • Short battery life

3. Mini Educator ET-302 – E-Collar

This is a two-dog training system that boasts 100 levels of stimulation. As such, you can fine-tune the perfect static correction level for your American Bulldog.

On top of that, the e-Collar is equipped with an LED light for ease of use in the evening or at night. The light simply helps you locate your canine companion effortlessly.


  • The receiver and remote are waterproof
  • Boasts up to 1/2 -mile range
  • Impact-resistant
  • Includes vibration, static, and sound modes


  • A little pricey

4.Educator E-Collar – ME-300

Looking for an e-Collar with multiple training modes and stimulation levels? This Educator E-Collar – ME-300 features both vibration and static settings.

Additionally, the device boasts up to 1/3-mile range or simply 590 yards. This allows you to easily train your dog in the park or the backyard. What’s more, it is fully waterproof for ease of use in the rain and snow.


  • Adjustable cut-to-fit strap
  • Night tracking light
  • Flush-mounted buttons for precise control
  • Best for smaller and non-aggressive pups


  • Quite large on a small dog

5. Mini Educator E-Collar ET-300

Here is yet another high-quality e collar that employs “blunt” stimulation for more humane and effective training. Featuring up to 60 boost levels, the device allows you to tailor the best stimulation mode to your dog’s temperament.

As if that’s not enough, the transmitter is designed to be shock-resistant up to 5000 Gs for added durability. More so, both the receiver and remote are waterproof while the transmitter is built to float on water.

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  • Beef function for locating lost transmitter
  • Durable biothane strap
  • Plenty of stimulation for small and large dogs
  • Dual battery charger


  • Limited training modes
  • The user interface is not intuitive

Best e Collar Buying Guide – What Features to Look Out For

There are so many high-quality E-collars out there. Therefore, knowing which is the right one for your American Bulldog can be daunting. Below, we’re going to cover the important features to look out for.

Multiple Training Modes

One of the critical features to consider is the number of training modes. An e-Collar with multiple stimulation modes allows you to correct different types of behavior.

So, we recommend getting a device that boasts various training modes like vibration, beep, anti-bark, and shock. 

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Another thing to watch out for is whether the collar is waterproof or not. Some devices are just water-resistant which is not the same thing as waterproof.

Therefore, make sure to invest in a unit that is 100% waterproof. This way, it won’t get damaged if it comes into contact with water.

Ease of Use

Additionally, you will want to consider if the device is easy to use. The last thing you want is to buy a collar that is not straightforward to operate.

So, get a device that boasts an intuitive interface and is easy to program. Such devices should also come with clear instructions.


Last but not least, you will need to consider up to what range the collar is effective. This is because you will be training your dog outdoors.

Some devices feature a 1/2-mile range while others 3/4-mile range. Both are super long ranges but the best one will depend on the place you plan to use the E-collar.

Top Questions Frequently Asked About Quality E-collar for American Bulldog

In this section, we’re going to respond to some of the common questions people ask concerning e-Collars for a Bulldog.

Do e collars hurt dogs?

This type of collar uses static shock, which can be annoying but not painful. So, if used correctly, it will not hurt your canine.

What’s the right age to start e collar training?

Well, there isn’t a one size fits all answer to this. Some pups can use the collar as early as 14 or 15 weeks, while others might start at 6 months of age.

Can my American Bulldog wear the e collar 24/7?

No, it’s not advisable. Constantly wearing the device could cause damage to its fur and skin, especially on the neck area.

Our Top Pick

The Pet Resolve Remote Dog Training Collar is our top pick and for many varied reasons. To start with, you can use it to train up to 3 dogs. On top of that, it boasts variable vibration levels, long-range, and waterproof construction.

Bottom Line

If you’re tired of your dog always misbehaving, it would help to invest in a high-quality American Bulldog e collar. E-collars are not only an effective training aid but are also gentle if used correctly.

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