The Best Dry Cat Food 2021 – Reviewed

Your kitty deserves all the love and care they can get from you.

After all, that is why you got yourself a pet in the first place right?

When it comes to feeding, the best dry cat food should be able to:

  • Meet your kitty’s nutritional needs
  • Be easily digestible
  • Be hypoallergenic

Now, there are various products to choose from in the market and we know that it can be overwhelming to choose the right kind of dry cat food.

Our Top Pick

Stay put as we take you through the buying process.

Best Dry Cat Food

Comparison Table

Our unbiased editors compared the following 15 dry food products.

And here now is our list of the leading choices that we came across.

Best Dry Cat Food Name Flavor Name Weight

Top Pick

Purina Beyond Grain Free Ocean Whitefish & Egg 11.2 pounds
Instinct Ultimate Protein Grain Free Cage Chicken 10.4 pounds
Rachael Ray Nutrish Premium Natural Dry Cat Food Chicken  6.2 pounds
Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Chicken 12.3 pounds
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8,838 Reviews
Hill’s Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Food 7.15 pounds
Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Cat Food Green Pea  10.4 pounds
Instinct Original Kitten Grain Free Recipe Chicken 4.5 Pounds
IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Indoor Weight Control Chicken 22 Pounds
Purina Cat Chow Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food Gentle  13.25 Pounds
CRAVE Grain Free Adult High Protein Natural Dry Cat Food Chicken 10 Pounds
Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Salmon 11 Pounds
Nutro Max Indoor Salmon Flavor Dry Adult Cat Food Salmon 6 Pounds
Blue Buffalo Weight Control Natural Adult Dry Cat Food Blue Buffalo 1 Pounds
Origen Regional Red Dry Cat Food Beef 3.97 Pounds

15 Best Dry Cat Food in 2021 – Reviews

1. Purina Beyond Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Getting your pet the top-quality meal is one of the essentials of keeping them healthy and active. Therefore, you should be very careful about the brands to buy.

Also, you should have it in mind that not all the pet food brands will best work for your kitty. With that said, Purina Beyond Dry pet food is one of the options that you can try out.

With its formulation of whitefish and egg, this food can be part of daily nourishments that your cat can enjoy.

Since cats need proteins and they often crave for a taste of real meat, this pet food contains ingredients chosen purposefully and formulated to deliver what your cat will love.

Not to mention, this nourishment is composed of natural ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers both locally and globally.

Also, the recipes contain the essential nutrients which provide everything that your cat may need in a kibble.

However, this product tends to contain much protein in its formula than needed by small cats.

Key Features

The standard size is 11 Lb in weight, but the packaging may vary. Apart from that, it’s rich in Ocean Whitefish, Chicken Meal, Pea Protein, cassava root flour, Pea Starch, preserved beef fat and much more. Also, it contains the needed vitamin supplements.

Based on its composition, this food is ideal for adult cats, even those with ingredient-sensitivity. Moreover, the product is manufactured in the US in the Company’s facility.


  • Made of highly digestible natural ingredients
  • Contains no wheat, corn or soy
  • Complete and balanced meal for an adult cat
  • Addition of Taurine enhances improves eyesight and heart muscles activities.
  • Not made from poultry by-product meals
  • No artificial flavor, color, and preservatives


  • Contains high plant protein
  • Doesn’t provide the hydration cats need

2. Instinct Ultimate Protein Grain-Free Recipe Natural Cat Food

This Instinct-made top quality protein food for cats is one of the best-formulated kibbles for your pet cat daily nourishment.

It has 95% protein composition from cage-free chicken with up to three times real chicken as opposed to vegetable and other animal sources.

Not to mention, all the food materials used to make this product are of natural origin and guarantee high digestibility.

On top of that, it has higher levels of probiotics for enhanced digestive health, Omegas for shiny coat and skin, and antioxidants which promotes immune system health.

Moreover, the pet food does not feature grains, soy, wheat, or other grains in the formulation.

Interestingly, every piece of kibble has a coat of freeze-dried raw. With that said, the kibbles are of high nutritional value and also have a taste that the kitty may enjoy.

Key Features

One of the outstanding features of this product is the raw coated kibbles that enhance its palatability and nutritional value. Also, it is 11 Lb in weight and may vary in packaging.

When it comes to the safety of the product, you shouldn’t worry. It is a US-made product within the Instinct Company facilities under strict supervision that guarantees quality.

Also, it does not include ingredients such as grain, potato, soy, wheat, and corn. Moreover, the product is free from by-product meals, artificial preservatives, and artificial colors.


  • Made from cage-free chicken
  • Free from artificial preservatives, colors and by-product meals
  • Has nutrients dense sources
  • Enriched with vitamins


  • Contains fish and egg oil
  • May not be acceptable for older kitties

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3. Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Cat Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish is one of the highly-rated celebrity brands from Rachael Ray Nutrish Company based in Meadville, Pennsylvania. From its invaluable recipe and affordability, it became one of the USA’s fastest-growing kibble brands.

This feline-friend dry food brand is known to meet high-quality standards.

And that’s because the company behind it has an elaborate manufacturing process that ensures you get nothing but the best in every package.

Not to mention, the cat’s delicacy contains high-quality ingredients that provide wholesome nourishment to your pet cat.

Some of the crucial ingredients in this formula include: US-farm raised chicken, whitefish and salmon, minerals, essential vitamins, taurine, wholesome veggies, and much more.

That said, every ingredient in the formula has a purpose.

Moreover, the presence of taurine in every portion of the food boosts the functionality of the heart muscles as well as improving the eyesight of your cat.

Key Features

This Chicken-based cat food is one of the most popular Rachael Ray Norrish’s formula. It comes in 6 Lb.

It comes from Chicken, chicken meal, and species-appropriate food substances sourced from US-reputable suppliers who guarantee high quality.

Also, it contains a reasonable amount of plant matter, including corn gluten meals and high protein fillers. Brown rice, dried ground peas, and ground rice make up its carbohydrate content.


  • Highly affordable
  • No animal by-products used in the formula
  • No artificial preservatives and colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • Cats like the taste of this kibble
  • No harmful chemical contaminant present


  • Contains excessive carbohydrates content
  • May contain some grain products

4. Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Since cats are like toddlers, proper care, and wholesome feeding can make them grow strong, healthy, lively, and lovely each day.

With that said, feeding your cat on high-quality food is as essential like it would be to your baby. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing your pet food to ensure you pick the best.

And that’s why we back up this Blue Buffalo-made feline food product since it contains is a real chicken in its formula.

Besides, cats always crave for this chicken taste. Therefore, the chicken composition can help to build and maintain a lean muscle mass in cats.

Also, the presence of BLUE’s exclusive Life Source Bits makes it essential for the pet’s growth.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein, Natural...

Nevertheless, it also contains a precise blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals carefully selected by experts. Based on its composition, it supports life stage requirements, immune system health, and a healthy oxidative balance.

Key Features

This 12-lb bag of BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free features some of the finest natural ingredients enriched with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals purposefully selected and formulated to promote health and wellbeing of your adult cat.

Not to mention, the company claims that this product is effective in addressing unique needs for indoor cats such as obesity, hairballs, and urinary tract diseases.

Ultimately, this is a plant-based dry-food rich in carbohydrates, moderate fat, and medium to high protein content.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Contains taurine for enhanced heart muscle function
  • No artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives
  • Made from natural materials
  • Contains BLUE’s exclusive Life Source Bits
  • Cats tend to love the taste


  • Contains plant protein from multiple sources
  • High carbohydrate content
  • Doesn’t provide the hydration your cat requires
  • May contain some of the common allergens

5. Hill’s Science 

Feeding your adult cat with high-quality food rich in nutrients to support its indoor lifestyle is one of the best ideas that every pet owner can mind. And that’s why we recommend this Hill’s Science Diet-made dry food for cats.

The famous Hill’s recipe contains precisely formulated ingredients to provide energy requirements for adult cats with an indoor lifestyle. Besides, it is US-made with globally sourced ingredients that you can trust.

Due to its natural fiber and protein make, the kibble supports the hunger of an adult cat between meals. The natural fiber promotes healthy and efficient digestion as well as promoting easy litter-box clean up.

In addition to that, this food for feline friend features natural ingredients with a taste that your cat will crave.

Hill's Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Food, Chicken...

Not to mention, the product contains taurine, an ingredient known for boosting the activities of heart muscles and improving vision.

Key Features

It is made of natural ingredients to support the lifestyle of adult cats. Also, this product comes in 7 Lb bag, but packaging may vary.

Based on its formulation, this Hill’s product uses DHA from fish oil to supports eye development and brain health.

Also, balanced minerals promote the development of strong bones and teeth, while the plant fiber promotes healthy and efficient digestion for your cat and easy litter-box clean-up.

In terms of protein content, Hill’s uses high-quality proteins, including real chicken, salmon, or lamb with clinically proven antioxidant benefits.


  • Ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers
  • Highly recommended by vets
  • No artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors
  • No chicken by-product meals
  • Highly digestible


  • Relatively high in carbohydrate
  • May contain common allergen such as chicken

6. Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets

Unlike other food brans for cat made from familiar allergen sources such as beef and chicken, this Natural Balance-made pet food for cats is ultimately made from duck protein and pea.

As such, the limited-ingredient product is ideal even for cats with allergies and food sensitivity issues.

Based on the limited ingredients, this L.I.D ultra-premium food for cats makes it easy to specify your pet’s source of protein. However, all parts in this formulation provide complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats.

Also, the product is made up of duck meat that supplies your lovely pet with essential amino acids are necessary for the development of healthy and active muscle tone, as well as a healthy and shiny coat.

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets...

Not to mention, this grain-free pet food has a recipe that supports healthy digestion to maintain healthy skin and coat.

What’s more? It holds limited carbohydrate sources for high digestibility, and balanced omega-3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.

With the selected minerals, necessary vitamins, and omegas and taurine, this food cats supports the overall well-being of the kitties.

Key Features.

This grain-free, Natural Balance-made food for cat pet comes in 10 Lb. and contains a limited number of ingredients that maintains the overall health of the kitty.

Duck and peas are the primary ingredients. Not to mention, it’s from a reputable US-based company approved by the FDA and USDA.

With this cat delicacy, every crunchy bite contains carefully selected minerals, vitamin, and omegas, taurine that provides complete nutrition and balanced nourishment for adult cats.


  • Suitable for food-sensitive and allergic cats
  • Contains anti-inflammatory salmon oil
  • No artificial favors, colors, and preservatives
  • Easily digestible


  • Made up of multiple sources of plant protein
  • High carbohydrate content
  • Doesn’t provide the hydration required by your cat

7. Instinct Original Kitten Grain-Free Recipe Natural Cat Food 

This Instinct Original-formulated kitten food might be what your kitten needs to grow strong and healthy. The kibble contains cage-free chicken as the first ingredient.

That said, the chicken ingredient provides the energy for the pet to grow healthy and active.

More interestingly, this was the first brand to promote and sell kibbles coated with freeze-dried raw for maximum health benefits. Top five ingredients include Chicken, Menhaden Fish Meal, turkey meal, Chicken Fat, and peas.

Also, 81% of this dry food comes from animal ingredients. Other parts include 19% vegetables, fruits, and other purposefully selected valuable ingredients.

Further, this kitten food also contains probiotics that promote digestive and immune system health. It also contains Omega that maintains soft skin and fur.

Instinct Grain Free Kitten Food, Original Kitten...

Not to forget, it’s grain-free and doesn’t contain soy, wheat, corn, potatoes, by-product meals, and other artificial ingredients.

Key Features

This natural pet food is made in the US using locally sourced food materials and other finest ingredients around the world.

It comes in 4.5 Lb bag and features raw from real meat, minimally processed and packed protein, and other whole ingredients.

Each crunchy kibble has a coat of free-dried raw to increase taste and nutrition. With that said, it offers a taste that even the picky kitten will love.


  • Minimizes the gum problems in kittens
  • Free of animal by-products, corn, wheat, and soy.
  • Primarily made from animal protein
  • Free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives


  • Lacks the moisture needed by cats need
  • May not suit some cats with allergies and food sensitivity problems
  • Some cats may not fully digest it.

8. Iams Proactive Health Healthy Dry Cat Food

It’s one of the best-formulated kibbles that promote healthy indoor lifestyle cats, made by a reputable company known as Iams.

It contains L Carnitine that supports healthy metabolism and also burns fat effectively for ideal body condition.

If you had worried about your pet cat ending up with hairballs, then, it isn’t the case with this product.

That said, every crunchy bite of this hearty cat pet food contains beet pulp and fiber blend with prebiotics to aid efficient digestion.

Also, it can aid in reducing the problem of hairballs. That said, it might be the hairball care that your cat needs to be comfortable.

Key Features

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Indoor Weight Control...

It is one of the best IAMS-made kitty food formulated from high-quality proteins such as chicken and turkey. Moreover, it comes packaged in a bag of 22 Lb.

Since chicken is the primary ingredients, it’s without doubt, one of the elements that are effective for minimizing the occurrence of hairballs.

Besides, it contains L carnitine that helps an overweight cat to shed weight gradually. Plus, it contains tailored fiber with prebiotics and beet pulp blend to enhances digestion.

Not to mention, this product also contains taurine, a crucial ingredient known for its effectiveness in maintaining the optimum heart muscular functions, and clear vision.

Other than taurine, it also contains seven other essential ingredients for wholesome health of your indoor kitty.


  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • FDA and USDA approved
  • Made with animal-sourced fats
  • Effective for controlling animal weight


  • High carbohydrates content
  • Contains caramel color
  • Consists of low-value plant nutrients
  • Made with animal by-products that may hinder optimal digestibility

9. Purina Cat Chow Gentle Adult Dry Cat Food

It is one of the best cat kibble manufactured in Purina factory facility with carefully sourced ingredients from North America, majorly the USA and Canada.

Being one of the oldest company in the cat food industry, it has a reputation in manufacturing high-quality cat pet food.

It comes packaged in 13 Lb bag, 100% complete and well-balanced nutrition for adult cats. With that said, it supports the overall well-being of the adult cats.

The formula involved in making up this delicacy features high-quality protein from real turkey meal and natural prebiotic fiber that helps inefficient digestion, growth of lean and muscle tone.

Besides, this dry food product for pets contains no artificial color, preservatives, and flavors. Nevertheless, it contains more than 25 essential vitamins and minerals to support overall well-being.

Key Features

Purina Cat Chow Gentle Dry Cat Food, Sensitive...

This Purina-made pet food comes in one 13Lb bag and ideal even for adult cats with a sensitive stomach. With real turkey meat being the primary sources of proteins, it also contains natural fiber blend to boost digestibility and healthy bowels.

Further, it contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, and contains all 25 essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the overall well-being of your feline friend.


  • Very economical
  • Cats enjoy every crunchy kibble that they take.
  • Relatively economical
  • 100% complete


  • High carbohydrate content
  • Made from animal by-products
  • Contains low-nutrient plant ingredients
  • Contains artificial colors

10. CRAVE Grain Free High Protein

It is a high protein food for cat formulated to provide the required energy. It also supports healthy growth and well-being of adult indoor cats.

Also, it contains essential nutrients that aid in digestion, developing muscles, and support the immune system.

Not to mention, this product provides a 100% complete nutrients in a well-balanced form that exceeds the average cat kibble.

Besides, it contains no wheat, soy proteins, corn. Instead, it provides energy through other quality carbohydrate sources.

With chicken being the main ingredient, this Crave Grain Free offers the diet that the cat needs with the flavor that they love. Therefore, the cat would want to consume more like the wild ancestor.

Key Features

CRAVE Grain Free Adult High Protein Natural Dry...

The product comes packaged in 10Lb packet with chicken as the main ingredients. Also, it is 100% complete and well-balanced to offer overall nourishment to your feline friend.

Besides, it contains 40% protein sourced from protein-rich vegetable, other meat, and vegetables. Fortunately, it contains no soy protein, wheat, and corn or by-product meal.

Not to mention, CRAVE manufactures this product in their company facilities based in the US with the finest ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers.

Since chicken meat is not the only ingredient, this product features Chicken Meal, Pea Protein, Split Peas, preserved Chicken Fat, Fish Meal, potato protein, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, and much more.


  • Animal protein sources are prioritized.
  • Uses appropriate fat source
  • No artificial flavors, color and preservatives.


  • Contains multiple plant protein recipe
  • Contains high carbohydrate content not suitable for cats

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11. Iams Proactive Health Kitten

Kittens are like toddlers. That said, you should be careful when choosing the kitten food brand for them. Feeding your younger feline friend on high quality and nutritionally balanced diet makes them great healthy, active, and with a robust immune system.

With the chicken as the first ingredient, this product has a formula designed to promote the production of adequate energy, growth of lean bodies, development in muscular tone, and immune system support.

Also, it is rich in purposefully selected minerals that promote healthy growth of strong bones.

Apart from that, the formula also contains essential vitamins and Omega- 3DHA helps, which promotes healthy brain development.


Besides, taurine present in the formula promotes healthy vision development while prebiotics improves digestive health.

Interestingly, the company manufactures this product from locally sourced materials from the US. That said, the kibble is safe for your kitty and free from contaminants due to the high manufacturing standards that exceed FDA, USDA, and Grain-Free requirements.

Key Features

It comes in 16 lb bag and contains chicken as the first ingredient. Chicken is a source of high-quality protein that promotes the growth of lean body and muscular development. It also contains taurine that supports a clearer vision.

Not to mention, this proactive kitten food contains essential vitamins, including vitamin E, that is always present in the mother’s milk. Also, it features Omega-3 DHA that promotes brain development.

And on top of that, it contains prebiotic fiber and beet blend for a healthy digestive system, mineral for the formation of stronger bones and teeth, and other ingredients.


  • Contains catfish oil that is rich in Omega-3 DHA
  • No artificial flavor and preservatives


  • Contains un-necessary high carbohydrate content
  • The animal by-product may not offer optimal digestibility
  • Contains low-value plant ingredients
  • Provides caramel color

12. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain-Free

Unlike other brands, this cat food product contains more of white salmon in the recipes with much to benefit your feline friend.

The high protein content promotes the building and maintenance of lean muscle body mass.

Because all cats are unique, Blue Wilderness uses recipes that fit the needs of every cat at all life stages. With that said, you can get a formula that will perfectly meet your cat.

Not to mention, this cat’s delicacy is free from grain and gluten. Besides, it features complex carbohydrates that can perfectly meet your pet’s nutritional needs.

The complex carbohydrate used in the formula comes from sweet potatoes instead of corn, wheat, and soy.

Unlike a raw diet, this pet food is far much more comfortable to prepare, 100% complete and contains essential and supplement ingredients recommended by animal nutritionists and vets. Some of the supplements embedded include vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

Key Features

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein, Natural...

It comes packaged in 11 Lb. bag, grain-free, and features natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals that support robust muscle development, shiny skin and coat as well as the development of a healthy immunity system.

Also, the balance between the carbohydrates and proteins helps the cat to maintain a healthy weight. Further, it contains 40% protein, 18% fats, and 4% fiber. Besides, the product comprises taurine, Omega-3, and Omega-6 fatty acids essential for brain development.

On top of that, the food contains Blue Buffalo’s signature LifeSource bits that hold high-value protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acid.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Cats seem to love it


  • Features multiple sources of plant protein
  • High carbohydrate content
  • It doesn’t provide the hydration required by your cat.

13. Nutro Max Indoor Salmon Flavor

Nutro Company has a long history of manufacturing excellent pet food. And that’s why we cannot doubt this pet food brand.

From a combination of high-quality recipes blend in a balanced formula, this pet food may be pretty good for your feline friend.

With that said, this product contains high-value proteins locally sourced, vitamins, fiber, mineral salts, and other edible substances that makes it ideal for adult cats.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best dry cat food that you can be sure to satisfy your cat.

Key Features

This Max Cat Indoor Adult Cat Food Salmon Flavor comes in 6 Lb bag, but there are other packages available too.

The cat pet food features taurine, which is one of the essential amino acids for cats and serves to improve the vision and heart functions of the cat.

Vitamin C is also an important antioxidant that neutralizes the free radicals present in the body of your pet.

And on top of that, vitamin E contained in the product is known to fight oxidative body health conditions.

Moreover, this product contains cranberries, ground tomato pomace, and blueberries which are excellent sources of antioxidants in the body.

The current three ingredients produce antioxidants to promote a healthy immune system, heart function, and vision.

With the salmon added, it contains a reasonable amount of DHA, which helps to maintain vision and a healthy central nervous system.


  • It contains chicken meal: A concentrated animal protein source.
  • Features species-appropriate fat sources
  • Contains menhaden fish oil: A source of Omega-3 fatty acids


  • Contains higher than necessary plant protein
  • Contains excessive carbohydrate that’s no essential for carnivores
  • Never provide adequate hydration needed by the pet.

14. Blue Buffalo Weight Control Natural

This Blue Buffalo cat food contains real meat as one of the primary ingredients that give it the flavor that your cat can always crave. Also, the beef promotes growth and development of lean muscle body.

Also, it features wholesome grains, fruits, and garden veggies. With an optimal blend of proteins and calories, this top-rated kibble can be useful in weight management to help your pet achieve ideal body weight.

Moreover, it contains Omega 3 and 6 that is essential in maintaining a shiny coat and healthy skin of your pet.

Not to mention, it also contains BLUE’s white Life Source bits with a precise blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals consciously selected by holistic animal nutritionists, and vets to support the overall health of the feline friend.

Blue Buffalo Weight Control Natural Adult Dry Cat...

The selected ingredients work to support life-stage requirements, the health of the immune system and eliminates oxidative problems.

Key Features

This BLUE best-made kibble has a precise formulation for the overall well-being of your cat. That said, it features some of the finest ingredients that are natural and locally sourced for quality consistency.

Also, it holds mineral and vitamins that make it 100% complete.

However, it doesn’t contain wheat, soy protein, corn, artificial flavor, and artificial preservatives. Also, it doesn’t contain any poultry (Chicken) by-products and comes packaged in 15 Lb.

Ultimately, this is a plant-based dry food for a cat with relatively high calories, moderate protein, and medium to low fats.


  • It’s relatively affordable
  • Has a taste that cats seem to like


  • Contains plant protein from multiple sources
  • Has high carbohydrate content
  • It doesn’t provide the hydration required by your cat

15. Origen Regional Red Dry Cat Food

Looking for the best-formulated kibble? Well, this is one of the market-trending product from Origen company factory that you can check out.

Some of the meat ingredients that make up this product include beef, deboned wild boar, deboned lamb, lamb liver, beef tripe, beef liver, wild boar liver, and much more. The food is appropriate for all stages of life.

Also, the food contains a broad range of high-quality legumes such as lentils and chickpeas. Even though the legumes are not part of the cat’s natural diet, it’s a better source of carbohydrates.

Not to mention, this well-blend kibble contains a variety of selected vegetable and other vitamins, minerals and fiber supplements.

Key Features

One of the key features with this Origen-made product is the long list of animal protein sources. That said, it contains 40% protein, 17% low glycemic carbohydrates for nourishing your cats and kitten according to their natural, biological and evolutionary characteristic.

Not to mention, the meat from a wide range of sources provides virtually everything that your cat needs to thrive.

The kibble is free from artificial preservatives with only zinc added. A free-dried liver is also added to increase the flavor of the food for the cat to enjoy eating it.

Also, two-thirds of the meat used to manufacture this kibble is refrigerated without preservatives or raw and flash-frozen without chemicals.

Going without saying, a very long list of meat included in this formula may make it unsuitable to cats with reasonable allergies or sensitivities. However, it’s suitable for cats without any sensitivity issue.


  • Offers a satisfactory nutrition
  • No grains used
  • No animal by-product used
  • Uses a variety of high-quality ingredients


  • Contains a small range of vegetable ingredients
  • Not suitable for sensitivestomach

Buying Guide for Dry Food

The market is full of dry cat food with artificial preservatives, fillers, and other useless stuff that should not be part of your cat’s diet.

Normally, such ingredients are listed as wheat based ingredients or grains. To ensure that you are getting quality dry cat food, consider the following.

Protein Source and Content 

In your search for the best dry cat food, you will realize that there are numerous cat food brands that claim to have high protein content. However, you need to know their source of protein before purchasing.

Be wary of cat food bags that say their protein content is sourced from meat. Go for a product that explicitly states chicken, lamb, or fish as their protein source.

You will also come across cat food that has by-product meats. While such food is not necessarily bad, it is generally of poorer quality since it is harder to trace the meat sources included.

Particular Fat Source 

Just as we have mentioned in the above point, cat food that explicitly lists its fat source is of high quality. This will give you the peace of mind that the key nutrients in your cat food are not sourced from artificial elements.

If your cat is older, try to minimize its fat intake, reason being they are less active and may have a problem digesting fats.

Taurine Content

Your cat will definitely benefit from a diet that comprises taurine. Research reveals that ample amounts of taurine in cat food reduce the chances of your kitty suffering from heart disease and eyesight degeneration.

We understand that taurine sounds like it is full of chemicals but nothing could be further from the truth. It has been featuring in cat food for years so there is absolutely nothing to worry about there.

Low Carbohydrate Content

Of all pet foods available, cat food is more prone to being packed with filler ingredients that usually comprise corn or wheat.

While these keep dry food glued together, they are not a natural component of a cat’s diet. Endeavor to get natural dry cat food that is labeled grain-free.

This guarantees that the carbohydrate content in the food is low so that your kitty can enjoy more protein, which their body requires.

Investigate Brands

When it comes to dry cat foods, there are various brands to choose from. To be on the safe side, find a brand that has been in existence for a while and has a good reputation for manufacturing premium quality cat food.

You should also consider a brand that comes with different options in the event that your kitty’s dietary needs change. This will ensure that changing food brands will be less harsh on your cat’s digestive system.

Check online for reviews as well.

Consult with your Vet

Your vet is in the best position to establish the particular health requirements of your cat. Whenever you take your kitty for a checkup, always ask your vet what dietary issues you should concentrate on and the different dry cat food options you should consider.

Remember that your vet is the only person who has the accurate knowledge to determine what kind of food your cat needs. Avoid taking advice from anyone else.

Have a Financial plan

We have already said that you should strive to offer your cat the best. However, that does not mean that you should spend unreasonable amounts of money on your cat’s diet keeping in mind that they have other needs.

Generally, premium dry foods do not have significant extra benefits over cheaper options. Try to strike a balance and stay on budget.

Top Five Brands for Dry Cat Food 

In our search for the best dry dog food, we found five brands that will be worth your investment. Check them out.


This dry cat food is formulated especially for adult cats and contains omega-6 fatty acids that keep your cat’s skin healthy and shiny.

Purina is a famous and respected brand so you can trust that all its contents are of premium quality. The brand promises a 0% filler food, which means that all the ingredients in this cat food have a purpose.

It comes in various formulas designed for different cat health needs.


This cat food is balanced and complete nutrition for all cats whether young or old. It is grain-free and comes in various natural cat food recipes.

You can rely on it to supply your cat with all the rich nutrients it needs to remain healthy.

Rachael Ray Nutrish

Bursting with natural prebiotics that assist in digestion, this dry cat food from Rachael Ray is the ideal option for those cat owners who want the best natural and dry cat food for their pets.

Available in brown rice and salmon, this dry cat food is the perfect choice for adult cats because it contains real meat and no synthetic preservatives or flavors.

Blue Buffalo

Gluten and grain free, this dry cat food is perfect if you are looking for holistic cat food. Most people who have tried it before praise it for improving the coat and fur health of their cats.

It also helps your kitty maintain healthy weight. It contains digestible ingredients and is therefore ideal for cats with delicate digestive systems.

This would be our pick for certain cat breeds such as the sphynx that have extremely sensitive stomachs.

Keep in mind that the responsibility to manage your cat food portions lies on you because no cat food can provide full health benefits on its own.

Hill’s Science

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food is formulated particularly for indoor cats but that does not mean that outdoor cats do not love it as well.

More than two hundred veterinarians have worked on the formula of this cat food and its quality components include the best protein sources and no artificial additives.

Dry Food vs. Wet Cat Food 

In the debate between dry and wet cat food, there is no definite answer. This is because both kinds of cat food have almost the same nutritional content.

However, the biggest difference is that dry cat food obviously does not offer the same amount of moisture content as wet cat food.

It is recommended that a cat who feeds only on dry food should drink about a cup of water every twenty-four hours. For this reason, it is becoming popular for cat owners to mix dry and wet dog food to ensure that their pets stay hydrated irrespective of their diet.

Choosing Dry Food

As you can imagine, dry cat food is convenient and this is the reason many cat parents prefer it. They can simply place it outside for their cat to feed at pleasure. Moreover, dry food, otherwise known as kibble is less costly and has a longer shelf life.

Selecting the best dry cat food will guarantee that your kitty gets all the nutrients they require. Some cat owners will tell you that dry cat food is good for your cat’s dental health but there is no actual evidence to back up such claims.

Choosing Wet Food

A section of animal experts and veterinarians recommend wet cat food over kibble. Generally, wet cat food has high-moisture content that helps to keep your kitty’s hydrated.

This is particularly beneficial if your cat suffers from health issues such as kidney disease.

The only drawbacks to wet cat food are that it has a shorter shelf life compared to kibble and is a little bit more costly.

Bottom Line…

In the end, it all boils down to preference. It is possible to mix the two to enjoy the benefits of both and keep feeding time interesting for your kitty.

Can I Mix Dry Food with Wet Food for my Cat?

Typically, kibble is cheaper than wet cat food and is easy to store and serve. On the other hand, wet food has high-moisture content that is beneficial for your cat’s urinary health as well as their metabolism.

Wet food can also help maintain healthy body weight for your kitty.

To answer your question, yes you certainly can mix wet and dry cat food.

The best ratio for the overall health of your cat should be about 25% wet food and 75% dry food. You can always increase the percentage of wet food if you have any concerns regarding your cat’s weight or urinary health.

When you put your cat on an exclusive dry food diet, you have to worry about urinary tract blockage, inflammatory bowel disease, and kidney issues.

You can avoid such problems by increasing the moisture content in your kitty’s diet. Mix both dry and wet food, or try moistening dry cat food with liquids such as broth or water.

What about Food Sensitivities and Allergies?

Aside from considering the quality of your cat’s diet by combining wet and dry food, you should also take into account food sensitivities and allergies.

Cats are susceptible to developing allergies at some point in their lives. The possible allergens include corn, dairy, chicken, soy, beef, and synthetic additives.

It might be possible that your cat is suffering from a food allergy if they exhibit symptoms such as a dry brittle coat, recurrent ear infections, and an itchy skin.

The remedy for this is switching to hypoallergenic cat food that is devoid of the ingredients that your kitty is allergic to.

Benefits of Dry Cat Food

There are some benefits you should expect to enjoy with dry cat food.

Suitability and Convenience

Convenience is perhaps the main benefit of dry cat food.

It is easy to measure, feed, and store and because it has very little moisture, you can leave it out for your cat to feed whenever they please.

Higher Energy Levels

If your kitty is inactive or if they are lactating and require high energy levels, dry cat food is an ideal choice.

The diet should preferably be a growth or kitten diet to ensure that your lactating cat gets all the nutrients they require.

Dental Benefits

Depending on the dry cat food you choose, you can improve your cat’s dental health. These benefits are delivered in two ways:

  • By the automatic action of biting and disintegrating the dry food. This comes into effect if the kibble is particularly designed to have an abrasive or rubbing action.
  • Some dry cat food contains chemicals that reduce the accumulation of tartar and plaque on the teeth.

That said, you cannot rely on kibble to keep your cat’s dental health in top condition. You should always take them on an annual checkup that includes their teeth.

Best Dry Cat Food FAQ

Obviously, you may have a question or two about kibble. We hope the following compilation can be of help.

Is Purina quality cat food?

Yes, it is. Actually, it contains an immune health combination of antioxidants. Generally, Purina dry cat food is plant based with low fat and high protein content, which is hood for your kitty.

Will grain free food cause heart problems for my cat?

Most of the cats out there are fed grain-free diets with low taurine levels. Often, low taurine levels lead to cardiomyopathy, which is a fatal heart condition in animals.

Which is better for my cat, wet or dry food?

Both wet and dry cat foods are complete in terms of nutrition.

The only big difference between the two is the moisture content. Most cat owners find dry cat food to be more convenient and beneficial for their cat’s dental health.

To find, the perfect balance, you can mix the two.

Does my cat need grain free food?

Actually, most cats can do without a gluten-free or grain-free diet. Low carbs, high protein diets play a key role especially in cats suffering from diabetes.

Nevertheless, do not assume that grain free cat food automatically translates to a low carb diet.

Can my cat live on dry food alone?

Yes, they actually can. This is because dry cat food contains all the nutrients your cat requires. Just ensure you give them water on a regular basis to keep them hydrated.

Our Top Pick – Best Dry Cat Food

We were torn between the Purina Beyond Grain-Free and Rachael Ray Nutrish when making this choice.

But eventually, we reached the verdict that Purina Beyond Grain-Free formula is worth the premium price they charge for it. It is quite well-made and backed by numerous positive reviews.

Best Dry Cat Food Final Thoughts

One of the things you need to keep stable in your cat’s life is their diet. Once you have determined that dry cat food is the way to go, look for a dependable brand that has been around for some time.

This is because new companies tend to go out of business or change their products frequently and this will not be good for your cat’s digestive system.

Go for a trusted product especially one recommended by your vet or friend.

They cannot give false positive reviews. Do not go with trends either, because it may not be the most affordable or healthiest option.

With this guide, you can visit a pet food store and order a bag of dry cat food that will suit your cat best.