The 5 Best Dog Treats for Chihuahuas 2021

If you have been to a pet store or even your local grocery store, you know that there is an assortment of dog treats to pick from.

Dog treats offer an effective and convenient way to influence your dog’s behavior especially if you own a Chihuahua. So how do you choose the best dog treats for your Chihuahua?

We are here to help you find out how so you might want to stick around.

Best Dog Treats for Chihuahuas

Chihuahua Treats: Comparison Table

Here’s a brief bringing together the leading treats for chihuahuas.

Our Top Pick

We’ve kept the table brief and straight-to-the-point.

Best Dog Treats for Chihuahuas Product Name Flavor Size
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2,662 Reviews

Top Pick

Zuke’s Natural-Dog Treats
14,851 Reviews
Nutro Crunchy-Natural Dog Treats Peanut Butter 16 oz
1,088 Reviews
Cosequin-Minis Tasty Chews Dogs 3.52 oz
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8,114 Reviews
Wellness Natural-Puppy Treats Grain-Free Crunchy Chicken & Carrots 6 oz
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9,729 Reviews
Fruitables Dog Treats Apple Bacon 5 oz

The Best Dog Treats for Chihuahuas are:

1. Zuke’s Natural-Dog Treats, Dog Training Mini Naturals Recipe

With protein as the main ingredient, Zuke’s Natural-Dog Treats are nutritious and delicious. They are top-notch and perfect as dog training treats. Worth noting, it is a popular customer choice among pet families.

Also, it is affordably priced, on top of that, you can choose from three packaging options, namely, a 6 0z, 16 oz, and a 32 oz. The packaging bags are re-sealable for your convenience.

They are soft, small and easy to chew treats and excellent for Chihuahuas. In addition, they are full of flavor and have been liked by even for picky eaters.

Key Features

Each recipe is prepared using natural premium ingredients including protein as the main ingredient and savory herbs like turmeric and fruits like cherries and berries. In this regard, the treats are very nutritious.

You can choose a suiting recipe from the different protein sources including duck, salmon, chicken, rabbit, and pork. And for vegetarian families, you can buy the peanut butter & oats recipe.

Besides, each treat is formulated with less than three calories, making it ideal as a treat for small breeds of dogs like Chihuahuas.

In addition, there are no artificial ingredients added including colors, preservatives, and flavors. To add to that, it is free from soy, corn or wheat.


  • Protein is the main ingredient
  • Various recipe choices
  • Nutritious, tasty, soft and small in size
  • List Well-priced
  • No artificial ingredients


  • It is not grain-free

2. Nutro Crunchy-Natural Dog Treats

Treats are a great training tool used by dog families to reward dogs for good behavior.

The Nutro Crunchy-Natural Dog Treats are made with high quality and real food ingredients. Its main ingredient is high-quality protein.

There are various recipe choices real peanut butter, banana, apple, mixed berries, and chicken and carrots. Therefore, you can choose from one of the recipe options.

Additionally, you can choose between the crunchy or mini bites. Not only are the treats tasty and full of flavor, but they are also nutritious and healthy for all ages of Chihuahuas.

Besides, each treat is small in size and suitable for puppies and small breed of dogs like the Chihuahua.

Key Features

Moving on swiftly, each treat has five calories making them a light diet. Most importantly, the treats contain no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. The treats are also free from corn, soy protein, wheat, or chicken by-product. 

What’s more, they have no GMO food ingredients.

Most importantly they are affordably priced. However, there is only one packaging option, which may be too small for multi-pet families.


  • It is made with real ingredients
  • No artificial additives
  • They are flavorful
  • Five different food treat options
  • Budget-friendly


  • One pack option

3. Cosequin-Minis Tasty Chews Dogs Joint Health Supplement MSM & Boswellia

The Cosequin-Minis Tasty Chews are dog treats that are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of dogs.

The treats contain Boswellia, Glucosamine, and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) for joint health. Worth noting, MSM is a compound with properties for relieving joint discomforts in dogs.

They are veterinarian recommended for healthy joints. Because they are joint health supplements, they will restore your dog’s joint health.

Nutramax Laboratories Cosequin Plus MSM &...
1,088 Reviews
Nutramax Laboratories Cosequin Plus MSM &...
  • 45 Count Soft Chew Bag
  • No-1 Veterinarian Recommended brand dietary supplement for...
  • Contains Glucosamine and MSM

Consequently, your dog will be able to live an active life again and enjoy the outdoors. Healthy joints mean your dog can swim, jump, rise, and climb stairs.

They should be given to dogs that are under 25 pounds, which suits Chihuahuas because typically, they weigh between 3 to 6 pounds.

Key Features

They are small in size and in the form of chewable tablets, in addition, they are also soft and moist and therefore easy for small breed of dogs like Chihuahuas to chew.

Because they are in the form of tablets, they are easy to administer to your furry friend. They are also tasty treats and therefore easy for your dog to eat.

Each package contains 45 treats.


  • Veterinarian recommended
  • They are joint health supplements
  • They are in tablet form and therefore easy to administer
  • They are tasty treats
  • Easy to chew because they are soft and moist


  • A bit pricey
  • One recipe option

4. Wellness Natural-Puppy Treats Grain-Free for Dog Training

You can use the Wellness Natural-Puppy Treats as a great way to train your dog, they are tasty and an ideal treat for rewarding good behavior.

They are formulated with all-natural premium ingredients that are sourced globally.

Nutritious, they contain DHA an ingredient available in the milk of nursing dogs, as such a perfect puppy treat.

Affordable, besides, when buying, you have an option between a 3 oz bag and a 6 oz bag. You could start with the smaller bag to test if your dog will like it.

In case your dog likes this treat is when you can buy the big bag.

Key Features

The treats’ key ingredient is a protein. There are two options to select from, namely premium crunchy chicken & carrots and Salmon & lamb.

The treats contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. What’s more, the treats are grain-free which means that they contain no soy, or corn and suitable for dogs sensitive to grains.

Soft and delicious, they are easy for your Chihuahua puppy to chew. Also, they are made with the perfect size that is easy for puppies to chew.


  • Affordable
  • Grain-free made with all-natural premium ingredients
  • Soft and mini-sized, and easy to chew 
  • Two protein recipe options
  • Tasty and delicious


  • Formulated for puppies not adult dogs

5. Fruitables Dog Treats-Skinny Soft & Chewy Minis Apple Bacon

Are you looking for the best dog treats for Chihuahuas? The Fruitables Dog Treats are so-named because they contain fruits.

The treats are made with premium ingredients sourced globally and make a perfect treat for your furry friend.

They contain other essential ingredients needed by your dog including bacon which is a protein and ideal for bodybuilding. Some of the ingredients used in formulating this treat include pumpkins, green peas, chickpeas, apples, blueberries, and mangoes.

Key Features

This is a grain-free recipe and can be bought for dogs with grain allergies. The bites are mini in size, soft, chewy and delicious and perfect for your small breed of dog Chihuahua. In addition, the treats have an amazing aroma that makes them irresistible to your pooch.

It is affordably priced, however, there is only one recipe with one packaging option of a 5 oz. Multi-pet families may need to order more than one pack.


  • Gluten-free
  • Small-sized treats
  • Nutritious, tasty and full of aroma
  • Two calories in each treat
  • Globally sourced key ingredients


  • One recipe option

Buying Guide for Chihuahuas Dog Treats

Nothing good is ever bought without some serious considerations. Here are some of the ones you should make before settling on a particular treat brand.

Treat Palatability Best Dog Treats for Chihuahuas

Of course, a good treat should contain healthy and safe ingredients, but whether or not your dog will accept, atreat depends on how it tastes.

Perhaps your Chihuahua prefers a crunchy treat, or one with a chewy texture. You want to experiment with different treats to find out which one your pooch likes best.

Dog’s Allergies

You may be surprised to learn that most dogs are allergic to the protein content in their food but it is true.

In fact, beef is the most common allergen followed by dairy so if your pooch is exhibiting symptoms of an allergy you might want to check the protein source in their treat first.

To be on the safe side, you want to pick a treat with a single or limited source of protein.

Go Easy on the Treats

Treats should not be a substitute for real food and they should only take a fraction of your dog’s daily food intake.

Experts’ advice that treats should not take up more than 10% of your Chihuahua’s diet. If you are using treats for training, you may want to reduce your dog’s food portions to account for the extra calories that treats come with.

It is also good to consider low calorie treats so you can give them to your pooch without any worries.

Treat Tips

  • When using treats to reward good behavior, you want to keep them somewhere where they will be easily accessible like in your pocket. This allows you to instantly reward your pooch anytime they obey a command, which makes the training more effective.
  • Keep treats in a bag to prevent your dog from smelling them. This way, they will be able to concentrate on their training.
  • If the treats are for dental purposes, pick a particular time of the day to give one, so that it is easier for you to remember. Whether it is nighttime or daytime, just ensure that the practice becomes routine.
  • Never hand out a treat for no reason. Even if you are not training your Chihuahua, always give them a command and reward them when they obey.

Best Dog Treats for Chihuahuas FAQ

Questions will always be there about dog treats especially if you are a new dog parent. In that regard, we have answered several below that can be of some help.

How often should I give my dog treats?

Treats are synonymous with calories and too much of them are not good for your pooch. As such, you want to ensure that your pooch does not get more than 10% of their daily calorie intake from treats.

You can always use a calculator to determine the caloric needs of your pooch. Dog biscuits and high-value rewards should be offered cautiously, do not give more than two per day.

What happens if I give my dog too many treats?

There are several disadvantages to feeding your pooch too many treats. The most serious consequences of doing that is that you will spoil their appetite for actual meals and make them unhealthy and overweight.

Can I give my dog bananas? Best Dog Treats for Chihuahuas

Yes, you can. Bananas are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium, vitamin B6. Actually, bananas are a healthier snack compared to salty, fatty treats.

Nevertheless, you should only give bananas in moderation because they are high in sugar.

Can I give my dog ice cream?

Ice cream contains milk, which is a dairy product. Most dogs are allergic to dairy and giving them ice cream can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and gas.

You can always give ice cream in small doses as a treat but that does not guarantee that it will not be a problem.

Best Overall Treats for Chihuahuas

Our best pick in this review is the Zuke’s Natural-Dog Treats. This is because it is formulated as the perfect dog training treat for Chihuahuas.

Firstly, its key ingredient is protein, what’s more, there are six recipe options including rabbit, duck, salmon, chicken, pork and peanut butter. On top of that, it has other essential and nutritious ingredients including vegetables, oils, spices, vegetables, and fruits.

With only three calories in each treat, they are perfect for small dog breeds and as a treat when training your pooch.

Best Dog Treats for Chihuahuas Final Thoughts

Treats are perfect for training your pooch and reducing hunger pangs before feeding times. However, they should only make 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake.

You can always consult with your vet to find out how many treats make up for that percentage each day. They can recommend something based on your dog’s activity level and their weight.

That said, dogs love treats and you giving them is one of the ways to bond with them. There is no reason why you should deny your pooch daily doses of these delicious snacks with this guide at hand.

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