10 Best Dog Lift Harnesses 2020 – Detailed Review, Guide, and New Facts

Are you a dog parent? If you are, then you are aware that your furry friend cannot avoid aging or injuries. In such cases, they will require a little more help.

Perhaps they are unable to walk on uneven ground or they cannot climb the stairs. You will find it difficult to lift your pooch especially if they are big and heavy.

Regardless of the reason why you need to lift your dog, you need the best dog lift harness to do the job. The following guide will help you pick the right one for your dog.

Popular Dog Lift Harnesses 2020: Comparison List

Below, we have a brief and straight-to-the-point list of the lift harnesses we happen to believe are the best in the game. Kindly take a moment to go through this list before reading the full, detailed reviews.

The Best Dog Lift Harnesses Detailed – Review

1. Labra Veterinarian Approved K9 Dog Canine Sling

Is your dog undergoing physical rehabilitation after surgery or has its mobility been limited due to old age? Having a sling that will help your loved furry companion live an active normal life despite their condition is surely the best way to go! This is the reason, Labra developed this dog sling that is comfortable to both you and the dog.

Product Description

This 7-ounce XXL model measures 37 by 11 inches and is suitable for large dogs weighing 100 pounds or more. The sling is also available in various sizes so as to accommodate any dog.

This product is equipped with length straps that can be adjusted to match your height so your back won’t hurt. It’s quite disheartening for you to fulfill your dog’s comfort and compromise your own health.

Other Features and Benefits

The sling features a soft fleece lining to support your dog’s midsection as it moves around. Putting the sling on and off is very easy. To ease tension on your hands, use the provided Velcro patch on the handles. Lastly, this dog sling is very sturdy and durable.


  • Feels soft on your dog’s tummy
  • Affordable
  • Aids in healing after surgery
  • Easy put on/off


  • Sling tends to slide towards the dog’s torso
  • Little paddling on the handles

2. GingerLead Dog Rehabilitation & Support Harnesses

This Gingerlead harnesses’ unique design incorporates a padded sling and a leash for boosting your dog's balance, mobility and stability. The harness is good for dogs recovering from injuries, elderly dogs or those suffering from hip dysplasia, arthritis, and many other conditions. Don’t worry yourself out about cleaning as the sling can be machine washed.

Product Description

The harness has a width of 5.5 inches, while the length may vary from 38-60 inches and is the best fit for medium to large dog breeds. To ensure comfort and avoid bunching, the support sling has a soft corduroy padding on the inside.

On the other part, the black nylon exterior is long-lasting. While there are other sizes of this same model that are designed specifically for male or female dogs, this one is a unisex design.

Other Features and Benefits

This high-quality dog support sling is made in the USA. The leash can be fully detached if there’s the need or adjusted to reduce back pains. Furthermore, the leash helps your dogs to walk without difficulty and aids in the healing process after surgery.

The stay-on straps though optionally used, are for keeping the support pad intact when you release the handle.


  • Well-padded for more comfortability
  • Easy usage
  • Has a leash for increased safety and control
  • Boosts rehabilitation


  • The chest and front harness has to be purchased separately

3. Lepark Veterinarian Approved Dog Sling for Rehabilitation

If you are looking for the most convenient sling to take care of your arthritic dog, injured or older dog, then this affordable Lepark sling is one of the best. This is a heavy-duty sling that bears the weight of any large or medium-sized dogs like the Labrador, Border Collie or the Golden Retriever.

Product Description

As the harness is offered in multiple sizes, you are required to first measure your dog before obtaining one to avoid disappointments. The dog lifting support pad measures 28 inches long, has a width of 9.4 inches and can be used on dogs averaging between 75-100 pounds. To use the harness, you may put the pad to your dog’s chest or fix it close to the hips of the back legs.

Other Features and Benefits

The removable padding on the sling’s grip reduces hand fatigue. To add on that, you won’t bent when using the harness thus the issue of back pains will be eliminated. Although this dog lift is machine washable, it should be dried in the open air for enhanced durability.


  • Great quality at a lower price
  • Easy to use
  • Very durable


  • The irremovable straps make it difficult to leave the harness on the whole day

4. RUFFWEAR Web Master Dog Harness

Ruffwear products are made from high-quality materials and they do not disappoint! It will interest you to know that many dog rescue teams over the world and specifically in the United States use the Ruffwear dog harnesses. This is because of their ability to help the dogs maneuver easily or climb up and down obstacles.

Product Description

To find the right harness, take the measurements of your dog rib cage and compare it with the corresponding dog lift size. For example, this small harness is suitable for dogs that will have dimensions of between 22-27 inches. The padded chest and handle provide comfort to you and your dog.

Other Features and Benefits

The harness features 5 points of adjustment to allow a full range of motion and a reinforced handle for convenient usage. The package also includes; an anodized reflective aluminum V-ring, a webbing loop and 2 sturdy connection points for the leash. The durable construction and lightweight feel of this dog lift make it the perfect choice for everyday use.


  • Built to last
  • Foam padded for enhanced comfort
  • Multi-purpose use


  • Quite expensive

5. Love Pets Love Large Dog Lift Vet Approved Support Harness

In case you are working on a tight budget and still want to get a high-quality dog harness, then you are in the right place. This harness will provide a helping hand in the mobility of elderly dogs or the injured or tired ones. The harness supports the dog’s torso while giving it instant strength and above all confidence to walk or jump.

Product Description

To make the harnessing process simple, an operation manual is included to guide you out. A support pad of a width of 9.5 inches and a length of 37.5 inches is provided. This harness is best for dogs that weigh between 35-75 pounds and have girth measurements of 24.5- 28 inches. Important tip; measure your dog before ordering to avoid getting the wrong size.

Other Features and Benefits

This dog lift is only designed for larger breeds of dogs, is made with poly and nylon with a fleece lining to make it more durable. The two straps have a strong and soft Velcro to give a tougher handle. Still on the straps, each has dimensions of 14 inches length by 1-inch wide.


  • Rolls up quickly for storage
  • Provides efficient rehab
  • Affordable


  • The handles aren’t length adjustable

6. SGT KNOTS Pet Sling Support Harness for Medium and Large Dogs

For those who own large dog breeds, you will agree that they develop hip problems as they age. Therefore, it is necessary that you help them carry that extra weight by using this adjustable and durable SGT KNOTS Hip Assist Sling. There are other benefits associated with this harness; it helps your dogs feel rejuvenated and healthier than before.

Product Description

The sling is available in two sizes; medium and large. For the medium-sized dogs weighing up to 40lbs, the pad measures 5 by 16 inches with straps that are adjustable from 29 – 41 inches. In conjunction with that, the straps adjust from 26 -52 inches while the pad has dimensions of 7 by 26 inches.

Other Features and Benefits

This USA made dog sling has an extra soft cushioned covering on the lifting poach so that it rests on your dog’s belly comfortably. In addition, the soft synthetic fibers of the pad prevent friction that leads to soreness. These unique features help your dog to be more comfortable and enjoy extended use of the harness.


  • Durable adjustable nylon straps
  • The harness holds up to all weather elements
  • Easy to use
  • Quite affordable


  • Can’t be left on the dog as there is no upper cover

7. AMZpets Dog Lift Large Support Harness

This ergonomically designed large dog harness supports dogs with little mobility to climb stairs, stand up, or jump into and out of cars. These mobility difficulties may result from Arthritis, old age, and muscle pains among other orthopedic conditions.

Product Description

The harness is meant for the big dog breeds weighing 45-75 pounds and girth dimensions of 24.5 - 28 inches. In this perspective, girth refers to the measurement of the widest part of your dog (Chest or belly) Moreover, the accompanying lift support pad has a width of 8” and a length of 32.5 inches.

Other Features and Benefits

The handle straps can be adjusted to suit any height. This ensures that your health is not compromised as you take care of your beloved animal companion. Finally, this dog harness is strong, built with high-quality materials and is long-lasting.


  • An instructional manual is provided
  • Machine washable
  • Made for large dogs
  • Adjustable straps to suit different dog heights


  • Tends to slide back into the dog’s torso

8. Peak Pooch Dog Walking Small Lifting Harness

If a complete dog support harness is what you need for your dog, then this vest provides full support to its chest, back and stomach. The harness features a breathable mesh to deliver more comfort. This vest has been engineered to fit any dog size.

Product Description

This dog harness is made of heavy-duty stainless steel and Ripstop nylon that lasts for decades. The ergonomic handle together with the belly belts makes lifting of your pets easier though not meant for subsequent carrying or lifting. Furthermore, the metal ring provides the place to clip your leash.

Other Features and Benefits

The reflective stitching keeps your dog visible at night. There’s more, the three support straps are equipped with quick-release buckles for easy putting on/off the harness. To summarize, the fleece padding is soft and plush to avoid chaffing.


  • Breathable mesh for enhanced comfortability
  • The buckles ensure easy usage
  • Obtainable in various sizes
  • Affordable


  • The handle design doesn’t allow the frequent carrying of the dog

9. COODEO Rehabilitation Sling and Pet Support Dog Lift Harness

As a way of reciprocating the wonderful time and memories your dogs give, you should find the most proper ways of taking care of them. A better way of achieving it is using this COODED lift harness to help your dog up or down the stairs, getting in and off the car and doing general walking exercises.

Product Description

This item also offers professional support to; dogs with rheumatism, arthritis, disabled and the old ones. It also speeds up the healing process after surgery. The soft and breathable material enables your dog to wear the harness for long without feeling uncomfortable.

Other Features and Benefits

More added extras include; Velcro for fastening, detachable or adjustable straps, and the buckles. This is a dog-friendly lift that takes into consideration the private part of the male dog so they won’t pee on it. Kindly hand wash the harness and let it dry out naturally to enhance its durability.


  •  User-friendly
  • Provides professional support
  • Long-lasting
  • Adjustable belt to prevent back pains


  • Getting the paws of a dog that can’t stand on its own into the holes is tiresome

10. Max and Neo Rehab Harness and Dog Lift Support

It’s not just about buying a dog lift, it’s all about donating one to the dog rescue centers. For every purchase you make, one harness is given to a dog in need, thrilling isn’t it! This awesome harness will help your injured, disabled or elderly dogs to pass over obstacles with ease and comfort.

Product Description

This dog lift is available in various sizes to accommodate any dog height or weight. For this case, this is a large harness that is compatible with dogs weighing 40 -60 lbs and with girth measurements that range from 28.5 inches to 33.5 inches. For increased durability, this harness is made with heavy-duty nylon.

Other Features and Benefits

The overlapping Velcro folds easily while the neoprene handles are padded to deliver more comfort. The Velcro closure at the top of the harness makes it not to fall off even if you lose your hold on the handles.  This dog lift is simple and easy to use with no unnecessary inner Velcro or rivets that like the others which prove difficult to put on your pet or clean.


  • Affordable
  • Priority is given to your dog’s safety and comfort
  • Has a reflective safety thread for night use
  • Comfortable padded handles


  • The straps do not adjust to suit dog owners with different heights
  • Tends to bunch on the dog’s hips

Buying Guide for Best Dog Lift Harnesses

The best dog lift harness should be able to support the weight of your pooch comfortably and safely. Nevertheless, buying the right one for your dog can be overwhelming since these harnesses come in different designs, sizes, and shapes.

Here are the factors you need to consider when buying your harness.


The material used to make your dog lift harness should be flexible, resilient, and strong. That way, it will support your dog’s weight and last for a long time. If it is uncomfortable, your dog will not want to use it.

Poly nylon blended harnesses are common and so are the ones made from sheepskin. Ensure that the harness you buy is lined with soft material such as fleece if it is made from nylon. Always check that your harness is padded especially on the parts that come into contact with your dog’s belly.

Another thing to look at is the edges because if they are rough, they could cause discomfort in your dog as well. Consider the handles too because you do not want to get sores while supporting your dog.


You will still be supporting your dog’s weight even with a harness. As such, the design of the harness should evenly distribute the weight of your pooch and allow you to carry them at an ideal height.

An ideal harness should have either multiple carry points or adjustable straps. Ensure that the sling does not put unnecessary pressure or stress to other areas of your pooch or shift its weight because this can cause wear and damage to other joints and muscles.

Correct Fit

A harness that fits your dog correctly is compulsory. If it is too loose, it will provide little or no support therefore allowing your dog to slip out. If it is too tight, it can cause irritation and rubbing or worse still, affect blood supply.

To get the right size harness for your dog, get its dimensions and check against the manufacturer’s guide. The guide will also help you do the fitting of the harness correctly.

How to Care for your Dog Lift Harness

Your dog lift harness will last long if you take proper care of it. Here are some things you can do to extend its life.

Use as Directed

Use your dog lift harness only as an assistant in lifting your pooch. You will have to adjust it according to your dog’s measurements. If you are unsure about anything, you can always check the sizing instructions from the manufacturer’s guide.

Be careful not to leave the harness on your dog for long periods. When not in use, take it off. If your pooch wants to lie down, always loosen the straps of the harness to prevent overheating, chaffing, and hotspots. When your pooch goes to sleep, take the harness off.

Wash as Instructed

Most dog lift harnesses can be hand or machine-washed. However most manufacturers recommend air-drying. This means that you cannot have them in the dryer and the reason is that dryers can dry out your harness over time.

Use mild soap when cleaning and avoid harsh detergents. Try to clean your harnesses on a regular basis because urine odor can be difficult to get rid of. One of the home remedies you can use to get rid of the smell is white vinegar mixed with water.

Store Appropriately

You want to get two or more harnesses for your dog so that you can change them from time to time. This means that when you are using one, the other is stored away. Ensure that you store in a cool dry place.

This is because the sun’s UV rays can damage the material of your harness if you leave it exposed.

Benefits of Dog Lift Harnesses

A dog lift harness is beneficial in several ways such as:

Reduces Pressure

Your dog will require a dog lifting harness because they are unable to walk. The benefit of using a dog harness here is that it will reduce the pain your dog feels when they try to walk and minimize the pressure exerted on their muscle joints when they try to bend or walk.

Accelerate Healing

Once your dog is injured, you will probably take them to the vet where they will be operated on. Obviously, your dog will be in pain post-surgery and will need the help of a dog lifting harness to facilitate the speed at which your dog will heal.

Facilitate Lifting of Bigger Dogs

If your dog is on the heavier side, you will strain having to carry all that weight. However, with a dog, lifting harness the weight of the dog will be distributed evenly and you will find that carrying your dog will not be that much of an issue.

Prevent Injury

Perhaps your dog is not sick or injured but they are susceptible to it. Moreover, your pooch could be suffering from joint and muscle weaknesses. You can help prevent them from being injured by using a dog lifting harness.


If your dog is uncomfortable in a particular harness, they will be restless and grumpy. A good quality harness will offer the security stability, and comfort they need while being lifted or carried.

Reasons why your Dog may need a Lifting Harness

There are several medical and physiological reasons why your dog may need a supportive harness.

Ligament Problems

When your dog’s hip joint fails to properly develop, it leads to cartilage loss, which in turn causes reduced mobility and pain. If your dog is suffering from such, a dog lift harness will come in handy.


Your dog may require surgery for one reason or the other. After surgery, your dog’s stability and strength will be limited. It is during such instances that you will require the help of a dog lifting harness to move your dog around.


Whether you like it or not, you dog continues to age with each passing day. As they become older, dogs tend to be more vulnerable to diseases such as arthritis. It is then that you will require a dog lifting harness to carry your dog around.


Dogs are naturally playful and as a result, they may get into accidents frequently and get injured. When that happens, your dog will have difficulty walking or experience a lot of pain that might render them immobile.

You want to have a dog lift harness at hand to help lift your dog when the need arises.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We understand that you may have some crucial questions when it comes to dog lifting harnesses and rightfully so. Here, we have answered a few that usually pop up and we hope they can help you.

How do I lift a heavy dog?

Begin by just sliding your dominant arm beneath your dog's chest in between their anterior legs. As you are lifting them up, keep them totally supported by tucking their tooshie between your body and arm. Use your dominant hand to hold their rear legs and wrap the front of their chest with your other arm.

Is it right to lift up my dog by scruff of neck?

The scruff refers to the loose skin around the neck of your dog. You can pick up your puppy this way but once they are older, it is risky to do that because you will be placing all their weight on the neck'sneck.

Should I walk my dog if they have arthritis?

A few minutes of walking prior to gentle exercises will do your dog a lot of good even if they are suffering from arthritis. It helps diminish muscle injuries, cramps, sprains and gradually increases their heart rate.

How should I carry my dog?

The easiest and best way involves placing both of your hands behind their front legs on their chest. As you carry them up move one of your hands back to support their back. Cradle them with both your arms to support their body.

Which One Is The Best Lift Harness?

The Labra Veterinarian Approved K9 Dog Canine Sling remains our coveted choice. It’s well built, durable and relatively good looking. It is not perfect but is certainly close to that.

Final Thoughts

A harness is meant to wrap around your pooch’s body to supplement its restricted mobility and help it get around easily. Dog lifting harnesses come with handles that you need to gently pull up to take the weight and pressure off your dog’s shoulders spine, hips, and legs.

If you buy the wrong kind of harness, it will be a waste of money but with this guide, we are certain that you can now pick the kind of harness that suits your dog.

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