Best Dog Life Jacket for a Corgi in 2021: Top 5 Buoyant Vests Reviewed

Summer comes with numerous fun activities for you and your pooch and one of them is water recreation.

Your Corgi is likely to enjoy spending time in the swimming pool or lake but are they really safe there? Of course not because the danger of drowning is always lurking in the background.

In that regard, you want to get the best dog life jacket for a Corgi to ensure that they remain above water even when they are too tired to swim.

Best Dog Life Jacket for a Corgi

As ideal life jacket should:

  • Have the right fit
  • Be visible
  • Be durable

We want to delve deeper into this topic so stay put if you want to learn more.

Our Top Pick

Awesome Corgi Life Jackets: Comparison Table

Would you like to keep your dog safe on water?

Here’s a table of 5 life jackets worth considering, First one in the table being our Top Pick.

Best Dog Life Jacket for a Corgi Product Name Size Color

Top Pick

Outward Hound Granby Life Jacket Large Orange
41o50AkYrPL. SL160
328 Reviews

Also Good

Ruffwear Adjustable & Reflective Float Coat Large Sockeye Red
Haocoo Dog Life Jacket XX-Small Blue Polka Dot
Vivaglory Pet Safety Vest S:17-21 inch (Ribcage Girth) Pink
51FDFSM0koL. SL160
2,878 Reviews
VIVAGLORY DFD Doggy Floatation Device Large Red

The Best Dog Life Jacket for Corgi

1. Outward Hound Granby Life Jacket

There are many reasons why this life jacket comes right at the top of our list of reviews. To begin with, it’s available in different sizes ranging all the way from X-large to X-small. As such, it can be a good choice even when dealing with a pooch.

Moving on swiftly, the Outward Hound life jacket is available in two different colors.

The first color is orange which we happen to think is the safest to use especially for new swimmers. The second color is orange which is cute although not as visible as the orange one.

Key Features

There are three features that caught our attention as far as this particular life jacket is concerned. These are as follows.


Buoyancy is an important part of any life jacket. Indeed, this is the functionality that ensures your dog can remain safely on the water surface even if they’re not good swimmers.

The Outward Hound jacket comes with foam panels which add onto its standard buoyancy. What’s more?

It also has a float neck feature that comes in handy in helping the dog keep its head securely above the water.


All Corgis are unique. As such, it makes perfect sense to only go for a jacket that’s adjustable. That’s why besides coming in different sizes, this particular gear also features adjustable buckles.

You can easily tweak these buckles to ensure you provide a custom fit for your lovely pooch. Remember, a good fit is quite important for ensuring good stability in water.


We’re also awed by the overall build quality of this jacket. Its neoprene material does a great job of providing the waterproof features your doggie needs to enjoy the swim even more.

One thing we truly love about neoprene is that it’s quite tough and long-lasting. Above all, it’s stretchable which once again goes a long way in providing comfort for your pup.


  • Quality material
  • Good buoyancy
  • Great comfort
  • Adjustable fit
  • Has 2 rescue handles


  • Sizing chart isn’t accurate

2. Ruffwear Adjustable & Reflective Float Coat

This sporty life jacket seems to have everything figured out as far as dog safety on the water is concerned. For instance, it has adjustable straps for a good fit. Also, it has a handy rescue handle at the top.

We also like the fact that it’s available in different size varieties. In fact, the manufacturer even provides a size XX-small which is quite good for really small dogs which might not fit inside X-small.

What’s more? This lifejacket is available in many different colors including blue atoll, dandelion yellow, sockeye red, and wave orange.

Key Features

The reason why we’d pick this jacket over any other float coat out there is that it provides good value for money through the following features.


We all know this is the most important factor to consider as far as safety is concerned. Indeed, this jacket from Ruffwear is built with this in mind.

For easy swimming, it features strategically placed cell foam panels. These come in handy in ensuring your dog can swim naturally and in an upright position.

Everything regarding its workmanship screams quality.


The Ruffwear boasts a telescoping neck closure. This comes in handy by ensuring your dog’s neck is properly secured and capable of staying above the water no matter what.

Also related to adjustability is the presence of easy-to-clip buckles. You can adjust these buckles to ensure a snug fit for your lovely pooch.


Just like any other high-quality jacket, this one is made from neoprene. One unique thing about it, however, is that it boasts durable webbing.

The webbing is purposefully provided to guarantee safety and stability in wet environments. And of course, the stitching is done in such a manner to provide a reflective trim.

Needless to say, the trim is a highly important safety tool as far as visibility is concerned.


  • Great material quality
  • Optimized for stability
  • Different colors available
  • Available in different sizes


  • Pricey
  • Not always true to size

3. Haocoo Dog Life Jacket

If you’re looking for a Corgi life jacket under 20 bucks, this one from Haocoo might be worth investigating. Just like the other two reviewed so far, it is available in different color choices.

In fact, there are 10 different color choices to choose from. These range from blue bone, blue polka dot to camo, yellow and orange.

What’s more? The Haocoo comes in different shapes and designs. For instance, there’s the crocodile variety that comes with a tail-like extension. There’s also the mermaid variety which is themed to mimic a mermaid’s tail.

Key Features

In addition to the features already mentioned above, we’d recommend the Haocoo due to the following extra ones.


It’s incredibly stable on water. In fact, we think that any dog or cat would find it quite convenient to use.

Why so? Because its buoyancy feels quite natural and this makes it easier for them to swim for longer. Also, this jacket has most of its floats placed around the body of your doggie for upright swimming.

We believe that this is an important feature to deal with especially when dealing with a nervous dog. And gladly, we can confirm that the Haocoo gets it right.


Here you get 7 different sizes to choose from. They range from XXS all the way to XXL. So, no matter how tiny or large your corgi is, there’s a size for them.

Besides that, this jacket comes with adjustable straps and buckles. Those ones can be comfortably adjusted for a snug but comfortable fit.

Also worth mentioning is that the buckles are quick-release ones. And are quite easy to put on and remove.


Unlike other high-end vests that are made from neoprene, this one is made from a combination of Polyester Oxford and Nylon fabrics. Some parts of the interior are padded with cotton foam.

In general, this is a material of agreeable quality. If anything, Oxford nylon is highly durable all thanks to its ripstop properties.

A closer look at this jack further reveals the presence of mesh fiber design. This goes a long way in improving drainage and facilitating for quick drying.


  • Affordably priced
  • Wide variety of designs
  • Adjustable fit
  • Heavy-duty D-ring


  • Size issues often reported
  • Inadequate neck support for most puppies

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4. Vivaglory Pet Safety Vest

Although slightly expensive than the Haocoo life jacket, we believe that this alternative from Vivaglory is worth the price.

Its’ neck design particularly caught our attention. In our view, this is the kind of stuff you need to have under your pooch’s neck to ensure they can comfortably keep the head up as they swim.

On top of that, this life jacket is available in 9 different colors. Of these 9, the yellow and extra-reflective yellow are out top favorites thanks to the fact that they’re highly visible.

Key Features

Let us now focus on some of the important features that make this product tick. Of course, there’s nothing like a perfect life jacket out there although we think this one comes pretty close to that.


According to the manufacturer, this life jacket boasts extra padding for enhanced safety and buoyancy. Indeed, this float ear comes with a patented design for enhanced safety.

This can be viewed from its intelligent distribution of floaters. The floaters and padding are distributed for stable and symmetrical support to your lovely pooch.

On top of that, this life jacket comes with removable front float assist. You can use this float assist feature if your dog has trouble keeping the head above water. However, you can also remove it if your pooch doesn’t need it.

Adjustability for Best Dog Life Jacket for a Corgi

First, we need to emphasize that to get the perfectly fitting jacket for your doggie, it’s important to take the measurements correctly.

Of course, you want to capture the circumference at the widest part of the ribcage. You also want to keep track of the neck circumference before placing an order.

Once you get the size right, this life jacket comes with extra features for enhanced adjustability. Its quality straps and quick-release buckles are quite helpful indeed.

And then, there’s a complementary fastening system designed for the area around the belly and neck regions.


You won’t get the waterproof neoprene here but in exchange, you’ll find the reputable 600D Oxford cloth. This material is particularly built with extra padding and handy fastening features.

The Oxford material is quite reliable all thanks to its special ripstop design. The design is done in a special manner such that it’s resistant to ripping and tearing.

During weaving, extra reinforcement threads are interwoven creating a crosshatch pattern. This helps stop the spread of tearing.


  • Durable fabric used
  • Great buoyancy
  • Easy to fit
  • Removable front float assist
  • 90-day warranty


  • Chin rest surface not ideal for playful dogs
  • Runs small in rare cases

5. VIVAGLORY DFD Doggy Floatation Device

The VIVAGLORY life vest jacket is our top favorite choice because it combines good manufacturing with high-quality materials.

In fact, its manufacturer claims that it contains 50% more floatation material than your average vest out there.

Yet another outstanding aspect of this jacket is that it comes with ergonomic features. Top among them is an integrated grab handle. Of course, this is a handy feature for rescuing your pooch should the need arise.

Key Features Best Dog Life Jacket for a Corgi

To this end, the VIVAGLORY device seems like a really good choice for corgis. And indeed, here are the features that make it a good choice.

Buoyancy – Best Dog Life Jacket for a Corgi

Can you count on this jacket to keep your pooch safe at all times? Yup, you can do exactly that. And that’s because it is quite well made with distributed floaters for a comfortable swimming experience.

Its manufacturer even brags that this jacket uses 50% more floatation materials than other pet life jackets of its price range.


Of course, it’s important to always ensure you get a perfect fitting life jacket for the dog. In that regard, the Ezydog provides neoprene straps that make for a secure and ergonomic fit.

The company also provides a relatively accurate sizing chart. So, all you need to do is take measurements of your dog’s widest areas before making a choice.


This device is made from heavy-duty polyester construction. Its straps are made from neoprene. In our view, it seems like the result of good workmanship.

Its contoured neck fits quite well plus the manufacturer has gone ahead to provide a highly visible reflective piping. Great stuff.


  • Great build quality
  • Highly visible detailing
  • Ergonomic grab handle
  • Relatively good fitting


  • Limited colors to choose from
  • Pricey

Buying Guide for Life Jacket for Corgi

You should not have to restrict your Corgi from spending time with you at the beach or swimming pool because they enjoy it just as much as you do.

With a life jacket, you can guarantee their safety while in water but you need to consider a few important factors if you want to get your hands on the right one.

Here are some of those factors.

Material of the Jacket

Once you have decided to get a life jacket for your pooch, you have to ensure that it is of premium quality.

This means that the jacket should be able to serve its purpose for the longest time possible. The material used to fabricate the life vest has to be durable and withstand your dog’s chewing habits as well as extreme weather conditions.

If you get a jacket made from flimsy material, you are obviously putting your dog at risk and in respect to that, we recommend getting a jacket made from either cotton or nylon.

Jacket Design

Life jackets come in various designs. You can pick something plain or artistically designed for your pooch. Most life jackets are designed with a lift handle and leash ring for better control of your dog.

You may also want to get a jacket with belly support for a more secure fit. Overall, it is important to pick a design that is flexible and lightweight for your dog’s comfort while in water.

Visibility of Jacket

It is vital to get a life jacket that can easily be spotted even from a distance. We therefore recommend getting one in bright luminous colors such as green, yellow, or orange.

If you are going to be in the water when it is darker, you may want to get a jacket with reflective material for easier identification.

Price of Jacket

Usually, the price of a life jacket is determined by the quality of the material used to fabricate it. For instance, if it is made from premium cotton that will not wear out quickly, the price will be higher.

Other factors that determine the price are the design and comfort ability of the jacket. You can expect substandard jackets to come cheap but we can assure you that they will not last long.

How to Measure your Corgi for a Life Jacket

It is important to know the size of your pooch to get the correct fit when buying a life jacket for them.

Nonetheless, if you are unsure, you want to measure your pooch using the following steps.

Chest circumference

In order to measure the chest or girth circumference you will cover the measuring tape around your dog’s rib cage.

You want to measure the widest part, which is located just behind the front legs.

Neck perimeter

An average life jacket will normally rest at the junction between the neck and body. As such, you want to measure the entire area from the shoulder to the neck to get the circumference.

Back dimension

With your measuring tape; get the dimensions of your dog’s back from the lower side of the neckto the point where the tail begins.


You may also have to weigh your pooch is you want to get a life jacket that will keep them afloat. Once you have the weight, use it to get the right size life vest.

Best Dog Life Jacket for a Corgi FAQ

When it comes to life vests for dogs, we usually get many questions. However, we cannot answer all of them here so we have addressed a few that are commonly asked.

Do corgis need life jackets?

Yes, they do. Even if your dog is a good swimmer,they will need a life jacket as long as they will be in the water.

Why do dogs have life jackets?

Dog life jackets provide visibility and buoyancy to keep your pooch safe while they are in the water. A life jacket is a must-have for kayaking and other water activities.

Which One Is The Best?

Considering factors like build quality and affordability, we’d settle for the Outward Hound Granby Life Jacket as the best dog life jacket for a Corgi.

It’s got all the features you’d expect from a top-tier life jacket yet only costs a few pennies on the dollar.

Best Dog Life Jacket for a Corgi Final Thoughts

You cannot always have your eye on your dog when you are out enjoying the water and even if you do, you may be unable to reach them in good time to save them from drowning.

This guide is designed to help you pick the right life jacket for your Corgi, so go ahead, and make good use of it.

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