Best Dog House for Husky – Top 5 Options Reviewed in 2021

Unlike other pets, we tend to share our lives and homes in a closer fashion with our dogs. Therefore, if you own a Husky, you know that they are as much of a family member as your children are.

While this is a good thing, sometimes your doggie will take over your house and we do not expect you to be elated about that.

So, what do you do? We would suggest getting the best doghouse for Husky that should be:

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Size able
Best Dog House for Husky

Our aim is not to make your pooch feel sidelined so keep it here to find out how you can get your hands on a doghouse that feels exactly like your home.

Best Husky Outdoor Houses: Comparison List

Your husky deserves the best house available. And that’s why we’ve dedicated our time to coming up with the following list of 5 well-researched options.

The Best Dog House for Husky – Reviews

1. Pestsfit dog house outdoor 

Petsfit outdoor dog house is said to be the best for huskies, especially if the pet likes to spend most of its time outdoors.

What’s more, this dog house can be used in different ways, not just for your dog. Other small animals, such as ducks or more than two cats, can also fit. 

The outdoor dog house is made from waterproof material or wood and protects against hot weather. It comes with a door flap for protection against wind.

However, this husky house offers no much protection from rain and bad weather or extreme cold seasons.

Key features

The Petsfit dog house is designed to fit even bigger dogs up to 75 pounds because you can open the roof for a door.

Furthermore, the owner of the dog can easily clean the floor of the dog house because it is made from a removable floor that is crowned.

It is made with a unique design to protect the dog from hot weather and excessive wind.

Finally, the Petsfit doghouse is preferred because it has drilled holes for ventilation, and is easier to assemble.


  • Preferred for protection against hot weather
  • Has a door flap
  • Openable roof
  • Easy assembly


  • No heated floor

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2. ASL solution dog palace 

This dog house is believed to have the best qualities, especially during winter seasons, because it is floor heated and has insulations to prevent heat loss.

This dog kennel is built with a polystyrene exterior, which makes the dog house strong and durable since the material is not easily spoilt.

Additionally, the ASL solution dog palace is constructed with a large surface to accommodate pets of all sizes at any time.

However, the heating equipment is not in the building, thus making it hard to acquire both the heater and the house due to assembly and more comfortable use. 

Key features 

The interior of this dog kennel is made from EPS foam material for insulation to prevent heat loss and penetration of cold to the dog house.

Besides, the door of this dog kennel is self-closing and is extended to form a protective part to shield your dog from direct wind and rain.

The dog house material is designed such that it has windows for viewing while you want to know how the dog is and also protects the dog from elements.


  • Has a self-closing door
  • Floor heater extension available
  • EPS foam insulated


  • Difficult assembly

3. Petmate indigo Microban

Petmate indigo dog house is constructed from a heavy-duty material that provides insulation for both heat and extreme cold.

Besides, this dog house for a husky is designed in a way that the doorway is extended to reduce the chances of the pet being rained on or extra wind.

The dog house is believed to be the best because it allows for additional accessories for extra customization of your pet’s house.

Nevertheless, this dog house has a floor that is not very easy to clean, making it harder for the dog owner for daily cleaning.

Key features 

This dog house is characterized by extra vents on top to increase ventilation and fresh air cycle throughout.

Most of the people consider it better due to the sizes and strength it is available at. Thus it can fit any dog with any weight.

Besides, this dog house for husky has a raised bottom with moats for proper and natural drainage of water during rainy seasons.

It comes with a microban fabric that helps in the cleanliness of the doghouse since it limits the bacteria that typically dispel terrible odor.


  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Assembly is easy
  • Extra moats for water draining
  • Provides an extension allowance


  • No heated floor

4. Petsfit portable dog house, wooden

Petsfit portable wooden dog house is believed to be the ideal dog house made of wood and is lightweight for portability. 

Besides, this wooden dog house has a pop-up roof for easy cleaning of placing of flooring to your dog for warmth or coziness.

A wooden door house is regarded as ideal because it is suitable for outdoor. Wood cannot decay quickly due to rain.

Nevertheless, this wooden dog house is not perfect for big and large dogs because of the factor of portability. A larger house would necessitate the use of heavier materials.

Key features 

Petsfit portable dog house comes fully intact and does not need assembly. This may be due to the portability aspect.

The wood that makes the dog house is resistant to decay due to heavy rains or water spills, making it preferred by dog owners. 

Moreover, the wooden dog house is durable, especially that it is made from cedar or lumber and will stay for many years.


  • Natural insulator
  • Stable and durable
  • Non-toxic prevents pest
  • Lightweight


  • Hard to clean

5. Confidence outdoor plastic dog house 

Confidence outdoor plastic dog house is made from a sturdy, strong, and durable material that endures all weather.

This dog house is said to have a good look with enough space for your puppy or dog that allows it to play when in the house.

The outdoor dog kennel can be classified as the better version of a waterproof and comfortable dog house in all weather and has a strong base for support.

Again, the dog kennel can be used at all times because the dog owner can assemble it quickly and also can put it down easily.

Key features  

The outdoor kennel is specially made from a plastic that eliminates odor and thus fresh air for your dog. Also, it is made from a microban technology.

This Confidence outdoor plastic dog house is easy to clean because you can disassemble it anytime you want to clean it and later build it.

Plastic material is light at all times, and thus it is easier to move from one place to another as compared to the wooden dog houses.

Moreover, the confidence outdoor dog house has made it easier for the owner to assemble it in a few steps without straining.


  • Large and comfortable space
  • Durable and strong
  • Assembly made easy
  • Odor-free


  • No closing door

Buying Guide for Husky Dog Houses

Of course, you need to take into consideration a few important factors before purchasing a doghouse. Some of those factors are:

The Size

Size is the most important consideration here. You need to buy a house according to the size of your dog. A god doghouse should be able to accommodate your pooch as they turn around, lie down, and stand up.

The house must also be able to fit your dog’s bowl of food and water. While you can comfortably get a bigger doghouse with no issues, you want to avoid a smaller house.

Consider that your dog continues to grow and they may overheat in a house that is too small for them.

Insulation and Ventilation

You want your dog to remain cool during the hot season and have room to breathe. Ensure that your doghouse of choice is properly ventilated.

On the other hand, you do not want them to freeze when it is cold. In that regard, you want to ensure that the doghouse has proper insulation.

Dog house Material

Durability plays an important role when looking for the best material for your doghouse. Plastic and wood are some of the most popular choices so you may want to pick from the two.

Plastic is low maintenance in terms of cleaning and is lighter which means you can carry it from place to place.

Wood on the other hand is heavier and tends to stain. It has natural insulation and is more aesthetically pleasing. Nevertheless, it is predisposed to termite infestation and can easily rot when in contact with water.

Of course, there are many other materials out there to choose from, it all depends on your needs.

Flooring and Height

You want to get a doghouse that is slightly elevated to aid in ventilation. A raised house also prevents the low temperatures from the ground to get in during the cold season.

You may also want to consider a sloped floor to keep rainwater from getting into the doghouse.

Your Dog’s Personality

Maybe your dog will not mind bending each time they enter the house, but all the same, you may want to get a house with rounded edges if your pooch is clumsy.

If they love to look outside, you may want to get a house with a window, and if they like to play, make sure that their house has space to accommodate all their toys.

House Style

Your pooch is not bothered about how their house looks but since you are the owner, you may want something that is good to look at, or one that matches the rest of your compound.

There are many designs to choose from when it comes to doghouses but just ensure that you do not pick style over quality and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions on the same, you may want to go through the ones we have answered below to satisfy your curiosity.

Do Huskies like doghouses?

It all depends on their character. Some dogs are outgoing while others are reserved and would appreciate their own space.

For instance, Siberian Huskies love to be outdoors and would probably not like to caged in a doghouse.

Will my Husky run away?

Most dogs will escape out of curiosity and their playful nature. However, Huskies are known to be friendly with humans and other dogs so with proper training, they can be able to obey commands to stay in their house.

This does not mean that they will not escape if they have the chance. It is just in their nature!

Are doghouses good for dogs?

A doghouse is great especially if your pooch will be outside for a few hours each day. You want to keep them safeguarded from harsh weather conditions and this is where the doghouse comes in.

Best Dog House for Husky – Our Top Pick

In our view, a good pooch house is one that’s comfortable, warm and secure. And depending on where you live, you might want to go for one with a heated floor. However, if you come from warmer parts of the country, you might want to prioritize other factors such as safety from predators and parasites.

In our view, the Pestsfit dog house outdoor is a perfect fitwarm weather use. However, if you’re worried about those cold nights and winter days, go for the ASL solution dog palace. It has a warmer and cozier interior.

So, the decision on what’s best should depend on where you live and how you intend to use the house. If all you’re looking for is a simple house for use in the warm months, you don’t need to splurge on built-in heating features.

Final Thoughts

Getting a doghouse for your Husky does not mean that you no longer care for them. Although your dog likes to spend time with you and values all the attention you give, it is important for them to have their own space.

This guide should help you pick a home away from your home for your Husky.

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