Best Dog House for Golden Retriever 2021 [Buying Guide]

We are sure that you love your Golden Retriever and if you could have it your way, they would live in your house forever.

However, just like human children, you have to allow your pooch to have their own space.

You can avail this space by getting them the best doghouse for Golden Retriever.

This house has to be:

  • Spacious
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to clean

Want to find out more? Keep it here until the end of this guide.

Best Dog House for Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Houses: Comparison List

If you’re looking for a warm, safe, and secure house for your pooch, here’s a list you can use.

Our Top Pick

It brings together the 5 leading houses for the money.

Best Dog House for Golden Retriever Name Dimension Weight
618O8FszLGL. SL160
38 Reviews

Top Pick

Tangkula Wooden Pet House 38 x 27 x 27 inches 26 pounds
61NyvNg9ClL. SL160
264 Reviews
Tangkula Dog House 40 x 34 x 33 inches 44 pounds
41SmRX2YlkL. SL160
2,122 Reviews
Starplast Mocha / Brown Large Dog House 33.8 x 33.1 x 32.3 inches 24.1 pounds
51hIuNplnCL. SL160
3,595 Reviews
Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House 45.5 x 26.6 x 27.5 inches 38.3 pounds
41N5IOmAsfL. SL160
1,829 Reviews
TRIXIE Pet Products Dog Club House 33.5 x 22.8 x 23.6 inches 30.3 pounds

The 5 Best Dog House for Golden Retriever

1. Tangkula Wooden Pet House with porch fence and balcony 

The Tangkula wooden pet house with porch fence and balcony is a dog house specially made for a golden retriever because of the nature of the dog’s coat.

It is believed that this dog house is the ideal pet house for a golden retriever due to the raised ventilation and a balcony to favor the dense fur the dog has. 

Besides, the ample space in the house and the balcony makes it suitable for slightly larger retrievers and smaller ones at the same time.

The dog house is best suited for summertime as wood does not conduct heat, and thus during hot weather, the house remains cool.

However, this dog house is only preferred for small and medium dogs and cannot fit large dogs. You will need to go to a bigger house for a giant dog.

Key features 

It is made from wood and asphalt roof that is watertight and cannot let water in, thereby keeping your dog warm and dry in rainy and snowy seasons.

The dog house bottom is raised with four wooden stands to prevent it from moisture entry and keeps heat out all times.

This Tangkula dog house is luxurious for your dog as it has a balcony and a porch outside the main room so that your dog may have fresh air outside and later get into the house when it’s cold.


  • Water repellent
  • Has a balcony and a porch
  • Strong and durable
  • Vast ventilation


  • For medium and small dogs only

2. Tangkula wooden dog house for outdoor

The Tangkula wooden dog house has a stylish look and boasts of stable structures of durable wood.

Besides, this dog house is improved to help in fixing hardware when you get it for convenience and more comfortable cleaning and maintaining

This dog house comes in different sizes to accommodate any of your hounds and weighs less than traditional wooden dog houses, making it enjoyable while relocating.

Also, it has an elevated structure from the ground so that your dog may remain dry and fresh all the time. Heat and moisture do not go into the house.

On the contrary, you need to do some assembly which most of the people do not have time for, and they prefer the complete dog kennels.

Key features 

Tangkula Dog House, Wooden Pet Kennel, Outdoor...

This dog kennel is made from firm wood materials, which are red-brownish, making so attractive and sturdy at the same time.

The red roof is strengthened with asphalt for durability and water repellent purposes. All through the winter season, your dog will remain dry and fresh all day.

Also, this house can also use in time of winter and snowy seasons because the raised bottom does not allow cold or wind to get into the dog house.


  • Made of high-quality fir wood
  • Elevated
  • Stylish and attractive
  • Coated with water-based pet safe paint


  • Roof overhangs not long enough

3. Starplast mocha brown dog kennel 

Starplast Mocha brown dog kennel is specially designed for a large dog that is heavyweight as they are substantial and sturdier.

It is most preferred because these dog houses are favorable and suitable in all seasons that the owner wishes without worrying about anything.

In addition, it is made of plastic material that does not allow any dampness and is light to move from one point to another.

You can add other materials such as pads for insulation in times when there is much heat during summer seasons.

However, this dog house is not suitable for outdoor activities as the plastic material can crack and may fall apart anytime.

Key features 

Starplast Dog House Kennel - Weather & Water...
2,122 Reviews
Starplast Dog House Kennel - Weather & Water...
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY: Dog house is lightweight and easy to...
  • DURABLE: Made out of heavy-duty durable UV stabilized...
  • VENTILATION: Features an open doorway to stabilize...
  • SPACIOUS PET HOME: This kennel makes for a spacious home for...
  • ABOUT STARPLAST: Founded in 1967, Starplast is a...

The components that make this dog kennel are Uv stabilized polypropylene plastic that is durable and heavy-duty to hold large dogs. 

The product is easy to assemble and light so that you do not require a lot of fixing for your dog to have a place to stay.

This dog house has a large room for your dog, which gives the dog enough space for fresh air, and in the case of many puppies, they have a large surface for playing. 

More so, the brown color does not allow excellent absorption of heat from outside; thus, it reduces the heat dispersed in the dog house for a cooling effect.


  • Good for all seasons
  • Does not rust
  • You can clean easily
  • Large and lightweight


  • Not the best for summer

4. Precision Pet log cabin dog house 

The precision pet log cabin dog house can be classified as one of the best houses for retrievers because it has been constructed from very durable wood.

This dog house has a very robust design and boasts of a warm bottom that is not recoverable or hinged for cleaning.

The wood that makes this dog kennel is made in such a way to repel against water as the logs are watertight and robust.

However, some rain might find its way into the dog house, especially the heavy snow and rainy season, because it is not raised well.

Key features 

The dog house is made with an off-centered entrance that keeps your dog safe from bad weather, and it can find the right warm spot.

This dog house has a well-slanted asphalt roof, and wood is coated with a waterproof material to prevent any water from entering the house.

Besides, the precision pet log dog house has an adjustable stand design that allows the owner to reduce the height from the ground at any time.

It has stainless steel hinges, and roof material for durability and extra strength at all times because it holds large hounds and heavy ones also.


  • Strong wood
  • Has an extended weight limit
  • Quick to assemble
  • Adjustable stands


  • Water might penetrate in the house through the floor

5. Trixie Pet Products dog clubhouse  

Trixie Pet Products dog clubhouse is regarded as the best dog house for retrievers because it has a tongue and groove design for fresh breezes.

Furthermore, this dog house has a raised floor to keep dampness and water from entering the house when there is excessive snow or rain.

This dog house is mostly preferred due to the spacious room and well-placed ventilation to keep the proper circulation of air in and out of the room.

Although, due to the grooving wood, some stubborn dogs may want to get out, and thus they end up scratching the interior of the house damaging it.

Key features 

This dog house is made from solid pine wood that boasts of being durable and robust enough to handle a lot of dogs or a heavy hound.

TRIXIE natura Classic Dog House | Small

Besides, the floor of the dog house is removable for more natural cleaning and maintenance. When one cannot fit into the house, he or she can remove the floor for efficient cleaning.

The roof of the Trixie Pet Products dog clubhouse is hinged and can be opened from the top to ease the removing of stubborn retrievers from the house.

Besides, the dog house has an off-centered design to help the dog find the right spot and protects the dog from bad weather.


  • Removed bottom for more natural cleaning
  • Strong and durable
  • Tongue and groove technique
  • Removable top


  • Heavy

Best Dog House for Golden Retriever Buying Guide

The perfect doghouse is not just an enclosed area for your pooch. It has to possess a few crucial features such as:

Adequate Space

Dogs come in different sizes so let no one fool you that there is a ‘one size fits all’ option. You want to measure your dog before purchasing a house for them.

An ideal house should be big enough for your pooch to lie down, stand up, and turn around comfortably.

You also want to be careful not to get a house that is too big because the extra space can cause anxiety in your pooch.

Forbearance to Weather Conditions

The doghouse you pick should be able to withstand all weather conditions. It should protect your pooch from getting soaked when it is raining and protect them from the harsh rays of the sun when it is hot.

The house should also be insulated to keep your pooch warm when the weather is cold.

Longevity of House

It does not make sense for you to buy a new house every few months just because your dog has the tendency to abuse and chew on their abode.

You want to get a doghouse made from durable material that can survive your Golden Retriever’s abuse.

Best Dog House for Golden Retriever FAQ

Here are a few commonly asked questions that can help you get a clearer picture on this topic.

What should I put in a doghouse?

It depends on what you want for your dog but generally, hay, a rug, and a blanket will be enough to make your dog comfortable when they are in there.

What direction should my doghouse face?

It is important to have the house facing the opposite direction from storms.

For instance, in the US, storms usually originate from the south and west so, it would be advisable to have your dog house facing east.

Best Overall Choice

Having conducted a thorough analysis of these houses, we conclude that the Tangkula wooden pet house with porch fence and balcony is the best one currently available.

It’s quite well-made, entertaining and functional. We generally feel that it represents the best value for money here.

Best Dog House for Golden Retriever Final Thoughts

There you have it!

We have provided you with all the information you need to get the right house for your pooch.

Follow this guide and you will never go wrong.

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