15 Best Dog Grooming Scissors 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Owning a dog is one of the best decisions you can ever make. These cute and adorable pets make life a lot more bearable. Unfortunately, they come with their fair share of upkeep needs.

While the use of dog hair clippers has become quite popular, nothing beats the reliability of the best dog grooming scissors. Scissors (or shears as some like to call them) don’t get bogged by pressure. They can be relied on to get rid of stubborn mats easily and smoothly.

But what sets the best-rated choices ahead of the rest? Well, the criterion is this simple:

  • The pair of scissors should be sharp and durable
  • Should be ergonomically designed
  • Handy and easy to transport or store
  • Come with extras e.g. free comb and/or grooming set

The Best Dog Grooming Scissors - Reviews

1. Gimars Dog Grooming Scissors with Titanium Blades

In case you are looking for a pair of scissors that will give you the best experience while grooming your dog, these scissors by Gimars will do you good.

Product Description

These are the best quality you can rely on while cutting clean without pulling off the hair. This is because they have been processed and made using cold treatment to last longer.

In addition to that, they have been designed in a way that will offer you maximum comfort at their handles while you will be working on your pet.

Moreover, they are easy to handle with their removable plastic handles that offer comfort to your fingers.

This kit also comes with a stainless steel comb that will help further in the hair grooming.


  • Extremely sharp
  • Affordable and of high quality
  • Comes with four different colors


  • Finger holes might be small for some people

2. Kingstar Pet Grooming Scissors with Titanium Blades

If you want to get quality and cost-friendly at the same time, then you need to go for these grooming scissors by 7.0in Titanium.

These scissors will give your pet a new and beautiful look for others to admire.

Product Description

The reason why you should choose them is that the edge line has been well sharpened to ensure that you cut the hair without any difficulties.

In addition to that, the scissors have been made using stainless steel.

This stainless steel is hardened to ensure they serve you for a while without breaking.

The other thing that you will probably like is that the holding part has been made to be comfortable to hold.


  • Very sharp
  • Comfortable to hold
  • They don’t break easily


  • They might tend to lock up.

3. Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors

The kit is packed with two pairs of scissors to give your pet the best look you can ever dream of.

They offer a fine-tuned trimming since they have been designed for that type of work.

Product Description

The two scissors are not equal to start with because they both play different roles in the trimming process.

The bigger one has been made to trim the hair while the other one, which is relatively smaller, has blades that are micro-serrated to give your pooch a more precise and finer cut.

Most importantly, the manufacturers put your safety first by rounding the tips to avoid harming you or your pooch.

One thing that you will like about them is that they work miracles even in the most sensitive parts of your pet, especially the ears and the eyes.


  • Safe to use on your pet
  • Give a finer cutting edge
  • Cushioned handles


  • First-timers find them hard to use

4. Sharf Pet Grooming Shears with a Gold Touch

For the best and sharp, professional curved scissors to shave and groom your dog, then don't look past these 7.5 inches Sharf.

They have received excellent reviews from people who have used them, and this means that they will always be the best for you.

Product description

As a safety measure, these scissors have been well curved to ensure that neither you nor your pet gets hurt in the process.

Additionally, they have been designed with comfortable finger grips that are adjustable, and on top of that, they have a case that aids in their transportation.

If you want to get the value for your money, you should always opt for these scissors, and everyone will always envy your pooch for its excellent looks.


  • Japanese Stainless Steel
  • Very sharp
  • Comfortable on the handles


  • Some find thumb hole kind of snug

5. Hertzko Pet Grooming Scissors with Serrated Blades

Are you looking for a pair of scissors to always keep your dog’s feet and face haircuts well maintained and looking awesome? Then these scissors by Hertzko will do you magic.

Product Description

They have been designed in the best manner to provide safety by having rounded tips that work so well on your dog’s face.

This one, too, includes two scissors in its kit. The bigger one is used to trim the body fur while the shorter one does the finer work on your pooch’s paws and face.

Furthermore, the material used to make them is the stainless steel that is resistant to rust and is easy to clean.

The handle, too, is exceptional. You will no longer experience pains on your fingers because the handle has been designed specifically for your specifications.


  • Completely affordable
  • Very sharp
  • Safe because of the rounded tips


  • Only fits faces and feet because they are short

6. RUBOLD Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

This is the right kit that you will get with the right price for your dog to always look smart and presentable.

If you happen to get this kit, all that you will be getting is perfection as you groom your dog.

Product Description

All the tools that you will find in this kit always cut with precision, and by using it, you and your pooch will be glad about the results.

The blades can cut through any hair without getting blunt because they are sturdy and sharp.

It is also very safe to use since the end tips are rounded to take care of you together with your pup from injuries.


  •  High-grade steel is used to make them
  • Relatively cheap
  • Safe to use due to the rounded tips


  • It only favors right-handed people

7. LILYS PET Grooming Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors

These are the excellent choice when it comes to trimming your dog’s feet and face.

They allow you to trim your dog between haircuts in those specific areas.

Product Description

The scissors have been made using sturdy stainless steel, which makes it durable and unbreakable while you continue cutting your dog's hair.

Additionally, the rounded tips assure your safety, and you no longer need to worry about poking your dog’s skin with the sharp edges.

The handles have been designed in a way that they offer you comfortability, and also the labor intensity is reduced.

It reduces any form of repetitive motion injury while you use the scissors.


  • Affordable
  • Good value
  • Very sharp
  • Safe due to its rounded tips


  • Sometimes folds hair instead of cutting

8. Kenchii Scorpion Straight Professional Dog Grooming Shear

This is one of the top names that you will find when it comes to pet grooming scissors.

If you want to combine fame with affordable, then these are the right shears you should go for.

Product Description

The Kenchii shears have shears that mostly are used by people at the entry-level, which are even cheaper and affordable to groom your pooch while at home.

Additionally, they are very sharp, and the advantage is that they cut smooth for an extended period.

They are worth your money because they will give you the best services that you can ever think of.


  • They are famous
  • High-quality for a low price
  • They cut smoothly


  • A little heavy for some people

9. ALFHEIM Pet Hair Grooming Scissors 

When we talk about the Alfheim’s professional pet grooming scissors, we talk about four tools that are included for you to use with your dog.

Product Description

The four items found in this kit include; a grooming comb, up-curved scissors, a thinning scissor, and a down-curved scissor.

The material used to make this is hard stainless steel that makes them very difficult to break and at the same time, making them easy to perform their work of trimming and grooming your pup.

They are safe to use due to their curved points, and therefore, you can feel free to use them even on your pet's face or legs.

These scissor makes you comfortable again when you will be trimming your pooch’s hair because they are very safe and comfortable to the fingers.


  • Used in all pets
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Removable rubber ring


  • Hard to use at times

10. Javen Dog Grooming Scissors

These Dog grooming scissors by Javen they are just joy to look at.

When you want both beauty and precision, then this is the right shears to go for any time of the day.

Product Description

These scissors are flat, unlike the others that we have reviewed here with a rounded tip that offers security.

 Additionally, they can stay for a long while still sharp even after long hours of use. Inside the kit, the comb is supposed to assist you in removing tangles as you groom your pooch,

They are used to cutting parts that are flat, meaning that the head, legs, ears, and eyelashes cannot be groomed using the Javen scissors.

Moreover, they have been made of quality stainless steel that is durable.


  • They are sharp
  • They are durable


  • They are not curved at the edge

11. Elfirly Dog Grooming Scissors Set with Safety Round Tip

The grooming scissors from Elfirly are just what you want to give your dog a new appearance after grooming.

Product Description

This kit has two grooming scissors, with one of the two having a curved tip to ensure safety while trimming the most sensitive parts of your pooch.

Moreover, the stainless steel material has been made sharp, and it stays sharp for a very long time without rusting.

The handles have also been made to sustain the long hours of grooming, where your fingers are not harmed at all, and they always stay comfortable during the whole grooming.

Additionally, the screw in the middle of the scissors is adjustable according to the intensity of the wok. You can tighten or loosen it at will.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Does not rust easily
  • Adjustable screw


  • Some people’s fingers do not fit in the handles

12. Elma Almi Dog Grooming Scissors with Rounded Tip

The grooming scissors by Elma Almi are the only scissors that will give you your value for your money whenever you want to groom your pooch.

They have been designed to give you and your dog the services that you have been looking for.

Product Description

With the dog grooming scissors from Elma and Almi, you can now groom your dog without any worries of hurting them or hurting yourself in that case.

This is because they have been designed with a rounded tip that enables you to trim even to the most sensitive areas such as the ears and eyes without worrying.

Secondly, it has good adjustments using the bot in the middle, which enables you to either loosen or tighten the scissors depending on the intensity of the task.


  • Good adjustments
  • Safe while grooming


  • Materials not the best

13. Moontay Pet Grooming Scissors 

A mixture of elegance and quality is all that manifests itself whenever you look at the Moontay 6.5” Professional grooming scissors.

Product Description

The kit contains three types of scissors that are thinning scissors, curved scissors, and straight cutting scissors.

On top of the three types of scissors, it also has a comb and a beautiful casing accompanying them.

If you are looking for a quiet and a comfortable scissors, then these are the best scissors you can get because the handles have been made to be comfortable to your fingers and have also been installed with silencers.


  • Ergonomic scissors
  • They groom silently


  • Their finger holes might be smaller to some people

14. Aexya Straight Dog Grooming Scissors 

The Aexya premium kits have you covered when it comes to dog grooming with the classic scissors at their disposal.

They give your dog an all-inclusive shape without leaving any parts undone.

Product Description

They are mostly used for paws and other sensitive areas, including the eyes and ears.

They will leave your pup well-groomed and shaven like a professional due to its evenly done cut.

Additionally, they are sharp and durable scissors that are made to last for long and giving you good services every day.


  • Safe for shaving everywhere
  • Durable


  • Have small holes for big fingers

15. Sharf Pet Shears with a Gold Touch

Are you looking for a very sharp, professional, and durable pair of scissors? The Sharf Gold Touch Shears 6.5” has got your back

Product Description

This type of shears has a good reputation among people who own dogs because they have never disappointed.

While you will be shaving your dog even for long hours, they guarantee you all the comfortability you would require an offers you value for your money.

This is because it has been installed with rubber at the finger grips.

Additionally, it has been made of 440c Japanese Stainless steel, therefore making it very reliable and durable.


  • Rubber comfort at the finger grips
  • Very sharp
  • Extremely durable


  • Thumbhole little for some people

Why It’s Important to Buy Pet Grooming Scissors

We have provided you with our run-down of the best dog grooming scissors. Now it’s time to tell you exactly why you need to invest in them.

I mean, why not just go for regular scissors? The answer is that scissors that are specifically meant for dog grooming are created taking your pup’s smooth fur into account.

You might have noticed from the best dog grooming scissors reviews above that almost all the products we covered come with a variety of useful design features. For example, they come with rounded blade tips, cushioned finger rests and so forth.

Fortunately, you don’t need to break the bank to get yourself a good pair of scissors for doggies. And best of all, these tools can come in handy in helping you minimize the need to take your pet to a groomer every other day.

How to Choose

It might seem like a simple and straight-forward thing to do but the reality is that selecting grooming scissors is never a walk in the park. The task is further complicated when you have to select from a variety of seemingly perfect alternatives. But worry not, here are the top factors to consider.

Blade Quality

It’s important to go for the highest quality of blades available. This will help simplify your job and most importantly prevent pulling and tugging. Obviously, well-made blades also tend to last long.

The best types of blades in our view are ones made from either titanium or stainless steel. Those two material types are renowned for their ability to last long and retain their sharpness.

Blade Tips

Regular scissors come with aggressively sharp tips. Now, the problem with such tips is that they expose your pooch to the risk of injury. So, your best bet is to go for a choice that comes with rounded tips. Those tend to be gentle on the pooch and also comfortable to use.

Ergonomic Features

Let’s face it – trimming a dog’s fur has never been an easy task. Most dogs tend to be playful and you have to go out of your way to get everything under control.

When doing that, the last thing you want to deal with is hand fatigue. And that’s why we highly recommend investing in scissors that come with comfortable, ergonomic handles.

Besides that, the scissors should be compact in design and easy to pack up in your backpack should the need arise.

Above all, they should have handles that provide you with an adequate grip. That alone can help prevent your fingers from slipping halfway through the task.


It is important to ensure that whatever the pair you settle for is of the perfect size for your pooch. Obviously, large dogs prefer large scissors as well. Short scissors are the ones best recommended for small dogs and vice versa is true when it comes to larger dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have some questions. We’ll respond to some of those in the section right below.

What are thinning scissors used for in dog grooming?

As their name suggests, thinning scissors are meant for cutting really close to the skin. They are, therefore, recommended for finishing the grooming task.

How often should a dog grooming scissor be sharpened?

A: It depends on how regularly the scissor is used. On average, scissors should be sharpened once every 6 months or after making 500 grooming sessions. However, if you’re a full-time groomer, you should be sure to get them sharpened every 100 days.

Best Choice – What’s Are the Best Shears for Dog Grooming?

Having conducted detailed research on different scissors, we found out that not all of them are good enough. In fact, the only one that really came close to our expectations is the Pet Magasin Pet Grooming Scissors. These are made in Japan and we like the fact that they’re ergonomic, strong, and durable.

Final Thoughts

While dog grooming clippers may be great choices, there’s no denying that scissors still have a major role to play in dog grooming. And unlike clippers, scissors are easy to maintain and highly effective at dealing with matted fur.

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