Top 12 Best Dog Foods for Mastiff 2020: Latest List

Whether you own a dog or a few, this guide will help you find the best dog food for Mastiff. And why should we even bother about that? Well, only that your pooch needs a proper diet to get to their expected lifespan!

You see, with the right dog food, you will be able to avoid many health issues and still supply your dog with all the energy they need for their active lifestyle.

We are ready to take you through the buying guide for top-rated Mastiff food so keep it here to find out more.

12 Mastiff Dog Foods in 2020: Comparison List

Searching for the perfect meal to feed to your lovely Mastiff pup? Look no further. We have a comprehensive list that you can easily refer to.

The Best Dog Foods for Mastiff

1. Whole Earth Farms Natural Dry Dog Food

Whole Earth Farms is a popular company known for making dog foods rich in protein. And indeed, this premium food brand from them doesn’t disappoint.

It contains pork, beef, and lamb chops. So, your K9 friend will get all the meat they’ve been yearning for in this kibble.

The only potential downside we can see here is that this food contains tough meat e.g. beef. So, dogs that are used to soft meat e.g. poultry, would probably struggle to digest it.

That, however, should not be a major issue as long as your pooch has a healthy digestive system and is mature.

But if you’re dealing with a puppy or a dog that’s known to have an extra-sensitive tummy, you might want to avoid this choice.

Just to mention, the meal can be referred to as reliable because it contains 26% of protein content, and therefore making it an important formula for dogs that need stronger muscles.

Other Features

We would recommend this food type for mature dogs. Some reviewers recommend it to puppies as well but we’d be cautious not to do that. We think that this formula is best given to bigger dogs.

One thing we like about it is that it’s loaded with probiotics. These are quite important as they help support healthy digestion.

And to add to its ingredients, you get a healthy supply of peas, blueberries, and sweet potatoes. Plus, its rich in fiber which can help ease the digestive process and prevent constipation.

Last but not least, because this formula is free from poultry, you don’t have to worry that it will lose most of its weight when preparing it. So, you get good value for money at all times.


  • No grains available
  • Does not include artificial fillers
  • Many types of plant nutrients
  • Rich in Salmon oil


  • Plenty of plant-based protein

2. Wellness Core Dry Dog Food

This dog food by Wellness Core is arguably among the well-known dog foods in the United States.

Some dog owners have come to trust the brand because they have realized how good their products can be.

First and foremost, the food has been made to be 100% natural and most importantly, it is grain-free. This is definitely good news for dog owners who have dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Such dogs occasionally face allergic reactions due to grains in foods or even the presence of artificial fillers. And so, with this formula, you can kiss all those troubles goodbye.

Also, the meal is fortified with antioxidants, probiotics, minerals, and vitamins. As you might be aware, probiotics are helpful in digestion. Antioxidants, on the other hand, are used for the immunity system boosting.

On the downside, though, this dog food doesn’t come cheap. So, you better be prepared to stomach its price.

Other Features

For a person having a dog that requires plenty of protein content, this will be the most ideal source because it not only contains chicken meat but also turkey meat.

This poultry meat is known to carry loads of protein in it. However, this meat is also known to be a source of allergic reactions to some dogs. For that reason, you should always take note of your dog’s eating habits and what can really affect its health.

Additionally, chicken meat is known for losing a big percentage once it is cooked because water is lost immensely. This does not sound so well for your dog either.

Potatoes are also added to this recipe to provide the necessary carbs required by your dog instead of sourcing them from wheat.


  • Free from gluten and grains
  • No artificial fillers
  • A well-balanced meal
  • Rich in proteins


  • Very expensive

3. Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

This dry dog food by Taste of the Wild might be the most ideal food for your allergic sensitive dog. This is because it's completely natural and free from artificial fillers.

Secondly, the company makes the food as if they are intended for their own dogs and by doing it, they incorporate all the important ingredients.

On the downside though, this food has been faced with criticism by some dog owners who claim that it’s not nice for puppies.

Other Features

The food is made with a view that the DNA of a dog is similar to that of a wolf and it is important for dogs to have meat in their meals.

That is why Taste of the Wild includes beef, lamb, and salmon as the main ingredients in this recipe. They also add wild boar, duck, bison, and venison as part of the ingredients.

There are also other non-meat protein sources present here which include eggs, garbanzo beans, and peas. These act a good role in supplementing the meat in the meal.

Moreover, some sweet potatoes and canola oil are not bad sources of carbs and vitamins, right? That is why they are also included here.


  • Natural antioxidants present
  • Grain-free
  • Supplemented with fruits and vegetables
  • Source of protein


  • Results to stomach upsets

4. CANIDAE Premium Dry Dog Food

Canidae pure premium dry dog food is made from natural ingredients, and the food might provide the necessary nutrients for your dog.

Canidae incorporates more than seven ingredients in this food in order to make it very helpful for your dog. However, this might be the reason why the food is relatively expensive and many dog owners might run away from it.

However, there is good content of protein from the meat used in making the food, and for that reason, you are guaranteed of your dog enjoying this meal always and price should be the least of your concerns.

Other Features

The main ingredient in this recipe is meat from chicken, lamb, Boar Bison, and Salmon. Canidae is very clear though, that it is not only the ingredients that matter in their food but also an ideal gut environment.

That is why they make this food with probiotics to ensure they boost nutrient absorption and enhance digestion.

Additionally, Canidae considers adding sweet potatoes and peas to supplement the meal with carbs and vitamins.

However, you will not find any fillers or grains in the meal and this is beneficial to your dog any time of the day.

Your dog’s coat will always be replenished due to the availability of fatty acids in the food.

Moreover, the company is very strict on having their foods natural and there no cases of added fillers or chemicals.


  • No Grains
  • Natural
  • Rich in proteins


  • A bit expensive

5. Merrick Grain Free Dog Food

The Merrick Dog foods have good nutrition intended for your dog, and it is believed they have been made with a delicious taste.

Additionally, all of the recipes that were first used by Garth Merrick in his kitchen in Texas made a base for the food that is made today in the company.

The food is rich in the necessary ingredients that might give your dog a healthy start to any day and always stay healthy.

The only problem that might be faced here is that the food might be a bit expensive for some folks who own dogs. This, however, might not be a problem for many who consider this recipe very important for their dogs.

Other Features

The main ingredients here are chicken and turkey meat that are sourced locally in Texas.

As aforementioned, Merrick’s philosophy here is being followed to the letter and that is why the company makes their food in a unique way.

This food incorporates blueberries, sweet potatoes, peas, and many more that have been designed to be the best.

Moreover, the foods are very rich in vitamins and fatty acids that include omega 3 and 6. The omega oils are vital to keeping your pooch’s coat healthy and smooth.

When you give this food to your dog, you can be sure that it will be taking something rich in high content protein, carbs, and micro-nutrients.


  • Contains added supplements
  • Natural and locally sourced ingredients
  • No artificial additives


  • Very expensive

6. Nature’s Recipe Easy to Digest Dog Food

Nature’s Recipe is yet another line of foods that make nutritious foods for dogs.

This dog food is grain-free, and on top of that, it has been designed to help your dog's digestion. This is because it is very easy to digest.

Moreover, this food is suitable for all dogs, no matter how young or old it might be. It has been made to be eaten by all ages.

You will also not have to worry about your dog having allergic reactions because the food is grain-free, which makes it relatively safe.

On the downside, though, the food is known to contain Menadione that is known to be harmful to many dogs, and if you are not careful about the finer details, your dog might suffer later.

Other Features

This food has been designed generally to keep your dog away from beef.

Instead, its main ingredient is salmon oil, which is very rich in necessary nutrients to make your dog healthy.

Additionally, the food uses natural fibers to allow curing of any digestive problems with your dog.

This will make your dog grow very fast, and digestion will be one of its least problems.

The most important thing is that this food does not have any constituents or grains in that matter.


  • Healthy with proteins and vitamins
  • Rich in fibers helping in digestion
  • Natural


  • Contains Menadione that is controversial.

7. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food might be vital in providing the necessary protein and nutrients required by any dog.

This food is not only meant to keep your dog healthy but also very strong.

Moreover, the food also contains the necessary oils that are vital in nourishment and making your dog’s coat always look good and healthy.

The food may not be suitable for smaller dogs, and mostly that makes it a disadvantage in many ways. This means that you will need to stick to small dog food whenever you have a puppy at your home.

Other Features

The main source of protein content in the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food is the real read meat which gives around 23% of protein content in the meal. It is also supplemented with vegetables.

This meal does not have any by-products or meals added in it, and hence the food is very natural and fresh for your dog

Moreover, your dog’s coat will always look replenished due to the oil in the food that supports nourishment.


  • Low-calorie
  • Fresh and Natural
  • Good Protein Content
  • Delicious meal


  • Not suitable for small dogs

8. Eukanuba Dry Dog Food

The Eukanuba Dry dog food is good for large breed puppies that are not more than 15 months old.

If you have a dog that you would like to compete in shows, then this food might be the right to give it for its growth and always to keep it strong.

It offers your puppy with a well-balanced meal that constitutes energy from fats and carbohydrates, which is vital for your dog's growth.

Other Features

Its main or number one ingredient is the chicken meat that is very rich in proteins always to power your puppy's day.

Secondly, the chicken is supplemented by several minerals and vitamins that might be very helpful in your dog’s growth and development.

In the past, the product has faced criticism, though by many saying that it has wrong ingredients advertised and that it is not as good as it claims to be.


  • Rich in proteins
  • Supports your dog’s healthy brain
  • Rich in calcium and phosphorous


  • Might cause allergic reactions to some dogs

9. Nutro Ultra Dry Dog food for Large Dog Breed

Whenever you have a large breed dog, your wish is always to provide nutritious food for your dog without necessarily breaking the bank.

This dog food from Nutro Ultra Dry Dog is among the many dog foods they have come up with.

This one, in particular, is intended for bigger breeds of dogs that require nutrients every day to enable them to keep on being healthy.

They are made without any grains or artificial fillers being added, and this can make it good for your dog, especially where it experiences allergic reactions.

Other Features

The dog food has been made using three types of protein, namely chicken, salmon, and lamb. This constitutes 26% of the food.

In addition, there is 13% of fat that is ideal for nourishment and makes your dog's coat always look healthy.

The protein and fats are also supplemented with blueberries, kale, chia, and coconut, hence making this a well-balanced meal for your dog.

However, the meal might not be as friendly to sensitive tummies because it lacks some natural fibers that help in digestion.


  • High-quality protein
  • Affordable
  • Healthy and natural


  • Not for sensitive tummies

10. Royal Canin Dry Dog Food for Large Puppy

This type of dog food is formulated for medium puppies that can fall between the ages of one year to two years.

To ensure that these puppies will not be picky eaters, the food has been made using different flavors that make it more palatable.

Additionally, it is made of proteins that are highly digestible and also prebiotics that are very helpful in digestion. By this, your dog has a good quality stool.

On the flip side, this product might cause digestion problems at first before your puppy gets used to it. Many people might find this to be a problem.

Other Features

Large dogs have a longer growth period than smaller dogs, and for this reason, this dog food is made with plenty of nutrients.

It is made of chicken by-product meal as its main ingredient, which is then supplemented with corn, wheat, gluten, and chicken fat.

It is also added important vitamins and minerals to make it a well-balanced meal for your dog to enjoy.


  • Nutritious
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Have highly digestible proteins


  • Presence of fillers and grains

11. Tuffy's Pet Food Large Breed Dog Food

This brand is made considering what your dog needs, especially for the large breed adult dogs.

These large dogs need the right nutrients that will act as fuel for them to stay active always. And for that reason, Nutri source food for dogs provides these nutrients.

The food uses humanely-raised chicken as its number one ingredient to ensure that your dog gets the best protein.

On the downside, though, this dog food also contains grains and might not be ideal for dogs with allergic problems or sensitive stomachs.

Other Features

This recipe is specifically made for large dogs, and for that reason, the protein content is the number one requirement.

For this reason, chicken meat is used as the main ingredient as it has very high protein content to help your dog with the necessary energy needed. The protein content here is 23%.

Additionally, the food has 14% fat that is mainly used for nourishment and making your dog’s skin always look smooth and beautiful.


  • Favorable for all stages
  • Packed with Bio-available solutions
  • Nutritious and rich in Protein


  • Contains grains

12. Fromm Large Breed Puppy Dry Food

Fromm is well known for its quality Dog food, and for that reason, this large breed party is no doubt a good one.

Fromm has been known for making their dog food in small and manageable batches, and by doing this, many people might view their product as high quality.

The food is very rich in protein content because Fromm uses the chicken meal as the ingredient number one.

However, the food might be very nutritious for your dog, but again if it is very allergic to poultry meat, there will be a big problem here.

Other Features

Fromm adds prebiotics to this food to help in the digestion process, and on top of that, salmon oil also helps in smoothening the skin.

The main protein content, though, comes from chicken meat. Protein content here is 23% and also fat content that constitutes 12%.

This is also supplemented by oats and grains that are very easy to digest and provide a high rate of carbohydrates at the same time.


  • Available in different packs
  • Nutritious
  • Rich in protein content


  • Contains grains

Buying Guide for Best Dog Food for Best Dog Food for Mastiff

In your search for the perfect bag of dog food, you will realize that there are numerous brands out there with each claiming to provide quality.

You need to be very careful when making your choice and to do that; you need to consider a few things.

Size of your Dog

You need to consider the size of your pooch when deciding what kind of food to give them. Are they a large, medium, or small breed? What size is their jaw?

If your dog is a small breed, you can feed them wet food because it can easily fit in their mouth. Kibble is more suitable for large breed dogs.

Level of Activity

Mastiffs are generally highly active and for that, they require carbohydrates to fuel their muscles. You need to be careful to give them the right amount of it because too much of it can be harmful.

Dogs need a lot of protein and from real protein sources for body building purposes, but aside from that they also need fruits and vegetables to provide vitamins.

Coat Health

Mastiffs have beautiful coats that need to be maintained and for that, they need omega 3s and 6s to promote healthy growth of the same.

Fats and oils derived from fish are rich in these fatty acids so you may want to include them in your dog’s diet.

Mastiffs are susceptible to skin allergies that can also be caused by food allergies. Usually, food allergies cause symptoms like sneezing, gas, and diarrhea. You want to know what your dog is allergic to in their food and avoid it at all times.

Digestibility of the Food

Your dog needs food that can easily be digested and will not irritate their digestive tract. In that regard, you want to include food that is rich in fiber to aid in digestion.

Fiber can be found in grains but then again, you need to be careful about what kinds of grain you can include in your dog’s diet.

Go for whole grains such as quinoa because they are easily digestible and avoid things such as wheat because they are likely to cause digestion issues.

By-product Dog Food

You may come across certain dog foods that list meat by-products as their main ingredients. Desist from buying such, because their protein sources are not rich enough to provide the nutrients your pooch requires.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Obviously, we expect a few questions on this topic, but the thing is that we cannot answer all of them here. Nonetheless, we have tried to address a few that can point you in the right direction.

What should I feed my Mastiff?

We recommend a pure meat based diet for Mastiffs. Get dog food with 12-15% fat content and 25-27% protein if it is for a puppy.

This is because puppies need more protein to grow compared to adult dogs that are already grown.

How much food is enough for my Mastiff?

An adult mastiff will grow to weigh between 150-200 pounds. Depending on the activity level of your dog, you can give about ten to eleven cups of food twice a day.

In other words, that should be about two pounds of food per feeding.

Is it okay to change my dog’s food frequently?

Yes, it is. You can do it once every three months but you can do it more often than that if you like. If your pooch does not get stomach upsets or any other problems when you change their food, you can actually do it every time their bag runs out.

Can I mix kibble for my dog?

We do not consider that ideal, but in most cases, it is safe to combine two different dry dog foods. However, you need to confirm that both foods are produced for the same breed size and phase of life.

This is because when you mix these foods together, you change the concentration of nutrients.

Best Choice

The Whole Earth Farms Natural Dry Dog Food is, in our view, the best food choice for Mastiff. It is quite well-made and contains the proteins your pooch needs to grow stronger. It, however, might not be the best choice for pups or doggies with extremely sensitive tummies.

For those, you might want to go for food that’s primarily made from poultry.

Final Thoughts

Getting a dog is easy, but keeping it in good condition is a challenge. You need to be careful about what you feed them and what value it adds to their body.

We believe this guide will help you make the right choice in respect to picking the best dog food for Mastiff.