Best Dog Door for Great Dane 2021: Reviews + Buyer’s Guide

Since the Great Dane is a large dog breed, coming in and out of a regular door is hard. Either you would have to open the door each time your pooch wants to use it or leave it open all the time.

Both options do not sound practical and that is why we want to introduce you to the miracle that is the best dog door for Great Dane.

Our Top Pick

Your dog door of choice should be:

  • Durable
  • Weather proof
  • Sizeable

We are about to delve deeper into this topic so you may want to stick around to find out more.

Best Dog Door for Great Dane

Best-Rated Great Dane Door: Comparison List

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If in a rush, you may want to simply refer to the comparison list below. 

Best Dog Door for Great Dane

Name Dimension Weight
51Lv BwzOQL. SL160
858 Reviews

Top Pick

Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door 5.8 x 19 x 28.1 inches 20 pounds
51Ma9EmlrvL. SL160
17,689 Reviews
PetSafe Freedom Sliding Glass Dog and Cat Door 4.2 x 10.2 x 16.4 inches 24.1 pounds
413BZ8TaItL. SL160
10,384 Reviews
PetSafe Plastic Pet Door Extra-Large 17.4 x 2 x 30 inches 8 pounds
41Kby4VCf6L. SL160
4,722 Reviews
PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door 8 x 15 x 22 inches 9.6 pounds
31GjaCORMaL. SL160
1,319 Reviews
Original Plastic Pet Door Extra Large 12.4 x 2.4 x 19 inches 3.9 pounds

The Best Dog Door for Great Dane in Review

1. PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door

PetSafe Freedom is an incredible door for danes that can be perfect for keeping your pet enclosed in a safe, warm, and comfortable environment.

It comes in diverse colors and sizes from which you can choose the best size door for your furry friend with the help of a sizing chart.

Not to mention, it features a sliding glass door that is easily detachable, thereby making it perfect for renters as you can easily pack it when you decide to move to another residence.

If you’ve ever thought of a highly energy-efficient door for your pet’s house, then this must have been a well-thought idea that might impress you.

In relation to that, it has a flexible and tinted door flap designed with a magnetic closure that maintains a favorable temperature within the room by locking out heat and cold from the environment.

When it comes to longevity, this fantastic door is built with sturdy, durable and, all-weather resistant aluminum and shatter-proof tempered glass that stands heavy use.

In addition to that, the sliding panel allows effortless control of your pet’s access to outer space.

What We Like About It

It comes along with installation templates and simplified instruction that makes the installation process effortless.

The pet door is stylish and gives a great visual appeal. In addition to that, its secure locking feature makes it safe for pets.

As if that’s not enough, it comes at a relatively lower price compared to other competitive products yet of high quality. Lastly, it comes backed with a satisfaction guarantee that makes it one of the safest options.

Noteworthy Features

One of the outstanding features is that it’s made up of all-weather proof aluminum compounded with a shatter-proof detachable glass for easy and secure closing. 

In addition to that, it comes in three colors and frames of different sizes. The patio panel is capable of adjusting from 75 7/8-80 11/16.

Besides that, it has a highly flexible flap designed for a magnetic closure.

What Could Have Been Better

Even though the telescopic tunnel fits pretty well, it forms the weakest point on the overall pet door.

In addition to that, the door flaps tend to freeze during chilly weather and become stiff. As such, it may be challenging for small pets to open. Lastly, the door isn’t an excellent option for pets larger than 40lbs.


  • All-weather proof
  • Has a variety of colors and sizes
  • Constructed with highly durable aluminum frame
  • DIY friendly
  • US-made


  • Has a bit stiff door flaps

2. Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door

This modern and highly durable pet door comes with incredible features that make it a good choice for the value shopper.

Whether you are living and jobbing in the plains or towards the north with plumage temperature, or in the southeast and west experiencing endless summers, there is a sheer increase in the cost of energy.

And that’s why this all-weather door for might be an excellent deal for your dog to save on the cooling and heating costs.

In terms of design, this designer door features an air pocket between soft flaps, making it one of the well-insulated choices available out there.

Regardless of the sizes, such as small, medium, extra-large, or super large, the doors are designed to offer 3 inches between two flaps.

Also, it features a wall tunnel kit as well as an air pocket of up to 9 inches.

What We Like About It

It is highly durable and lasts longer, thereby giving high value for money.

In addition to that, it is highly efficient when it comes to energy conservation and can drastically reduce the cost of cooling and heating the dog’s house.

The door frame is made up of structural foam-molded plastic featuring two vinyl flaps that increase insulation.

It is easy to install in four steps and incredibly secure. Better yet, it has a telescopic feature that makes it fit your door or wall snugly.

It has a stylish design that is aesthetically pleasing.

Noteworthy Features

Telescopic design that makes it highly customizable to fit most of the dog sizes. It has a flap size measuring 15×23.5 inches.

Besides that, it features 19 x 28.125inches door frame made up of structural molded foam, and a door cut out of 16.25 x 25.75 inches.

What Could Have Been Better

A bit pricey, therefore, may not be the best pick for averaged income pet parents.

It features a plastic framing and connection that may not able as durable as expected.

The installation of the parts requires special tools and some prior skills.


  • Sturdy and highly durable
  • Installs easily in four steps
  • Energy-efficient
  • All-weather
  • Feature a telescoping frame.


  • Plastic framing and connectors may compromise durability

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3. PetSafe Plastic Pet Door with Soft Tinted Flap

It’s yet another designer plastic pet door from the hands of PetSafe experts. It’s designed with a flap that is soft and tinted, making it suitable for single pets.

Besides that, the frames are white, easily paintable, and customizable to complement the existing beauty and decor.

In addition to that, it has a soft and flexible vinyl flap that makes it convenient and comfortable for your pets to navigate in and out.

Not to mention, it comes in a variety of sizes ranging from small to extra- large and great for pets of up to 200lbs.

This highly revolutionized pet door is designed with a snap-on closing panel that keeps it closed when not in use and helps to keep out drifts and adverse weather.

Not to say, it is easy to install and DIY-friendly.

What We Like About It

One of the most intriguing features we like about this handy door is the stylish snap-on feature that keeps the door closed when not in use.  As such, it protects the interior of the house from drifts and adverse weather.

Also, it has a paintable and easily customizable frame that you can decorate using favorite color paint to match your home décor.

And on top of that, this awesome door has a high energy efficient flaps that make it great for all types of weather.

Better yet, it’s available in a wide range of sizes and colors from which you can select your perfect fit.

Noteworthy Features 

It’s available in four different sizes.

The small size is suitable for pets up to 15 pounds, medium size ideal for pets up to 40lbs, large suitable for pets weighing up to 100 pounds and extra-large to accommodate pets of up to 220 pounds.

In addition to that, this door is highly flexible and petty easy to install using the manual that comes with it.

And on top of that, it features a snap-on design, durable and paintable plastic frame and, soft, flexible vinyl for comfort.

What Could Have Been Better

Even though this product comes with incredible features, there are complains made concerning the plastic clips breaking easily.

The door panel may dislodge easily.


  • Greatly energy efficient
  • Suitable for all-weather
  • Snap-on design
  • Customizable color
  • DIY friendly


  • The locking panel may dislodge easily

4. PetSafe New Wall Entry Dog and Cat Door

It’s yet another advanced door with a flat design from PetSafe company that comes with features that enhances accessibility, comfort, and durability.

Based on the size, this top-rated door for pets is large to accommodate medium and large breed dogs.

On top of that, it is also available in other sizes, for small, and medium-sized pups.

In addition to that, it has a highly advanced construction featuring an extremely durable frame made up of aluminum.

Not to mention, it has a telescopic tunnel constructed with high quality and durable plastic to fit walls of 4.75-7.25 inch thickness.

Better yet, it has a double-flat design featuring a door with two replaceable flaps that functions to protect your pet from unfavorable weather.

PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door with...

Also, it is easy to install on several types of walls, including sidings, bricks, and concrete.

What We Like About It

It’s easy to install as it comes with a clear step to step guide and template. The pet door is attractively designed and compliments the beauty of the surrounding.

In addition to that, it comes in high quality material yet at an affordable price. Moreover, it comes with a user manual that is very clear and easy to understand, thereby making the installation effortless.

It also has a secure lock-on feature or mechanism that enhances safety. It has also received several 4-5 star rating in the customer review section and many other positive comments.

Noteworthy Features

It’s made up of high-quality aluminum frame, a durable telescoping tunnel that is suitable for fitting walls of different thickness.

Furthermore, it has replaceable flaps that are great for protecting your lovely pet from lousy weather.

In addition to that, it has a slide-in panel that improves insulation and prevents your pet from adverse weather conditions.

And on top of that, it is recommended for pets weighing up to 100lbs.

What Could Have Been Better

It has a telescoping tunnel that seems to be the weakest point on the whole door.

The flaps may be a bit stiff, making it not easy for small pets.

Pros Best Dog Door for Great Dane

  • Durably constructed with aluminum frame
  • Comes with replaceable flaps
  • Energy efficient
  • Comes in diverse sizes and colors
  • DIY friendly


  • Not suitable for small pets

5. Ideal Pet Products Original Pet Door with Telescoping Frame

Looking for a highly durable door for pets with an impact-resistant frame? If so, then this might impress you.

It’s a well-thought door designed for cats and dogs weighing up to 90pounds. In addition to that, it features a patented edge-flap made up of clear vinyl material that is easy to clean off dirt.

Not to mention, it has a high impact resistant frame that’s great for doors falling between 1 ¼-2 inch thicknesses.

Going without say, this incredible door for pets has a floating bottom for easy seal and lock-out slide that keeps your pet from mischief when on its own.

In addition to that, the door flap measures 10.5 x 15 inches. It also comes with a one- year warranty.

What We Like About It

Original Plastic Pet Door Extra Large

It has a high impact resistant frame that can adapt to any door ranging from 1 ¼-2 inch thickness.

The presence of vinyl flap having patented edges is an assurance of your pet door not warping under extreme use and weather.

Lock-out feature is excellent for keeping your pet out of mischief when unsupervised. It has a risk-free door flap backed with a one-year warranty.

More interestingly, it comes in a relatively low price compared to other competitive products.

Noteworthy Features

It is available in a variety of sizes ranging from small (5 x7) inch flap size, medium (7 x 11.25) inch, extra-large (10.5 x 15) inch, and super large that measures (15 x 20) inches.

Besides that, it has a high impact resistant, has patented edge and, floating bottom.

What Could Have Been Better

Even though this is an excellent product, it has some complaints; the vinyl flaps may compromise the durability of the system.


  • Pretty easy to install
  • Highly durable
  • Has an excellent impact resistance
  • Affordably priced
  • Has lock-out feature


  • The telescoping frame provides a weak point

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Best Dog Door for Great Dane Buying Guide 

Finding the perfect dog door is not about price or availability. You have to consider a few crucial factors before buying such as:

Tolerance to Weather Conditions

Climatic conditions are bound to be harsh at particular points in time throughout the year. Your dog door of choice has to be able to withstand the extremities of the weather.

This means that whether it is too cold or too hot, your dog door should remain intact.

Chew Proof

Dogs are naturally curious and sometimes they will chew on things just because they are bored or teething.

Of course, your dog door is not an exception from this undesirable habit. To counter that, you want to get a door that is strong enough to endure the chewing or one that is made from material that will repel them from chewing.

Right size

The door you choose has to be the right size for your pooch. Since we are talking about Great Danes, which are a large dog breed, you want to get a door that is big enough by measuring them and using the dimensions to pick a size.

Best Dog Door for Great Dane FAQ

The questions we have answered below can help you understand dog doors better.

Why does my dog lay by the door?

Mostly, your dog will be by the door so that they are the ones to greet you first when you come in because they missed you.

Other reasons they do that is because they want to use the bathroom, they want to mate, or they are just bored.

Are dog doors a security risk?

Yes, especially large dog doors on back doors. In that regard, you want to get an electronic dog door that allows you to close your garage door and keep trespassers out when you are not using the dog door.

Be careful not to interfere with your fire-rated door when installing your dog door because it could lose its safety rating.

Our Best Pick for Best Dog Door for Great Dane

Based on our careful analysis, the PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door for Dogs and Cats is the best dog door for Great Dane.

It has a highly adjustable frame; it’s easy to install and has a variety of sizes and colors. In addition to that, it has a sturdy and durable construction making it perfect for renters.

Not to mention, it has a slide glass door that makes it easily customizable and detachable. And on top of that, it features magnetic closure that increases energy efficiency.

If you are looking for high quality, extremely durable door flap with high energy efficiency, then look no further.

Best Dog Door for Great Dane Final Thoughts

A dog door can simplify life for you and your pooch. By installing the door, your dog will no longer need your assistance to go out and come back in.

You get to enjoy your sleep and down time since there will be less scratching and barking at inopportune times.

Remember that there are dog doors designed for walls and others for doors. In this case, ensure that yours matches the door in your house where you plan to install.

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