Best Dog Cooling Mats 2021 – Latest Reviews by Unbiased Editors

Are pet cooling mats worth the money you spend buying them? Well, in theory, cooling mats are meant to help cool your pooch in warm weather. One major benefit of cooling them down is that it can help them calm down and relax better.

But there is more to these mats than just cooling your pooch down. In fact, there are a few benefits to that as well:

  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Better post-surgery recovery
  • Faster recovery from swelling
  • Post-chemotherapy recuperation

So, there is no doubt that these mats are worth their weight in gold. But what factors does one need to keep in mind when shopping for the best dog cooling mat? Here are our unbiased reviews and a comprehensive buying guide.

Best Dog Cooling Mats

Top-Rated 10 Best Dog Cooling Mat – Comparison List

Our review article is quite detailed and, therefore, if you don’t have a few minutes to spare reading it, the following list is for you. It has been compiled based on the in-depth research done by our dedicated experts.

1Dogbed4less Extra Large True Gel Memory Foam Dog Bed40 x 35 x 4 inches13.2 pounds
2Chillz Cooling Mat For Dogs37 x 31.5 x 0.8 inches9.2 pounds
3The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat15.7 x 11.8 x 0.2 inches1.6 pounds
4Dogbed4less Gel-Infused Large Memory Foam Fleece Pet40 x 35 x 1.2 inches6 pounds
5Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat Pad for Kennels35 x 55 x 1 inches12.8 pounds
6K&H Pet Products Cool Bed III Cooling Dog Bed44 x 32 x 1.5 inches3.4 pounds
7Arf Pets-Pet Dog Self-Cooling Gel Mat APCLPD022020 x 35 x 1 inches4.8 Pounds
8Arf Pets Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat Pad for Kennels23 x 35 x 1 inches10.75 Pounds
9Pawz Road-Pet Dog Mat 11.65 x 9.84 x 1.81 inches0.35 pounds
10Dogbed4less XL Memory Foam Dog Bed33.5 x 14 x 12 inches11.65 Pounds

The 10 Top-Rated Best Dog Cooling Mats 2021

1. Dogbed4less Orthopedic Gel Infused-Cooling Memory Foam Dog Bed

Overheating can cause your pet to dehydrate. The Dogbed4less dog bed is an ideal bed that your dog can use during all seasons, hot or cold months.

It combines two features, the cooling effects of a gel and the attributes of an orthopedic memory foam mattress. Because of the foam bed, the bed can be used all year round to keep your dog warm during winter and cold during the summer.

An order includes an extra external cover that comes in handy when you need to clean the top cover.

Product Description

The bed is manufactured from a non-toxic high-density memory foam and it is gel-infused. The foam is orthopedic which is therapeutic and helps to make your dog comfortable, it also helps dogs with arthritis and aching joints.

It is durably constructed from a material that is hypo-allergenic to resist bacteria, dust mites, mildew, and molds. It comes with two layers. The micro-sued external layer is dirt resistant, stain-resistant and wrinkle-resistant, on top of that, it is machine washable.

The waterproof internal cover protects the foam bed. The bed has strong zippers and it is double stitched for longevity.

Noteworthy, the bed is five times thicker than regular cooling mats which means it is more comfortable than regular gel cooling mats.

Other Features and Benefits

The bed design is available in different sizes to suit your dog size. Moreover, there is an assortment of colors available.

However, because the mat is thicker and heavier than other cooling mats, it is not very portable and works more like a bed for indoor use only.


  • There are different sizes available
  • There are various colors to choose from
  • It is easy to clean it
  • It combines two technologies, orthopedic memory foam mattress and a gel
  • It is ideal for all seasons
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is durably constructed


  • It is less portable than other cooling mats and ideal for indoor use
  • Heavy chewers will still manage to tear it apart
  • It is more costly than other cooling mats

2. Hugs Pets Products-Chillz Cooling Pad For Dogs – Gel Pressure Activated Mat

A dog’s coat is heavy and it doesn’t have sweat glands, making dogs prone to heatstroke during hot months. The Hugs Pets Products-Chillz Cooling Pad mat is cool to the touch and cools dogs efficiently.

Most dogs take a liking to it when it is hot. Besides cooling your four-legged animal, it helps treat dogs suffering from stress, discomfort, pain, swelling or joint pain. Interestingly, many dog owners end up liking the mat for cooling their own bodies and use it during hot months.

Product Description

This mat is designed with a non-toxic gel that keeps your dog cool, the mat doesn’t require water, freezing, batteries or powering. In addition, the mat is soft and comfortable, as such it is pet-friendly. The exterior is sturdily constructed, making it puncture resistant.

Other Features and Benefits

It is light in weight which means that you can carry it conveniently. There are three sizes available namely small, medium and large to suit the size of your dog. Besides that, it has a foldable pad which makes it convenient to use it outdoors or while in the car while traveling.

Because it is foldable, it is easy to store it during cold winter months when it is not needed.

When it comes to maintaining the mat, it is quite effortless, you simply use a wet cloth that is dipped in a solution of water and a mild detergent to wipe the mat clean. The mat is color blue, a bright color to monitor the cleanliness of the mat.

Unfortunately, if it gets torn, the gel leaks making the mat useless.


  • It is a self-cooling dog mat that uses a gel to cool off, no water, refrigeration or powering is needed
  • It also relieves the dog from other discomforts
  • It is foldable and easy to store
  • It is soft and non-toxic and therefore pet-friendly
  • It is available in three sizes
  • It is maintenance-free
  • It is durably constructed to resist punctures


  • Only one color available
  • Very playful dogs, chewy dogs or dogs with long nails can tear it

3. The Green Pet Shop-Pet Cooling Mat – Patented pressure-activated Gel Cooling Pad for Dogs

Cooling mats provide a way for your dog to avoid heatstroke. This mat is ideal for dogs that get affected by heat especially when they start panting and struggling in the hot summer months. The mat is also ideal for dogs that have joint pains, discomforts, swelling and pain, especially old dogs.

It is a multipurpose mat that is liked by some dog owners themselves. The mat relieves the dog of heat for up to four hours. And then it requires a few minutes of non-use to recharge it. The good thing is that most dogs soon realize the cooling effect of this mat.

Product Description

It is a self-cooling mat that uses a pressure activated gel technology to achieve the cooling effect without needing powering, water or refrigeration. To recharge it, it requires just 15 to 20 minutes of non-use.

The mat is soft and comfortable and much better than letting your dog lie on the cold floor.

Other Features and Benefits

The mat is light in weight and also foldable making it easily portable. You can use the mat indoors or outdoors, including using it in the dog’s crate or car. It is also easy to store the mat when it is not needed during cold months.

There are five sizes available, and therefore you can choose the size that fits your dog size best.

The mat is easy to clean by wiping with a wet cloth that is dipped in a solution of water and a mild detergent. It is blue in color which is a bright color and can help monitor the cleanliness of the mat.


  • It uses gel technology to stay cool and requires no water, powering or electricity to keep cool
  • It recharges after 15 to 20 minutes of non-use
  • It is foldable and lightweight for ease of portability
  • It provides relief to heat as well as other discomforts
  • There are different sizes available to suit your dog size


  • Dogs that chew everything will tear the mat apart

4. Dogbed4lessPremium- Pet Mat Gel-Infused Memory Foam

The Dogbed4lessPremium- Pet Mat boasts various features. It has waterproof features, cooling features and extra cushioning. The bed promotes better sleep by keeping your dog cool and comfortable. In addition to that, it helps arthritic dogs with their joint pains too. Because the bottom is waterproof, the bed is ideal for preventing leaks from dogs that are incontinent for one reason or another from being old or sick and are prone to accidents.

You can use it indoors, outdoors or in the car while you are traveling. You can actually use this mat to protect your floor, car or furniture from fur and dirt that comes from your four-legged animal.

Product Description

This bed is made with a combination of various materials namely a premium memory foam mattress, fleece fabric, and a cooling gel. It is very comfortable and therefore very pet-friendly. The bottom of the bed is manufactured with an SBR rubber material that is waterproof and anti-slip.

Other Features and Benefits

It is easy to maintain the mat. First and foremost it is resistant to dirt, stains, and wrinkles. Secondly, it is easy to wash it and it retains its shape even after many cycles of washings. What’s more, it dries quickly after a wash too.

They are available in different sizes to suit your dog’s size, additionally, there are different color models to choose from. Besides, it comes at a moderate price.


  • It is a multipurpose bed that serves as a cooling mat, cushion, and waterproof bed
  • It is dirt resistant, stain resistant and it also resists wrinkles
  • There are different sizes available
  • It also helps animals that are stressed or in pain
  • It is an easy to maintain mat


  • Dogs that chew will tear it apart
  • It is not so easy to wash in a washing machine
  • It is not as portable as other cooling mats because it is heavier

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5. Arf Pets-Pet Dog Self-Cooling Gel Mat Pad APCLPD0135 35×55

This self-cooling mat will come in handy during summer to keep your dog cool. The cooling pad regulates the dog’s temperature by absorbing heat. The mat provides relief for up to 3 hours of continuous use and then it requires only 20 minutes of non-use to get recharged.

Additionally, you can use the mat to provide relief to arthritic dogs or ailing dogs. The mat helps alleviate aching and sore joints, pain from surgery and relief from skin conditions.

What’s more, some dog owners have taken a liking to it for keeping their bodies cool too and therefore you and your kids can also use the Arf Pets-Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat.

The size of this mat is 35 inches by 55 inches.

Product Description

It is constructed from high-quality nylon, latex-free material that is non-toxic. Enclosed is a solid gel in the interior. It is not battery operated, neither does the mat require powering, refrigeration or water to be effective. Just as importantly, its exterior is puncture resistant.

Noteworthy, the mat is constructed from eco-friendly materials for the sustainability of the planet.

Other Features and Benefits

This mat is moderately priced.

It is quite easy to maintain the mat, simply wipe the exterior surface with a wet rag that is dipped in a solution of water and mild detergent, then allow the mat to dry.

Also, the mat is designed flexible and therefore it folds easily making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Which makes traveling or storing it convenient.

Worth noting is that there is only one color model.


  • It is a self-cooling mat and therefore low maintenance
  • It is puncture resistant
  • It is an eco-friendly product, constructed from non-toxic materials
  • It provides up to 3 hours of continuous use
  • It takes only 20 minutes of non-use to get recharged
  • It is easy to carry and store it
  • It is easy to clean it


  • Dogs that chew stuff will tear it apart easily

6. K&H Pet Products Cool Bed III Cooling Dog Bed Large Blue 32″ x 44″

You can use this cooling water bed for a variety of functions. The bed is designed with the revolutionary water technology to remove heat from the dog’s body and release it into the air.

First, it works as a wonderful cooling bed during hot months. The core of the mat absorbs heat from your dog, refreshing your pet. In addition to that, you can use it to provide relief to arthritic dogs, dogs with hip pain, skin disorders or other health conditions.

Product Description

The core is designed to be water-saturated. To activate its cooling effect, simply add the recommended amount of water through the provided cap that is easy to fill, then close the valve. The mat requires no battery or power to get the cooling effect. It relieves your dog of body heat by releasing the heat back into the air or floor surface.

The mat’s exterior is constructed from a sturdy vinyl and nylon material for durability. To prevent bacterial growth, the manufacturer recommends adding grapefruit seed extract to the water.

Other Features and Benefits

This mat is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Because you only need to add water once, it is a convenient cooling mat. You can store the cooling mat with or without water. To clean the mat, use a towel, a mild detergent, and water. Worth noting is that when compared to gel cooling mats, this bed is heavier.

It is moderately priced, in addition to that, it is covered by the manufacturer’s two-year warranty. Unfortunately filling the mat with water and also emptying it can be a bit of a hassle because it requires one to be extra careful.


  • Two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • It uses a simple revolutionary water technology to keep the pet cool
  • No chemicals like gel substances are used and also no powering is required
  • The exterior is durably constructed for longevity
  • It is easy to clean


  • To fill it with water and to empty the mat takes some work
  • Bacterial growth has to be managed

7. Arf Pets-Pet Dog Self-Cooling Gel Mat APCLPD0220

You can use this mat in your dog’s kennel, in the car, hotel, and at home because it is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

The gel mat provides up to 3 hours of continuous relief to your four-footed animal. To reactive its cooling effect, it is put in a cool environment for only 20 minutes of non-use. It provides relief from the heat and the mat is also ideal for consoling pets that are recovering from a surgery or have stress, skin conditions, or other pains.

Product Description

The mat is designed with eco-friendly products. The interior has gel packs which work to cool the dog. The gel is self-cooling without needing water, powering or refrigeration. The mat’s exterior is made of a durable material that allows heat to transfer from the dog’s body to the mat.

The materials are latex-free material and non-toxic and safe for animals and kids too. Most importantly, the exterior is puncture resistant.

Other Features and Benefits

There are two sizes available to suit different sizes of dogs. The mat is light in weight, making it easy to carry it around.

The mat is easy to maintain, you simply dip a piece of cloth in a solution of water and a mild detergent and wipe the mat and then dry it. And because the mat doesn’t use water in its cooling effect, it is mold resistant.

It is easily foldable making it convenient to store. More so, the mat retains its shape even when folded.


  • The cooling effect lasts up to 3 hours
  • It only takes 20 minutes of non-use to recharge the mat
  • It is self-cooling using the gel, it requires no powering, water or refrigeration
  • It is made from a non-toxic material
  • It is convenient to travel with it
  • It is flexible and folds easily for easy storage
  • It is easy to clean the mat
  • It is an eco-friendly product


  • Chewy dogs can tear the mat apart

8. Arf Pets-Pet Dog Self Cooling Gel Mat APCLPD0124

You can put this mat on the floor, in your dog’s crate, bed and car backseat.  This mat provides heat relief for your dog preventing the dog from getting dehydrated. This mat is a self-cooling gel mat that provides up to 3 hours of body temperature relief.

It offers relief to dogs that are overheated, especially when the dogs start panting. For recharging, it requires a mere 20 minutes of non-use.

Product Description

It is a self-cooling mat designed with a solid-gel technology requiring no water, batteries, powering or refrigeration to work. The gel gets activated by the dog’s weight on the mat. Therefore it is quite easy to use it. The gel works to absorb the heat from the pet’s body and then releases it into the environment. The gel is non-toxic and safe for your furry friend.

The mat is soft to the touch and comfortable. Just as importantly, the exterior of the mat is waterproof.

Other Features and Benefits

It is an easy to clean mat requiring a wet cloth dipped in a solution of water and a mild soap detergent to get cleaned. It is light in weight and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is easily foldable because it is flexible and easy to store when it is not needed during the winter season. The mat retains its shape even after being folded.

Unfortunately, if it gets torn, the mat becomes useless because the gel starts leaking.


  • It provides up to 3 hours of the cooling effect
  • It recharges automatically
  • It is durably constructed and it has a waterproof exterior
  • It requires no powering, batteries, water or refrigeration to work, it is self-cooling using a gel
  • The mat is pet-friendly made from non-toxic materials
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is light in weight and therefore convenient to carry around


  • It is not chew-proof and a heavy chewer or very active dog will easily tear it

9. Pawz Road-Pet Dog Mat Blanket Self-Cooling Breathable Material Snuggly 20″x30″

If you are looking for a budget cooling mat, the Pawz Road-Pet Dog Mat comes at a bargain price and is worth considering. The mat’s dimensions are 20″x30″.

This mat provides an easy solution to your pet’s heating body temperature. It is much cooler than a regular blanket or bed. You can also use it to protect your couch, car, bed, floor, chair, bed or carpet from dirt and fur.

Product Description

The mat is made from a self-cooling fabric and a breathable mesh. The combination of the mesh material and breathable fabric provides a way for air to circulate from the dog to the mat, providing relief from the heat. It never needs to be recharged.

The mat is three degrees lower than normal fabrics and the mat works without a gel, powering, batteries, water, and refrigeration.

The material is high-quality, thick, non-toxic, and comfortable. Most importantly, it is constructed sturdy and it is durable.

Other Features and Benefits

It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and you can also carry it when traveling and use it in the car.

The mat is easy to maintain because it is machine washable. Additionally, it is foldable for convenient storage when it is not needed.

The good thing is that the mat is affordable. In addition to that, there are two colors available, blue and pink to choose from. Noteworthy, there are different sizes available to fit small, medium and for large dogs.


  • It is not easy for the dog to tear it
  • It is extremely affordable
  • It is soft to the touch and comfortable
  • It provides a simple cooling mechanism without requiring any cooling technology
  • It is an easy cooling mat that uses no complex mechanism to keep your dog cool
  • It is maintenance-free, just cleaning it
  • There are three size models available
  • Two-color models on offer


  • Some dog users don’t like the fact that it has no advanced cooling technology like other mats

10. Dogbed4less Gel Cooling and Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Dogbed4less Gel Cooling and Memory Foam Dog Bed packs various features. Apart from offering relief from the heat during hot summer months, the memory foam mattress is therapeutic to promote sleep and better health for, especially ailing or old pets.

An order includes one waterproof zippered cover, a solid gel cooling memory foam pad, and a durable nylon cover.

Product Description

This is a bed that combines two technologies to keep your dog comfortable and also cool when it is hot. It uses high-quality memory foam and a cooling gel.

The inside is well protected from the activities of the dog with one external heavy-duty washable cover and the waterproof interior.

It is made from a durable memory foam and a high-quality fabric for durability. The foam mattress is five times heavier and denser than regular foams, as such it won’t flatten over time. The material is similar to what is used in making high-end human mattresses for therapeutic purposes. It is also waterproof, making it ideal for your incontinent pet that is prone to leaking.

Other Features and Benefits

It is an easy to maintain bed because you simply clean the external cover, which is machine washable and it also dries fast. Worth noting is that the foam material is resistant to dust mites, mildews, molds, and bacteria and therefore it is quite hygienic.

There are various sizes available to suit the size of your furry-friend.


  • It is a hygienic memory foam resistant to molds, bacteria, mites and mildews
  • It is waterproof and ideal for a pet that can leak due to incontinence
  • It is easy to clean the mat, the exterior only is cleaned
  • It has a heavyweight cover
  • It is soft and comfortable
  • It provides heat relief and also helps ailing and old pets


  • It is heavier and therefore less convenient to carry around

Who Needs These Cooling Pads?

Chances are that you’re wondering whether it makes sense to invest in these pads or not. Well, in our view, if you want your doggie to be comfortable during summer, you might want to invest in these mats.

An interesting fact about dogs is that unlike humans, they don’t have much control over their temperature. So, the minute you provide them with a cooling mat, you give them a better opportunity to cool down (i.e. you support them at regulating their own temperature).

If you fall in any of the following categories, you need to get yourself a cooling pad.

  • You live in a fully carpeted home
  • You live in a place that experiences sweltering hot summers
  • If your dog hardly comes across some cool tiles during hot days
  • If your dog seems unsettled and pants even when it has spent most of the time indoors

In our view, an investment in a cooling pad is a small price to pay for harmonious living with your pet. So, in the following paragraphs, we are going to redirect all our efforts in understanding what it takes to find some affordable cooling mats for doggies.

The Buying Guide for Dog Cooling Mats

These mats don’t come cheap. In fact, quite a few of them fall within the $25 to $75 price range. On top of that, you have to keep in mind the fact that the pads can either be filled with gel or water. So, indeed, they come in different shapes and sizes – therefore, finding one that’s best suited for you might not necessarily be easy.

Our job is to help you make an informed bet and, therefore, below are our two cents on the factors you need to pay attention to when making a purchase.


Please note that some companies market their mats as large but when you receive them you’re bound to notice that they are not as large as advertised. But when it comes to matters related to size, you want to make that decision based on the size of your dog.

Of course, the heavier the dog, the bigger the mat you should use. At the end of the day, you want to ensure that you only choose a mat that’s supportive of the entire body of your pet.

Ground Clearance

Some dogs like it when they are gently elevated from the floor around them. Indeed, a mat that elevates your dog also has the unique ability to improve airflow and can provide better cooling properties. Also, look out for cooling mats that are made using mesh – these have a unique ability to improve airflow as well.


Some mats are designed to remain cool all day long but a few others are made using superior pressure activation technology. This works in such a manner that when your dog settles on the mat, the gel in it is activated and instantly starts to cool down the dog’s body.

This is a cool and adaptive feature that you might want to consider getting. That said, we’re indifferent on whether you should pay a few more dollars for them or not.

How Long It Stays Cool

Cheap mats may feel cool to the touch but unfortunately, majority of them may heat up over time – even before your dog’s body adequately cools down. So, it is important to ensure that your mat of choice is capable of remaining cool for long.


Does the color of the mat you choose matter? Well, some dogs are quite choosy and, therefore, prefer some colors over others. If your pooch falls in that category, it is important to ensure that you get a color that they’ll like.

Just to be on the safe side, you might want to get them a mat that looks just like its other appliances e.g. crate, sleeping mat or something. But if your doggie isn’t choosy, you can always make a color selection based on your unique preferences and décor.

Gel vs Water Filling

The filling inside your dog’s cooling pad should always get your attention. Cheap pads can be filled with water. However, if you want more value, it’s best to go for gel-filled cooling mats instead.

But even when choosing the gel, you want to make sure that it is the non-toxic type. Why so? Should anything happen and the mat accidentally leaks, you don’t want to have your pooch exposed to the risk of consuming toxic gel.

An additional tip is that you should regularly investigate for signs of damage on your mat. Discard them if they appear damaged and about to get ripped.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to learn more about cooling mats for pups? Here is our response to some of the questions you might be having to this end.

How safe are cooling pads?

Most pads are safe but just to be even safer, it is important that you frequently inspect them for any signs of damage. Dispose them off before they get completely worn out.

How can I tell that my dog needs to be cooled down?

Overheated dogs have the habit of panting a lot. You’re also likely to notice them breathing fast and quite loud. In extreme cases, overheated dogs would even collapse.

How do cooling mats work?

Inside these mats are liquids or gels that transmit heat from your dog. The mats are designed in such a manner that they absorb heat from your dog’s body and transmit it into the air around you.

Which One Is The Best?

The Dogbed4less Orthopedic Gel Infused-Cooling Memory Foam is in our view the best made cooling mat. Not only does it attract numerous positive reviews from its users but it also is quite well-made and easy to maintain.

Final Thoughts

We all need to cool down in life – and our dogs need that even more than us. So, if you really love them, be sure to grab a cooling mat for them one of these fine days. This might just be the only change they need to live longer, happier lives.

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