Best Collar for Standard Poodle

10 Best Collar for Standard Poodle 2022: In-depth Review

Poodles are the original dogs, and they have a fun personality and somewhat hardy nature. Both miniature and standard poodles have a glorious cover that distinguishes them from all other dog breeds.

Indeed, most people can recognize poodles and their distinctive marks from a mile away.

A poodle is a wonderful companion, and it’s upon you to ensure that the dog is safe. This is the primary reason having the right collar is an essential step in making your standard poodle return home safely.

Remember, the pet cannot communicate on its own. But having the best collar for a standard poodle can give you vital information that can help someone who found your poodle help you get your pet back.

The last thing you want is to interfere with your pet’s fur, and thus, your preferred collar must be classy and comfortable.

Looking for a premium and durable collar for your lovely Poodle? You should check out the Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar.

It is one of the best on the market thanks to its many convenient features like remote control and enhanced range.

Here is a comparison chart for the top collars for a standard poodle, an unbiased review, and the ultimate buying guide.

Best collar for Standard Poodle

10 Standard Poodle Dog collar in 2022: A Comparison Chart

Finding the right collar for your poodle requires you to compare some of the top-rated collars for a standard poodle.

Best Collar for Standard Poodle – Top Pick

This is the reason we have put together a list of the top collars for your poodle.

Be sure to check the main features for each product and the prices. Also, consider checking our buying guide to get more tips for choosing the right dog collar.

Best Collar for a Standard Poodle

Product Name Material Color

Top Pick

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote Waterproof Blue
41hfzWyrIyL. SL160
1,312 Reviews

Top Pick

Blueberry Pet – Spring Scent Inspired Polyester Ivory
61q5e9+B6rL. SL160
20,147 Reviews
GoTags Personalized Dog Collar Nylon Red, Blue, Orange, Black, and Pink
41yzhKhPofL. SL160
380 Reviews
The Poodle Pet Dog Collar
4,646 Reviews
Max and Neo NEO Nylon Buckle Nylon Purple
41E2XKNjG0L. SL160
5,557 Reviews
Unique Style Paws Dog Cotton PinkRose
51mUbD+90WL. SL160
355 Reviews
Country Brook Design Nylon,plastic,nickel,steel Purple
51uJR44T5mL. SL160
353 Reviews
Blueberry Pet Dog Collars Polyester Hot Pink
606 Reviews
Blueberry Pet Reflective Multi-Colored Stripe Polyester Dark Green and Pink
41pKOo4rbeL. SL160
116 Reviews
Moonlove Custom Made Leather Black
3,718 Reviews
SinoBear Personalized Dog Collar Nylon Hot pink, sky blue, aqua, black, orchid, lime

The Best Collars for Standard Poodle

1. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote Control

This is definitely our Top pick, as it has so many advantages over all the other poodle collars. It is an impressive solution for training your poodle and even more you can train up to 3 dogs at once.

It ranks number 1 on our list for so many reasons. It’s well-made, versatile, easy to use, and above all reliable.

What’s more, this collar is considered to be one of the most versatile training collars currently available on the market. It comes with premium features designed to make training your dog as fast as possible.

What we liked most about this poodle collar is its versatility, it is equipped with a range of training modes, including variable shock, anti-bark, and vibration levels. Also included is a combination of 10 shock levels to help you correct a variety of behaviors.

In case you don’t want to use the shock function, you can easily turn it off and instead turn it into a vibration and beep mode.

In most cases the vibration alone would be enough and you won’t even need to use the shock function. It comes with 1-10 levels of correction, so you could adjust it to quickly get the attention of your dog. 

What makes this poodle collar premium is that it features a super long range. This device allows you to train your poodle with a range of up to 3/4 mile or 1312 yards.

This means you can use it for outdoor training. In addition this poodle collar was built with hunting standards in mind, this approach makes it a robust product, suited to the harsh environments of hunting or rigorous use.

Another feature which makes it a premium poodle collar is being waterproof. As such, it won’t get damaged if fully submerged in water. Therefore, your Poodle can comfortably swim or play outside in puddles with this collar on.

Like to train your poodle at night? Don’t worry this poodle collar is also equipped with LED night mode which could be adjusted as a continuous or blinking flash.

Additionally, you’ll be pleased to know that the Pet Resolve training collar is powered by a high-capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery.

This battery is not only long-lasting but also recharges pretty fast in around 2 hours.


  • Super long 3/4 Mile range makes it easy for outdoors training
  • Ultra Long Lasting Battery & Fast Charging
  • Many level of Shock & Vibrations to choose from
  • Light for night mode
  • It can be used to train up to 3 dogs
  • Removable shock prongs
  • Easy to use with a click of a button
  • Ideal for Standard Poodle


  • Remote not waterproof (only water-resistant)

2. Blueberry Pet – Spring Scent Inspired Dog Collar

The Spring Scent Inspired neck collar collection was among the biggest hits for Blueberry Pet’s customers for many years.

In recent years, the manufacturer has decided to go beyond the seat belt, collar, harness, and leash. They are expanding their product line, and now customers can access another poodle safety solution – a martingale dog neck collar to keep your pet safe.

The new collar ensures that your standard poodle doesn’t slip off easily.

It’s also perfect for pet training and fully adjustable. If you have been looking for an excellent martingale neck collar for your standard poodle, this Blueberry Pet – Spring Scent Inspired Dog Collar is the ultimate choice for your pet.

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  • The collar is made of high-quality materials. This means it can last for many years.
  • It allows you to control your pet without choking it.
  • It is a martingale collar that doesn’t allow the pet to slip free.
  • The pet cannot chew the fabric.


  • Sometimes, the collar rubs against your pet’s delicate hair.
  • The fabric can soak up in the water, and that means it might not withstand some conditions.

3. GoTags Personalized Dog Collar

This dog collar for GoTags is made of high-quality nylon material. It comes with a custom dog name and your contact information permanently stitched into the neck collar.

In case your pet goes missing, the identification and contact information on the tag will help someone contact you about your pet.

This GoTags Personalized Dog Collar is made of robust nylon webbing. It has a stainless steel D-ring where you can attach a tag and the leash attachment.

The product comes in different colors you can choose from.


  • The collar is available in four adjustable sizes.
  • The product is available in five different colors and 15 distinct embroidery thread colors.
  • The neck collar was created with durability and comfort in mind.
  • It comes with custom identification information for your pet.


  • The collar can soak, and you have to take it off between the dog can swim
  • The pet name and contact information wear off with time.

4. The Poodle Pet Dog Collar

Every standard poodle needs a suitable collar, primarily because they need something reliable to hang their leash, ID, license, rabies vaccination tag, and more.

The Poodle Pet Dog Collar features a plastic snap closure and a good ring where you can attach leash and identification tags. Besides, the collar is flat and comfortably fits perfectly on a dog’s neck.

In addition the Poodle Pet Dog Collar is waterproof, visible from far, steady with flashing modes, and impact resistant. The collar is lightweight, and no matter how long your dog will be wearing the collar, it will not cause fatigue.


  • The collar’s fasteners have a hook.
  • It has 250-hour battery life.
  • The collar is adjustable.


  • The light is very delicate. It breaks off easily.

5. Max and Neo NEO Nylon Buckle Dog Collar – Reflective

This buckle dog collar is made of 2mm top quality nylon. The material is thick, tough, and comfortable enough for your pet.

The 2mm wide bands are reflective, making it possible for you to spot your dog even when walking at night.

It is best to measure your dog’s neck size before you purchase this collar. This way, you will be able to pick the right collar size.

Remember, the collar length is shown on the packaging when the collar is shortened or lengthened.

Standard Poodle Collar Pros

  • The dog collar is made of high-quality materials.
  • It is available in different sizes.
  • It has reflective stitching for better nighttime visibility.


  • The tag loop rips off easily.
  • It does not last for many years.

6. Unique Style Paws Dog & Cats Adjustable Collar

Unique Style Paws is one of the popular brands that most people love and has been rolling out top-quality dog collars.

The collar is created using multiple layers of cotton fabric, making it durable and beautiful.

The dog collar is easy to wash and maintain. All you need to do is to wash it from time to time using mild detergent and then hang it to dry.

Be sure to choose the right size, depending on your dog’s neck and your preferences.


  • The product is easy to wash and maintain.
  • It is made of high-quality fabric that lasts long.


  • The collar is not recommended for puppies that pull a lot.

7. Country Brook Design – Premium Nylon Dog Collar plus Leash

This Country Brook Design dog collar comes with a matching leash that is about six feet long. It features a high-quality polished aluminum exterior for a mirror-like finish.

The stainless steel pin and spring provides a robust, durable lock.

Besides, this Country Brook Design dog collar has a strong-grade nylon webbing that will not break or fray easily like light threads.

All pressure points are professionally box-stitched for durability.

The collar is available in different sizes, and you can always choose what best suits your dog.


  • The collar is durable.
  • It comes in different sizes.
  • It features high-quality finishing.

Standard Poodle Collar Cons

  • Some customers have complained that the collar is somewhat flimsy.

8. Blueberry Pet Dog Collars with Comfortable Polka Dots

Allow your standard poodle stay dotty, and probably keep up with the polka-dot trends. Indeed, you can pair your dog’s collar with your favorite dotted shirt.

The collar top quality neoprene webbing that’s orange and stylish polka dots printed. This combines everyday style with comfort for your pet. Remember, this collar is ideal for different types of dog breeds.

Keep in mind that this neck solar isn’t for tie out. That means you shouldn’t leave your pet unattended with the collar on.

Note that the loop tied to the company log is specifically designed to ensure that you can attach dog charms, pendants, tags, and other accessories. And don’t attach a dog leash with this loop.


  • The collar is made of high-quality neoprene for durability.
  • The collar comes in different sizes, and therefore, you can always choose what best suits your dog.
  • It is suitable for a broad range of dog breeds.
  • It offers better control over your standard poodle.


  • You cannot attach a dog leash to the loop
  • This collar isn’t fit for tie out.

9. Blueberry Pet Reflective Multi-Colored Stripe Dog Collar Collection

Give your standard poodle a chance to stay visible with this multi-colored stripe dog collar collection from Blueberry Pet.

It is a premium quality neck collar with 3M reflective strips that are fitted into the polyester webbing. This enhances visibility, especially when having fun with your pet at night.

It is equipped with a durable double D-ring and a matching set of leash, seatbelt, and harness. You can also find a similar pattern keychain lanyard to show extra love for your standard poodle.

Remember, this collar doesn’t stretch, and therefore, you should pick the right neck size to ensure your poodle is safe and comfortable.


  • This is a martingale collar and offers better control over the pet without hurting it.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • It comes in different sizes, and so, you can always choose what best suits your dog.

Standard Poodle Collar Cons

  • This martingale collar isn’t ideal for a tie out.

10. Moonlove Custom Made Dog Collars

If you have always wanted to get a custom made and highly personalized dog collar for your favorite pet, this Moonlove Custom Made Dog Collar is the ultimate choice.

You can have your pet’s name, address, phone number, and pet ID engraved into the collar. Remember, this information should be less than 25 characters and fit in just two lines.

The collar is adjustable and comes in different sizes for various dog breeds. It gives you a chance to protect your cats and dogs while ensuring the utmost dog comfort.

It is made of waterproof leather material, and that means it can withstand bad weather.


  • The collar is made of top-quality leather.
  • You can personalize it by getting the dog’s name and other important details engraved into the collar.
  • It has an adjustable metal buckle.


  • The collar is stiff and a little bit bulky for young puppies.

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11. SinoBear Personalized Dog Collar

SinoBear is a company whose experts focus on making sure that your standard poodle gets a stylish collar that could keep it safe.

The collar is equipped with a personalized, handmade ID tag for your pet. Buyers can enjoy laser engraving services to ensure that the text on your dog’s collar stays on for many years.

The collar is adjustable and comes in different sizes for various dog neck sizes.

Standard Poodle Collar Pros

  • It is a personalized dog collar with your dog ID and other important details.
  • It is made of high-quality materials to enhance its durability.


  • The buckle breaks easily.

Best Collar for Standard Poodle The Ultimate Buying Guide

Poodles have a distinctive coat, and their curls could make wearing a neck collar very challenging. Therefore, you must choose a collar made of a material that will not grab the pet’s coat and provides breathability.

Getting the wrong collar means your poodle will paw it or try to escape continually.

Taking the time to analyze various features and benefits of some of the top-rated collars is the best way to choose what best works for your dog.

What Makes a Best Collar for a Standard Poodle?

The around the poodle’s neck

The first and most important thing to consider when shopping for a good collar for your standard poodle is the pet’s coat.

If it has a thin layer of hair in the neck area, it’s best to choose a collar made of a soft material. Pick a neck collar that will not rub against the pet’s hair skin and probably cause hair loss.

Neck size for Best Collar for Standard Poodle

The second thing that you need to think about is the neck size of the standard poodle. Opt for a dog neck collar lets you slip two figures in between the dog’s neck and the collar.

This is a simple test to make sure that your pet’s collar isn’t too tight or causing some discomfort.

The material of Best Collar for Standard Poodle

The material of the collar will determine whether or not you can walk your dog in the woods, in the rain, or any weather. You probably like walking your pet on sunny days.

Keep in mind that some standard poodle collars are meant to withstand the impact of all weather conditions. On the other hand, some poodle collars can only withstand some weather conditions.

Ease of use – Best Collar for Standard Poodle

It’s recommended to choose a product that is easy to use. For example, you can choose a D-ring collar. This ring design allows you to connect your leash to the neck collar easily.

Choosing a collar that is easy to use is important, especially if you want to get immediate control over your pet, particularly in dangerous environments.

Price for Best Collar for Standard Poodle

What’s your budget? Do you intend to buy a single collar for your pet, or you already have a collection of these items for your dog?

In case you intend to purchase a single collar, it is best to invest a little more in the product so that you get a collar that will serve you for many years. Remember to determine the price range before you visit the dog collar supplier or retailer.

Different types of neck collars for a standard poodle.

Neck collars for standard poodles come in different styles and shapes. And each has both benefits and limitations.

In case your pet has a specific situation, probably a particular collar will be more suitable compared to others. Here are different types of dog collars you can choose from.

Flat neck collars – Best Collar for Standard Poodle

This is an everyday neck collar that’s straightforward and comfortable.

These collars are made of materials that don’t pull the pet’s fur and fit perfectly near the neck.

Sometimes, the poodle might even forget that it is wearing a collar. When using these collars, it’s easy to attach the leash and place a tag containing the dog’s details.

Martingale collars

This is a no-slip collar, which is the ultimate choice for pets that often slip out of their neck collars anytime they desire. The collar operates on a loop.

That means anytime your poodle pulls, the collar automatically tightens. However, there is a safety mechanism to ensure that the collar doesn’t over tighten or hurt the pet.

Smart dog collars – GPS or electric collars

These collars have many unique features compared to the standard collar options. They provide special features to help you keep track of your pet, record various activity levels.

This gives you a helping hand in training your standard poodle. These collars are a little bit more expensive compared to other collar options.

Prong or choke neck collars

The dog neck collars are best suited for a professional dog trainer with the right experience. They give you the chance to curb somewhat aggressive tendencies in a standard poodle that might be a danger to other dogs and people.

Rehabbers and trainers who are experts in dog behavior and control may use these collars to control the pet. Remember, improper use of these collars could hurt your dog.

Collar for Standard Poodle FAQ

How much does a standard poodle weigh?

Standard poodle weigh between 45 to 70 pounds or 20 – 32 kilos

What is the average size of a Standard Poodle?

15 – 25 inch or 38-60 cm  height for Adult,  At the withers – the area above the shoulder that is used to measure the height of the dog from the ground.

What is bad about Standard poodles?

They cannot be left alone for too long, as they will suffer from loneliness and anxiety. They also tend to be very sensitive, to touch, noises and they get afraid very easily, so not the best bet to protect your home.   

Which is better male or female standard poodle?

Male poodles are more recommended. Female standard poodle is generally more stubborn and harder to train.

A Male poodle will generally try to please its owner more, so it will be easier to train, in addition it is also more playful and children friendly.

Do standard poodles bark a lot?

Standard poodles generally bark quite a lot, in most cases due to noises around them, people walking by, if they are left alone they tend to bark out of bodrum and also if they get too excited. 

Are standard poodles smart?

Yes they are very intelligent dogs and always on a mission to learn new things from their owner. They are considered to be in the top 3 smartest dogs, they rank number 2 just after border collie.

What age do poodles calm down?

A standard poodle becomes an adult at the age of 17-26 months, after becoming an adult they start to become much calmer.

How long do standard poodles live?

A healthy Standard poodle typically lives between 13-16 years.

How much exercise does a standard poodle need?

Luckily standard poodles don’t require as much training as other dog breeds. Typically 60 minutes a day would be enough, and even better if you could split it to two sessions of 30 minutes at different times of the day.

Why do standard poodles stink?

Lack of grooming your dog could say a lot about its smell. You should frequently trim its hair as stool can be stuck to its rear end causing it to stink. Trimming your poodle nails is also important, as bacteria can grow easily in long nails.

Other reasons that your standard poodle could stink are skin infections, yeast infection, annus infection.

What is the rarest standard poodle color?

Apricot color is the rarest standard poodle color, due to being a recessive gene. 

How often should I wash my standard poodle?

It is recommended to wash your standard poodle every 2-3 weeks, to keep it clean and groomed.


Standard Poodle Best Collar Wrap up

Standard poodles are recognizable pets with unique fur. They are often associated with famous and rich people. However, the reality is that standard poodles make great family pets.

They are curious and fun. Having the best collar for a standard poodle is a good way of keeping your pet under control.

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